Their First Toys Ch. 03

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In the morning, Kathy and Jane smirk at each other as they get up, that they are naked, that their nipples pop out again. During the day, they go to buy champagne, agreeing that Jane looks older, old enough not to have trouble at the store. She doesn’t, coming out of the store with grin. Kathy immediately pays for her bottle. Snickering, they agree to buy ice, and Kathy pays for a bag at filling station. Snickering again, they return to their room and put the ice on the bottles in their washbasin. Snickering even more, Jane puts her toothbrush with the cork in the rubber on its charger, and Kathy puts fresh batteries in hers.

They spend the rest of the day trying to study, finding their easiest assignments, reading something for their English course. In the dining hall for dinner, they look for Laura, but don’t see her. On the way back to their room, Kathy remarks – a little to Jane’s surprise:

“She won’t have forgotten?”

“It was her idea, tonight. You know, since you both can’t next weekend.”


“Hm-hmm! You haven’t either, … about my toothbrush.”

“Or you, about mine.”


They smirk at each other. Jane chuckles and adds:

“And we have them, anyway, … even without her.”

They smirk again. Back in their room, they snort and look at their watches, but before they can sit down, there is a knock on their door. They both spring up, and one of them opens it. Laura grins and says:

“I tried to catch up with you. Get the champagne?”

They nod with grins, one adding that they had also gotten ice.

“And I got a toothbrush like Kathy’s,” Laura replies, reaching in a bag from a drugstore.

They all chuckle. Jane snickers and says:

“Can use either end with a cork.”

“Or you have to decide which end, with Kathy’s, when we have the second cork.”

They snicker. Laura reaches in the bag again and says:

“I brought my phone, too, in case I couldn’t find a toothbrush. Hm-hmm! Did you do it again, after I left.”

Kathy and Jane nod slightly. Kathy says that she will get the champagne. As she turns towards the bathroom, Jane snorts and asks Laura:

“Did you?”

Kathy stops and turns back to look at Laura, who smirks with a slight nod. Kathy asks in surprised tone: “You did?!”

Laura nods again, swinging her cellphone in the rubber. Kathy snorts with a slight scowl and murmurs:

“Just can’t get enough.”

“Oh, I didn’t come, just let it feel good.”


“Maybe I had had enough already – for sure. But lying there, recalling all we had done, … So I got it and recalled the whole evening. It wasn’t as good as your toothbrushes, but still felt good, of course. Didn’t need to come again. Hm-hmm!”

Kathy shakes her head in disbelief with a wry smile. As she turns again to fetch the champagne. Laura chuckles. Kathy stops again, and Laura remarks:

“Fell asleep, forgot to stop the call. Hm-hmm! No message after the tone on my other phone this morning, when I saw the light blinking to show there should be one.”

Kathy and Jane snort with smirks. Then Jane snorts again and asks:

“And it was still there – in your …?”

“Um-hmm! But I didn’t immediately remember when I woke up, still holding my phone. After I heard that there was nothing in my voicebox, I realized why there wasn’t, but still wasn’t thinking that it was still there. Hmmm! Oh, I was surprised, when I clicked the call button!”

“I bet!” Jane replies with a snicker.

Kathy shakes her head again with another snort, then remarks:

“And then you did.”

“Um-hmm, of course. What else?”

“Hmm?! Champagne,” Kathy responds and turns to get it.

This time she isn’t distracted by another remark and returns with the bottle, wet from the ice, and three glasses. The others take the glasses, and she opens the bottle, managing to keep the cork from popping. She pours as carefully, refilling the glasses, after the foam subsides. When she has put down the bottle and taken her glass, Jane grins and says:

“To Laura’s new toothbrush.”

“And to us,” Laura responds with a grin.

They all snort and drink and finally sit down on the beds. They glance at each other, smirking slightly, and drink again. Laura puts down her glass and inspects her toothbrush, testing that it works – with pleased grin. Then she removes the brush and asks for the cork. Kathy hands it to her, and she forces it down on the thin rod, grinning again when she turns it on and watches the cork rapidly twist back and forth.

She turns it off, and reaches for her glass, and they all drink again. She rummages in her bag and finds a rubber, tearing open the foil, chuckling as she rolls it down over the cork and handle. She turns it on again, snickering as she looks at it. She turns it off and looks up at the others with a grin and remarks:

“Well, I’m ready; get yours.”

