Tractor Sales Lady

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Marla Jacobs was bound and determined to achieve the same success as the men who held sales records for the John Deere Company. But she also knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. She would have to climb the hard path to the top by beginning with small sales to individual farms, and one day being assigned a distributor account and then a regional area, and ultimately to National Sales Manager. So now was the start of that long hard journey.

Unfortunately it wasn’t starting out too well. She had failed to make a sale of any equipment on the first three calls she made this afternoon, and now a heavy downpour had hit the area and washed out some of the back roads she was traveling on. To add to that, her car was sputtering like she might have purchased some bad gas at that last country fill up, or maybe the distributor was getting wet. She glanced at the farmhouse on the hill to her right and wondered if they could call a repair truck for her. Out in this rural area, her cell phone was not getting any signal.

She grabbed one of the larger brochures from the back seat and ran up the drive holding it over her head, to try to block whatever rain she could. But by the time she reached the door, she was thoroughly soaked.

Two rings finally brought a response. A petite woman who looked to be in her late forties answered.

“Yes,” she asked Marla, running her eyes up and down the drenched outfit of the frustrated sales person. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m so sorry to disturb you, but I’m on my way to Evansville and this heavy downpour has caused some problem with my car. I had to pull off the road just a few yards down from your farm. My cell phone isn’t connecting so I wondered if I might use your phone to call a tow service.”

“Oh, you poor thing and you are drenched. By all means come in out of that rain. I’m not sure you will get anyone out here this late and in this weather, but come dry off and we can try.”

“Thank you,” Marla said, “You’re very kind. It’s not quite the situation I expected to find myself in this evening.”

She opened her purse and handed the farm woman her card, saying, “I’m Marla Jacobs of the John Deere Equipment company. I’ve been making sakes calls at farms in the area and was calling it a day and going to Evansville to get a motel for the night. Then, the rains hit and my car stalled.”

“I’m Stephanie Anderson,” the woman replied as she studied Marla’s business card. “Ours is just a small place and I don’t know if we need any equipment, but I’ll give your card to Mike. He’s just over at the barn securing things for what looks to be a long storm. But now, take off that coat and let’s hang it up to dry. You can try to call for help but I’m not sure you will find anyone close by at this hour.”

With that, she took Marla’s sopping wet coat and led her to a phone in the kitchen. She pointed out a phone book on the counter and went to hang the coat up by the back door.

“When Mike gets in he can build up the fire and maybe we can get this dried out for you.”

Marla smiled and said, “I’m awfully sorry to put you and your husband to such trouble. I’m very grateful to you.”

“Oh Mike isn’t my husband, he’s my son. His father died about two years ago, so he’s managing the farm now. I’m not even here half the time. I’m a registered nurse and I serve on the county disaster emergency relief team. In fact they have me on alert tonight based on the predictions for this storm.”

“Well thank you anyway,” Marla replied, “You are very kind, and I’ll try to get out of your hair as soon as I can get help.”

For the next fifteen minutes she tried calling emergency services for assistance, and cursed under her breath that she still hadn’t mailed the form back to sign on to AAA for her car. Triple-A, she knew, would respond to any problem she had, at any hour and anywhere. She swore to herself that as soon as she got home, that form was going into the mail.

She was not having any luck finding anyone available to come check her car and Mrs. Anderson came over and offered her a cup of hot tea. She also suggested that Marla get out of the wet clothes and handed her a woolen robe to put on. She was about to remove her soaked blouse when the rear door opened and in stepped Mike Anderson. He was wearing a poncho as rain protection and let out a brief comment as he entered the room.

“Holy shit, this rain is heavy, good thing we……..” he stopped suddenly as he finally saw Marla by the phone. “Oops,” he stammered, suddenly realizing he and his mom were not alone.

Marla quickly pulled her unbuttoned blouse together, her cheeks flushing a bit.

Mrs. Anderson said, “Mike, this is Miss Jacobs. Her car is stalled out on the road. Maybe you can take a look at it if this rain ever lets up. Poor thing is soaked to the skin.”

“Well, Hi, Miss Jacobs. Sorry about your problem. Maybe I’ll be able to get you going again after while.”

