Three Become One Ch. 19

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All characters are 18 years of age or older.


“It’s just that…they always stare at us…” the twins said.

“The boys?” I asked.

They nodded their pretty blonde heads up and down. I was atop the bed in my bedroom laying back and casually looking for something to watch on television. The twins were sitting side by side in front of the vanity brushing their hair, and doing other girlish things I wouldn’t really know anything about. All I knew is that I would see them putting something on their faces, eyes, or arms from time to time.

As they sat there I took a moment to look around my room. It had definitely changed since the twins “moved” in. Aside from the vanity (which now had all kinds of make-up and toiletries sitting on top of it), the twins had replaced my window curtains and bed skirt. I barely even recognized the bathroom anymore; it looked more like the type of bathroom you’d find in a hotel suite. It even smelled different; nicer. There was a bowl of lollipops on my dresser and atop my nightstand. The twins had taken the liberty of putting one up in most rooms throughout my house; many of which had been redecorated by their friends Amber, Tiffany, and Gabi. Even their alter-ego Skaycee (my true-to-RP daughter) had had design input in decorating her own room downstairs.

“Trust me.” I said. “I don’t like other men staring at you anymore than you do.”

It was true. The very thought infuriated me. But…at the same time…

Knowing that other men envied me because I had the twins kind of drove me crazy. It would be different if I was there with them to show that the twins were mine, but in this case the girls were talking about working out at the facilities on their campus. That was one place I really couldn’t go.

“It’s just a few things, Daddy.” The twins pleaded. “We promise you’ll barely even notice.”

I sighed.

“I know…but…it’s just that I finally, recently got around to rearranging everything the way that I want it. I don’t want to have to go through that again.”

“Daddy we can rearrange everything! You don’t have to do anything!” the twins said.

At this I put my hand up.

“Out of the fucking question. This is the type of thing a man should do.” I declared.

The twins turned around as soon as I said it. Their faces were lit up like Christmas Day.

“Then you’ll do it?!” they asked.

I sighed loudly as I rolled my head around. The twins had baited me with the whole “we can do it ourselves” thing and I had fallen for it. Why did I always have to be so chauvinistic?

“Fiiiiinnnne.” I said, finally caving in.

The twins squealed and clapped their hands giddily as they stood up. They bounced up and down in excitement before swiftly making their way to me on the bed.

Wait…forget those last two lines. I’ll repeat them after I give you some context.

The twins were wearing the skimpiest, tightest, sexiest lingerie I had ever seen them wear. It was a lacey pink two-piece number with accentuated cups and waistline. It was similar to those two-piece bikinis that fitness models used to wear in the 80s and 90s, but the twins’ set had much more visual appeal so as to demand attention…and keep it. And over their lingerie were the sheerest, most see-through babydolls I had ever seen in my life. The babydoll gave you a VERY good view of the underwear they had on underneath, especially the 34GGG cup bras they wore to “hold up” their enormous breasts, but it wasn’t an entirely unhindered view. It was just enough to give you a taste of what was to come; it was a tease. A downright, unforgivingly painful tease aimed solely at me; designed to give me an erection so hard it was actually painful.

Now I’ll reiterate:

The twins squealed and clapped their hands giddily as they stood up. They bounced up and down in excitement before swiftly making their way to me on the bed.

Their tits reached me before they did.

“Thank you, Daddy! Thank you thank you thank you!” they chanted as they threw their arms around me. In one single, erotic moment I felt the four biggest breasts I had ever encountered in my life press up against me all at once. It was almost too much to bear without blowing my load, and I had grown somewhat accustomed to them. I wondered what it would be like for a man who didn’t have the experience I had to be presented with such an erotic act from the busty Juggs Twins.

“Don’t mention it, girls.” I said, a hint of defeat in my voice. “But…I don’t think I fully understand.”

The twins looked up at me inquisitively.

“What do you mean, Daddy?” they asked of me.

“Okay. So…you don’t feel comfortable working out at your school because of the boys, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And…why don’t you feel comfortable working out in the basement? The way it is right now?”

After hearing my question the twins suddenly had sheepish looks on their faces.

“It’s not that we don’t feel comfortable…it’s just that…well, we wanted to make Keçiören Escort Bayan some more space. That’s all.”

“Space for what?” I asked.

