Tomboy Ch. 03

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Be sure to read “Tomboy Chapters 1 and 2” before starting this story. Things turn for the worst as the basketball games begin after the Christmas break. Everyone in the story is at least 18 years of age. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.


Tina tried to waste as much time as possible eating breakfast and cleaning up her mess on the table. She actually read the morning newspaper all the way instead of just the comics but had finally had reached the point where she had to go upstairs. With her ear on the door she first thought Jo and Tom had fallen back asleep until she heard him moan and her giggle. Shit they had been at it for over two hours now.

Another hour was gone as she moved into her room and showered. She took her time combing her hair and even putting on nail polish. “That’s it,” she said aloud as she moved down the hallway and tapped on her parent’s bedroom door.

“Hey you two,” she said, “are you taking a break to eat?” She didn’t hear anything so she knocked louder and yelled, “I’M COMING IN!” She waited a minute and opened the door. On the bed was a large mound of bed covers and sheets. She walked over and saw Jo’s foot sticking out. “HEY! YOU TWO HAVE TO TAKE A BREAK!” she yelled as she shook the bare foot. Jo stuck her head out and smiled.

“Never! I’m staying under here my whole life,” she giggled and pulled the sheet over her again.

‘Well, you might not like it when my parents come home tomorrow and climb in with you two,” Tina laughed.

“Do we have too?” Tom asked from underneath the covering. His mouth was moving back and forth on Jo’s nipples like a windshield wiper.

“Yes,” Tina laughed. “Come on out and take a quick shower and I mean quickly. I have to wash the sheets.”

“You’re a party pooper,” Jo said as she tossed off the sheets and climbed from the bed totally naked. Tom was right behind her as they ran into the bathroom.

“When do I get some action?” Tina asked. Although others had thought she was not a virgin she really was and was anxious to loose that distinction.


“Where have you been?” Grandma Bell asked Tom as he dragged himself through the front door.

“Billie’s,” he lied.

“Is that so?” she grinned. “Well, Billie stopped by here an hour ago and wanted to know if you wanted to shoot some hoops with him.”

“I….a,” he stuttered.

“I hope you weren’t with that hussy,” she said as she walked away from him.

“No Grandma it was the hussy’s sister,” he thought.

Tom made it downstairs and dropped hard on the sofa for some rest. For almost four hours Jo and he experimented in everyway they could think of. It was the first time in his teen life he could not have a hard-on if a beautiful naked woman stood before him. He quickly fell off to sleep.


Only Karen was home when Jo walked slowly into her house. “Hi,” she grinned at her twin sister.

“It must have been a good party,” Karen said. She looked to see the shoulder strap of her dress hanging down her sister’s arm.

“The party was not so great but what happened later was,” Jo smiled.

Karen dropped the Glamour Magazine she was reading. “Oh no, you didn’t do it before me. Tell me you are still a virgin.”

“Sorry,” Jo lied. “I tried to hold back but he was just too hot.”

“Tom of course,” Karen said as she remembered his long penis. “I’m surprised you can still walk.”

“It’s not easy,” she laughed as she pretended to fall.

“I can’t believe my Tomboy Sister got laid before me,” Karen said with her face in her hands. “Was it good?”

“The first thirty minutes was not so great but the next three and one half hours were fantastic.”


“She did what for four hours?” Their mom asked as she walked into the house from the garage.

Jo gave Karen a dirty look. “Basketball,” she lied.

“So what, I’ve seen you down at the park all day before.”

“Shooting foul shots,” Jo said adding to her lie.

“Oh,” her mom said as she moved to the kitchen counter setting down a bag of groceries. “Will you two bring in the rest of the bags from my trunk?”

“Would you do it?” Jo begged her sister. “I’m too tired.”

“Hell no,” Karen said visibly upset.

Jo tossed down her purse and walked slowly into the garage.


School was starting the next day so Tom spent most of the time getting his school supplies all lined up. He had called Jo three times but her mom said she was still asleep. It was almost four o’clock when she finally called him back.

“Hi,” she said. “Sorry I didn’t call you back sooner.”

“That’s ok; I guess I tired you out huh?”

“No, I tired you out,” she laughed. “My parents are home.”

“Mine too,” he said realizing they really didn’t have a good place to be alone. “Do you want to shoot some hoops?”

“I was hoping to do something else,” she giggled.

