Timestopper Ch. 07: Morning After

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[Author’s note: Fair warning—things are starting to get kinky and they’re only going to get kinkier. Hope you enjoy.]

Zach awoke to a beam of sunlight winking in his eye around the edge of a heavy window shade, and a horrible pounding in his head, like a mallet was beating at the base of his skull. He groaned as he shut his eyes tight.

“Look who’s up,” Zach heard behind him. He turned over and found Dion looking at his phone, his hair tousled and his eyes slightly gaunt with a hangover.

“Morning,” Zach grunted as his head collapsed back into the pillow.

“You know dude, I didn’t actually ask you to stay the night.”

Zach looked back up. Dion had set his phone on his chest and was looking at him like he was pissed off. “What?” Zach asked, confused.

“I mean, you fucked me by stealing my part, so I figured I could fuck you in the ass and we’d be square, but I did think you’d take a hint and fuck off after.” Zach couldn’t believe what he was saying and was trying to think of a response as Dion’s angry expression cracked and he started laughing.

“Oh my god you’re face, I’m so sorry I was just fucking with you,” he said as he leaned over and grabbed Zach’s face and kissed him deeply. He pulled away and leaned back into his pillow still laughing, “Im sorry, I’m a horrible person I just couldn’t help it. If you woke up 10 minutes ago you would’ve caught me humping you.”

Zach grabbed a pillow and started hitting D in the face with it, “fucking asshole,” he said hitting him over and over while Dion laughed. Dion grabbed his wrist and wrestled Zach onto his back, holding his arm over his head as he kissed Zach’s neck and chin and cheeks trying to reach his mouth while Zach squirmed under him. Eventually Zach surrendered to his bigger size and strength and just because he wanted to, and kissed Dion back, not even their morning breath keeping them from exploring each other’s mouths.

Eventually Dion pulled away and rested on top of Zach, his chin on Zach’s chest as he stared up at him. Dion was a mess, and he did look hungover, but the way he was staring and smiling up at him made Zach think he was glowing. “I’m sorry, that was an asshole thing to joke about. It was funnier in my head.”

Zach reluctantly smiled and then put his arm over his eyes, “I’m just too hungover to even think about it.”

“Well, let me start making it up to you,” Dion said as he climbed over Zach, reaching for his nightstand. Zach loved seeing his body stretching over him, the smell of a night of partying and sex wafting off him. He gave Zach a couple Advil and a bottle of water. After Zach swallowed them, coughing up a mouthful of water along the way, Dion put an arm around him and Zach snuggled up against his side. Dion started playing with Zach’s long hair, his fingers running through it.

“So how’d I do?” Dion asked, “besides the horrible wake-up call?”

“How’d you do at what?” Zach asked rubbing his face into the side of Dion’s chest.

“Well it was your first time right? What’s the 5 star review? Would you recommend me to a friend?”

Zach got up on an elbow and raised his other hand in a so-so gesture, “ehhh…” but he couldn’t hold it together as he looked Dion in the eye and burst into giggles as he collapsed back against him.

“I deserved that,” Dion laughed.

“My god it was so fucking hot,” Zach said as his hands started to explore Dion’s body and he kissed his chest, loving how small he felt against the taller boy. His hands reached down and gripped Dion’s rock hard dick, “The way this stretched me, I can still fucking feel it.”

“Yeah?” Dion asked, his hand grabbing Zach’s ass his dick pulsed in Zach’s grip, “fuck you are the sexiest little snuggler.”

“But honestly,” Zach said as he let go of Dion’s dick and went back to exploring every inch of him, “I think the hottest thing was the making out.”

“So I’m not fucking crazy,” Dion laughed, “cause I agree. And you have the hottest ass I’ve ever fucked so that’s saying something. God damn, like don’t tell Katrina, but you’re the best kisser I’ve ever met.”

Dion put his hands behind his head and stretched beneath Zach’s touch, his toned muscles barely visible in the dark room. Zach’s hands explored up his arms and lingered at his hairy arm pits on full display. Zach looked at Dion and Dion raised his eyebrows and nodded towards his pit. That was all the invitation Zach needed to bury his face in it.

“Aw fuck that’s hot Zach,” Dion moaned humping the air. His other hand reached over and pulled Zach’s head further into his arm pit while Zach’s tongue lapped at every inch, Zach’s head and dick going crazy at the hot manly musky smell and taste.

