Tinkerbelle’s Ethereal Workout

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Beginning with her first day in kindergarten and lasting all the way through high school, Belle Hazeldine had always been the shortest girl in her class. At just under five-feet tall, she was by all measurements a petite & small girl!

Because of her diminutive stature, upon her arrival at Louisiana Bayou State College, her sorority sisters had immediately nicknamed the pretty new freshman ‘Tinker-Belle,’ and when they later selected ‘Peter Pan’ as the theme of their upcoming Halloween party, Belle already knew without asking what character she would asked to play.

Like the fairy in the story, Belle was tiny, slender, and also incredibly cute! No, she wasn’t exactly a blonde, but instead had light brown hair styled in a shoulder-length pixie-cut to go with her large brown eyes, an adorably cute face with a pouty little mouth, and a compact and curvy little body complete with a luscious round-little-butt.

On the morning of October 31st, Belle was sent to Max’s, a costume shop that the sorority patronized, to pick up their outfits for the night’s festivities.

As she approached the address on Harrington Road, she suddenly felt that something was wrong with her vehicle. That wobble could only mean one thing: a flat tire. The intersection ahead said Fordham Lane, so she made a careful right-turn to get out of traffic. There, just ahead was an empty parking lot where she supposed she could change the tire.

Yes, it was definitely a flat. She got out of her car and opened the trunk, looking for the necessary parts she’d be needing. She knew basically what to do, but the truth is, she’d never actually done this sort of thing before, and was at a loss as to even how to operate the jack.

Fortunately, at that very moment, another car pulled in behind her, driven by a very muscular-looking woman with short platinum blonde hair.

“You got a problem, Babydoll?” the woman asked.

“Kind of,” Belle replied. “My tire’s flat, and I’m kind of new at fixing this sort of thing.”

“Well, I believe I can help you with that,” the woman said, getting out of her vehicle.

Belle gasped at the sight of her… this woman was REALLY built! She must have been a professional bodybuilder or something like that, because her arms, shoulders, torso, and legs were all amazingly buff!

She was also tall… Belle guessed close to six feet in height. Her age seemed to be somewhere in the mid-forties, although with that deep tan it was difficult to say with any certainty. The woman smiled broadly at the younger girl as she approached and offered her hand.

“I’m Charmaine Carson,” she announced, “the owner & proprietor of Charmaine’s Gym.” And with a hand gesture she motioned to the building on the lot. It looked old and completely deserted.

Belle smiled, introducing herself, as the woman then proceeded to go about fixing her flat. The girl couldn’t help but be awed at how strong this woman was, effortlessly operating the jack like no big deal, lifting the spare tire from her trunk as if it was a six-pack of paper towels, and then speedily removing the bolts before then making the replacement.

“I really appreciate this,” the girl gushed. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

“Think nothing of it, Babydoll,” the woman smiled, giving Belle’s body the once-over in a way that made the girl blush.

“You’re really strong,” Belle said, feeling foolish as she said it, as she thought she was coming across like a groupie.

The woman simply smiled and winked at her.

“There you go… all finished!”

She hadn’t even broken a sweat.

“You must work out a lot,” Belle found herself saying. “Your arms are so powerful… and they’re even thicker than my legs!”

The woman’s eyes travelled slowly down Belle’s body to her legs, before then returning to the girl’s face.

“I’m sure your legs are lovely,” she laughed. “Although I suppose we’d have to get those bluejeans off before we could say for sure!”

Once again Belle found herself blushing.

“Say,” the woman began. “You have time to check out my gym?”

How could the girl refuse? She nodded, and the muscular woman then led the way to the front entrance.

“So, what brings you out this way on this fine morning?”

Belle explained about picking up the costumes for her sorority.

“Tinkerbelle,” the woman laughed! “Yeah, I can see that… you’re perfect for it!”

As they reached the entrance to the building Belle quickly perused the sign over the door.

‘Be Young and Beautiful… CHARMAINE’S GYM… the delightful and affordable place for today’s young woman-on-the-go to keep the kind of body she wants & needs to attract that special someone!’

