Tired of Watching

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Chris and Jacob met every Saturday night at Billy’s house to play video games and tell lies about the women they’d fucked. Sometimes there was some truth in their stories, but often it was more fiction than fact. Then, about six weeks ago, they noticed her, the new neighbor who never closed the blinds to her bedroom. It was a rare warm winter day that had prompted Billy to open his window shade, and that was how they actually noticed her. They didn’t know her name, but they quickly realized it didn’t matter as the show was a “must see”. They could see she was a brunette, curvy, and shaved. They knew this because she’d walk around naked in her bedroom. At first, they thought it was a fluke, but they realized quickly she either enjoyed what she was doing, or didn’t care. Neither mattered to the boys, they enjoyed watching her. She’d even masturbate with assorted sex toys, which fueled their desire and fantasies.

“Oh man what I’d give to fuck that pussy,” said Chris one night as he jacked off.

“I want that mouth,” said Jacob. “Oh to paint her face with my spunk.”

“Hell,” said Billy, stroking his hard cock, “I want that fine ass.”

Of course, none of them had ever seen her outside of the apartment she lived in. Try as they might, then never saw anyone come or go from the apartment she seemed to live in. Except for the bedroom window on Saturday night, all the windows were covered up with the blinds drawn tight. They even tried knocking on the door during the week but never heard any movement inside. Yet, every Saturday without fail, she’d appear and it seemed she was performing a private show just for them. They watched her fuck herself with assorted dildos and vibrators in her pussy and ass, her body shake and grind, and though they couldn’t hear her, they were sure she was a screamer. Her image would haunt their dreams, and even affect their love life as they found themselves picturing her face, her body, on the women they were fucking, using for their own sexual pleasure.

When they gathered for yet another Saturday night show, Billy drew back the blinds and found a note taped to his window. It said, “Tired of watching? Wanna participate? Come to apartment 216 by 8:00 pm and knock three times. Condoms will be provided.”

“What the fuck, you guys?” asked Billy.

“I didn’t write this,” said Jacob.

“Me neither,” said Chris.

The three looked out the window and saw the woman staring back at them, smiling wickedly and tugging at her nipples. Their cocks hardened immediately and they looked at the clock. It was 7:50 pm. They told Billy’s mom they were going to the movies with a friend and would be back later. She reminded them to be safe and have fun, to which Jacob stifled a snicker as he thought if things went well, they’d have lots of fun. The quickly made the journey to the apartment door and knocked three times. The door opened and there stood the brunette, naked. She wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’5″, curvy with large breasts, full hips, no pubic hair, and her nipples were small, but rock hard. Their mouths went immediately dry.

“Just in time boys, come in.”

She stepped aside and allowed them to enter. The apartment was dark, with the only light emanating from her bedroom where her private show had been. She led them to the room, and closed the blinds. The air smelled sweet of incense, with several candles lit all around on a dresser with a large mirror that reflected the light of the candles, and two bedside tables. “Strip boys,” she ordered. “I don’t like fucking in clothes.”

The boys frantically stripped down until all three were naked. Their cocks were stiff and pointing out. Billy’s was the largest, eight inches with a large, swollen purple knob on the other end. Chris’s was a bit shorter, and almost as thick. Jacob’s was the smallest, and more slender, but no less impressive. All three had pre-cum oozing from the head and dripping onto the floor. She smiled as she surveyed the three young men who stood before her.

“Now, all of you are at least eighteen, right?”

“Yeah,” said Chris. “We’re all nineteen. We graduated high school last year and now go to the JC down the road.”

She smiled. “Good. And none of you are virgins right?”

Her voice was so sensual and erotic. They knew she was well experienced. “Yeah,” said Billy, “we’ve fucked before.”

“Each other?” she asked.

The three went a bit pale when she burst out laughing. Even her laugh was sexy. “Oh the looks on your faces was priceless. I don’t care if you boys are bi or straight, but I do have a few rules. First, what we do here tonight, you can never tell anyone. If you do, you’ll regret it, and trust me, I’ll know. Second, you must wear a condom when you fuck my pussy or my ass. However, I don’t suck condom covered cocks. For that, you can go bareback. Third, if you fuck my ass and then want my pussy, you must put on a clean condom. It’s more of a hygiene issue for me than anything else. Oh, and that goes if you boys are bi and fuck one another’s ass, I demand Escort Sincan a fresh condom on any cock that was in someone’s ass before it enters my pussy. Any questions?”

