Trick or Treating a Witch

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In her usual indolent way, Eve crawled right on me. I could see her hips move left and right as she was getting closer. She kissed me knowing I loved the taste and smell of her cum-covered, puckered lips; this was our ritual after a blowjob. She was a woman who loved giving head and swallowing more than she loved anything else; you could say she lived to suck cock. And she was good at it. Practice makes perfect. What better way to celebrate Halloween other than treating her a large cherry lollipop that melts in her mouth? She nuzzled and, with her hair falling on my face, teased my mouth with hers.

“I love your eyes, baby,” she whispered looking at me.

“I love your mouth, bonita,” I replied with a smile.

After a few sloppy smooches, we fell asleep, me at the bottom, Eve on top with her legs apart and her wet pussy touching my limp pride.

My girlfriend was Brazilian, dark-skinned, dark-eyed with long wavy black hair and a curvaceous body inviting a guy’s attention with ease. We had been dating for a little over four months and we were a good match. Sexually and otherwise. A few times, we had discussed her moving in with me because I wanted to help her financially. She would not have to pay any rent since, as a nursing student, she needed to save for her tuition. Besides, she was a great person to be with, a funny and naughty girl, and a reliable friend too. With her great temper, she often said that her Brazilian blood and my Italian genes didn’t mix well; we were both too passionate to keep our senses when we had fights. Yet, in sex, we were very compatible.

Whoever rang the bell had a lot of nerve. It was past ten and I couldn’t believe a bunch of little kids were trick-or-treating at this time. I put on my bathrobe and, holding the candy jar, I opened the door with an annoyed grin that froze on my face. The devil in flesh sporting a witch’s costume and pointed hat was staring at me; it was my ex wife, Amanda.

She was the typical American beauty. Tall, natural blond and blue-eyed, she was a cheerleader when we fell in love in high school. Seven years later we married and another seven years later we divorced. Her physique had always been good; she was slender and had a strong body. I knew that most of her coworkers were mesmerized by her good looks. They didn’t know that when she got angry, this lean girl would turn into a slithering snake. As her husband, I found out that her taste in extra marital affairs was always great, quality and quantity wise. Amanda was a mean slut, definitely not the housewife type.

“People call when they can’t make it on time,” Amanda snarled. “And you didn’t call you were not coming. Mark was waiting for you. I had to drive him all the way to Trenton. I want to know what’s your excuse for letting down your own son, mister.”

“Oh, shit, I completely forgot,” I mumbled very disappointed with myself. “I am sorry, I will make up. Maybe I can plan a little trip to the park, a couple of rides…”

“Sure, why not? This will fix everything, right?” she bit back. Before I had time to say anything, she was in the house getting ready to sit on the couch.

“Hey, this is not the time for a visit,” I said trying to make her leave. “It’s too late for an apology, I know, I am sorry. Trenton is not that far after all. But you have to go now. C’mon, go!”

Just before my ex stormed in the house, Eve went to the kitchen for some water. She was naked. When Amanda sat on the couch, she had a full view of my Brazilian girlfriend’s body. Eve didn’t try to cover herself; her body was great. Besides, Brazilians are really used to nudity.

“Oh, I see, you were busy, mister!” Amanda said ironically. “Hm, good taste, I have to admit.”
The two women’s eyes met and, contrary to what I expected, they both smiled.

“I am Amanda, Tony’s ex-wife,” the unexpected visitor explained.

“I am Eve,” my bonita said. “We’ve been together for some time now and I ‘ve heard about you and Mark. He must be a great little boy.” Eve came and sat on the couch next to my ex.

Amanda looked at me and said, “Yes, he is, and like all little boys, he needs a dad who keeps his promises.”

Jab, jab, jab. How much I hated her! I was stupid to forget, but she had the nerve to come to my house late at night and make a scene in front of my girlfriend exposing my mishandled priorities.

“You got any drinks? It’s party time!” she went on.

I am only a social drinker and keep a bottle of gin for guests. Eve filled a glass for her and as she was moving around naked, I confirm that no human could avoid thinking about sex when looking at the harmony of her boobs, her grinding hips, her trimmed hair triangle, her bubble ass without tan lines, her passion oozing from all over her. I was getting hard.

Amanda, seeing the competition, changed her attitude; her snappy tone was gone and after thanking Eve, she said, “I am sorry I came so late. I see you were in bed. You know, I sleep naked too. A woman’s body needs to be naked to keep its freshness and attract guys, don’t you agree, Tony?”

She reached out and caressed Eve’s silky shoulders and chest. Eve smiled and stroked Amanda’s thighs, only in a very gentle and considerate way. They both looked at me. Amanda’s glass was empty.

Once again, I tried to make her understand it was time to go. I even walked to the door and touched the doorknob.