“Just…you know…an exercise machine.” They said.

“An exercise machine? You two don’t own any exercise machines. I’ve been to your house, remember? Besides, Stephanie pays for a gym membership because she doesn’t like having clutter in the house.”

“Oh…um…yeah…” the twins said, obviously trying to keep something from me. “We don’t own any…we were umm…thinking about buying one.”

“So you want to buy a machine…and keep it in the basement?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly!!” the twins said.

“Okay, sure. Why didn’t you just say that?” I responded. “Of course I’ll move things around again.”

“Oh, Daddy!” they said as they hugged me tight and looked up at me with adoration in their eyes. “You’re so sweet! You’re the best Daddy ever!”

It was somewhere in the duration of the hug that it finally hit me.

“You want me to buy the machine, right?” I asked of them.

The twins pulled away and looked at me with very suspicious smiles.

“Maaaaayyyybeee…” they said.

“Okay, fine. How much does it cost?” I asked, caving in once more.

The twins now had even bigger smiles as one of them reached for a tablet. She opened up an app and tilted it to me so I could see. I looked at it, and then looked back at the twins.

“This?” I asked, somewhat confused by what I was looking at. “Are you sure? It’s a…you know, a…”

“It’s very cheap, and it’s very easy to install!” they reassured me.

“Yeah, I guess I can see that. But are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, Daddy!” the twins said. “And it’s not just for us; all the other girls will use it too. Especially Tiff. We know she’s just going to love it!”

“I don’t know.” I said. “I’m worried about someone…seeing it. What would they think?”

“Daddy…” the twins said. “We thought of that. That’s why we were thinking you could also buy this…”

They tapped the device a few times, and a moment later they were showing me something else. It was one of those collapsible walls that folded up like an accordion.

“You could use this to separate the basement into two sections, you know, at least until we can come up with something better.”

I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure I wanted to buy these things, but the twins seemed to really want them. It also didn’t look like the installation would take too long, so once again, I caved. I took the tablet and confirmed my purchase of the items they wanted, and then I saved all of my account information so they could access it at any time.

“Here.” I said, handing the tablet back. “This is an account I hardly use. You girls can buy anything you need to now. Access it on your phones and you’ll be able to use them like debit cards as well.”

The twins’ eyes went wide.

“Daddy…you’re…you’re…giving us your account information?”

“Yes. I trust you girls. Just make sure that if you’re purchasing something more than fifty dollars to ask me about it first. Okay?”

“Oh my gawd! Daddy of course will! We won’t buy ANYTHING without your say so!” the twins exclaimed as they threw their arms around me once again in excitement. I was immediately overwhelmed by the material of their babydolls. I enjoyed looking at the garments, but once I was experiencing them first hand I realized that the tease they provided was much more than a visual one. It was like the glass door in my shower all over again, and I needed to be on the other side of it with my twins ASAP.

I grabbed one girl by the waist and brought her around me. I got up and swung my body around her, and she fell back on the bed in response to my movements. Now straddling her, I reached out to her head and brushed the loose strands of hair out of her face. I stroked her cheek, and then my hand continued its way down her chin and neck. I soon felt the material of her babydoll under my fingertips, and soon her body began to swell as the familiar feeling of her bosom returned to me once more. I clamped down over her left breast and squeezed; the immense and overwhelming flesh of her chest filling my mind even as I felt her up through the babydoll and bra she had on.

I lifted the sheer garment up and she raised her body off my bed to allow me to do so. Soon the item was bunched around her neck and I was staring down at her gorgeous body clad only in a pink lingerie set; 34GGG cups and all. After removing her top layer of clothing completely I soon found my hands lightly traveling to her monumental chest. I took hold of her boobs through her bra and squeezed; sending red hot blood to my cock and making it rock fucking hard.

The other twin now knelt next to me. I immediately noticed that she, too, had discarded her babydoll and was now dressed in only her lingerie. I took my hands off the twin below me and immediately grabbed her twin’s big breasts next to me. I also brought my head down Escort Eryaman to them so that I could feel their softness against me as I squeezed. I basked in her chest for so long that I soon felt my pants being dropped. I didn’t bother to pull my head away from my girl’s tits to see who had dropped them as I didn’t really care who it had been. I soon felt a soft hand on my hardened cock, and then the heavenly feeling of a hot mouth sucking on my cockhead and shaft.