Dion grabbed Zach and flipped him onto his back as Dion climbed on top of him and made out with him, before his mouth slowly made its way down Zach’s neck and chest and belly. He licked his way from Zach’s dickhead down the shaft, then juggled Zach’s balls on his tongue before licking down his taint and teasing Zach’s hole with a light touch as Zach spread his legs wanting more. He kept moving down Cebeci Escort Zach’s thighs and calves till he got what he was looking for. D’s tongue explored Zach’s toes and he sucked on his big toe. Zach was surprised how hot it was seeing Dion so fucking turned on by his feet, but as Dion started to kiss his sole Zach started to giggle.

“Ticklish huh?” Dion said looking up with a grin, as his fingers started strumming along the bottom of Zach’s feet. Zach tried to pull his feet away as he began uncontrollably laughing but Dion had an iron grip on his ankle and was loving the show as Zach squirmed at his touch.

“Hahaha no—hehehe please stop—no seriously stop you’re gonna make me piss myself,” and it was true, the tickle session made Zach realize how full his bladder was.

Dion gave his sole one more kiss before he let go of his feet and stood up from the bed, “Come on then, let’s hop in the shower.” Dion grabbed them both towels and they wrapped them around their waists even if they did nothing to conceal their hardons, and Dion led Zach by the hand to the bathroom down the hall.

It sounded like some people were moving downstairs but the house was mostly quiet, and when they got to the bathroom it was empty. Zach tried to extricate himself from Dion’s grip as they passed the urinals but Dion kept pulling him right into the showers where Dion closed a curtain behind them and started making out with Zach as he turned on the water and got it steaming. They made out under the hot water for a few minutes rubbing their dicks and bodies together before Zach finally put a hand on Dion’s chest and pulled back.

“D, I’m not kidding I have to piss so bad, I’ll be right back.”

“What, you’ve never pissed in a shower?” Dion asked with a grin as he held on to Zach’s ass, looking sexy as fuck dripping wet, “come on, we’ll do it together.”

Zach’s lips curved into half a smile, “are you serious right now?”

Dion pointed his big dick between his legs at the drain between his feet and shot out a few bursts of piss through his hardon. He paused and looked at Zach, “what you goin to join me?” He said with a wink. Fuck it was a sexy wink.

Zach’s bladder and erection decided it. He stood next to Dion, pointed his dick down and a stream of piss burst out of his foreskin onto the shower floor. Dion got started in earnest next to him and aimed his dick so their streams crossed. Then Dion moved in front of Zach and Zach was pissing down Dion’s leg while Dion was pissing on Zach’s dick, but Zach didn’t have a moment to realize what was happening before Dion’s tongue was in his mouth again and they made out as their hot clear piss covered each other.

As Zach’s jet stream fell to a trickle and he felt Dion’s cock dripping on to his own Zach started to laugh, “Oh my god you’re such a pervert!”

Dion laughed too, “Did the tub full of sex toys not clue you in? Besides,” Dion pulled Zach’s body against his and their dicks rubbed against each other, quickly coming back to full mast, “I think you like it.”

“I think I might,” Zach said as he went on his tip toes to make out with Dion again.

They kissed in the shower a long time. Eventually Dion grabbed some shower gel and they washed each other. Zach fucking loved it, he loved the way his hands glided across Dion’s body, he loved the way Dion’s hands explored and grabbed his own, loved the way Dion’s fingers teased his hole while Dion’s tongue explored his tonsils.

Once they rinsed off the last of the soap Dion turned off the water and they didn’t even bother toweling off as they quickly put their towels around their wastes and hurried back to the room. Dripping wet they dropped their towels and Dion threw Zach back on his bed. Before Zach knew what was happening his legs were pushed up against his chest and Dion’s tongue was inside his asshole, making Zach moan like a bitch while Dion lapped it up.

Then Dion was on his knees and Zach felt D’s dick at his hole. They hadn’t used any lube besides D’s spit and it hurt going in, but Dion’s dick was leaking pre like a faucet and they were both so turned on it wasn’t long till Dion was balls deep and fucking him good. Dion grabbed Zach’s right foot and started licking and kissing it as he kept fucking him, loving rubbing his tongue along Zach’s sole as it made him giggle and squirm underneath him.

Dione turned Zach over onto his belly and gave his ass a hard slap, eliciting a half yelp half moan from Zach. “Oh you like getting your ass slapped don’t you?” Dion asked.

“Fuck yeah D,” Zach moaned into the pillow as D slapped his butt again, leaving it red and stinging but it just turned Zach on more. He pushed his ass up, spreading his cheeks and putting his hole on display. Dion couldn’t resist at that sight and with a final slap of Zach’s cheeks he thrust his dick back inside him. He pounded him so hard it was like he wanted to fuck him through the bed. Eventually Dion readjusted and went into Zach’s hole sideways so he could lift his leg up and put his foot on Zach’s face. Zach didn’t hesitate, he kissed Kolej Escort and licked at D’s well pedicured and soft feet, sucking on his toes when Dion told him too, and the sight of Zach reduced to a slobbering foot slave pushed Dion over the edge and with an actual roar he came balls deep inside Zach. Like clockwork Zach felt his prostate squeeze, and he shot his load beneath him, covering Dion’s bed with his cum. They didn’t think twice as they collapsed into it and made out in each other’s arms.