It all sounded so old-fashioned and corny, Belle görükle escort thought, but she didn’t say so out loud.

As they entered, the girl couldn’t help but notice how old-fashioned everything looked. It was all free weights, stationary bicycles, and such.

“You don’t have much in the way of modern electrical training equipment, do you?”

“That stuff’s all bells-&-whistles, Babydoll,” the woman laughed. “Check out these arms and tell me I need modern weight machines?”

Belle timidly approached and felt the woman’s biceps. They were rock hard. She continued running her hands along the older woman’s muscular arms & shoulders as the lady smiled.

“A pretty little thing like you doesn’t need muscles like these,” she said to the girl. “But I could give you a few exercise tips to keep your pretty body slim & trim… would you like that?”

Belle nodded.

“When don’t I get you something to change into?” she asked, before then rummaging though a drawer and finding an old-but-clean leotard, which she handed the smaller girl. “You can change right in there,” she directed, pointing to the locker room.

Belle hadn’t planned to work out that morning, but how could she possibly refuse? Besides, she found the older female bodybuilder to be highly attractive in a way that she’d never thought possible regarding another woman.

The leotard the woman had thrown to her was the correct size, but it was also quite skimpy & revealing, the girl thought. She felt like she was hardly wearing anything as she emerged from the locker a couple of minutes later.

“Don’t you look beautiful!” the older woman gushed upon seeing her. “Turn around… let’s check you out… mmmmm, your little butt looks amazing!”

Belle found herself blushing, but also secretly enjoying the other woman’s effusive praise. She even found herself preening in an effort to further show off her figure, and it appeared to be working!

“That is one luscious body you’ve got there, Babydoll,” the other woman observed, almost wistfully, to the girl’s great satisfaction. “Now come over here and let’s get you stretched out.”

The bodybuilder explained the importance of stretching before beginning a work-out as she then showed the girl how to stretch properly, her hands moving freely along Belle’s legs, arms, & shoulders as she helped stretch her out.

“You seem to be a little tight,” the woman mused aloud. “Perhaps I should give you a massage… on the house… would you enjoy getting a free massage, Babydoll?”

“That sounds wonderful,” the girl agreed, nodding her head.

The other woman smiled.

“Over here,” she ordered, patting a nearby massage table. Her eyes were staring into Belle’s as the girl approached. The girl noticed that the woman was licking her lips.

After assisting the smaller girl up onto the table, the older woman handed her a large bath towel while also grabbing a small bottle of massage oil. Belle positioned herself face down onto the towel.

“Hold on a sec, Babydoll,” the woman stopped her. “You’ve got to lose that leotard first.”

Belle sat up and turned to face her.

“You want me nude?”

She looked questioningly into the eyes of the older woman. She could see the desire reflected in them.

“This is happening,” she thought to herself. “This woman wants me.”

The girl then slowly began to peel the garment down over her shoulder. Again, the older woman smiled and licked her lips.

“You know… I know a way of getting that thing off of you so much faster,” the woman laughed.

She then reached over and ripped the skimpy garment in half, before then yanking it completely off of the younger girl’s body, leaving Belle both startled and now totally nude. The girl instinctively lifted her hands in a futile effort to cover herself, but the older woman merely chuckled as she then turned the girl back around, positioning her face-down.

“I couldn’t massage you properly while you were wearing clothes,” she smiled. “And don’t worry about that old thing,” referring to the torn leotard still in her hand. “Besides, it was so much more fun taking it off like that!”

If Belle felt any discomfort at now finding herself lying completely naked on a table at the complete mercy of this woman, she tried not to show it.

“I guess I just wasn’t expecting that,” she said softly.

The older woman then affectionately patted her pretty rump before then beginning to oil-up her beautiful-young-body.

“You have really beautiful skin, Babydoll,” she announced, as her fingers quickly worked their way into the muscles & sinews of the girl’s neck, back, & shoulders. Belle soon forgot about her clothes being ripped off of her seconds earlier bursa escort bayan as she began relaxing under the woman’s magic touch. “How’s this feel?”

“Good,” the girl whispered, almost inaudibly.