“Why Jo, kırklareli escort I thought hoops was your number one love,” he joked.

“It was until you came to town,” she said. “Meet me at the park in fifteen minutes.”

“OK,” he said as he hung up. GRANDMA DO YOU HAVE ANY VITAMINS THAT I CAN TAKE?” he yelled at her in the next room.

“Quit shouting I’m not deaf,” she said as she walked past him to the kitchen. “Here,” she said while handing him a bottle of One-A-Day Vitamins for Seniors.

“I can’t take these. These are for old people,” he laughed.

She smiled. “You are a senior right?”

“Yes, but…” he laughed. “You got me on that one.”

“Now why does a young man like you suddenly want vitamins?” she asked with a sly grin.

“I think you already know,” he whispered as he kissed her on her cheek. He grabbed the vitamins and ran into the kitchen for a glass of water.

“I do,” she smiled. “I just don’t know which girl.”


Tom made it to the park just as a few young kids were leaving. He looked around for Jo but did not see her.

“Over here,” he heard her voice. He glanced around the bleachers and saw her leaning up against a small building used to store the park equipment and supplies.

“What are you doing back here?” He looked down to see her wearing a skirt. “I thought we were going to shoot hoops?” She did not have a basketball.

“No, I just said to meet me at the park,” she smiled. She pushed open the door to the small building and walked inside. “Are you coming in?”

“I thought you were gay,” he joked as he moved by her to allow her to close the door behind him. He refocused his eyes in the dim light and saw some bags of ground cover in the corner where Jo was now sitting.

“If I was gay I would not be doing this,” she laughed as she reached up under her dress and pulled down the skimpy white panties. She twirled them on her finger. “Or this?” She tossed the panties on the bag next to her and leaned back as she pulled up the short skirt. When her glistening blonde bush appeared she stopped.

“Do you think it’s safe to do this here?” he asked. He moved forward and then down to his knees in front of her knees.

“Yes,” she said as her legs opened wide to allow his face between them. Of all the sex so far the oral sex he did on her was the absolute best.

“Tell me when to stop,” he laughed.

“It will be a while,” Jo moaned as his tongue licked up her dripping slit. She closed her eyes while running her fingers through his long dark hair. Right now her scholarship to college did not enter her mind. Only his tongue and his love for her mattered.

“Stop,” she said which surprised him. He moved back and looked at her. She giggled. “I was hoping for something bigger than your tongue.”

“Oh,” he laughed. “I think I have just what you want.”

Jo watched as he stood up and unzipped his fly. She moved onto her back on the soft bags and waited for him and his weapon to mount her. Her muscular legs wrapped around his hips as he slowly pushed deeply inside of her.

“Oh Tom,” she moaned as he completely filled her up. Some other kids came into the park to shoot but were far enough away not to hear Jo’s final cry of pleasure.


It was dark when Jo and Tom left their sex shed. “Do you want to come by my house tomorrow morning at 8:00AM to walk to school with me?” Jo asked.

“Yes, but our secret will be out when everyone sees us together,” he said as he kissed her one last time that day.

“Good, I don’t want any of the girls get any ideas about stealing you from me,” she laughed.

“See you in the morning,” Tom said as they parted. Jo blew him a kiss.


“Come on let’s go,” Karen said to her sister as they waited on the steps of their house.

“I’m waiting for Tom,” Jo said smiling.

“God, this is so sickening. I never thought you would ever act like this.”

“You’re just jealous,” Jo grinned. She saw Tom turn the corner and waved.

“Whatever,” Karen grunted as she took off. She didn’t want to be seen with the two lovebirds.

“Hi,” Jo said as she dropped her books and hugged him into her body.

They kissed for a minute until he pushed back. “We have to get to school you know.” He looked down at the plaid skirt she was wearing. “I just can’t get used to you wearing a skirt not even a school uniform.”

“Don’t you like it?” she teased as she twirled around not caring if the skirt moved above her plain white panties.

“Geez Jo, be careful. We are in front of your house.”

“My parents are already gone. Why don’t we go inside?” She giggled.

“We have to go to school,” Tom said as he turned and walked ahead of her. This was not the same girl he had met a few weeks ago.

“Wait up!” she yelled.


Ellis waited in the parking lot behind a big white van for Tom. He woke up at the party Saturday evening with a large knot on his head and remembered how the new hick boy pulled him off of Jo’s body before he could enter her. It was revenge time and he didn’t care if he got kicked off the team or not. Finally around the corner he saw Jo and Tom walking towards him.