Dion threw on some Netflix and packed his one hitter. “This’ll help more than the Advil,” Dion said as he passed it to Zach and they got stoned as they cuddled and watched a random episode of Umbrella Academy. The relief was immediate, even as his head got cloudy Zach’s dull headache finally disappeared. As they settled into the high Dion’s phone buzzed.

He laughed when he opened it and showed it to Zach, “Maybe not your cup of tea but I like it.” It was a selfie of Katrina naked in bed with her friend Melissa sucking on her tit.

“Think we can send one?” Dion asked grinning. Zach grinned back, “If you send it to me too,” he said as he worked his way down Dion’s body and took his long soft dick in his mouth, sucking it like a lollipop. He saw a flash go off through his closed eyelids. Zach popped the dick out of his mouth, still slowly stroking it as Dion showed him the picture. Zach looked like he was in love with Dion’s dick as Dion looked down at the camera sticking out his tongue.

“That’s fucking hot,” Zach said as he took Dion’s dick back in his mouth making Dion moan.

“You know there’s no way I got another load in me right now,” Dion said running his fingers through Zach’s hair as Zach worked his dick, “you fucking drained me.”

“I don’t care I’m enjoying myself,” Zach said as he kept sucking on Dion’s softie.

Dion laughed and turned himself around on the bed on his side so he could take Zach’s dick too. “Fucking freshman, look at you you’re rock hard again already,” Dion said as he wagged Zach’s dick in front of his face. Zach moaned happily still sucking on Dion as Dion licked Zach’s head and worked his tongue under his foreskin, “And holy fuck your pre tastes so good.”

Dion took Zach’s dick in his mouth and they 69d in his bed. Zach loved feeling Dion’s dick slowly grow in his mouth till he was back to full hardness, while Dion loved pushing himself down Zach’s dick while his hands fondled Zach’s balls and gripped his ass. After a few minutes Zach realized even if Dion was enjoying himself he wasn’t cumming anytime soon, so Zach let his own orgasm build and shot his load on Dion’s twisting tongue.

“Mhmm” Dion groaned as his lips locked around Zach’s dick, gulping down the stream of cum like a champ.

“Holy shit,” Dion said as he fell onto his back, “how the hell can you cum so much? And you must eat nothing but pineapple cause god damn it tastes like a smoothie.”

Zach laughed, “Hyperspermia,” he said, pulling out the term he’d googled to try to excuse his supernatural loads, “but the doctor says it’s not really a problem. I just cum a lot and need to cum often.”

“More like a medical marvel,” Dion said as he worked himself further up the bed and started kissing at Zach’s feet. Zach did the same, Dion’s size 14 feet bigger than his whole face. They weren’t at it long when they heard somebody pound on Dion’s door.

“Yo sluts, come get breakfast with us,” Brian yelled through the door.

“2 minutes,” Dion called back. They quickly got up, Dion grabbing a pair of boxer briefs and some gym clothes for Zach that were way too big but at least didn’t fall off him. Dion himself put on tight shorts and a sky blue polo with a pair of tortoiseshell jfk style sunglasses, looking like the consummate frat boy, while Zach dug his phone out of his beer stained shorts and stuck a hand in the pocket of his new shorts to remind himself of his watch power. Before they left the room Dion stuck a raggedy old baseball cap on Zach’s head, “You’ll thank me later,” Dion said, “oh and I almost forgot.” He grabbed zach’s toy wrestling belt off his desk chair and threw it on Zach’s shoulder before they walked out of the room.

Brian and Sara were waiting outside their door, Sara wearing a comically oversized hoodie with the sigma chi letters across the front while half Brian’s face was covered by a pair of gold rimmed aviators.

“Oh hey Sara,” Zach grinned as he saw her.

“Oh hey Zach,” she said grinning back, “have a fun night?”

“The best. How bout you?”

“Not too bad,” she said bashfully leaning into Brian who put an arm around her.

“Let’s get going,” Brian said, “Geronimo’s closes at 2 and if we get their after 1 they may spit in our food.”

They left the house at half past noon and the sun was absolutely blinding. Zach put the brim of the old baseball cap low against the glare while Sara had to cover her eyes under her hand. They walked a short way across town and came to Geronimo’s, the town diner, classic Americana with its aluminum siding and bar with red leather Yenimahalle Escort swivel seats. As they walked inside they found Katrina waiting for them.