None of the three could speak. They stood there with their mouths hanging open. The shook their heads “no” and she smiled. She knelt down before them, grabbed Billy and Chris’s cock with her hands, and slid Jacob’s into her mouth. A collective gasp escaped all three of their lips as she stroked and sucked. After a moment, Jacob began to thrust, fucking her mouth and thinking it was the best blowjob he’d ever had. He mouthed; “Oh fuck!” but no sound escaped his lips.

She released Jacob’s cock with a slight pop and took Chris’s into her mouth, while still stroking it with her hand. Jacob began to stroke his cock as he watched. Chris’s eyes rolled back into his head and moaned, “Fuck lady!”

She purred on his cock and sucked. Billy watched eagerly, hoping he would be next. He found he didn’t need to wait long as she quickly moved from Chris’s cock to his. She could barely get her lips around it, but somehow she did. As he expected, he was not disappointed as she sucked his member until her lips touched his hips and her chin hit his balls. “Fuck me!” he cried.

Billy felt his cock head hit the back of her throat as she sucked his cock. He grabbed her head, fisting her hair with his hands and began to fuck her mouth the way he wanted to fuck her pussy and ass later. He was sure she’d choke or gag but neither happened, only the sounds of her slurping his cock and his grunting with each thrust. She smiled with her eyes and fucked his cock with her mouth. He felt her hand wrap around his balls, pulling them down so he couldn’t cum, but sucked him like he’d never experienced before. He pounded her mouth, trying in vain to cum but her grip on his balls prevented it. Finally, he released her hair and she slid off his cock with a pop. She rose quietly and led the three young men to her bed.

“Who wants what?” she asked.

“Your mouth,” said Jacob. “I wanna fuck your mouth like Billy just did.”

She smiled. “And you? What do you want?” she asked Chris

“Your pussy,” Chris gasped.

“And you Billy?”

“I want it all, you pussy, your ass, and your mouth.”

The other two gasped. “Do you boys want the same thing?” she asked in a sensual tone.

Neither could seem to form words, but nodded in agreement. “Remember the rules boys. Break them and I swear you’ll be sorry. Oh yeah, and I hope you boys know how to eat pussy because I want all three of you to eat me out at some point.”

Billy stepped up and pushed her onto the bed. He spread her legs and said, “Lady, I’m going to eat you so fucking good you’ll be disappointed by any other man.”

Billy buried his face into her pussy. He licked her labia and was amazed how wet she was, and how sweet she tasted. The woman moaned and squirmed as licked. Billy’s tongue went up to her clit that stood up for him, making it easier for him to lick, nibble, and suck. He slid two fingers into her sex and curled them within her. He didn’t want to share this treasure, but he knew that was what she wanted. Jacob and Chris crawled onto the bed where she grabbed their cocks and began stroking. They reached down and played with her breasts, tugging at her nipples. The woman moaned and squirmed. Jacob and Chris leaned down and sucked her nipples into their respective mouths. Billy sucked her clit into his mouth, curled his fingers teasing her g-spot, and soon they felt her body tense up as her first orgasm hit. She screamed out, as her body shook. Billy was amazed the amount of juices that emanated from her pussy, and how sweet it tasted. He lapped them up frantically, drinking down her sweet nectar.

“Nice job,” she moaned. “Now who’s next?”

Billy moved, thinking he wanted to fuck her, when Chris nudged him and they switched places. Chris buried his face into her pussy, tasting the sweet leftover juice and breathing in her scent. He slid his tongue deep into her pussy and tongue fucked her. She smiled briefly as she liked the different technique Chris used verses Billy, who grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth. Jacob mounted her chest and set his cock between her breasts. She pressed them together and he began to tit fuck her, enjoying the feeling of his cock between her breasts. For Jacob, feeling her breasts surround his cock was a sensation he’d never experience before as he was the most inexperience of the three. Chris kept his eyes down, he didn’t want to see his friend’s ass in his face. He worked his tongue deep in her pussy, his nose rubbing her clit and breathing in her sweet erotic scent, his hands holding her thighs, until he felt her pussy walls pulse and squeezed his tongue as her second orgasm struck and the woman moaned on Billy’s cock.