Marla studied the young man. He looked about twenty and had a build that suggested he was either a pretty hard worker on the farm or at least worked out. He had one of those smiles that looks Şerifali Escort like a blend of mischief and shyness.

What Marla didn’t know was that as Mike was smiling at her, he was studying her intently. The wet clothes did nothing to her appearance except heighten it as the damp material clung to her body, accentuating her well contoured shape.

The phone rang and Mike quickly picked it up.

“Hello,” he said into the mouthpiece, and after a brief pause. “Ok, Sheriff Clancy, I’ll tell her. The jeep is all gassed up and she has her gear packed in it. She should be able to join you right away. OK, bye.”

“Mom,” he said, turning to Mrs. Anderson, “The emergency reaction team is being assembled to deal with the flooding over at Carson. Sheriff Clancy says they need you right away over at the county court house.”

“Well, I expected that was coming. I have everything ready,” she said as she grabbed a slicker and donned it. “Miss Jacobs, I’m sorry I have to leave you, but there is more tea on the range, and if you come upstairs with me I’ll show you my room where you can get out of those dripping clothes and put the robe on. Mike, build up the fire so Miss Jacobs clothes can dry quicker.”

After leading Marla to her bedroom, Mrs. Anderson again made apologies and told her to take her wet clothes back downstairs after she changed and have Mike show her where to hang them. Marla thanked her again and watched her head back to the stairs. After a few moments she heard a vehicle start up and as she looked out the window she saw Mrs. Anderson’s Jeep pull down the drive, out onto the road, and off to the south.

She began removing her wet clothes and as she was down to her bra and panties, she heard a creak on the stair. Glancing in a bureau mirror, she could see that the door to the room was slightly ajar and she could see that Mike Anderson was standing in the hall, slyly peeking into the room.

Mike stood in the hall outside his mother’s room. She and Miss Jacobs had turned on the light and he saw that the young woman had removed her blouse and skirt and was standing in only her bra, panties, and stockings. He saw the woman lift a foot to the footboard of the bed and slowly begin to slide her right stocking down toward her foot.

She quickly removed the stocking and then the other before picking up the robe and pulling it tightly about her. She looked back into the mirror, but the young man was gone.

She wasn’t sure if he really had been watching her or whether he had just come up the stairs, glanced in, and seeing her state of undress, had turned and headed back downstairs.

She was surprised to feel her under-things were quite dry, the coat having absorbed most of the rain water and her dress only getting slightly damp. Her bra was dry to the touch and when she touched her panties, they too felt dry. That is until her fingers slid across her mound. It was damp!

“Hmm,” she wondered, “Did that happen just from thinking Mike Anderson might have been watching her?”

Shaking her head slightly, she grabbed her dress and stockings and headed back down to the ground floor. Glancing around, she couldn’t see the young man, but she did see a blazing fire, indicating he had built it up before he had gone upstairs. She draped her dress and stockings over a rack in front of the fire when she heard his steps on the stair.

He came down and went into the kitchen to retrieve her wet coat so he could place it in front of the fire as well.

He entered from the kitchen and placed he coat on the same rack as her dress and stockings. Marla noticed he was now wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt from which the sleeves had been removed. His bare arms gave away the young man’s build.

“There we go,” he smiled at her, ‘The heat should get these things dry in an hour or so.”

Marla noticed that after he placed her coat on the rack, he had felt her stockings. Was he testing them to see how dry they were, or was there a more curious interest that drove him? He then slid a comfortable looking chair over close to the fire and suggested she might better enjoy the fire’s warmth if she sat in it. Nodding her thanks, she sat down as he said he would go to the kitchen to retrieve her cup and fill it with fresh hot tee.

While he was out of the room she faced the fire and spread her knees slightly to let the warm radiation heat her legs. The movement caused the robe to open, nearly to her hips, and not hearing Mike, she allowed the warmth to fill the opening. She also did not hear him reenter the room until he appeared in front of her offering the tea. She realized he was looking down at her legs and the look on his face was one of admiration. She quickly closed her legs and adjusted the robe before taking the cup and thanking him.

Mike sat on a hassock on the other side of the fire and asked her to describe the car problem she had. He also asked what brought her out to this very rural area.