“Yes, you’re right. Halloween is for kids, but we are not party people and tomorrow I have to get up early. gaziantep escort reklamları Just be careful when you drive home. How many drinks did you have tonight?” I added hastily.

I got no response and I turned to see why. Amanda and Eve were not there. I thought, “Witches can vanish into thin air,” and grinned. “Maybe she got upset and left. Nah, wishful thinking. I am sure she went to the can. Women go often there. I wasn’t expecting her to say goodnight anyway. She knows the way out, she’ll leave when she sees she is not welcome.”

I left my robe in the bathroom and, naked, I entered the bedroom. The pointed hat lay on the floor. Have you ever held an ice cube with your bare hand over a fire? I urge you to do this, so that you can understand how I felt when I saw my sweet gazelle’s body intertwined with the white snake that used to be my wife. A chill went down my spine, tickled my asshole and then my balls causing my dick to wake up.

They were kissing and stroking, cupping each other’s breasts and letting little sighs mixed with the rustling noise of the sheets. Eve moaned and called, “Come, baby.” Amanda was kissing her stomach aiming even lower.

The ex love of my life turned and asked, “What are you waiting for, Tony? Are you sissy or what?”

I had no words to say, my cock was pointing straight up having a mind of its own when she dipped her finger in Eve’s pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore. At Eve’s next moan, I lay down on my left side next to her, my right leg on top and across her thighs, and squeezed her body against mine. I didn’t care for Amanda’ tricks, I only wanted to please Eve. Or so I thought.

My tongue teased the Brazilian round dark tits with my ex doing the same on the other side. Sometimes, our heads touched, other times our tongues touched; in any case, the chemistry was strong. I watched my girlfriend’s belly button going up and down; a few inches farther, my ex was already playing with her own clit. I took Eve’s knob of ecstasy in my mouth and sucked it, rubbed it with my tongue and lips while my right index and middle finger entered her pussy. Her dark red pussy lips were hard and parted with ease. Her juices were flowing. With my fingers, I felt my way to her sensitive spot. I tickled it a few times and Eve started melting. Amanda was kissing and sucking her nipples while pleasing herself too. I devoured Eve’s sweet pussy, wet my fingers with her fluids and rubbed her G-spot. She was so expressive, she let little cries and moans.

The blond witch sneaked behind me and, as I was on my side with one leg straight and one bent on Eve, she fondled my balls feeling their weight and squeezed them softly. Then she pulled my cock from behind me and started sucking. Her tongue slid over the underside of my dick, pushing the soft stretch of skin up and down. With a circular motion, she rubbed my cock’s ridge against her lips. She teased my pee hole, pushed her tongue in a few times and hummed when she tasted my precum. I remember she always did this. She milked me hard while pulling my balls up with her other hand.

I pulled myself on top of Eve and, spreading my body along, entered my cock in Eve’s slit. She was warm and wet and soft and so very inviting. I first pushed slowly, I wanted to wet well myself with her fluids. Looking at her in the eye, I pulled all the way out and penetrated her again. She opened like soft butter yields to a butter knife. I supported myself on my elbows and held her head, her rich hair framing her mulatto face. I loved inhaling the air coming out of her mouth with her moans; I loved the way her body moved, how her hips waved to meet mine, how her breasts jiggled responding to my thrusts. I was all inside her with Amanda licking my balls and keeping my fucking rhythm. When I pushed in Eve’s cunt, my ex pulled my boys with her lips; when I pulled back, Amanda softened her pull and just sucked on them.

From time to time, I could feel my ex stroking my lower back, kneading my butt cheeks, tracing my crack with her fingers. She took a strawberry Twizzler twist that was lying on the nightstand and whipped my ass leaving rosy marks on me. Then she licked it and shoved it in my brown eye rolling it with her fingers, sending waves of delight to my entire existence. The hair in my thighs stood up. She left the twist inside me, so that, with my every thrust inside Eve’s pussy, my clenching cheeks made the candy tickle my asshole.

I was so hard and so ready to cum when the creative witch decided to please me in a different way.

She whispered in my ear, “Go for the deep, Tony, I know she likes it,” and she pulled one of Eve’s knees up.

I was quick to comply and raised my upper torso kneeling on the mattress with my cock still inside Eve. I took hold of her ankles and pulled them higher and apart. I eased in her until all of my seven inches disappeared and started pumping her cunt slowly at a steady pace; she looked at me, pulled her knees higher towards her chest and moaned.

“Give it to me, baby,” she said sounding really bossy. She wanted it so bad!

