Treats For My Valentine

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You were such a valentine treat. Just what I asked for, a willing victim. I can’t help tugging at my panties as I remember all that happened last night. My pussy is still so deliciously tender.

You know, the perfect night starts with the perfect outfit, and that was the beginning of a wonderful day for me. I went shopping early yesterday morning at my favorite erotic wear store. There were so many things too chose from, but in the end I had to go with the leather. There’s something about black leather clinging to all of my curves that make my nipples scream for a tongue, and that’s just what they got. I know you would have loved to watch, but maybe you can stroke that big dick for me now, and I’ll tell you all about it.

The young brunette sales girl kept watching as I took piece after piece into the dressing room. At first I thought she was watching to see if I was shoplifting, but as I took in the leather vest, mini skirt and thigh-high boots her hungry eyes gave it all away. I knew I had found just the ticket, accented by a perfect black satin thong. I gazed hungrily into the mirror at myself, nipples straining as I knew they would, and ran a hand down to the heel of my high-heeled boot. I checked the mirror behind me to make sure my ass was exposed just enough for a nice view. Then I opened the dressing room door, and waved a little to get her attention.

“Excuse me. I can’t seem to get the laces straight on the back of this vest. Can you help me?”

She ran her eyes over me like a caress and blushed slightly.

“Oh, sure.”

I walked back into the dressing room and held the door open for her, firmly sliding the lock into place behind her.

“What seems to be wrong?” ,she asked between staring at me, and the floor.

“Well, they seem to be twisted or something,” I presented my back to her.

Nervously she ran her fingers over the laces, twisting and straightening them.

“This one seems to be twisted all the way around. I think, umm, you may have to take it off to Bostancı Escort get it straight,” she almost whispered.

“Oh ok,” I began to smile to myself, as I unbuttoned the front and freed my large breasts. I turned around and slid if off my shoulders, making my breasts jiggle slightly in from of her eyes.”Do you think you can help me? I’m no good at this sort of thing.” I held out the vest and waited for her to come closer.

As she reached out a hand, I stepped closer, Putting my nipples at her eye level.

“Or maybe I can help you.” Quickly my hand shot out running up her thigh and under her tiny little jean skirt. Within seconds I bypassed panties and ran a finger between the lips of her shaved pussy. She was so drenched. I almost lost control.

“Ah, I never, I mean,” she stumbled across the words so sweetly.

Rubbing along her clit I whispered, “you will today.”

I pushed her against the wall softly, continuing my exploration as I pushed her legs apart, smoothly inserting my foot between hers. I ran a finger inside her tight little hole as I kissed her neck.

” Now, don’t you want to take off that T-shirt, so I can get at those nipples?”

I didn’t have to ask twice. As her pelvis rocked against my fingers, the shirt went flying over my head, lightly hitting the wall behind us. Her small breast’s were beautifully firm, rosy nippled, and my pussy was so juiced I knew I had to buy the panties. I leaned down and ran my tongue over one, she shivered, and clenched around my pumping finger. I couldn’t help nipping one lightly, before I began to suck it, making her let out a gasp as her head fell back.

Stepping back, I grabbed her panties, and slid them down her slim thighs. I pushed her tiny skirt up to expose her pussy and sunk to my knees. The smell of her was heaven, all damp and musky. I breathed warmly on her pussy, waiting for that first taste. Then with relish, sank forward and ran my tongue along her slit, from tight little hole to her clit. Bostancı Escort Bayan I started to lick her in a smooth rhythm as she wiggled against my tongue. I thought she was going to slide down the wall, when I pushed two fingers inside her sweet little hole, and began to suck on her clit. I pumped her harder, and began to flick my tongue over her swollen button, as her juices ran over my hand.

All to soon she was breathing so loudly, I knew she was going to cum. I sucked her clit deeper into my mouth trying to fit as much as possible of that glorious pussy in as I could. She shuddered and I knew she was clamping her mouth shut as tightly as possible, but I could still hear her as she cried out. Her pussy began to spasm, and I kept on sucking, almost chewing on the sweet almost edible flesh, as spasm after spasm wracked her body.

I looked up at her flushed face, damp with sweat, as I licked the last of her juiced from my fingers and got to my feet.

“Ok, your turn now.”

“What,” she barely opened her eyes, while she whispered.

I leaned forward and ran my taunt nipple along her ruby red lips. Like a starving woman she latched onto it, and I gasped in surprise, as I felt her searching hand go between my thighs.

“Oh, yes baby. That’s it.” I moaned softly as her nails lightly raked over my clit. Still sucking hard on my nipple she rammed one amazingly long finger into my dripping hole. I was in heaven.

Quickly she took control pushing me back against the wall, as I had done her, and shoved a second finger up into me. Slurping hard on my nipple she finger fucked me, and I couldn’t help thrusting my pussy against her hand.

Within a few seconds I caught onto her trick though.

“Oh, no baby, slow down. When I come, it going to be with that tongue of yours in me. Now, take those panties off. They’re in the way.”

Raising panicked eyes, she let go of my nipple.

“But, I never..

“After today, you won’t be saying that again, Escort Bostancı baby.”

Laying a hand on her shoulder, I pushed her softly to her knees, and slid the offending panties down my thighs. Pulling up my skirt a little, I bared more of my hungry pussy to her eyes and braced my feet shoulder width apart. Still she hesitated, glancing from my face, back to my pussy, hungry, but nervous. Finally I pushed my fingers into her dark locks, and guided her mouth to my waiting, sweetly trimmed bush.

Her first lick, sent jolts through me, so innocent and light. Her second was more shocking, as she hungrily licked from my asshole, to my clit, and slurped my button, sucking it into her hot moist mouth.

“See, there you go baby,” I whispered breathlessly. “I knew you’d love cunt.”

Her only answer was to ram her tongue as deep into my pussy as she could, bracing her hands on my thighs. I held onto her head, as I began to fuck her tongue.

The little thing surprised me, she really knew how to treat a pussy. As she ran her tongue back up to my clit and began to suck it, she also ran a finger up into me, instantly coating it with my juices. I thought, I was going to be finger fucked again, but she had something different in mind.

Quickly that finger left my hot fuck-hole and pushed hard into my ass, slipping in like it was made for me. Violent shudders ran through me, as she sucked my clit and began to finger-fuck my ass hard and fast. It was my turn to try to stay on my feet, as my pussy began to spasm, and my asshole clenched around her invading finger. I bit my bottom lip so hard it was swollen afterward, as I violently came. She stayed on my clit like she was glued there, sucking harder and harder, never stopping that finger in my ass until I slumped against the wall, blissfully well fucked. As, she stood up, I couldn’t resist pulling her in for one long kiss, sucking the last of my juice from her tongue.

“Well baby,” I sighed. “For a first-timer, you sure know how to treat a pussy. Oh, and ring all this up for me would ya? I think this outfit is just right.”

I smiled as I watched her walk dreamily toward the counter.

Oh I’ll tell you more baby, if you want me to. You won’t believe how I “took care” of that grumpy neighbor at the motel.

To be continued…

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