Kathy snorts with wry expression. Jane nods with a grin and gets up to fetch their toothbrushes. Laura immediately starts to get undressed. When xhamster porno Jane returns, she snickers and begins to unbutton her blouse. Kathy then gathers up the hem of her polo shirt, nodding with a snort. Before they take off their panties, she asks if they shouldn’t finish the champagne before it goes flat. The others agree, snickering, and they all empty their glasses. She refills them, and they all drink again, giggling, and strip off their panties. They empty their glasses, giggling as they set them down and pick up their toys. As Kathy takes Jane’s toothbrush brush with the cork, she shakes her head slightly and remarks:

“We’re really going to do this again.”

“I sure am,” Laura replies.

The buzz of three electric toothbrushes starts. With smirks, they watch each other hold them to their pussies, moaning with chuckles for a few moments. Then they are only watching their own, buzzing and vibrating on their clitoris.

When Laura gives a more aroused moan, Jane and Kathy glance up to see the cork disappear in her pussy and both moan in empathy. Jane then turns the handle of Kathy’s toothbrush down into her pussy and responds with a pulsing “Ooh-ooh-ooh …!”

Finally, Kathy draws the vibrating handle of Jane’s toothbrush brush up and lets the cork twitch on her clitoris. She gasps, and then turns the handle down, and the cork disappears in her pussy. She also gives a pulsing “Oooh!”

If the others had been watching, they would have seen her fucking it deeper in her pussy, but they weren’t, fucking themselves with their own toys. For a few minutes,their aroused moans sound like a trio with alternating leading voices. Suddenly, Laura gasps and exclaims:

“Oh shit! I forgot my towel!”

She isn’t the only one whose orgasm could have needed a towel. Jane gives a louder, quivering moan, and then Kathy’s moans shift to uncontrolled laughter. Jane, next to her on the bed, can’t see, but Laura, across from her, glances up and sees a squirt of Kathy’s pussy juice spurt over the hand holding Jane’s toothbrush and under the fingers that are rubbing as fast as they can on her clitoris.

Kathy gasps and laughs, as Laura sees another spurt shoot out. She moans with an empathetic chuckle and remarks:

“You can too.”

“Hm-hm-hm-hmm! Uhnn!! I guess so!”

Laura sees more pussy juice flush out. Kathy’s fingers squeeze her pussy lips together, and with a gasp she jerks the cork out. It continues to twitch, until she finds the button to turn it off. She moans, her hips twitching again. She gives another quivering moan, now just a faint echo of her laughing ones, and murmurs:

“My God! … I didn’t think nice girls did that.”

“Hmm! Just the good ones,” Laura replies.

Jane nods and enjoins:

“Why not? Join the club.”

Laura nods with a strong “um-hmm!” Kathy snorts and agrees:

“I guess so. Hmm! Just never was like that before.”

“Um-hmm; we’re cheating a little, with these,” Laura agreed, holding up her now silent toothbrush.

“Don’t you, when you …, with a boy?

“Not often enough. Really was surprised the first time; thought I was leaking. Luckily, he had more experience and knew better. Hm-hmm! Why it happened.”

Kathy giggles, Jane and Laura just chuckling. They all look at each other with wry smiles. Then Laura asks:

“Do we want the other cork? And more champagne; don’t need to do that again for a while.”

The others nod with grins. As Kathy gets up, she remarks:

“And wash these,” holding up her toothbrush.”

“And take a leak,” Laura adds.

They all go to the bathroom, taking turns using the toilet and washing their toys and pussies, after Kathy takes the bottle from the washbasin. When Laura gives her ass a rub, she only snorts in surprise, then holds the cold bottle against Laura’s, who yelps softly with a grin and grabs the bottle, holding it to Jane’s ass as they return to the room.

This time, Kathy isn’t so careful about removing the cork, foam pouring out. The others try to catch it with their glasses. When they are filled, they drink and sit down together on one bed, knees, thighs touching. Jane asks Laura if her grade school girlfriend had slept-over again.

“Um-hmm, just once. Hm-hmm! After what she had told me before, we looked at our pussies, at each others, but didn’t do anything. We might have, if we had been a little older; I certainly did a year or two later. Her family moved to another school district.”

“Never saw her again?” Jane asks.

“Hmm! Just last summer, after graduation, she was working in a store. Hm-hmm!”

“Why the chuckle?”

“Hmm! You really want to know?”

Jane nods. Laura snorts again and takes a drink. The others also drink, looking at her again with expectant expressions. Laura snorts again and then after a moment murmurs:

“Then we did. She suggested that I visit her one morning when she went to work in the afternoon.”

“Did what?” Kathy asks.

“Hmm! What we didn’t before.”


“Um-hmm. erotik porno It was her idea. We joked about that we hadn’t, and she told me that her sister had later not just told her what she could do.”

“Showed her?” Kathy asks.

