Together Ssn 08 Ch. 08 – Heatwave

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Big Dicks

***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

The summer sun is clinging on into September with a heatwave hot and heavy. Though many are struggling with the heat, it comes as welcome as perhaps the last heatwave of the year before autumn sets in, and none are enjoying it more-so than Frankie Reid-Cummings, and her brother, Craig Reid, turning 27 and 26 respectively over the next week.

For nostalgia’s sake, the siblings’ families have long arranged to celebrate their birthdays together, planning prudent use of time for everyone to attend a party at their childhood home like they used to. The weather certainly came good this weekend for having a barbeque in the garden on the patio, with a sound-system set-up to fill the neighbourhood with club anthems, pop classics, and classic rock.

This gathering is a welcome homecoming for the siblings, but also for Tiffany Bright, 26, who arrives later than intended, but not straight from work, deciding to dress elegantly but coolly for the sun in blocks of bright colour and billowing silk. She emerges from her sports car out front, sporting a pair of sunglasses, showing herself inside the house of her childhood best friend, seeing herself out onto the patio out back.

Tiffany grabs herself a burger from beside the barbeque, greeted by George Reid, 52, “Hey there, baby girl!”

Tiffany giggles, “Daddy,” stuffing the burger into her face before going to join Lucy Reid, 48, who is reclining on a sun-lounger sipping a cool cocktail. the young woman skips over to her, giving her a meaty kiss on the lips, mumbling with her mouth full, “Mommy.”

Lucy watches her son and daughter across the grass, spraying each other with water from hoses and laughing like children as they play. The mature woman says to Tiffany, “It’s good to see you out of work, and out of work clothes for a change. I’m very proud of you, we all are, but there’s more to life than work. We know, George and I, raising you three, making time for you, paying off the house, car, bills, shopping, and supplying sleepovers, parties, presents, going out… I think back, and don’t know how we did it…”

Tiffany perches herself on the frame of the lounger, feeling the metal beneath her bottom, replying, “I don’t know how you did it either, but I think about that everyday. You are a hero to me, and I always think, ‘what would Lucy do?’ I try my best to be there for my family. I’m delegating to Mia,” spotting Mia Milosevic, 21, across the garden by the hedges with her girlfriend, Carrie Harper, 20, and having her attention caught by the passing blurs of the children: Joy Bright and Hope Reid, Colette Reid-Cummings, and Kisha Milosevic. Tiffany continues, “I’m there for the kids; enough I hope?

“I’m going to be taking over Cummings Enterprises International, retiring Domhnall and Gracie. I’ve been giving that because I show such commitment to the work, and take it all as it comes. I’ve earned it. I don’t do it for me; I do it for Craig, Joy, and Hope. If I was doing it for me, I would’ve stopped a long time ago, and retired to a tropical paradise somewhere, believe me. I want to be the best mother and girlfriend I can be, but I’m afraid I’ll never match up to you, Lucy.”

Lucy hands her glass to Tiffany, offering, “Here, take a drink.” Tiffany takes the glass and takes a sip, and Lucy tells her, “You flatter me, but you and Craig should slow down, or you’ll have a family drama like Pleasant did before you know it.”

Tiffany looks a little spooked, sipping more of Lucy’s cocktail before handing it back, saying, “I’m getting my own drink, and I’ll bring you a fresh one.”

Lucy laughs a little as the young woman gets up, “Good talk!”

Higgins chases the children around the grass, whilst Frankie and Craig chase them all with the hoses, showering them with a fine mist as they go. The hunk dives onto the grass, getting jumped on by the kids as the big kids douse them with the cool spray. Everyone laughs as they play.

Pleasant Reid-Cummings, 29, stands over the pile of bodies on the floor, casting a disapproving eye as she says, “Come on, now. Don’t want you getting hurt, do we?”

Colette reaches for her mother, picked up by her as she says, “Sorry, mother.”

Pleasant holds her daughter in her arms up to her eyeline, telling her, “That’s quite alright,” looking down at Higgins, telling him, “But, I was talking to you, Higgins.”

Colette laughs cheekily as Higgins sits up, calling, “Okay, kids… Time out, please… Point taken, Pleasant.”

Frankie turns off the sprinkler head on her hose, giggling as she kisses her wife and daughter, “Good way to cool off though.”

Craig turns his sprinkler head off too, helping Higgins to his feet with a hand before raising his voice to chastise his son and daughter, “Joy, Hope, you’re starting to play a too rough. Play nicely, yeah?”

Joy hugs her brother whilst Colette and Kisha settle down, replying to her father, seks hikayeleri “We are playing nice, daddy.”