It wasn’t long before the woman’s hands had moved their way down to Belle’s curvy little behind, oiling up the girl’s legs and thighs before then concentrating exclusively on kneading the muscles of that beautiful butt.

“This is such an incredibly nice ass,” the woman said. “Do you like having me massage it?”

Belle moaned quietly in response. The woman laughed.

“My fingers are certainly enjoying this,” she laughed. “So are the palms of my hands.”

They squeezed the pretty girl’s tush, eliciting another moan.

“Your body is so gorgeous,” the older woman added, her voice growing somewhat husky, before she then leaned over and lovingly planted a warm-wet-kiss right on the girl’s delicious behind.

Belle gasped in surprise, but said nothing. The massage continued. Seconds later the girl found herself slightly raising up her rump in the hopes that the bodybuilder might plant another smooch on her luscious derriere.

It worked, as she did exactly that.

The girl wiggled her ass appreciatively, as the powerful woman then kissed her curvy butt several more times.

“This is turning out to be my lucky day, Babydoll,” the woman murmured before then forcibly turning Belle over onto her back and then passionately kissing the girl on her mouth, while her hands began exploring the pretty girl’s young and supple body. “You taste delicious!”

Belle realized that she was being seduced, but she was enjoying it way too much to object. She allowed the older woman to begin sucking on her small breasts as her aggressive mouth then worked its way down to the girl’s awaiting pussy, which she sucked on greedily. The smaller girl cried out and arched her back as she allowed her body to be taken over by the powerful female bodybuilder, whose hands were now cupping the girl’s ass while her mouth continued devouring Belle’s pussy.

“This workout isn’t over yet,” the woman announced, her mouth coming up for air from where she’d been busily licking just seconds before. “Let’s now get you doing some aerobic-exercises, shall we?”

“Do we have to?”

“I’m afraid so,” the woman laughed.

And with that she bodily lifted the younger girl up off the table, carrying her over to where the exercise bicycles were neatly lined-up. Belle was amazed at how effortlessly this woman lifted and carried her. She was just so strong! It really turned her on!

The woman set the girl down, helping her climb up onto the seat, and then directed Belle to begin pedalling away, while she stood close behind her, her hands on the girl’s shapely ass.

“Faster,” she urged, squeezing Belle’s behind. “I can feel your muscles moving, Babydoll!”

The pretty younger girl luxuriated in the feel of the older woman’s powerful fingers kneading and massaging her butt while she began working up a sweat.

“Your luscious bottom looks so incredibly hot right now,” Belle heard the woman say, as the girl continued pedalling away. She could almost feel the woman’s eyes devouring her as her heartbeat increased.

After a few more minutes of this, she was finally allowed to stop and catch her breath.

“I’ve got one more workout for you, Babydoll!”

Again, the bodybuilder effortlessly scooped up the smaller girl and bodily carried her into the adjoining weight room, where she positioned Belle standing on a barbell, bending her over so that she could now grab at a bar attached to the wall.

The girl felt very exposed in this position, with her ass sticking out, and she wondered what kind of workout the other woman could possibly have in mind with her positioned like this.

She soon found out.

“I call this my ‘strap-on workout,’ and it’s something I just now invented,” the woman merrily announced, as Belle looked back over her shoulder to see that the female bodybuilder was now wearing what appeared to be a man’s penis strapped around her lower waist.

“How is this going to benefit me?” she dared ask, and the woman laughed in response.

“I haven’t yet considered that,” the woman responded, as she then mounted the pretty girl from behind.

Seconds later her strap-on had slowly eased its way up into the smaller girl’s pussy and she began vigorously fucking her doggy-style.

The petite girl moaned aloud as she was taken in this way, the strap-on gliding its way back & forth inside of her while the older woman laughed and tightly clutched the girl by her ass & hips, penetrating her deeply with every thrust.

“Are you enjoying this, Babydoll?” the bursa escort woman cackled. “Because I know that I sure am!”

“Yeah… yeah… yeah,” Belle managed to repeat as she was repeatedly rocked.

The older woman laughed and slapped at the girl’s curvy butt, eliciting a cry from Belle while continuing to joyously fuck her.