“Um-hmm, maybe ‘helped her’ would be more accurate.”


“Um-hmm. And then when her sister knew that she had started sleeping with someone, well, then she told her what else they could do.”

Jane licks her lips with smirk. Kathy only has a questioning expression. Laura takes another sip, and the others then do. Laura continues:

“Her sister said it was real good, that she liked it, and wanted to show her.”


“Oral sex,” Jane murmurs, then asking:

“And she did, with her sister, your friend?”

“Um-hmm. She liked it – of course. Hm-hmm! Enough to do it too.”

“Oh my gosh! They both did it to each other?!” Kathy exclaims softly.

“Um-hmm. I already wanted to know what it was like, but no guy had, and I didn’t want to ask one to, not sure that I wanted to do it to him.”

“You would do that?”

“Probably have to, if I asked him to. Now I think I probably would – will – but not back then.”

“And what happened?”

“If she wanted to show me …, and she did, I wasn’t going to say no, even if she expected me then to. If she could and liked it, I figured I would, at least to find out – both ways.”

“You did?!”

“She did, I did. Of course, it was good, both ways.”

“You did that to her?! And liked it?!”


Laura fondles one of her aroused nipples. Kathy’s and Jane’s had also popped out, and they also hold them. Jane remarks softly:

“I’ve been curious about it, if it would be better than my fingers, or his.”

“It is, at least the way she was doing it.”

“I hope it was for her, too,” Jane murmurs.

“I think so; we all know what feels good, probably better than a guy does.”

“Hmm!” Kathy snorts with a nod, then asks:

“Did you do it again?”

“A couple of times, more than twice. Why not, if we had already?”

They all drink again, emptying their glasses. Kathy picks up the bottle and refills them. Then Jane remarks:

“And you think now that you would do to a guy.”

“She said that’s good too.”

“Really?! All the way?”

“She said so. Oh, it tastes funny, but I know that already, licking my fingers, so I guess it wouldn’t be much different. She said he really liked it.”

“All that in your mouth?!” Kathy murmurs.

“Haven’t done it yet, but I guess so. Hmm! Kind of unfair to stop before he comes.”

Kathy shakes her head wonderingly. She glances down at Jane’s hand on her thigh, where it has been since she refilled the glasses, and then notices that Laura’s hand is on Jane’s thigh. Kathy’s nipples pop out again, and she rubs her forearm over them.

“What about the cork?” Laura asks.

Kathy finds it, rummaging between hers and Laura’s thighs. Jane finds Kathy’s toothbrush and pulls off the brush. Before she can push the cork on the metal pin, Laura snorts and says:

“If you can hold the pin, the handle must twist.”

Jane does, but when she turns it on, she says “Ouch!” and lets go of the rapidly twitching pin.

“Need something better to hold it,” Laura remarks.

“I’ve got a pair of pliers somewhere,” Kathy replies, adding:

“Dad said I should have them and a screwdriver.”

“A screwdriver? A big one?” Laura asks with a grin, rubbing her palms together as though she were twisting the shaft of a screwdriver.

“Just a small one,” Kathy replies, handing her glass to her as she gets up.

It takes her a minute to find the pliers, a small pair with plastic grips. She returns to the bed and takes both hers and Laura’s glass, giving her the pliers. She reaches for the toothbrush and then holds the pin with pliers and turns it on. They all watch the handle twist back and forth, much more slowly than the pin had. Laura grins and asks:

“Who wants to try it, besides me. I’ll hold it for you.”

“It’s Kathy’s,” Jane remarks.

“You want me to? I’ll hold it for you, Laura.”

“If you insist. This is really cheating.”

She turns it off and takes her glass before handing it to Kathy with a grin. Jane looks a little surprised at Kathy’s offer, who now also looks a little surprised and murmurs:

“It was your idea. Hmm? I’d better finish my champagne first, before I do this.”

“Um-hmm,” the others agree and empty their glasses with her. Kathy burps with slightly silly grin, then remarking:

“Guess I’ll have to get on the floor.”

As she moves off the bed, Laura rubs Jane’s thigh and suggests:

“Let me sit between your legs.”

Jane hesitates a moment and then nods with a grin and moves to let her. Laura smiles and settles between her thighs, holding them to her hips, while Kathy kneels between her thighs. She adjusts the pin in the jaws of the pliers and then glances up at Laura, murmuring: milf porno

“I must be drunk – doing this.”

“Not more than I am.”

“Than we are,” Jane agrees, grinning down past Laura’s head.

Her hands rest on her shoulders. Laura leans back against her breasts. When she moves her back on them, they both chuckle. Kathy snorts and turns on her toothbrush. The handle begins to twitch. They all stare at it, and Kathy points it down at Laura pussy. She snorts and reaches for it, saying:

“Let me have it, to start.”