Chris tapped Jacob on the shoulder and they switched places. Chris resumed the tit fucking and Jacob licked her pussy. He liked what he tasted, but did wish he had been here sooner. Eryaman Escort After a few minutes of licking, he watched Billy and Chris switch places and decided he wanted to do something he’d only heard about. He pushed her legs further apart, separated her ass cheeks, and licked down her ass to her anus. He heard her squeal on Chris’s cock and slid his tongue into her anus. He’d never licked a woman’s anus before, and loved the effect it was having on her. His nose in her pussy and he was breathing in her scent that aroused him like nothing else. She loved the unique attention that Jacob was giving her, and knew he wasn’t as experience as his friends. However, this inexperience wasn’t hindering her enjoyment. While Jacob rimmed her, Billy climbed off and slipped a condom onto his cock as he watched Jacob bring her to a third orgasm.

Jacob moved and Billy mounted her, slamming his cock into her pussy. He couldn’t believe how amazing she felt as he began fucking her. His huge cock completely filled her vagina as he thrust in and out. She moaned on Chris’s cock and grabbed Jacob’s with her hand. Billy pounded her with a fever he’d never experienced before; she was everything he’d wanted and more. He wanted her ass but wasn’t willing to stop fucking her. Chris climbed off and slipped a condom on his cock, tapped Billy on the shoulder and said, “Come on man, I want to fuck her too.”

“Fine,” growled Billy, “I’ll take her ass a bit later.”

The woman chuckled and whispered, “If you boys are good I might let you try a DP.”

A collective gasp escaped all three. Billy smiled and said, “I hope your fucking serious lady.”

“Oh I am,” she said.

Billy stepped aside and Chris too his place between her legs. He slid his cock in and began fucking her. Though he wasn’t as big as Billy, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock within her pussy. “Damn lady!” he said. “You’re pussy’s amazing.”

The woman giggled. “Thanks. Now, feed me your cock, cutie.”

It took Jacob a moment to realize she was talking to him. He looked down into her blue eyes, finding himself lost in their beauty. There was something haunting about her eyes, as if he could see more than normal. He felt her mouth wrap around his cock, the heat radiated though his body. He’d never had a woman deep throat his cock before, but it was a sensation he thoroughly enjoyed. He felt her body shake as Chris began to pound her and Billy tugged roughly on her nipples.

“Come on man, fuck her mouth hard. She really likes it,” said Billy.

It took Jacob a moment to process what Billy said. He looked down at the woman who smiled and nodded, as if she were telling him it was fine. He reached down and stroked her head, feeling her soft hair under his fingers. She leaned her head into his hand and smiled. He felt as if she was giving him permission. He began thrusting his cock within her mouth and she purred. The sensation was more than he could imagine. He moaned as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, her tongue under his shaft, and her hand holding his balls. After several minutes, Billy pushed him aside and said, “Watch how a real man fucks a woman’s mouth.”

He pulled the condom off his cock and threw it at Jacob, grabbed the woman’s head and stuffed his cock into her mouth. She moaned a minor protest then accepted his cock. Jacob tossed the used condom in a nearby trashcan and watched his friend brutally fuck her mouth, yet the woman seemed to take it in stride. Jacob could hear her moan on Billy’s cock as he watched his friend. With each thrust, Billy grunted in an almost animalistic fashion. Then Chris tapped his shoulder and gestured switching places. Jacob figured her pussy would be fine and after rolling a condom onto his cock, he switched places with Chris and resumed fucking her pussy. She moaned when he entered and Jacob was sure he saw a quick smile. Jacob knew he wasn’t as long or thick as his friends’ were, and yet, he felt she was just as satisfied with him. He didn’t pound her like the other two, but was gentler with her, and thus, didn’t make the same sounds.

After a few minutes, she wiggled her hips and he slipped out. He went to reenter, and she lifted her hips so his cock touched her anus. He looked up and saw her eyes staring into his, telling him to take her ass. He pressed his cock and as the head slipped in, she moaned and winked at him. Jacob gently thrust in her ass, going further into her with each movement, and moaning softly. Once he was balls deep, he thrust at a steady pace. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever experience before and he finally understood why so many of his male friends sang the praises of anal sex. The woman moaned on Billy’s cock with each thrust and Jacob wanted to please her even more.

The woman grabbed Chris’s cock, slipped the condom off, and began stroking him. “Fuck man!” hissed Billy. “This bitch is better than I hoped.”

“Don’t call her that,” said Jacob between thrusts.

“Yeah man,” said Chris. “She did Keçiören Escort invite us.”

Billy rolled his eyes. “You two are so pussy whipped.”

“Says the man with his cock in her mouth,” said Chris.

Billy looked down but she continued to suck his cock making a loud slurping sound. “Fine, you’re not a bitch. But you are pretty amazing. How’s her pussy Jacob?”

