Three’s A Crowd_(0)

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There was no way I could resist a woman that beautiful, that sexy and that horny. Even if it was my fiancé’s mother. I knew that she wanted to jump my bones the moment we were introduced a few years ago just by the way she looked at me. Who in their right mind, gay or straight would reject a woman with such big breasts, flat stomach, tight ass and long brown hair? Sure, she was full of plastic but she looked so young and so doable.

I did the best I can to contain myself for all this time. Quite often she tried to get me alone and have her way with me but I had to turn away out of respect for Carla my fiancé. This time it was different. She was a masseuse and my Carla insisted that I set up an appointment with her mother, bragging how good she was.

When I came over Pam’s house (Carla’s mother) she was outback sunbathing in a string bikini beside the pool. We were alone, Carla was working. It was a hot summer day.

“Hello Pam, I’m here. I hope I’m not interrupting anything” I said as I made my way to where she was laying.

“Oh Hi, not at all, you’re a little early, there’s some beer in the cooler” she said to me pointing at a red cooler lying next to her.

I grabbed a cold one and pulled up a chair next to her.

“Mike can you do me a favor, there’s a towel next to me, can you pick it up and wipe down my backside? I’m all full of this tanning oil and I don’t want any of it to come off in the pool” she said.

I picked up the towel and began to wipe her down. I can see her pussy through the string bikini as I made my way to her ass. It was so wet and oily. I couldn’t help myself and sprung a hard on immediately upon touching her body with her towel. She couldn’t help but notice it either. It was right in her face.

“Look at you! Do I make your horny Mike?” she said in a sexy tone.

“I’m sorry Pam, yes I find you extremely İkitelli Escort attractive, I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t” I told her.
“Well, Carla seems to be a lucky girl, you seem pretty well endowed” she told me as she sat up and made her way to cool off in the swimming pool.

She swam the backstroke in the pool. Everything appeared to be seen in slow motion. The stroke of her arms against the water, the outline of her tits rising as she leaned back. She turned around, swam underwater to the other side of the pool and emerged without her top on. I thought I was going to jizz in my shorts.

“Do you like what you see Mike?” she said swimming over to me.

“Damn Pamela! I..I” was speechless. She wasn’t holding back. She was outright hitting on me.

“Take off your clothes and come in with me.” She said.

“But I don’t think Carla..” I stuttered.

“She’s not here. Do you really think she’s going to suspect that her fiancé is fooling around with her mother? Carla’s my baby but she isn’t that smart” she said to me.

I slowly removed my clothes, trying to contain my hard on before I sat at the edge of the pool contemplating whether or not I want to go in. She swam over to me, put her hands between my legs and looked up at me.

“Oh My, what are you? 7 inches? You have a nice cut cock!” she blurted out as she gripped it and began stroking it with here right hand.

“Pam!” I yelled softly.

She said nothing. She stuck my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck it like nobody’s business. She then emerged from the swimming pool really quickly. I fell backwards, she landed on my cock.

“Do you want to fuck me Michael?” she said with her lips getting ready to touch mine.

I was speechless. She guided my cock into her pussy and began to ride me. Her tits were bouncing and she was rubbing her Escort Bayan clit at the same time. I put my hands on her ass and guided her up and down my cock.

“Let’s take this inside” she whispered in my ear. She grabbed my hand and led me to the shower.

In the shower we soaped things up nicely. I rubbed those tits as I stood behind her making sure I felt every bit and took my time playing with her nipples.

“I want your cock now!” she said as she leaned up against the shower stall. I stuck my soapy cock in her and fucked her from behind. I felt like I was going to explode immediately but she turned around in the nick of time and began stroking my cock again with her hands.

She took the shower head with her other hand, rinsed off my cock, got on her knees and began to suck on it. She was giving me a fast blow job and sticking it between her luscious soapy tits.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna pop!” I yelled right before I shot my load all over her face and on her tongue. She swallowed what was left of the load I gave her and cleaned off her face with shower water.

We emerged from the shower to Carla standing at the doorway of the bathroom holding a towel with the meanest smirk on her face that I’ve ever seen.

“Nice Mike! I can’t believe you fucked my mother!” she yelled.

“But..I” what was I supposed to say?

“How long have you too been doing this?” she said looking sternly at her mom.

“Oh Pam. Shit. I don’t know what to say” she said to Carla with a puzzled look on her face.

“Now I can’t fuck him, marry him or anything! My fiancé’s cock is spoiled because he fucked my mother! I can’t fucking believe this!” She said as her mouth hung open in amazement.

I sat there speechless and I began to get hard again.

“Look at you Mike! What the fuck! You’re getting an erection! Your fiancé just caught you istanbul Escort fucking her mother and you get a stiffy!” she was really disgusted now.

“Well, it is kind of hot” her mother said to her. “It’s like out of a porno, fiancé fucks his future mother and law” she said with a straight face.

“I..I” Still didn’t know what to say to any of this.

“But It’s so big Carla, I haven’t had a cock in a long time. It was just..”

“You seduced him didn’t you mother! I mean look at you! Mrs. Tits and all!” She said angrily pointing at her mom’s chest.

“Was it good for you Mike? Does she suck cock better than me Mike is that it?”

“Well I uh”. I continued stuttering.

“We’ll see about that! I don’t give a fuck anymore!” Carla said as she knelt down in front of me and started sucking my cock. “Whose better Mike?” she said to me as she took my cock in and out of her mouth. “Tell me, I want to know”.

I stood there speechless.

Then Pam just knelt down next to her daughter and joined her. I was in total shock. I couldn’t believe that mother and daughter were sharing my cock.

I saw Pam holding back Carla’s hair as she began to bob her head faster and faster. Carla would do the same as her mother took turns with my cock.

The two sucked and sucked for a long time. I took me extra-long to cum because I had just blew my load before Carla caught me. The two were relentless.

“No fucking us, we’re going to suck you until you cum all over us and then you’re going to tell me whose the better cock sucker!” my fiancé said to me.

For about 5 minutes longer I watched Mother and Daughter work my cock like they haven’t had a meal in days and we’re starving.
I soon let out a louder than normal moan and distributed my cum all over both their tits. Carla’s tits were almost as big as her mother’s but there was something so sensual about the two of them, on their knees cupping their tits with their arms waiting for me to cum all over them.
“So you still want your massage?” Pam asked with a little laughter in her voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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