“Mmm…mmmm…mmmm…” she slurped below me.

I pulled my head out of her cleavage and began vigorously making out with her. At the same time I placed a hand on her blonde head below me and began gliding her mouth up and down my shaft by her head. When I pulled away from our kiss she was breathing heavy, and her bust was rising and falling with each heavy breath. I suddenly felt her hand on the side of my head as she pulled me into her bosom and began breathily talking dirty to me.

“Do you like my huge fucking tits, Daddy?” she asked.

I nodded against her melons.

“Mm…” she said. “Yeah you do. Do you like that my big boobs keep your head nice and warm, like pillows?”

Once again, I nodded. I now felt her moving her arms, and a moment later she was easing the straps of her top off her shoulders. With my head refusing to tear away from her rack she managed to shove her small fingers into the cups of her garment and pull it down enough so that her big, bare tits were finally freed. The big orbs bounced and jiggled into my face as I took a moment to admire their beauty before hungrily clamping my lips down on one of her hard nipples and sucking.

“Do you like that, baby?” she mused into my ear. “Do you like my big huge tits?”

I nodded my head as I sucked on her breasts like a newborn. The twin below me stopped sucking my cock, and I glanced down at her to see that she too was pulling her tits out. As soon as her two giant melons were freed she gave my cockhead a long, sloppy kiss and then let my cock fall on to her chest crevice. She then wrapped her large tits around my shaft and completely swallowed me up in her cleavage. I began to buck to and fro out of sheer reaction, and as I fucked away at the busty slut’s funbags below me I continued to suck on the other pair as well.

“Oh fuck yes!!” I cried out in pure bliss.

“That’s it, baby…” she said as she held my head to her big bosom. “Mommy’s going to take good care of you with these big, meaty melons.”

Before long I was thrusting so hard that it became impossible for her to hold my head to her tits. The huge jugs were bouncing around me wildly as the other pair was bouncing around my cock. All of a sudden the overwhelming eroticism of being surround by big, luscious breasts caught up with me and I had to stop myself from busting all over the girl underneath me. I managed to stop my load from spraying, but a copious amount of precum managed to elude me nonetheless.

“Mmm…Daddy…” she said as she marveled at the amount of precum. “You really are excited for my big breasts…”

I nodded my head as I caught my breath and calmed myself down. Things were silent for several moments as the twins allowed me to take my time and gather myself. I casually squeezed the tits on the girl next to me; feeling her soft breast-flesh filling my hands as I kept myself from exploding. The twin below me had lapped the precum off her rack entirely, and she now took to my other side – both girls sandwiching me between them. The two busty blondes pushed their tits together around me, and my head was instantly surrounded by smooth, warm titflesh.

“I need to fuck you…!” I said, my voice muffled by their big jugs.

I immediately felt one twin scrambling to rid herself of her bottoms, but before I could even look to verify what was going on the other twin forcefully grabbed me by my head and clutched me to her chest once more. Her hand reached down to my hardened cock and began to glide up and down its length.

“You don’t need to worry about holding orgasms back, Daddy.” She whispered into my ear. “We can give you plenty, PLENTY more…”

By the time she was done speaking this the other twin had finished undressing. She was now on her back with her legs spread next to me. I was released from the other girl’s tit-grip, and so I swiftly planted myself firmly over the girl on her back. Now on top of her, I reached down to my cock and guided the head over to her pussy lips. I wasted no time in entering her, and when I did I felt like I was returning home after having been away for so long.

“Mmmuhhh!” she moaned as I penetrated her. I instantly felt her tight body conforming to mine as I pushed my way through. My own muscles tightened up as the effort needed to penetrate her was considerably so. Her hands went to my back in response, and I felt her fingernails dig into me.

I moaned as the combination of her heat, her wetness, and her vaginal clamp around me started to seep its lusty sensations into my very being. My body tingled all over for Sincan Escort Bayan a moment, but as quickly as the moment had come it had gone and I was reinvigorated; instilled with the desire and the need to plow this hot young blonde as hard as I could that I may pleasure her the way she pleasured me.

“Fuck!” I yelled out as I let my cock slide out of her only to thrust it back in. My shaft rubbed past her ‘doorway’ and everything it encompassed as my helmet spearheaded a vaginal assault on her in an effort to reach her G spot.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she cried out in lust.

