Total Bliss

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We are in a hotel room, you are in a free standing tub with candles lit all around taking a bubble bath. I walk in in my robe and offer to give you a massage while you are soaking. I lean down behind you and start with your shoulders and move up and down your arms resting on the tub. You smile and give a slight moan of relaxation with your eyes closed. The sight of you there, and the sweet smell of your Lavender/Vanilla bath salts makes my hunger for you grow.

I take the massage a bit forward, toward your breasts. My hands slide down your wet chest into the water, and find your beautiful breasts. Your nipples are rock hard in the warm sud filled water. I slide them between my fingers and tweak them causing you to take in a deep breath.

I slip off my robe to keep from getting it wet. I then return to your breasts, I lean over standing up to get better access with my breasts hanging just over your head. You lean your head back, and decide to taste them while görükle escort I am enjoying yours. I can hear the metal of my nipple rings clang against your teeth. You tug on the nipples a bit with your mouth which sends an electric bolt through me, and causes me to breathe deep and let out a moan.

A few moments later, you decide it’s time to take this to the bed, so I help you out of the tub. I dry you off, enjoying the sight of you. I lead you to the bed which has Vanilla scented candles lit all around it as well. I pull you close to me, your sweet scented skin on mine our breasts mashing into one another. I kiss you softly, then our tongues start to dance together with hungered passion. I lower you to the bed. The candle light gives you an angel’s glow and makes me want to devour you. We return to our kiss, and your hands start to roam.

You find my nipples and roll them between your fingers playing with rings as well. Then one hand bursa escort bayan slides its way down to my clean shaven pussy, which is on fire. You slide one finger into my wet slit and find my hardened clit. This makes me kiss you deeper with more passion, and moan into your mouth. I break the kiss, and move to your neck while your finger works it magic on my clit. I have to slow my kisses on your neck so not to put a hickey on it in my frenzied excitement.

You have me on the brink of an orgasm so I stop you and pull your hands up over your head. I don’t want to cum yet. I kiss you again. Then I move down to your breasts of which I have hungered for since the tub. I suck on the hard nipple and rub my tongue ring over it causing you to arch your back to me. My hand moves down to your pussy and slides into your slit, across your clit, and into your hole. Up and down, in and out I move. Your hands go to my back, and dig in.

You moan “Oh bursa escort Baby”. You then take one hand and find my pussy again. I move a bit to give you better access. Your fingers again start to fuck me as mine fuck you. We return to our kiss which turns into hungered deep passionate kiss. We both are moaning and moving with the fingers that are fucking us. I have to break the kiss to moan out “Oh Baby, Fuck Me”, as I am on the brink of orgasm.

You are close as well and moan out “Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, Oh fuck”. I then let loose with mine as I moan out “Oh Baby, Fuck me, Please Don’t Stop, Oh Yes, I am Cumming”

That brings yours to an explosive orgasm, and you scream out “OH SHIT BABY, I’M CUMMINGGG!!”

After we both come down off of the aftershocks, we collapse next to each other in a tangle mess of limbs as our breathing slows. I look over at you and see the candle light shining on your sweaty beautiful body. I reach over and caress your face. You kiss my hand gently and take a hold of it and move it to your heart and hold it there tightly. You drift to sleep with a sweet angelic smile on your face. Just before I drift off to dream as well, I smile and know that I have been given a gift of Heaven, an Angel to love forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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