“Good morning beautiful,” Dion said, taking off his glasses and giving her a long kiss. Zach felt a brief pang of jealousy, but when Katrina turned to him and gave him a completely warm and open smile it couldn’t help but melt away. “Oh my god,” she said, “you look like a little version of freshman Dion.”

Brian laughed, “Holy shit, you’re right. Didn’t even register. I can’t believe you still got that nasty old hat, D.”

“Why shouldn’t I, it’s a perfectly good hat,” Dion said as he tapped the brim down onto Zach’s face.

They sat together in a circular corner booth, Zach wedged between Sara and Dion. Dion’s arm draped around Katrina but Zach’s belly gave a little flip as he felt Dion’s hairy leg rub against his and they played a little footsie under the table.

They had a great time as they talked and laughed and then as they ate heaping plates of cheap breakfast food. While they sipped their coffees and teas amid the piles of dirty plates Katrina asked the freshmen, “So, what’d you two think of rush? Think you’ll pledge?”

“Honestly, I wasn’t planning on it,” Sara said, “but I had such a good time with the girls last night I think I might.“

“Yeah, the girls, right,” Brian said putting an arm around her.

“You totally should, Melissa was telling me how much she enjoyed talking about Wilde with you,” Kat leaned around Dion to look at Zach, “But how bout you Zach? Think you’ve got the makings of a frat boy?”

Zach sipped from his ice water. He felt human again, hydrated and with a full belly, but he felt a twinge of discomfort as he considered the question. Finally he said, “I’m not sure.”

“Ohhh!” Brian yelled, “You know most guys would be begging for a bid when they’re hanging out with the prez and rush chair of a frat, not high hatting them.”

“Calm down, nobody’s high hatting anybody, he answered a question,” Dion said.

“Just seems a bit ungrateful to me, is all,” Brian said, worked up as he drank his coffee.

“That’s because you’re a big baby,” Katrina said.

“No, listen, I mean I had an awesome fucking time last night don’t get me wrong,” Zach said, “I just…I don’t know if I wanna commit myself to being in a frat for four years.”

“Well, what’re your concerns with it?” Dion asked turning to face him, putting an arm on the booth behind him.

Zach blushed in the face of Dion’s open, inquisitive look, “Like, I’m not sure I’d want to live in the house, it seems like it could be intense just living with guys, I’ve been liking having girls around,” he said gesturing to Sara. “And also I like have good friends who I think will pledge other frats or not pledge and I don’t want to cut myself off from those friendships or not be allowed in other parties. And, I don’t know, I’m kinda nervous about like the pledge process, I don’t know what it involves and it’d take up a lot of time and I’m already doing the play and I’m just like concerned about…my studies and shit.” Zach wasn’t actually worried about his studies, but he was worried that his glorious free time to meet people and work out would be taken up by doing menial pledge shit.

“Stupid fuckin concerns,” Brian said under his breadth.

“Well let’s go through ‘em,” Dion said. “First the house: sure, I get it, huge house full of dudes is kinda gross, but it’d be your fucking house dude. Have whoever you want over, spend as much time there as you want or hardly any time. And besides, unless you’re in leadership you only have to live there for one year, and if you pick a year while you do a semester abroad it’s only actually one semester, then you can fuck off to off campus or theme housing or whatever you want and just come by for events.

“Next, losing out on friends. Freshmen get way too hung up on that. I have plenty of independent friends and friends in other frats, it’s not like we have these huge rivalries man, we’re all pretty chill. Barring like SAE but they’ll kick you out if you’re an independent as much as in another frat.”

“And if you wanna be at SAE we don’t want you anyway,” Brian added.

“But it’s also still early enough that if you got close friends you want to pledge with you there’s still time for us to get to know them and they could pledge too,” Dion went on ignoring Brian.

“And then actually pledging,” Dion continued, “I mean, I’m not allowed to tell you specifics dude. But yeah, you will be doing some bitch work. The sophomores are fucking stoked cause last night was the last party they’ll have to clean up themselves. But you don’t need to worry about time man, I’m gonna have to spend more time doing pledge shit than you just cause I’m in charge of it, and I’m not worried about doing good in the play or classes. And your pledge class has to keep their grades up anyway or we could lose the whole frat, so you’ll have study sessions and shit. And as for hazing, obviously, officially we don’t have any hazing, but we got some…team building and if anything makes you uncomfortable we got a no questions asked pass system. Not that you’ll pass, you’ll fucking love it. But all that doesn’t matter man because what pledging really does is it makes the other pledges and us your brothers. Do you have any brothers Zach?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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