Craig says to his daughter, “I know you are,” warning his niece, “Keep it that way.”

Colette mocks her uncle with a snarl, muttering incoherently under her breath as his back turns. She then suggests to the other kids, “Let’s fill balloons with water and have a balloon fight.”

Joy asserts herself to her cousin, “Hey, I’m the oldest. I get to decide what we do.”

Colette folds her arms, and scowls, “Why did you get to be the oldest?”

Joy says to the rest of the kids, “What we should do next is… um… have a water fight!”

Colette’s face lights up, beaming, “I know where to find balloons. Follow me,” leading the kids inside the house.

Juniper crosses the kids’ path as she steps out onto the patio, almost buffeted off her feet. She comes dressed in a cool polo-shirt and canvas shorts, and sporting knee-high socks and a baseball cap, making her way over to Higgins, greeting him, “Hi! Been a while since I’ve been to a party.”

Higgins holds Juniper by the waist, hugging her as he asks, “Really? Well, stick with me, and we’ll change that. If you want to? This isn’t making you uncomfortable is it?”

Juniper replies, “I’m not used to this. Out of practise, for sure, but it’s nice.”

Pleasant assures Juniper, “You’re very welcome here, or you wouldn’t be here.”

Juniper nods with a smile at her employer before nervously smiling at Frankie, “Happy birthday, by the way.”

Frankie giggles, “Thanks! Much appreciated, except for me getting older. I want to stay young and hot forever, mmm…”

Pleasant remarks, “That ship has sailed.”

Frankie asks, “What?”

Pleasant pretends to be ignorant, mimicking, “What?”

Juniper laughs nervously, “Banter, yay… Might I say though, Frankie, you are killing it with the whole, ‘staying young and hot,’ thing…”

Frankie sincerely says to her, “Aww, thank you so much,” checking her out, “You already have one up on me though. I’m never going to look that young again.”

Juniper tells her colleague, “I bought this with surgery, a strict diet, and a killer training regimen. I’m so desperate for people to like me that I don’t recognise myself. You are all you, and you wear that on your sleeve without fear. When I’m at work, I act like who I want to be, while you don’t need to act. You will always one-up me.”

Frankie feels as if she’s been hit by a train right in her gut, swallowing that feeling down with a glug of her cocktail before giggling, “I have to get to know you better. You sound amazing. I bet you have an awesome story.”

Juniper feels a warm fuzzy feeling on the back of her neck, which could be a wisp of breeze, but she smiles broadly, “Today is about you, but maybe a day soon we could go out and hang out away from work?”

Frankie giggles, “I’ll like that,” rolling her eyes and sighing as she asks her husband, “If I’m allowed to go out after work, that is?”

Pleasant remarks, “Well, that depends on you, my love. Be and good girl, and do all your chores, and I’ll let you go out with your friend here.”

Frankie smiles devilishly, “Thank you, Mistress,” before giggling.

Craig comes across to Mia, expressing, “It’s always good to see you, especially away from the office. You’re really coming into your own, and, soon, you’ll have Tiffany’s responsibilities all to yourself. We’re all going to show we can lead the world in business, all before we’re 30. How does it feel being a part of that?”

Mia confidently answers, “I work hard, because I have Kisha. I want her to be able to do anything she wants. She can work hard at something, or be nothing but a spoilt brat, I won’t care. So long as her needs are met, I’m happy.”

Craig informs Mia, “Our change in circumstances at the company is going to mean that you won’t get the same concessions of time we’ve been affording you. You will need to make those opportunities for yourself going forward, through delegation and collaboration, and even mentorship with a protege if you can find one. You should be ready for that.”

Mia states, “I’m not the girl you first met. I dealt with my shit, and now I can take it, and anything else the world throws at me. My work speaks for itself, Mr Reid.”

Craig smiles, “When I met you, you reminded me of Tiffany; you still do.”

Mia feels pride pinch her chest, “Thanks, and, happy birthday.”

Craig turns to look at Carrie, introducing himself to her, and Carrie in turn introduces her friends to him, Tracey Garret, 21, Lillie Pratchet, 20, Stacey Flynn, 20, Shane Tobin, 19, and Cariad Byrne, 18.

Cariad blushes whilst shaking Craig’s hand as they are introduced, “Oh my god, you are so hot… um, happy birthday…”

Craig calmly says in good humour, “Careful, you’re beautiful, but my missus will tear you limb from limb if you try anything.”

Cariad blushes harder, “Oh my god, I’m so sex hikayeleri sorry! I didn’t mean to say that out loud!” Her friends all laugh at her expense, making teasing noises, and Craig moves on from their group.

