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I have written this as an experiment, into mind control, if it works please let me know your thoughts.


Many people find the words written here soothing and relaxing. Some have found them deeply moving.

My work here is to make you pay attention and enjoy.

Conditioning your mind and body to respond to the words.

To enjoy the words…to relish in what they say and feel the impact.

As you read this I want you to take nice long deep breaths…reading every word.

Feel your mind and body relaxing as you breath in…breath out

breath in…breath out

Yes you can already feel your body relaxing…feeling the stress leave you

Breath in…Breath out.

Calming your mind…relaxing….reading…and enjoying the moment..

Feeling your toes relaxing…

Feeling your calves. relax…you can feel the relaxation spreading

Breath in…breath out…

Feeling your arms feeling so heavy now. As you relax even more..

You feel yourself falling into complete relaxation…

Feeling your body and all the muscles relaxing

and now feeling your mind letting go…surrendering to the wonderful relaxation

Breath in..breath out

Feeling Ümraniye Escort so relaxed and enjoying how good you are feeling

and the more you read the deeper and more relaxed you become…

breath in..breath out..

the words here make your mind and body relax even more..

and you fee drawn into them…letting go…reading them is so easy now

feeling them deep inside you…surrendering to the words

breath in…breath out..

letting us begin this journey together..

feeling yourself go deeper…only the words matter now

deep into a nice relaxed state…reading

and the more you read, the deeper you seem to go

deeper…..breath in..breath out

and you can picture in your minds eye an elevator

you see it says deep trance on it

and it shows it is on the 10th floor…

and you enter the elevator and push 1

breath in..breath out

and you feel yourself go deeper


feeling your mind rush down …deeper


surrendering to the feeling of going deeper into the wonderful trance


feeling so safe and secure


even deeper than you thought Ümraniye Escort Bayan was possible


no longer aware of anything but reading the words in front of you


so much surrendered now..even deeper


feeling so good the deeper you go


deeper still


and the elevator slows

and stops..

and the doors open and you step out

deep in a trance now…a wonderful good feeling trance that feels so good to you

and the more words you read…the deeper you feel you go still…deeper

feeling so willing and eager to read on…feeling so willing and eager to do what the words say

breath in…breath out…

you are such a good subject …I would love to give you some pleasure now for being so good…

breath in..breath out…

when ever you see me and me alone type the words “good boy” if you are a man..or “good girl” if you are a woman…

your body will feel very good all over it…a warm exceptional tingling feeling that will last no longer than 4 minutes.

you will also feel happy and satisfied and feel as if you have pleased me.

and each time i say this Escort Ümraniye to you..the feelings you feel will triple in pleasure and strength…so that each time the

feelings are stronger….

breath in…breath out

when you do feel will feel the desire to let me know how it feels to you.

and now as I count to 5 you will go 3 times deeper into the trance for each number reached…still reading



going deeper




still deeper


breath in ..breath out

and you are much deeper now and loving the trance and how good I am making you feel.

you may find you want to feel this again sometime…

when ever you are awake and you see me and only me type the word “salutation” you will go deep into a

nice trance as deep as you are now and be ready for my instructions.

breath in..breath out..

and now when you wake up you will feel the desire to finish reading the rest of the blog to the end

and as I count to 5 you will wake up and feel very good all over


waking slowly


more awake


more aware


alert now


good boy

good girl

hope that felt good

good boy

good girl

even better?

the next will really make you feel good

good boy

good girl

one more

good boy

good girl

Hope you enjoyed this. Please let me know if you did.

good boy

good girl

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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