Trading Up

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The beginning of the following story is true, then it turns into a fantasy about how things should’ve turned out if I had tried just a little harder. After the fantasy is over, the truth will be revealed.


It was just one more day before I had to return home. The trip to Ohio to see my girlfriend Cici had already ran nearly a week over due to me catching the swine flu and being quarantined inside her house, but I was feeling better and ready to drive ten hours back to South Carolina. Her parents hated having me there and I honestly hated being there. Long distance relationships are never easy, and the brief amount of time we actually got together was almost always soured by them. At least they were gone for the weekend and Cici’s younger siblings were at sleepovers.

We had the house all to ourselves, or we should have anyway, but two of Cici’s friends had invited themselves over after one of them had a knock-down drag-out with her boyfriend. So instead of sharing a last romantic night naked with the girl I only got to see a few weeks out of each year, the four of us were sitting around the kitchen table playing rummy late into the night.

Cici sat on my right, close enough that I could grope her under the table without the other two girls seeing – although they surely noticed when she’d blush or giggle or gasp depending on whether I was touching the right spots. She was barely 5’4, and on the chubby side, but she had some of the biggest nicest tits I’d ever sucked on and a huge firm ass that practically begged to be spanked. Despite being a quarter African-American, Cici had light green eyes and was the palest person at the table; pasty may be a better description since her lifestyle kept her away from the sun and in front of a computer screen more often than not. She had inherited her half-black father’s hair and despite constant failure, kept trying to dye it, straighten it, soften it and do anything with it other than grow an afro and make the best of her mixed DNA. Cici had just turned eighteen and this trip was supposed the one she returned with me on.

On my left was Katelyn, who I sincerely disliked. On top of being unattractive with her unwashed permed to hell and back hair, acne ridden face, and oddly proportioned body (small breasts, flat ass, beer gut, broad shoulders), she was a whore who was constantly trying to drag Cici into situations that would lead to her cheating on me or me suspecting that she cheated. This was all compounded by Katelyn almost getting me arrested for coming to see Cici before she was of legal age the year before, and had gotten Cici and herself busted for shoplifting a few weeks earlier – greatly damaging my plans to have Cici move in with me and far away from people like her parents and Katelyn.

The friend across from me was Kaye Dorthea, or KD, or Kaydee, or Katie, or a hundred other names depending on who was calling her. Next to me, Kaye was the tallest of the group at nearly six feet and the only girl at the table by any means in good shape. She didn’t seem to have the slightest muscle tone, but her metabolism kept her thin. Her own good habits kept her straight black hair smooth and shiny, her bouncy B-cups firm and perky, and her smile bright and straight. Kaye was good friend to both of us, having covered for us the previous year by saying I was there for her instead of Cici, which led to a fight with her boyfriend that obviously never ended as that night she sported a swollen lip – which she was doctoring with cheap beer I had bought the girls to split.

I’d felt guilty a few times when I caught myself admiring Kaye’s long thin body or her narrow elf-like face – that night was no exception – but at least I had the consolation of knowing Cici wanted to rub her naked body down as bad as I did. Cici had admitted to me and herself long before then that she was bisexual, but it was only recently that she had told me she developed a crush on her best friend. The thought of the two of them rolling around in a sweaty heap of passion had distracted me often since learning about the crush, but I other than some playful teasing I hadn’t acted like it really mattered or I was all that interested.

The conversation kept swinging back and forth between what Cici and Katelyn were going to do about their impending trial, how I was coping with having to make the trip again since I wasn’t told about Cici not being able to leave until I had already got there, and what Kaye was going to do about her obviously abusive boyfriend. “The worst part is- I need to find a new place to live.” Kaye lamented and drew a card. “I mean, I can go back and grab my stuff while Brandon’s at work, but I don’t want to be there when he comes home.”

Katelyn drew a card and sighed. “Well, I’d let you stay with me but my parents won’t let me.” She said even though we all knew she hadn’t even asked.

Cici slapped my hand away from where it was busy slowing pressing the seam of her PJs into her slit and said “You could stay here for a few days.” as I drew and laid down a five card straight. Escort Çankaya “We could probably stretch it into a few weeks if you hid in the closet until dad left for work every day and stayed out until after he went to bed every night.”

I drew again and put my hand back between Cici’s thighs, trying to find the spot that made her squirm again. “Why doesn’t she just come home with me?” I half-joked as Cici tried to concentrate on her cards and my fingers.