Marla explained her position with John Deere and the sales calls she had been making. She described the trouble the car had given Şerifali Escort Bayan her and what she thought might be wrong. Mike said that when the storm let up he would head down and check it out.

Marla then thought that this unplanned stop might have some payback after all. She inquired about the Anderson farm and what their equipment status was. She quickly determined that Mike ran the farm for his mother and that he was the person who would be involved in purchasing any equipment. Recalling his admiring look when her robe had been opened, she thought of the unwritten sales principle number 12 – do all you can to please prospective clients to enhance your chance of a sale. As they continued to discuss the farm and its operation, she let the lower part of the robe again slip open, and she was quick to spot that Mike realized when it did.

“Uh,” he stammered, his eyes widened, “Can I get you more tea?”

“It was very good,” she answered,” but if you have anything stronger, it might work even better.”

“Oh, sure. We have several things right there in the liquor cabinet” He pointed at a mahogany cabinet just too the other side if the fireplace. Stepping over to it he squatted and opened the doors. Calling out the several contents, he held each bottle up for her inspection as he did. Marla had also turned a bit in her chair so that she was directly facing the cabinet. The movement caused one side of the robe to slip almost completely from her leg, revealing the full leg and the rose colored material of her panties.

“What would you care to drink?” she asked him. She noticed that his gaze was locked onto the show she was giving him.

“I could use a shot of bourbon,” he answered, his voice a bit shaky.

Marla spread her legs a bit wider and said, “Bourbon sounds just fine to me, Mike.”

“Great,” he replied as he rose. “Let me go get a couple of glasses and some ice.”

He gingerly rose and struggling to turn away from the vision, he headed back to the kitchen.

Marla quickly loosened the tie of the robe so it would open easier with her movements and made sure that the top was now open enough to reveal the top of he breasts.

Mike returned and handed her one of the glasses he was carrying. He glanced at the V opening in the robe’s upper half, admiring the portion of her tits that the bra did not cover.

She raised her glass and clinked it to his, saying, “Here’s to warmth in the storm, Mike.”

They both drank the shots down quickly and Marla rolled her shoulders and stretched her neck.

“That should help my neck also,” she said and indicated the glass. “Driving around on sales calls all day ahs really made it stiff. Have you ever given a neck massage, Mike?”

Taking the empty glass from her, he replied, ” I have given Mom a massage sometimes when she has had a long tiring day.”

“Good, you’re hired,” Marla laughed, “Let’s see how good you are.”

Mike stepped behind her chair and reached for her shoulders, but the high back of the chair limited his ability to massage them.

“Hmm, this doesn’t seem to work to well,” Marla observed. “Maybe I should move to that hassock so you can do the job right.”

“That should work,” he answered.

She rose and stepped over to sit on the hassock, but made it a point to sit on the side facing away from the fire. Mike stood behind her and began massaging the shoulders.

“Umm,” she murmured, “It’s clear you have done this before. Just keep going just like you are.”

As he kneaded the muscles at the base of her neck, his hands remained on the outside of the terry cloth.

Marla reached down and loosened the robe’s tie completely and slid the robe off her shoulders holding it so it stopped midway down her upper arms. She could sense that Mike was breathing a bit more rapidly now as she felt his warm breath on her neck and shoulders.

She asked if he was okay and he told her he was except that the fire was getting awfully warm on his back. She reached around behind him and moved the palm of her hand up and down the sweatpants over his buttocks.

“”Oh my,” she remarked, “I’ll say it us. You’ll burn up if you stay there. Maybe you better come around in front of me to continue.”

He released her shoulders and stepped around the hassock so that he was now facing her. He looked down at her and could see the fullness of her tits and, with her legs spread as they were, the fullness of the mound at the base of her abdomen. Reach toward her, he grasped her shoulders once again and continued massaging her.

Marla looked at the crotch of his sweats, and despite the looseness of the garment, his rising excitement was plainly evident. She reached around behind him and placed one hand on each of his ass cheeks.

“Wow,” she observed, “That fire was burning you up. Why didn’t you say something?”

With that she pulled him toward her until only a few inches separated their bodies.

“How about your back?” she asked. She reached up and felt how hot the tee shirt was on his back. “Maybe you better take that off until you cool Escort Şerifali down. Here, let me help you”

She brought her hands back in front of him and reaching under the shirt, she lifted it and he raised his arms to let it slip over his head.

