Triple Played

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I think I have found my calling.

There are these triplets, Ron, Don and Jon who are friends of my little brother. Like my brother they are 6 years younger than I am but since I’ve known them most of my life we got along well enough.

So I was moving and my brother not only helped but got Jon, Ron and Don to lend a hand. When we were just about done my brother being no fan of hard work of course split but the brothers hung around, quite literally.

There were two boxes left and the four of us were at the foot of the stairs. Jon took one box, Ron handed Don the other leaving the two of us. I said to Ron, “Well maybe I should just carry you up the stairs and we’ll be done with the junk.”

He laughed and said, “You think you’re up for that?”

I gave Ron the once over and said “Yeah”. At 19 all three brothers are 5-10 tall and weigh a hunky 175 pounds while my 6-3 frame fills out to the tune of 265 pounds and I’m pretty strong, not all that weight is for show if I do say so myself.

So I squatted down and lifted Ron in a fireman’s carry and hauled him up the stairs. Don and Jon saw me walk through the door and seemed pretty impressed and maybe wanted to get a lift themselves but as they stared I said, “You’re a matched set, if I can do one I can do you all so I’ve got nothing to prove. Any of you think you can give me a hoist?”

They all got some wide grins on their faces and Jon said, “Well I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot.” So I motioned him to come towards me. Jon sized up the considerable task he was undertaking, squatted down, put his arms around my thighs, his shoulder into my belly and damn if he didn’t lift me up off the floor. I don’t think he could have carried me very far or held me up very long but he was man enough to get me up in the air.

Ron and Don then matched their brother’s feat and I was rather proud of all of them. I was also quite taken by their excitement at proving their strength because all three handsome young men appeared to be in a state of arousal, like three big bulges in their shorts.

I was intrigued because a couple of times I had been hanging out with my brother’s friends, specifically girls who made the boys happy if you know what I mean. And several had made it with one or more of the triplets and told of their rather impressive equipment.

At the time I wasn’t sure how much of that was just ‘girl talk’ but from what I was seeing it looked like the boys were living up to the talk. But damn it had been a while since I had me so hot sweaty sex and I was thinking this was a unique adıyaman escort opportunity.

They were standing together as I approached and said, “I would like to say I am very impressed with your displays of strength and power.”

They all smiled and I grabbed the front waistbands of Jon and Don’s shorts and said, “And I don’t mean just your weightlifting prowess. Are you all just happy to be done today because if you’re not worn out we could get started on something else?”

They all then reached out and grabbed, hugged, squeezed and fondled whatever they could reach and we got started. Now there’s plenty of me to grab but the three of them were bumping into each other trying to get to me. Fortunately Ron showed some sense and initiative stepping back and stripping down while I hugged Jon with my left arm grabbing his ass and had Don in my right as we kissed.

Well first things first I tell Don to go in my bedroom and get my supply of condoms from the nightstand and after getting them naked move Jon and Ron into position. I had Ron get on his back and damn if he wasn’t just what those girls had led me to believe. That flagpole was saluting me and it had to be a foot long.

So with his twelve inches pointing at the ceiling I got between Ron’s legs on my knees to go down on him. Jon gets behind me massaging my ass and fingering my pussy. I heard Don return and offer a condom to a rock hard Jon. While I’m doing my best to suck Ron’s flagpole Don is now fingering my pussy as Jon lines himself up behind me and gets ready to put his 12 inches where it’s needed.

Jon squeezed my ass and politely asked, “Ready Carol?”

I let Ron’s cock slip from my lips and take a deep breath before answering, “I’m wet and ready show me what you’ve got Jon.”

I resumed my work on Ron’s dick and Jon slipped the fat head of his cock into my pussy. Oh what an awesome feeling as Jon pumped his long dong into me, giving it to me good. I was doing my best to give the full effort to sucking Ron’s stiff pole and it was a job for sure but I was relaxed and enjoyed myself as Don gently rubbed my back. What a sweet young thing.