Cici shook her head, making her kinked up purple hair bounce. “Nu-huh.” She rejected. “I’d be way too worried about you trying to screw her while I wasn’t there.”

I snorted, agreeing with her but not giving her fears of my infidelity any ground. I was about to deny the whole idea when Katelyn butted in saying. “Jeremy might not any self-control, but I think Kaydee has higher standards than that. Besides, she only fucks niggers.”

I was so impressed that she managed to insult everyone at the table so quickly that I managed to resist the urge to punch her in the face. “Brandon’s the only black guy I’ve ever dated.” Kaye broke the stunned silence with a half-drunk sneer. “And you’re wrong, I’d totally fuck Jeremy.” Then it was Kaye’s turn to get the shocked stares. “What?” she shrugged. “I would. He’s big and tough looking, and he has that hot southern accent, and a half-decent job, a rent-controlled apartment, his own car, and he cares enough about his girlfriend to risk being put in prison to drive twenty hours just to spend a few days with her.” Kaye drew a card, laid down a match to empty her hand, and declared three things – “Face it, Jeremy is a great catch, I have every right to be jealous of Cici, and I just kicked your asses at rummy.”

As they counted up the score and Kaye started shuffling the cards for her turn as dealer, I considered what she said and felt my ego swell enough to take the chance. I leaned closer to Cici and kissed her cheek, then moved to whisper in her ear while I continued rubbing her moistening gash through her pants. “You should get Kaye to have sex with you tonight.” She eased her head back from me and stared like I was crazy. I smiled and nodded, moving close again, putting more pressure on my fingers, and whispering “Get Katelyn to go home, and I’ll get in the shower, and you take her to bed and have your way with her.” We both glanced at her as she fumbled through shuffling the deck. “She’s drunk, she’s vulnerable.” I went on, now massaging her clit through her soaked panties “It’s not the best way to get what you want, but you won’t get a better chance to find out what her pussy tastes like.” I licked her ear and she shuddered. “That is what you want, isn’t it Cici? To lick and suck on Kaye’s hot little pussy?” I knew I had her, but I wanted her to want it as bad as I did. “To make your best friend cum on your mouth and let me watch you be my dirty little girl?”

“Yes…” she hissed back in my ear and grabbed my hand, holding it still while she slowly rocked against it. Calling her ‘my dirty little girl’ was the hook. It always got to her on a level I didn’t really understand but loved to reach. I leaned back with a smile stretched over a fake yawn and a huge stretch. “It’s getting kind of late, isn’t it?” Cici asked looking up at the clock on the microwave to see it tick up to 12:36. “Aren’t you on curfew Katelyn?” she accused. “Your dad is gonna be pissed if you don’t get home.”

Katelyn tried to argue with her, but I jumped in. “You’ve already caused enough trouble for yourself and Cici, haven’t you?” I scowled, reminding everyone that I would be driving home alone. “Go home before your dad comes over here and sees you, Kaye and Cici drinking and starts even more shit.” I said pointing towards the door.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She huffed. Katelyn got up and hugged her friends goodbye, waved over her shoulder on her way to the door, and was gone from my life for at least a little while.

I yawned again, and then leaned over and kissed Cici, pushing my tongue into her mouth and sucking hers back out. I made no attempt to hide any passion in front of Kaye, even going to far as to not-so-gently stroke the side of Cici’s chest so that Kaye could see it. “I’m gonna take a shower, then maybe head to bed.” I announced when the kiss was done. “Long trip tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep.” I got up and circled the table towards the den leading to the bathroom, pausing to kiss Kaye on top of her head as I went.

I gave the girls as much time as I could, using the toilet, plucking nose hairs, and trimming my goatee and sideburns before my shower that lasted until the hot water ran frigid. I toweled off but didn’t bother with any clothes. I left the bathroom and crept up the stairs towards Cici’s bedroom, I didn’t want to make a racket and scare either of them- especially Kaye, who I wasn’t sure would react favorably to my plan.

I could hear moaning through the bedroom door and silently congratulated myself, fist pumping a few times, before easing the door open. There was a beautiful sight if I ever saw one – Cici, Ankara Escort with all her naked plumpness, spread wide open on the bed, one hand mauling a huge soft boob, and the other firmly knotted in Kaye’s long black hair as she hungrily lapped at Cici’s shaved mound, and Kaye, just as naked, down on her knees next to the bed, licking and fingering my girlfriend while her own crotch glistened with what I guessed was a mixture of girl-cum, Cici’s slobber, and fresh girly-juice. I watched them writhe for some long seconds absentmindedly stroking my cock as I admired Kaye’s firm little ass and long legs and puffy dripping slit, and Cici’s huge tits and cute round face, and wondered if it’d be a trade up or not if I had to choose a new girlfriend after that night.