When she grasps it, it slips from the pliers, just buzzing, as the pin twitches must faster. She chuckles and holds it to her pussy, then humming with a grin. Kathy doesn’t see it; she is staring at Laura’s pussy – her shaven pussy – watching her move the handle of the toothbrush on it. She moans softly, as she sees Laura’s other hand slide down and spread her pussy lips to let it buzz between them. When Laura moans, Kathy’s other hand slides down and finds her own pussy.

For several moments, they are both arousing themselves. Then Laura turns the toothbrush down to insert it in her pussy. Kathy moans before Laura does, as she watches it disappear, but Laura’s moan sounds even more aroused, then a snickering moan. Jane also moans, clutching her thighs to Laura’s hips.

Laura moans again and turns off the toothbrush, demanding softly:


She wiggles it once in her pussy and holds it still for Kathy to grasp it with the pliers. She does with a nod, Laura nods and guides it deeper in her pussy, then her finger finds the switch. She gasps, as the handle begins to twitch back and forth, and then gives an aroused, chuckling moan. Kathy and Jane also moan, louder than before, watching her slowly push it even deeper, her chuckling moan continuing.

Kathy is staring at Laura’s swollen clitoris, until Laura’s fingers hide it from her view. As they begin to rub back and forth, her eyes drop down to watch the twisting handle of her toothbrush, now only seeing the bit of it past the switch. Laura is moaning unrestrainedly, her thighs quivering. Jane’s clutch her hips again. Laura’s other hand slides up across her stomach and finds her stiff nipple. Then it reaches up and pulls Jane’s hand down on her breast.

Kathy notices the movement and glances up, seeing Jane’s fingers clasping Laura’s breast, and then that her other hand slides down without encouragement, both her hands arousing Laura’s nipples. Kathy’s hand leaves her pussy and slides up and grasps her own breast, finding her aroused, stiff nipple.

For a few moments, they all just moan, exchanging glances. Then Laura murmurs:

“Fuck me with it.”

Kathy looks back down and slowly draws it out, eliciting a better moan from Laura, and another one, as she pushes it back in. When she does it again, Laura’s moan includes an encouraging “um-hmm!” and Kathy continues to fuck her slowly. Jane’s fingers are doing everything they can to arouse Laura’s nipples, her thighs twitching against her hips. Kathy’s quiver, and her hand returns to her pussy. For a moment or two, the movement of that arm is greater than the one fucking Laura, but then she insists:


Kathy does, and Laura’s thighs begin to flap, as her fingers move as fast as they can on her clitoris. Her moans become even more aroused, and then her thighs clap together, as she groans, and her shoulders jerk up, and Kathy’s hand is covered with her pussy juice. Her thighs flop open and then clap together again, clutching her fingers, and her pussy juice spurts again, as her body convulses again.

Kathy and Jane moan in empathy. Kathy stops fucking Laura, but her toothbrush is still twisting back and forth in her pussy. Another spasm shakes her body. Then she demands softly:

“Stop it!” and opens her thighs.

When Kathy moves to do so, the pliers slip off the pin, which immediately begins to twist much faster than the handle had been, now just vibrating in Laura’s pussy. She snorts and mutters:

“Well, a little better. Hm-hmm! But enough; stop it.”

Kathy looks at what she can see of her toothbrush, the twitching pin and only a little of the handle, seeing it move from the contractions in Laura’s pussy. She hesitates, seeing that she is going to have to touch Laura’s pussy to grasp it. She does. Laura chuckles, and Kathy pulls it out of her pussy with a wet noise and turns it off. Laura gives a long, deep sigh and relaxes, leaning back on Jane, who still has her hands on her breasts and squeezes them. Laura nods and reaches up, holding Jane’s hands, and murmurs:

“Um-hmm, thank you; that was good too.”

“Um-hmm, I almost came myself.”

“Um-hmm. It was almost too good. … Just ‘almost’.”

Her hands press Jane’s on her breasts, and Jane squeezes them again. They both chuckle softly. Kathy is looking at Laura’s open pussy lips, at her still very wet pussy. She looks up quickly, when Laura asks Jane:

“Want me to do it to you?”

“Hmm?! Don’t know if I could stand it.”

“Only one way to find out. … You can.”

Laura looks at Kathy and adds:

Oh, or you, Kathy; it’s your toothbrush.”

“No, thanks. Let her. I’ll just watch.”

“Or hold her, like she did me.”

Jane grins at Kathy with nod. She snorts, wrinkling her nose, and asks:

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