“There, that’s better. Now get back to work.” With that she reached behind him again and pulled him toward her once more. As he again began kneading her neck and shoulder muscles, she leaned her head forward and her brow pressed against his pecs. Her downward glance showed her that he was really pushing the front of his sweats out a lot now. She licked her lips as she fascinated over his apparent size.

Her hands wandered down his back and again cupped his ass cheeks.

“Ah, that feels much better now,” she said. “In fact, they feel incredible.”

With that she moved her hands up and slipped the fingers down inside the waistband.

Mike finally began feeling bold enough to respond to the seduction she was doing to him. He used his fingers to slide her bra straps from her shoulders and reached down to unclasp the bra. He then reached back and took her wrists in his hands and pulled her hands from their journey down his ass. He held her arms down between them and the bra and top of the robe fell easily. He reached under her arms and stood her up and both robe and bra fell to the floor.

She raised her face to him and their mouths joined. Each reveled in the taste of one another’s tongue and both of them reached behind the other so that she could resume her grasping of his ass and he reciprocated by letting his hands slip inside her panties to hold each cheek tenderly.

The exploration of each others mouth continued and small murmurs came from Marla’s throat. Tongues danced together as they familiarized themselves with the taste of each other.

Mikes hands reached deep and toward the center so that he was soon touching the very bottom of her pussy. Marla had moved her hand around to the front but still inside his sweats. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around his stiffness while the other hand cupped his balls.

Mike broke the kiss and sat her back down on the hassock. He slipped the panties, now soaked in the crotch, down her lags and tossed them off to the side. She spread her legs as he placed a hand on the inside of each thigh. Leaning toward her, his lips dropped to her right breast, his tongue darting at the already risen nipple. He sucked on it and tugged it gently between his teeth. Her hands reached behind his head and held him fast against her. She then moved his head to her left breast to allow him to treat it equally.

His hands had now slid up feel the wetness at her cunt and one hand brushed the softness of her trimmed bush while the other sought out the excited clit that had now poked out from the top of her pussy lips.

He slowly began tracing his tongue from the valley between her wonderful tits, down her tummy and briefly stopping to tease her navel. She pressed on the top of his head urging him further and quickly his tongue was tracing across the soft hairs above her cunt. Marla raised her feet to rest on the edge of the hassock, a move intended to open herself of further to him and allow him to fully devour her pussy with his mouth. He responded by pressing his tongue deep inside her and tracing up and down between her pussy lips. The touch of his tongue gave clear indication that he was relishing the taste of her wetness. He gently traced the tip of his tongue back and forth over her clit while he inserted two fingers into her cuntal opening. He even curled his tongue so he could wrap it around her clit and slide up and down, much like his hands often slid up and down his own cock. The clit, despite its excited state was still small, so he found that just licking it and sucking it softly gave her the greatest pleasure. Her body shuddered as he brought her to her first orgasm and he licked ravenously, wanting to taste any wetness that was there.

Rising he faced her and slid down his sweats, revealing, as she had surmised that he wore nothing else. His hard cock pointed out, fully engorged by his level of excitement. Marla kissed the tip and realized it was coated with precum. Her tongue lapped at it, enjoying its rather bland tasting, but slick consistency. She wrapped a hand around the large cock and began stroking him slowly. She leaned forward and licked his scrotum sensing the firmness of each ball. As she stroked she drew a ball inside her mouth and gently hummed. Mike nearly fell as the sensation made him weak on his feet. She then treated the other ball to the same pleasure, before finally slipping the head of his cock between her lips.

Holding just the head in her mouth, her tongue bathed it, enjoying the steady generation of precum. Gradually, she drew more of him into her mouth until she had nearly all of its length between her lips. Mike began humping against her as she matched his stroking with a rhythmic sucking force. Her action, coupled with his was so intense that she brought him off quickly, flooding her mouth with his warm cum. She sucked and licked and swallowed much as he had down to her pussy when she had cum earlier. Soon he was spent and she rose to kiss him. Through the taste of his cum she could taste herself on his lips and he was introduced, for the first time, to the taste of his own cum, as her tongue slipped serpent like into his mouth.

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