Shane hides Cariad’s face in his shoulder, consoling her, “He is so hot, I would turn gay for him,” making Cariad laugh, spluttering slobber down his shirt.

Tracey teases them, “He’s not that hot. I’ve seen better.”

Lillie plainly says, “Same.”

Carrie chuckles, “Not on about my Dad, are ya?”

Stacey follows Craig around the garden with her eyes, almost in a trance as she dopily drawls, “Dad, yeah…” She catches herself, coming to, teasing, “We all know Tracey has the hots for Stephen, but she’ll never come out and say it.”

Carrie chuckles, “Lillie, you gotta share with your girls!”

Lillie sighs with her arms folded and shoulders slouched, “Bunch of hoes…”

Stacey says, “Can’t argue with that.”

Frankie looks around the garden, wondering, “Where did the kids go? Colette? Colette!”

An ear-ringing war-cry sounds as the children run onto the patio, with water balloons in hand, throwing them at the adults, who recoil and raise their hands to bat them away. Frankie picks one up from the floor that just hit her, but didn’t burst, muttering, “Wait a sec…”

The kids scream and laugh, running around the garden with their arms flailing in the air, until Frankie swipes her hand to snatch Colette as she runs past, asking her, “Where did you get these?”

Colette whines, “I don’t know.”

Frankie asks again, “Where did you get these?”

Colette pouts, “I just found found them upstairs. We’re not hurting anyone.”

Frankie educates her daughter, “These are not balloons that you found. These are for adults. You shouldn’t be playing with them.”

Colette asks puzzled, “Adults play with slimy balloons?”

Frankie tells her daughter, “Sometimes. This is naughty for you. I know you lead the other kids into this, Colette. You are a very bad girl.”

Colette sweetly asks, “Don’t you love me anymore, Mommy?”

Frankie’s heart melts, “I do love you, Colette, but you make it extremely hard everyday.”

Colette whines, “I’m sorry, Mommy,” almost on the verge of tears.

The other kids all run up to Frankie, and Kisha is the first to say, “I didn’t think what we were doing was bad. We were just having fun.”

Frankie says to Kisha, “I know. You’re a good girl, Kisha.”

Joy asks her aunt, “Are we good too, Auntie Frankie?”

Hope echoes his sister’s question, “Yeah, are we good?”

Tiffany squats down to the kid’s level, telling her children, “You are not only good; you are the best, because you are my children.”

Frankie holds Colette close, saying directly into her ear, “Look at your cousins. I would trade you with them in an instant,” snapping her fingers, “Just like that!”

Tiffany grimaces, disgustedly saying, “Ugh, I don’t want Colette; not all the time. I’d have to put her in a dog’s home. Best place for her,” giggling.

Frankie giggles, “That’s a good idea. Let’s drop you off on the way home.”

Colette stares fixedly in front of her, still as a statue and not wanting to breathe, feeling her heart racing faster than she just was around the garden, until her Uncle Craig says, “You’re just trying to scare her,” Saying to her, “Your mommy and auntie were no different when they were your age, and I was the one who usually got hurt.”

Joy and Hope start slapping their mother’s arms and legs, shouting at her in unison, “Why, Mommy? Why did you hurt Daddy? Are you a bad girl? Mommy?”

Tiffany takes a few breaths to consider her words, replying so all the kids can hear, “We were bad girls, yes, and, we did hurt people. We did it because it was funny at the time, but we came to learn that loving each other feels so much better, and lasts so much longer. When you love someone, you think about them for weeks-and-weeks-on-end, and you feel full of energy all the time. Being a bully doesn’t feel anywhere near as good or satisfying. So, you all should learn to be good, because I promise, there’s nothing better.”

Colette sobs, with a tear dribbling down her cheek, and snot pouring from her nostrils into her mouth, “I’m sorry, Mommy. I’ll be better from now on.”

Frankie suggests to her daughter, “You should be saying sorry to someone else.”

Colette looks over at Joy, Hope, and Kisha, telling all of them, “I’m sorry, guys, for getting you in trouble.”

Kisha sheepishly says in response, “It was kinda funny,” trying not to laugh.

Hope cuddles up in his elder sister’s arms as Joy joins Kisha in laughter, saying, “It was funny feeling the balloons full with water and them wobbling when they went smack into everyone.”

Frankie glances a look at Tiffany, sighing, “So much for your teaching moment. This was pretty funny.”

Tiffany confers with her best friend, “Yeah. They shouldn’t have been playing with these though.”

Colette says to her aunt, “We didn’t think the slimy balloons were bad, honest. It’s not fair that adults should have fun with them and not us…”

Sort of impressed, Frankie shrugs, “Can’t argue with that logic. Now, let’s go and see how many freezepops we can down!” The kids all cheer as they hurry to follow Frankie, billowing around her feet like smoke as they head for the patio.