I knew that after nearly a week, Cici’s pussy was bruised and overly sensitive from having rough sex at least twice a day, and with her friend gently lapping at her swollen genitalia she was in a state of bliss. They didn’t notice me until I walked up to the bed, hard cock wobbling out in front of me, and started gently petting Cici’s dark purple curls. She glanced up at me, then at my cock, and panted at Kaye’s oral skills, but didn’t speak. Instead she grabbed my dick with the hand not holding her skinny friend’s face and pulled it down to her mouth.

I gasped at Cici’s technique, or lack thereof, as she engulfed my dick, drooling as much as possible, and rocked her head on it; fucking me with her mouth. In, out. Up, down. Over and over, she pumped her hot mouth down my cock until her lips hit her fist. Cici drooled as she went, spilling spit down my shaft, across her hand, on my sack, down her chin, and across her chest. Her breathing was erratic and she started moaning around her mouthful of man-meat, and I knew Kaye was getting close to making my pudgy girlfriend orgasm. “Do it.” I whispered to Cici. “Cum all over her face.” I urged and took a handful of her hair in my fist, rocking her head faster on my dick. “Do it, cum for her. Do it, cum for me. Be my dirty little girl and cum all over your friends pretty face.”

One especially loud moan escaped her, and I felt it vibrate down my shaft. Cici started to shudder and soon she was harshly rubbing her bald cunt on Kaye’s face, smearing her with juice from her battered vagina. When her orgasm subsided, my dick was still in her mouth, and I think that’s when Kaye finally realized I was there. She scooted closer to me, still on her knees, and laid her head on Cici’s chest. She watched my drool-covered dick get engulfed a few dozen times; reaching up and fondling my slick balls for a minute or two before asking “Can I try it?”

I smiled and raised my eyebrows at Cici, who would’ve frowned at me if her mouth wouldn’t have been full of my cock. I petted her hair again and chided “Friends can share, can’t they?” Cici pulled my dick from her mouth and pouted, but held it still so Kaye could get up close enough to wrap her wet warm lips around the head. She took the shaft from Cici and stroked it gently, not squeezing, just spreading the slick mess left behind and caressing the skin and the engorged veins as she lapped at the head with her soft little tongue. Sucking and stroking, licking and rubbing, and staring up at me with a pair of eyes so blue they could’ve been purple, I believe Kaye was trying to make me cum.

Cici watched and pouted until I started panting, and then she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her tits. “Don’t you want to fuck your dirty little girl?” she cooed and my cock jumped, scrapping my crown on Kaye’s teeth as she was pulling her head away. I groaned at the slight pain and at being denied my orgasm, and decided I’d take it out on Cici. I pulled away from Kaye and pushed Cici back on the bed before climbing onto it between her legs. I looked down at my prey and smiled. Her whole vaginal mound was bruised from the abnormal amount of attention had I paid it all week – her normally pale pink lips were stained purple and thick, her clit was swollen and red and peeking out from under its hood, and I was about to find out just how sore her insides were.

I was already slick with the girls’ combined spit, and Cici’s gash was already greased from her orgasm, so I wasted no time being gentle and lurched forward, spearing her pussy and spreading it open in one motion. Cici cried out and began rolling her hips on my dick, moaning and groaning like she’d been stabbed. She was tight, so tight I could feel each ripple and bump inside her squeezing each ridge and vein on my cock. I wanted to pound her, stretch her tiny pussy open again and again until she begged me to fuck Kaye just so she could have some relief. However, I couldn’t have her howling waking the neighbors, so I led Kaye by one hand up and on the bed. “Let Cici taste you.” I offered and Kaye smiled as she straddled my girlfriend’s face, putting her clit right on Cici’s lips with a small gasp.

I held Cici’s legs around me and start working my cock inside her, using short strokes in different directions, stretching her tunnel in a different shape each time Sincan Escort I pushed my cock against her cervix. Then the strokes got longer, faster, harder, plunging into Cici’s quim like I was tenderizing a steak. Cici still cried out and moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain, but the sounds were greatly muffled by Kaye’s crotch being ground into her mouth. “Oh holy shit…” Kaye moaned and leaned toward me, catching my shoulders and holding herself up. She gasped and looked down at her friend’s pussy being split open, and then back up at me with a smile. “I was wondering why it looked like someone had taken a bat to Cici’s crotch.” She teased. “Maybe I’ll get to see how she feels?”