“Almost as amazing as her ass,” he panted.

“You’re in her ass?” asked Billy.

“Yeah,” Jacob gasped still thrusting in the same steady pace.

“I want that ass,” growled Billy.

“You’ve got her mouth,” said Chris.

“And I want that ass,” repeated Billy.

She pulled Billy’s cock from her mouth with a pop and moaned loudly, “You’ll get your turn here shortly. Let your friend have his fun.”

Jacob snickered as he continued to thrust. She turned her head and pulled Chris’s cock into her mouth while she took Billy’s into her hand. She sucked Chris’s cock for several minutes, moaning loudly, and he began to fuck her mouth as the other two had. It didn’t take long for Chris to experience the feeling of her throat on the head of his cock, causing him to moan loudly and giving Jacob time to enjoy her ass. Then she pulled Chris’s cock from her mouth and said, “Condoms on boys, it’s time for some DP action.”

Jacob slid out of her ass and tossed his well-used condom into the trash. Once Chris and Billy had fresh condoms on, she pointed to Chris and said, “Lie down lover, let me mount you since your friend wants my ass.”

Chris lay on his back as the woman mounted him and impaled herself on his cock moaning loudly. Even through the condom, he could tell how saturated her pussy was. After a few thrusts, she leaned over, putting her breasts into Chris’s face, and said, “Well come on, I’m not waiting all night.”

Billy stepped behind her and rammed his cock deep into her ass. She cried out then smiled. “I like a man who knows what he wants.”

“Well what I want is your ass,” said Billy as he smacked it.

She squealed with the impact, then reached over, grabbed Jacob’s cock and pulled it into her mouth. It didn’t take long for Billy and Chris to find a rhythm that would work for all three as Jacob grabbed her head and resumed fucking her mouth. The sensation was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. He fucked her mouth like he did her pussy and ass, gently. She smiled up at him, as if she understood this was just who he was. Billy on the other hand was pouring sweat and pounding her ass, grunting with each thrust. The scent of incense was lost to the scent of sweat and raw sex from the four in the tiny bedroom.

“Fuck!” hissed Billy. “I’m so fucking close.”

“Me too!” cried Chris.

Jacob was the only one not ready to cum until he felt the woman’s hand reach around and her finger penetrate his ass. He squealed and said rather pitchy, “Me too!”

Billy snickered though he didn’t see the woman’s finger in his ass and said, “Don’t be a wuss man. Tell her how you want to cum on her face.”

Jacob blushed. He hadn’t thought about what he was going to do since he was not wearing a condom. He was so grateful that she was willing to do so much with them, especially him already; he didn’t want to be selfish or greedy. She looked up and he was sure her blue eyes were telling him he could cum the way the wanted, painting her face. He asked softly, “May I cum on your face?”

Billy laughed hard. “Why are you being such a pussy man?”

The woman nodded as Chris said, “Why are you being such a prick Billy? Oh fuck! I’m there!”

Chris’s body bucked as he moaned loudly, feeling his cock empty and fill the condom with his seed. Billy was next, feeling his cock pulse in her ass. Both boys cried out as the woman clamped her pussy and ass down on the two cocks. Hearing her moan on his cock was more than Jacob could take as he pulled out and began shooting long sticky ropes of cum from his cock and onto her beautiful face. He panted and moaned while he stroked his cock until he was fully drained. He smiled as she licked the cum from her face.


Jacob smiled sheepishly and mouthed, “Thanks.”

Billy’s drained cock slipped out of her ass and he threw the full, well-used condom into the trash. The woman climbed off Chris and the bed. Chris quickly disposed his used condom and said, “Damn lady, that was amazing.”

“Yeah,” said Jacob, “thanks so much.”

“You boys look thirsty,” she said and poured drinks from a decanter that was sitting on the dresser.

She handed each one a glass. “Thanks,” whispered Jacob.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Chris.

Billy took his glass and downed the liquid in one greedy gulp. “Woo! Good shit man.”

The woman smiled. “Drink up boys.”

Chris and Jacob didn’t drink theirs as quickly as Billy had, but they did finish them. “Mmmm,” said Chris, “that is good.”

She quickly collected the glasses and said, “I had a wonderful time boys.”

“Can we see you again?” asked Jacob.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Maybe?” questioned Billy. “What the fuck?”

“Easy man,” said Chris.

“No!” barked Billy. “She’s been knowingly teasing us for the last several weeks and now after we fuck her it’s a ‘maybe.’ That’s bullshit!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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