“Hey asshole,” Ellis said as he jumped out in front of him. “I think you owe me an apology.”

At first Tom was startled but quickly calmed down. “Ellis I don’t want to get into this with you right now. If you want to meet at the park later I’ll gladly do it.”

“Fuck off Ellis,” Jo said as she stepped between the two boys. She pushed Ellis until his body crashed back against the van.

“Stay out of this bitch,” Ellis said as he moved forward and looked her eye to eye. “This is between Tom and I.”

“Not really,” Jo smiled just before she brought her knee upward into his groin. She got him directly into his balls.

“OH FUCK!” Ellis cried out as he grabbed his nuts. “OH SHIT!” He curled over into a ball.

“Come on,” Jo said to Tom as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the school.

“Jo, I don’t need you to fight my battles,” he said embarrassed that he had not handled Ellis.

“You forget that he was about to rape me on Saturday night?” she said as she kissed him on the cheek. “The office is down that way. See you at lunchtime.”

Tom knew now he would have to watch his back and also knew the word would be out that Jo fought his battles. He moved into the office and saw Father Tim waiting for him. “I’ve got all your paperwork ready. Practice is after the last class.”

“Thank you Father,” Tom said. There were some quirks for being on the team.

By the time he got out of the office the homeroom period was over and most of the first period. He knocked on the door of the classroom and a gorgeous teacher opened the door. “You must be Tom,” she said smiling. “Come on in.” Word was already around the school that Jo Thompson had a boyfriend and it was the new boy handsome from the sticks.

Tom walked in and saw Billie by the window who waved for him to sit next to him. He sat down embarrassed that everyone was looking at him and whispering.

“I heard Jo kicked Ellis in the nuts this morning.” Billie whispered.

“How did the word get around so fast?” Tom whispered back.

“You forget this is a Catholic School. The news is very fast.”

Tom shook his head and looked at the teacher. On the chalkboard was her name, Ms. Lockett.

Suddenly the girl in front of him turned around. “Hi.”

Tom realized it was May who he had almost fucked at the party. “Hi,” he replied.

Tom was lucky because Billie was in most of his classes. The rest of the morning went pretty good however the class before lunch had both Jo and Ellis in it.

“Sit by me,” Jo whispered when he walked into the room. Tom noticed Billie walk to the back of the room.

“I think I’m sitting in the back,” he said hoping she would not be mad. About half way through the class he got a note from Ellis. “Does Jo fight all of your fights?”

Tom crushed the note in his palm and tossed it into the garbage can next to Ellis. He just smiled.


Tom followed Billie into the large lunchroom and saw the other guys on the team sitting alone in the corner. After they moved through the food line they headed to the long table.

“He’s not invited,” Calvin said to Billie.

“Bullshit,” Billie said to the team captain. “You have no idea what went down at the party so shut the fuck up.” It was the first time anyone had stood up to Calvin before.

Calvin looked as shock as the rest of them. He turned to Ellis. “What happened, Ellis?”

“Nothing,” Ellis lied. “He got pissed because his bitch wanted me to fuck her.”

Tom dropped his tray on the table and lunged across but Ellis jumped back. “Lying asshole.”

“What’s going on over here?” Father Tim asked as he walked over to stop whatever was going on.

“Nothing father,” Tom said cooling down.

“Well whatever it is you better resolve it before practice today,” Father said looking suspiciously at Ellis. He knew Ellis had a shady side to him.

“Yes Father,” Ellis said looking down.

Tom sat down in front of his food tray and dared anyone to ask him to move away. Billie sat down next to him and they did not speak to anyone else.

About 15 minutes later Jo walked over and sat down next to Tom. “You ok?” she whispered.

“Jo not now,” Tom said. He didn’t want the other guys to think Jo would take up for him. “Meet me outside in the hall in five minutes.”

“Ok,” she said smiling. For the first time Jo had a boyfriend and the other girls were envious.


“What happened?” she asked Tom when he came out.

“Ellis lied to the team about what happened Saturday night,” Tom said. “I was going to kill him.”

“Thanks,” she grinned. A boy had never stood up for her before. “Can I see you after school?”

“We have practice.”

“That’s at four. We will have fifteen minutes.”