My hands were planted on to the bed either side of her; digging into it with such force that I thought I might actually damage the frame. Well that, and the fact that I was bucking so hard that the bed itself was slamming into the wall. My cock became a blur as I fucked her more and more roughly with little to no regard for any of our safety.

“UH! UH! UH!” she moaned.

I felt her twin sister’s feminine hands come around me from behind, and just as they reached my abdomen I felt her bare, naked breasts press up against my back as she embraced me.

I moaned as she rubbed my muscles and whispered lusty musings into my ear as I fucked her identical twin sister.

“You’re so big and hard, Daddy…” she cooed.

“UH! UHHHHH!” her sister below me moaned.

“Yes, Daddy!” she said. “Faster! Harder! Fuck that pussy, Stud!”

Once again I felt myself on the verge of climax, and despite the twins’ earlier assurances that I needn’t worry about holding back climaxes I was not yet ready for this twincest threesome to end.

I pulled my cock out of her dripping in her juices and mine. I then turned to her sister, grabbed her at the waist with both hands, and flipped her around so she was on all fours. Initially startled, she’d let out a small yelp in surprise. But as soon as she realized what position I’d put her in she happily steadied herself and presented her lovely rear to me like a bitch in heat. I took hold of her ass with both hands gripping each of her meaty buns and let my cock fall in the crevice between her cheeks.

“Mmmm…” she moaned as she wiggled her ass against me. “I can feel you throbbing…”

“Feel this.” I said. I then took hold of my cock and guided it so that my cockhead was pressing up against her tiny star-shaped asshole. This caused a surprised, yet somehow willing and unhindered, yelp from her.

“Oh, Daddy!” she said in a very playful tone. It was at that moment I realized that something didn’t feel right about this. It wasn’t that I had hang-ups about shoving my cock into a woman’s ass, no. My mind kept drifting to Amber.

My thought process was interrupted as I heard footsteps approaching from outside the bedroom. The door opened and in walked Gabi, naked from head to toe save for her headphones and her smartphone. She saw me with my cock in hand, ready to fuck the twins in the ass, and had to visibly suppress a wanton smile.

“Uhhhhhggg!” The other twin grunted. “Daddy! Does that thing have to be allowed in the bedroom?”

“She’s my flesh light…” I said, pulling my cock back and idly stroking it as I spoke. “…where else would you have me keep it?”

“I don’t know…” the twins answered, a bit sheepishly.

“I hope you girls treat my flesh light with respect when I’m not here. If you damage anything in my home, especially my flesh light, I would have to punish you.”

“Ooo…” the twins cooed. “Punish us, how?”

One of the twins bit her lower lip as her eyes lit up.

“NOT like that…” I said, rolling my eyes. “I mean I would have to ground you.”

“Uuhhhh…fine, Daddy. You don’t have anything to worry about, anyway. We respect all your stuff…even that dumb thing. Haven’t you noticed that we’ve been keeping it clean? And using it to make sure it works right?”

“You’ve been…using it?” I asked.

“Well, of course, silly Daddy.”

I looked at Gabi. She looked back at me and shrugged as if to say “It’s no big deal.” I then turned back to the twin, who only stared back at me wondering what I was going to do or say next.

“Show me.” I said.

The busty blonde sighed heavily as she climbed off the bed and walked over to Gabi.

“C’mon, Flesh Light.” She said as she took her hand. The blonde and brunette walked over to the side of the bed, directly in front of the other blonde in the room whom I was poised behind.

Now in front of us, the blonde and the much shorter brunette embraced each other and kissed.


I watched as the incredibly sensual sight in front of me unfolded. It was so much like a porn film scenario that I began to hear cheesy saxophone riffs in my head. Not only were the two teen’s mouths eagerly slobbering all over each other, but their hands were all over each other as well. I watched with my mouth slightly agape, moaning filling my ears as nipples were pinched, asses were caressed, and breasts were squeezed. Sometime in the middle of it all I realized that I had begun stroking my cock even faster, and then I remembered that I had a blonde teen below me waiting to be fucked. Without so much as a single warning I shoved my cock into her pussy from behind as my eyes stayed glued to the two big-breasted teens making out in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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