The bodybuilder took the pretty girl several more times that hour, once in the missionary position, and once in the reverse cowgirl, but mostly doggy-style. Belle had no objections whatsoever.

“This ‘strap-on workout’ is my favorite,” she said at one point, causing the older woman to laugh.

Afterward they both showered together, with the woman essentially giving the girl a complete tongue-bath before finally cleaning her off in the traditional way with standard everyday soap and water.

“I’m hoping to see a lot more of you, my beautiful babydoll,” the woman said, as they toweled off afterwards. “I have so many more ‘exercises’ I’d like to explore with this gorgeous body of yours!”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl replied, sincerely. “I hope you do.”

They kissed, deeply and passionately.

“Do I need to fill out any paperwork before I leave?” the pretty girl inquired.

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary,” the older woman responded. “I know where to find you.”

They kissed again, and Belle returned to her car.


A couple of minutes later, the girl arrived at the costume shop on Harrington Road to pick up the Halloween outfits ordered by her sorority.

“Are you at all familiar with that gym around the corner?” she found herself asking Max, the proprietor, as she paid for the costumes with a credit card.

“And what gym is that?”

“The one right over there,” the girl pointed. “On Fordham Lane.”

“I don’t know of any gym on Fordham Lane, sweetie… and I’ve had this shop for over forty years!”

“It’s called ‘Charmaine’s Gym,’ and I just now left there!”

The man’s eyes widened.

“Charmaine’s gym?”

“Yeah… I had a flat in the parking lot, and Charmaine herself fixed it for me… afterward she showed me around the place and offered me a membership!”

The man was now staring at her with his mouth open.

“I don’t know what you saw, little girl,” he said slowly. “But there’s no such place… and certainly not on Fordham Lane.”

“But I was just now there,” the girl insisted.

“Listen to me, sweetie… the last business that existed on Fordham Lane was the ‘Babydoll Lounge’ owned by a woman named Carson… she died when Hurricane Charmaine blew through here back in ’78… it killed a dozen people, including her.”

“But I saw her…” the girl’s voice trailed off.

“You saw somebody,” the man agreed. “But there’s no gym there… there’s nothing there!”

“But you said there was once a club there?”

“Yes, there was… the ‘Babydoll Lounge,’ the first gay-girl bar in Louisiana, or so I’m told… it was destroyed by the hurricane!”

“Hurricane Charmaine?”

“Yep… that’s the one.”


After loading the costumes in her car, Belle immediately returned to the parking lot on Fordham Lane.

Max wasn’t lying. There was nothing there.

What had just happened? Who had fixed her flat tire? Who had repeatedly fucked her doggy-style with a strap-on?

The girl returned to her sorority house and dropped off the costumes. She really didn’t feel like partying tonight, but her sorority sisters insisted that she dress up in her Tinkerbelle costume.

“You’re like one of the major players in ‘Peter Pan,'” Emily Dawson reminded her.

That night the party was a big hit, and everybody told Belle that she looked incredibly cute dressed up in her tiny little Tinkerbelle outfit, cut short enough to show off a LOT of her pretty legs & body.

The girl wandered somewhat aimlessly through the room, wondering how soon it would be before she could excuse herself and return to her room without anybody noticing.

“Nice outfit, babydoll,” she heard a female voice call out. She turned to see a tall, dark-haired pirate-girl (e.g. dressed in a pirate outfit) addressing her.

Belle immediately approached her.

“What did you just call me?” she asked.

“I said ‘babydoll,’ because you look adorable in your Tinkerbelle costume,” the larger girl responded. “Why, did that offend you?”

“No, not at all,” the girl responded, staring into the pirate-girl’s eyes, looking for some hint of recognition.

“You’re really pretty,” the other girl said, staring back at her. “You want to sit down and talk with me?”

“Sure,” Belle responded, looking for a chair.

“Sit here,” the girl offered, motioning to her lap.

And without a second’s hesitation Belle did exactly that, hopping up onto the girl’s lap, at which point the pirate-girl smiled broadly.

Her hand immediately came to rest on the pretty girl’s thigh.

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