The hours draw on, and Lucy hands over the children to Domhnall and Gracie, who will take the children back to their castle to stay the night, allowing the upbeat child-friendly atmosphere to sour into something altogether more slutty. The adults become loud and rowdy like children at play, laughing and chattering, feasting on the barbequed offerings, and downing cocktails like it’s pop, all while the music is pumped up louder with saccharine club-pop beats blasting.

As the night grows dark, Lucy brings out a bowl filled with condoms, announcing to all, “I’ve got a shitload of these from my, ‘entertaining,’ so, please, feel free to make use of them, unlike the kids did earlier using them as waterbombs,” leading a chorus of laughter from the party guests.

Frankie approaches to take a packet from the bowl, cheekily strutting up to her father to whisper in his ear, “I want you for my birthday, if you’re ready for me?”

George leans in to reply in his daughter’s ear, “You don’t need that. I was snipped during the surgery. We can do whatever we like, and no risk, baby girl.”

Frankie whines, “but, the risk is most of the fun! Oh, well,” kissing her daddy on the cheek, telling him, “I love you.”

Tiffany and Craig come up to them, and Tiffany pushes Craig onto his sister, reluctantly caught by her, as the bossy girlfriend says, “I know he thinks about you all the time, Frankie. Because we’re supposed to be celebrating, I’m allowing this to happen.”

Shocked, Frankie asks her brother, shoving him off her, “Eww, you still doing this? What? Is my best friend not good enough for you?”

Craig admits, “I know. I’m a, ‘Freak,’ right? That’s what you used to call me. You are my go to when my mind wants to wander. I can’t help it, it just happens.”

Frankie giggles, “You’re this big businessman, acting all confident, but you’re really just this pathetic loser desperate to fuck his older sister. I’ve changed my mind about you. You are so fucking hot.”

Tiffany kicks her best friend’s shin sharply, asking, “Yeah?”

Frankie groans, “Oh, fuck! Yeah…”

George asks his daughter, “Will Pleasant be joining us?”

Frankie informs those closely gathered in response, “She’s that one who suggested I come over and ask to have you, Daddy. I think she’s going to give us our alone time, and keep an eye out down here.”

Lucy flashes a glance over to Pleasant, saying, “Very responsible of her. I’ll be sure to thank her later,” as she ushers her close family into the house, taking them up to the master bedroom, where they can be a family behind closed doors; close as they always used to be. The mother says to her son and daughter, “Happy birthday, you two.”

Frankie giggles, “Thank you so much, Mommy!”

Craig replies, “Thank you, Mom.”

Tiffany slaps the back of her boyfriend’s head, chastising him, “Stop flirting with your mother,” before giggling with her best friend.

Everyone takes a moment to get comfortable on the bed, stripping off as they sweat in the hot room. George strokes himself to an erection, which doesn’t take much coaxing in this circumstance, and he self-consciously states, “It’s not quite as big as it used to be, but it’s girthy, and I hope it feels good.”

Frankie gawps, “Wow! That looks like a lot of fun. Can I test out Daddy’s new dick?”

George invites her, “Hop on, baby girl.”

Lucy watches her daughter mounting her husband, fingering herself at the sight of Frankie bouncing up and down on his girthy member.

Frankie groans, “Oh, fuck, it’s so wide. I’m being stretched so good.”

Tiffany shoves her boyfriend towards his mother, demanding, “Don’t just sit there. Your mother needs some special bonding time. Get in there!”

Craig finds his balance, braced by his mother’s hands on his muscular chest, rocking the head of his cock up and down her labia before inserting himself inside her. The mother and son share a deep and passionate kiss, and Tiffany giggles as she watches, moaning madly, “Mmm, yeah, do it like that. You don’t do this at home, but that’s fine. A mother’s love is special. I’m not enough of a bitch to get between you,” laughing hysterically.

Pumping his cock passionately inside his mother, Craig whimpers, “I’m going to cum.”

Tiffany spanks her boyfriend’s arse, teasing him, “Already! You’re such a fucking pussy. Love you, babe.”

Craig convulses as he cums, with his mother expressing breathlessly, “Thank you so much, birthday boy. Mommy is proud.”

Frankie rocks the bed hard as she rides with so much vigorous energy, calling out loudly, “Fuck, shit, shit, shit, fuck, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, fu-fu-fu-sh-ha-ha-ugh-fu-fa-ha-hmm-ah-mm-mmm, oh,” feeling her father pumping his cum up into her. She shudders as she collapses on him, with his member flopping free to dangle between his legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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