I dropped one of Cici’s legs and grabbed Kaye’s head to kiss her. I gave her my tongue and took one of her lips, then we switched, moaning back and forth into each other’s mouth while we pleasured ourselves with Cici’s willing body. My pounding got rougher while I kissed Kaye through an orgasm on Cici’s face, slipping my cock all the way out of Cici’s cunt, just to pierce her outermost lips with each thrust back in. I could hear her crying “Fuck me! Oh God fuck me!” into Kaye’s slit, I could feel the familiar quakes start in her core, moving out to me and getting stronger as I worked her towards an orgasm.

“Don’t cum yet.” I heard Kaye tell me between kisses. It surprised me and I stopped for a moment, letting Cici’s hips do the thrusting to get her off. “Please?” Kaye begged “I want to feel you inside me.” I kissed her again, resuming my abuse of Cici’s cunt. I broke the kiss just as Cici was erupting, thrashing and crying out as her pussy sent orgasmic shockwaves through her body. I kept up my pace as long as I could, but wanted to give Kaye what she asked for, so I pulled out when I felt my own orgasm approaching.

“Lick her clit and keep her cumming.” I told Kaye and gently pushed her head down to Cici’s swollen clit. I circled the bed, crawling back on next to Cici’s head, and before she could object I pulled Kaye’s hips up level with mine and began pushing my cock past her puffy pink pussy lips. Kaye wasn’t quite as tight as Cici, but she was so much wetter and hotter, it was like fucking molten velvet. I heard Cici start to complain, but Kaye jammed a few long fingers inside her pussy and moaned into her clit, causing Cici to forget she didn’t want me fucking other girls. I tried to take it easy on Kaye, pulling her back onto my dick as I pushed into her. I could feel my balls dragging across Cici’s face and got weird satisfaction of forcing her to be so close to where Kaye and I were joined; satisfaction that made me swell and throb inside Kaye.

Kaye moaned loudly and rolled her hips back towards me, twisting her tunnel around my cock to hit deeper spots inside her. I groaned through clenched teeth and thrust back at her, grinding our flesh together. She cried out, rearing back from Cici but keeping a hand busy in her slit. I pulled her further back by a handful of sweaty hair, pushing up into her pussy while she ground her hips down on mine. I knew I was full on tea-bagging my girlfriend while I fucked her best friend, but I could still hear her moaning and could still feel her tongue doing its best to pleasure Kaye’s clit and figured she must be enjoying herself.

Kaye turned her head and started kissing me crookedly over her shoulder, pressing her sweat slick body to my chest while I thrust my dick deep into her. “Fuck me” she moaned when our sloppy kiss ended. I grinned evilly at her and pushed her back down on top of Cici before roughly grabbing her by the waist. I was done taking it easy; pulling all but an inch away from Kaye before burying my cock back in her with a wet slap each time her ass met my stomach. Now it was her turn to scream, but I had no desire to muffle her cries as I violated her innermost spots over and over.

Kaye didn’t shudder and quake when she came, she clawed handfuls of Cici’s thighs and screamed herself hoarse and bucked her ass back at me, forcing me to fuck her deeper until she started to go limp. My balls clenched and my shaft flexed and I felt my own orgasm boil up to the tip of my cock. I started to pull out as cum sprayed from me. The first jet was fully inside Kaye’s pussy, the second splattered on her puffy lips, and the rest streaked down across Cici’s face, dripping the last bits onto her forehead and dark purple curls.

We slept in a sweaty heap that night, occasionally waking to kiss or talk or fondle each other, and the next morning it was decided that Kaye should return home with me to escape any more abuse from her now-ex-boyfriend. “After all,” Cici shrugged as she kissed us both goodbye “at least if he’s screwing you he won’t be looking for someone else.”

On the way out of town, we stopped by Kaye and Brandon’s place so she could grab her clothes and the small amount of cash she had stashed away in case of an emergency. “He spends all his money on shit for himself. I pay the rent and the gas and the light bill.” Kaye told me as we passed the living room, which had an almost new big screen TV hooked to every video game system that was available then, an Alienware laptop, and a few towers full of DVD and video game cases. “Leaving him for you is definitely trading up, and I even get a bi-girl in the deal.” She laughed as she started emptying drawers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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