“I better not. I need to get dressed and do some warm-ups. I’ll see you after practice.” Tom looked around and leaned in to quickly kiss her. A couple of freshmen girls walked by and giggled.


Tom walked into the locker room and saw John who motioned for him to come over by his locker. “Use this one,” he said smiling. At least Tom had two friends on the team.

Ellis came in and glanced Tom’s way but quickly got dressed and went out onto the gym floor.

“Over here,” Father Tim said to the boys in the center of the court. “From now on this team is a family. If you don’t want to be a family then leave right now.” He glanced at Ellis who looked away. “Calvin work with Tom on our offensive plays for the next half-hour. The rest of you run some sprints. On the line,” he said smiling.

Tom and Calvin walked over to the other basket. “We basically do a four man motion offense with the big man in the middle. Paul moves along the baseline to get open and if we have an open shot we take it. I hear you can shot the ball.”

“Some,” Tom said modestly.

“Well right now we can use you because the other teams constantly double-team me.” Calvin bragged. “If you can knock down a couple of shots maybe I can get some space.”

Tom smiled because he had the same problem back in Clarkton. He was constantly being double-teamed. For the next thirty minutes Calvin showed Tom how the motion offense worked and told him they always play zone except for when the other team takes the ball out from under their basket. It was basically what he was used to at Clarkton.

“OK,” Father Tim said. “On Friday night we play Trinity Catholic who embarrassed us at their gym last month. They are in first place and we are tied for second. We need this game if we have any hope of winning our conference.” He broke the team up and put Tom on the second unit and as bad luck would have it he had to guard Ellis.

“Get ready for me to kick your ass,” Ellis said smiling as they lined up for the tip.

“Bring it on,” Tom smiled back.

Tom realized quickly that there was a large drop of talent from the first team to the second team. Calvin, Billie and John handed themselves very well and within minutes the first team was leading 8 to 0. Tom had not tried a shot.

“What’s wrong country boy? Can’t play with the city kids?” Ellis laughed. As Ellis made his smart-ass remark Tom cut in front of him and swiped the ball. He drove into the hoop uncontested. Tom only smiled at Ellis as they ran back down the floor.

“Nice steal,” Billie commented as he dribbled up to Tom. Billie whipped the ball over Tom’s reach to a cutting John who stuffed the ball into the hoop.

“Nice pass,” Tom said to Billie as they went the other way.

Ellis was now in Tom’s face as he tried to get open for a pass. He was also grabbing and pushing every chance he had. If it were a real game he would have fouled out by now. Tom figured he could do the same as he pushed Ellis to the left and moved around him to the right. He got the pass at the top of the key and immediately shot. The ball hit nothing but net. Score: Starters 8, Tom 5.

The second team realized quickly that Tom was the scorer so they kept feeding him the ball every chance they got. He hit another three from the corner and a break away lay-up on another steal. Score: Starters 15, Tom 14.

“You should try some teamwork,” Ellis jabbed at him when he shot up another three that bounced around the rim before falling out.

“You should try to score,” Tom laughed. So far he had held the asshole scoreless.

Calvin could see Tom getting all the attention and suddenly started to force up shots. He missed four shots in a row and when Tom fed another kid on a breakaway suddenly the second team was winning.

Suddenly Father Tim blew his whistle. “Tom, you and Ellis switch teams.”

Tom smiled and pulled off his shirt to be skins while Ellis groaned as he put on his practice shirt.

“It didn’t take you very long,” Billie laughed as he moved to the starters who were going back on defense.

Tom knew he would make a better impression on Calvin and the rest of the team if he did all he could to get balanced scoring. On the next trip down the court on offense Tom caught the ball at the top of the key and instead of hitting his favorite three-pointer tossed the ball to John who had cut under to rebound. The ball hit John in the back because he was not expecting it. “Sorry,” Tom said as he hit his chest with his fist. “My fault.”

“No, it was mine,” John said as they ran back on D. “I should have expected it.”

At 6’3″ Tom had little trouble guarding Ellis who tossed up two air balls in a row. He could see the other boy getting really frustrated.

Father blew the whistle again. “Take a ten minute break.”

Tom followed the starters to the large water bottle and took some sips. He was not in playing shape because of the move to the city and was still tired from his hot session with Jo at Tina’s house. He sat down next to John. “Next time I get the ball at the top of the key look for an ally-op.”

“Sure,” John said smiling. Normally the offense did not include him in a lot of plays.

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