Amanda rested her head on Eve’s stomach and played with her swollen clit. Then, she reached for Eve’s clit with her tongue. What a great sight! The rosy tongue of my ex licking the sexy mulatta’s push button with me harvesting her pussy’s squeezes! My girlfriend’s spasms were so strong I had to push really hard to enter her warm canal. Her climax released gaziantep escort resimleri a load of juices soaking my balls. I pumped harder and harder slamming noisily the back of her thighs with my hips. My sperm started boiling inside my balls; I felt this sweet tickle along my dick and pulled out of her pussy. With Amanda’s mouth only half an inch away, I plunged into her throat and quenched her lust with my jism. My juicy incense flowed liberally; every squirt felt along the shaft made me tighten my ass to shoot it farther. My ex had her mouth full, but was too selfish to share the sperm that she had so expertly kneaded inside my balls earlier. She swallowed everything with only a few drops leaking on Eve’s cunt.

I was feeling numb from all the excitement. The two women worshipped my flesh with a few thank you kisses. I crashed exhausted between them, their pussies wet and dripping honey. We squeezed our bodies together enjoying the relaxation one feels after an orgasm. I drifted slowly into a deep sleep. It was the second time I shot my cum this Halloween night.

I woke up to a pleasant sensation, that of Eve’s soft tongue rubbing on the head of my cock. Lying on my back, I was hard again. Is there a better way to wake up?

I tried to raise myself on my elbows to have a better view of my girlfriend’s treat, but this was impossible. My arms were stretched and could not move. I opened my eyes and saw that my wrists were tied on the headboard rail with duct tape. I still had some freedom to twist my body when I wanted. I liked the game, being completely helpless with a thirsty mouth around my dick’s bulbous head.

“You’re so good, bonita, don’t stop, baby,” I blurted feeling my hardness in her warm mouth.

I tickled her nipples with my toes and arched my body a couple of times in an effort to fill her throat. My mulatta girl let a loud moan that made my cock vibrate; her breath became faster and her hips shook. She was climaxing with me doing nothing at all other than enjoying her tongue service.

With my eyes still closed, I reminisced about last night’s adventure. “What an impossible dream,” I thought, “making love to Eve and fucking Amanda’s mouth. I can’t ask for anything more in my life.”

“What a horny little pussy you have, hon! You liked it, huh?” I heard Amanda breaking silence in a soft, endearing tone.

Well, it was not a dream after all! My fantasy was real! I fucked these two girls and they liked it! The ex was on her back and under Eve’s pussy, licking it in a frenzy. Eve could not talk, her tongue was busy with me. She kept shaking and only when she opened her mouth to scream, she let me out. It was a loud scream from the depths of her lungs.

She lowered her head unable to control herself and her face fell on my ball sac. With her mouth out of commission, she rubbed her face, nose, eyes and cheeks on my balls causing them to bounce all around in their pouch and making me twitch with pleasure. We were both unable to function because of my handcuffed wrists and her strong orgasm; we were both at my ex wife’s mercy.

After Eve climaxed, Amanda joined her in sucking my dick. She tightened a cock-ring around the base of my thick tool and this made me all harder. Their tongues were teasing me, little kisses, sucking here and there, playing with my pee hole on top, nudging my balls to produce more cum…All my senses were focused on this blowjob with the two tongues all over my veinous purple cock… As hard as I was and having cum twice just a few hours ago, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to cum again soon in spite of my full erection. That was good, the more my stamina the better.

Their little sappy sounds titillated my ears. A warm pressure started spreading from the top of my cock, slowly, down to its base, further down to my balls.

“What a mouth,” I thought, “my baby is deep throating.”

Was I wrong! I lifted my head to see my ex sitting on my cock, enveloping my engorged rod all the way down with her tight, wet rectum. She was as good in anal as Eve was in giving head. I used to call her Professor Ass and she laughed hard; she was proud to be an ass-fucking expert. When still married, we both agreed on this: a skillful ass is worth a million pussies.

Amanda leaned forward and started riding me slowly like a witch rides her broomstick. She knew how to milk a cock with her ass, no hands needed. She strained her anus open and sat on me, then released the pressure and pulled back. She tightened her cheeks while riding me, then she let them loose and pulled herself up. A couple of times she fingered her slit and made me smell and lick her finger. I was in heaven. Eve fondled my balls when they were not too squished by Amanda’s ass and did the same with Amanda’s breasts. This went on for a while, my cock getting the treatment he wanted before springing into wild action.

“Let’s free our slave, Eve, he needs to serve me now,” my cock pleaser said and Eve untied my hands.

I held my cock rider’s hips while they were moving on me as if they were flowing on water. I lifted myself and, with Amanda’s knees flanking my hips, we both tilted left falling on our sides and then rolled on her back with me on top; now I had full control of her anal canal. After a few deep thrusts, I raised her legs and knelt on the bed nailing her non-stop.

Eve pushed a little pillow under her ass to raise her and make gaziantep escort sitesi me more comfortable. She put the pointed hat on my head and smiled.

“Give the witch a treat, baby!” she said and I did.

