Time for a Shower

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It was hot and dripped over my face, touching my lips so that I could taste her. I looked up as another stream shot at me, over my nose and some of it into my open mouth. It tasted good, strange to say but it did. With a free hand I was wanking my throbbing cock, this dear reader was something else. But how had I got here and by that I didn’t mean in a bath with a woman peeing on my face but to the world of water sports?

Rewinding my mind back I remember the moment that I had met, well, we’ll change her name for the benefit of saving her blushes but Cindy was one of my co-workers. I had met her on the day that I had started at the company. Sat in the office I chatted away to her and found out that she was married, had two children and was desperately unhappy with her situation. I was married too, at year 20 and seeing nothing good on the horizon. Eventually, and not because of each other our respective relationships broke up. sad but true, we had now joined the statistics for those who had tried to make a go of it and had failed.

Before my marriage had failed Cindy had left the company and I had no contact with her. A stroke of fate saw us on a course together and we both found out that we were now single. Cindy suggested a date and we took it from there. As I think back now it was a series of incidents, from fucking in my car to going sex toy shopping with her. These weren’t normal things to her as her previous relationship had failed to allow her to be sexually adventurous. She was determined to change that and I Kadıköy Escort was determined to help her.

One afternoon while we were out walking in the countryside I needed to pee. I stood at the side of a field and took my cock out, feeling the relief as I pee’d. Out the corner of my eye I saw Cindy watching me. She was touching her small, pert boobs as she did so. I was surprised. Why was she watching me, had she not seen a man pee before?

We walked on and were chatting when Cindy told me that seeing me pee had turned her on. Not just in a small way but in a huge way. She told me that she loved seeing my pee flow and had realised that she wanted to experiment with me peeing on her. I was surprised because Cindy didn’t strike me as the sort of woman who was into “water sports”. Though what a woman who was into water sports looked like I didn’t know.

I agreed and a few weeks later, after she had seen me pee outside and inside, there I was stood over her in her bath. She looked up at my naked body as I started to pee on her. To be honest to get to this point had meant that I had drunk about two litres of water and was literally bursting to pee. Initially Cindy had laid down in the bath but as I peed’d she realised that she needed to be squatting so that I could jet my pee over her boobs and down over her stomach.

I watched as my pee started to dribble over her and she was rubbing herself, murmuring as my hot pee hit her skin and then flowed over it its milky expanse. She was rubbing her pussy Ataşehir Escort hard, possibly because she knew that at some point soon I’d be empty.

“Quickly, over my face, I want to feel your pee on my face.”

I moved and directed my cock so that my pee was indeed going over her face and then she opened her mouth.

I could see her swallow some of it and she smiled.

I stopped peeing and she climaxed just after I’d stopped. I looked at her and she looked at me.

“I can’t believe that we have just done that, but just how good was it?”

“Well, it was good for me, how was it for you?”

“Your pee was warm, that surprised me but I just had to play while you pee’d on me.”

We then showered and having dried ourselves we sat and chatted. Talking about how peeing was something that turned us both on. I asked Cindy how she felt about peeing on me and she agreed that it was something that she wanted to do. I told her that she would need to drink plenty of water, almost to the point of bursting but she would need to do it to really enjoy it. Cindy agreed and said that the next time we met she would be ready.

We met two weeks later and after getting to Cindys house she quickly ushered me, told me to strip and to get into the bath. I could see that she was excited to get on with her first foray into peeing on me.

I stripped off and lay naked in the bath, initially on my back. Cindy came in and smiled.

“I am bursting for a pee and hope you’re ready for this.”

“Of Maltepe Escort course I am.”

She stood at the side of the bath and with one leg up on the side of the bath and the other in the bath she was over me, initially over my chest. I looked up as she pulled her pussy lips apart and initially it was a trickle of warm pee that hit my chest. As I watched she pulled her lips open further and what started as a trickle became a gush of warm pee streaming onto my chest and down my body on my pubic hair, over my cock and legs and into the bath. It was warm, and intensely erotic. I could feel my cock swelling as she pee’d and I knew that I wanted to wank my cock. So as she pee’d on my I slowly wanked my thick cock. She looked down and saw me.

“Oh, you’re enjoying it that much are you?”

Cindy carried on peeing and I couldn’t believe just how much pee there was. Every time she stopped I thought that was it but then she would push and another jet of warm pee would hit my body.

I then told her that I wanted to squat so that she could pee on my face. Quickly she moved back and I changed my position and she stood over me.

Before I knew it I was looking up and warm pee was hitting my face and dribbling into my semi open mouth. She had clearly consumed a lot of fluids before I’d arrived. The sound of her peeing was amazing as was the sight of her peeing on me.

I continued to wank my cock, slowly as I watched. She gave one last thrust and a final jet of pee hit my face and then she stopped. I moved forward and buried my face in her sopping wet pussy, pushing my tongue into her gaping hole. Tasting the last remnants of her pee.

This dear reader was just what we had both and was to be the start of many adventures in our newly found sexual liberation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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