Many times Amanda arched her back and pushed her head deeper in the mattress. The blond witch was enjoying it very much, rubbing her tits and hugging herself; I could tell by her nipples standing out, her stomach muscles moving up and down, then stopping to a contraction that I could feel with my cock. I spread her legs and her cunt opened wide.

Eve didn’t miss the opportunity, she wanted to pay her the same great tongue service she received the night before. She teased the wet clit and let some fluids flow out. She spread the blond pussy open to marvel at my pumping ridge’s outline showing through the thin membrane of Amanda’s intestinal wall. She shoved a couple of fingers in it and followed the opposite direction of my cock movements, rubbing my dick applying light pressure. I felt her gentle massage through my ass lover’s cunt and pushed deeper instinctively. I knew Amanda’s ass like the back of my hand; she was deep, but at this angle I could fuck her guts with my meaty prod. Every time she strained her muscle ring to force me out, I pushed in as deep as I could and hit bottom. This had always been a great turn on for me.

We fucked in this position for quite some time, enjoying my stamina and the girls’ excitement without lows, only highs. The blond ass was turning a little dry; better for me, the friction on my fleshy spear increased. Every time I pulled back, I could see her bright pink skin folds coming out of her asshole, hugging my thick veins and sliding back in. Sometimes her folds stuck on my cock longer and I pushed them in with my dick plunging in her. Other times, I could feel her releasing her sphincter’s tight grip and her rectum widen only to narrow again and increase the resistance. She knew how to work her ass, no doubt.

When she asked me to move faster and cum, I thought this was a great way to teach this witch a good lesson. She got her treat, now it was time for me to play a trick on her. I asked Eve to tie my bitch’s hands on the headboard. I was setting the rules of the game here. My thrusts made her gasp and pant, moan and move her hips to my rhythmic penetrations. But I wanted her to surrender completely.

“You like it in the ass, witch, right? You want it, I give it to you,” I said in a rather strict tone. “Beg me as hard as you like, I won’t cum until you shit blood, little witch! Since you have no broom, take my broomstick and shove it deep, Professor ASS,” I yelled and grinned a sadistic smile. “Your husband doesn’t fuck your ass? Or is he too small to satisfy this hole?”

My tearing her ass to pieces and Eve’s tongue on her clit and tits turned Amanda into a physical and emotional mess in minutes. She hasn’t looked so bad since the day she gave birth to our son. Her make-up was smeared and ruined, her blond hair was stuck on her red face in sweaty strands. Because she strained too much and too often, her veins in her neck showed thick and pulsating, the ones on her temples too. Her mouth opened and let little shrieks that followed the rhythm of my penetrations. With a breaking voice, she could utter only basic sounds; she did not have the strength to beg anymore. Biting her lips, a few tears filled her eyes; the witch was crying! I was drenched with her ass fluids, but I could not allow myself to cum. She had to pay the price for her nerve last night.

“Please, Tony, please cum in my ass now, I can’t take it anymore, honey…please, PLEASE…” she sobbed, but I stayed firm to my decision. She moaned a visceral sound, so deep, it sounded masculine.

My seven inches kept wrecking her asshole with no mercy, non-stop, slowly but surely; it has been more than one hour of relentless anal action. I wanted to show her who the man is, cripple her ego, smash her soul and shit on her personality. Soon, my cock was smeared with a yellowish goo. That was the sign I needed.

I threw my pointed hat on the floor and, from my kneeling position, I leaned over her while supporting my body with my hands placed behind her knees and pinning them down on the bed. In preparation to plant my seed, I plowed her anus with my hard tool as fast as I could to a total ass destruction. I thrust my pelvis against her rosy butt cheeks so violently that droplets of her fluids, her shit and sweat went flying. The witch almost fainted. Her ass, spasming with pleasure until a minute ago, was lifeless because of her sphincter’s unconditional surrender. Her cunt let out some drops of cum mixed with piss. I exploded in a long orgasm splashing her rectal walls with globs of rich sperm. Her anal anguish was over.

Amanda looked at me in the eye and hummed softly, “I love you, hon, I ‘ll always love you, baby! Only you know what I want!” I kissed her tender lips and felt her body still shuddering after all the exertion while Eve was caressing my sweaty behind.

I stayed in her stretched ass a little while trying to unload all of my seed. My cock was throbbing, but getting soft. When I pulled out, her rosy hole closed with hesitation.

I had conquered her ass and killed her ego.

“Please, Tony, call next time if you can’t make it,” the tamed witch said when leaving later in her long black gown holding her pointed hat.

“Why?” I replied. “Don’t you want to have some fun again?”

“I did love it, guys,” she retorted with an unusual softness in her voice, “but we don’t have to wait until you forget to pick up your son again. How about next Saturday? Will this work for you? Jake will go with Mark to a step-father/son camp event for the night and you both can stay with me. We have a California king bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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