With a hand firmly holding both sides of my ample hips Jon pushed more of his considerable dick into me reaching uncharted depths. What an incredible feeling to have my wet pussy stuffed with that much cock for the first time, damn it was good. It didn’t take long before I could feel Jon bumping his body against my big butt which meant he was pumping the full 12 inches into my pussy adıyaman escort bayan with each stroke. That’s when Ron exploded with a massive load in my mouth. I was lucky to be breathing through my nose and swallowed most of it. I came a second time as Jon continued to fuck me good and deep and a couple of minutes later he held my hips firmly, pushed his big dick to the balls into me and shot his load.

Two satisfied young bucks in need of a recharge so I gently laid Don down on his back and climbed on top of him in a 69 position. Having had the pleasure and experience with Ron I was better able to suck Don’s dick working more of it between my lips. Don was going full bore lapping away at my pussy and squeezing my ass with both hands.

I was swallowing as much of Don’s log as I could but this was a new challenge for me so I didn’t force myself beyond my limits. What I did notice for the first time in this position was Don had a serious pair of balls on him. Being on top of him, and he was doing well under my big body, I could take the time to play with his sack and it was indeed fun.

I came a few times as Don massaged my butt and caressed my thighs, nice that a young buck knows how to play with what he’s got at his disposal. Finally I felt Don’s balls tighten so I held the head of his monster dick in my mouth and jerked the shaft with both hands as he came. Damn he had a load stored up, I did my best but couldn’t keep it all in my mouth much less swallow it all.

Jon laughed as his brother’s cum dribbled down my chin, “Don’s always had the big load capacity.”

I turned to see Jon was standing next to me and of course at attention but I needed to catch my breath so after he and Ron helped me to my feet I came around behind Jon and hugged him tight to my body with my left arm and took his nice hard cock in my right hand. Squeezing Jon close, jerking him off and hanging over his shoulder it registers with me for the first time that along with 6 years I’ve got 5 inches and 90 pounds on these guys. I mean somehow while we were working and lifting each other it was just some innocent fun but when we got naked they were, well I was concentrating on those big dicks but in all honesty I’ve mostly made it with bigger guys and my trio are probably the smallest guys I’ve made it with. But damn if they weren’t into the big girl so who was I to complain.

Oh it was sweet holding onto Jon, grinding against his yummy body not to mention having that huge schlong in my hand. When I felt escort adıyaman he was ready to blow I stopped my motion and nibbling on his ear said, “You just hold on a second.”

Taking Jon by the shoulders I spun him around then dropped to my knees and took the head of his big dick in my mouth and pumped the shaft until he came. Damn this was a party.

So I look over and there’s Ron good and hard so I pull him towards me and after rolling a condom on his cock ease my big butt down on the floor. Then spreading my legs I waggled my finger at Ron and he quickly dropped to his knees between my legs wasting no time putting his cock in my pussy.

I have to say, this is the way to enjoy a well hung energetic young man, Ron was quickly pumping every bit of his foot long into my pussy and with plenty of cushion he was really pushing. Jon and Don were both considerate and not content to just spectate, they came on either side of me and each took a fat tit in their mouths. Unknown sensations came over my big body and it was incredible.

Ron kept it up as long as he could but finally tensed up and shot his load then falling back on his ass. Jon and Don continued to enjoy the titty feast and they both slid their hands down to finger my pussy. That kind of service makes you smile, and cum.

Well if we had stopped at that moment it certainly would have been the wildest time this broad had ever had, sucked all three of my triplets off, got well fucked by all of them and came more times than I knew. But the joy of being young the boys were quick to get it up and I was enjoying myself so much there’s no way I was stopping.

So we went another round. And I got to be on top a couple of times and there was some tit fucking in there too.

After about four solid hours of us getting seriously fucked we took a break, I took a refreshing shower, man I was sweating. We ordered some pizzas, I made the boys go pick them up, pay and get a refill on the supply of condoms. Then we got back to getting it on.

It was well past midnight when the four of us were spent but it was some journey getting there. With three of a kind to take on we sort of went in an order to be fair and keep a fresh man in the saddle. I can almost believe I did what I did but I honestly can’t believe the stamina of Ron, Don and Jon. I sucked each of them off three times, gave them each two hand jobs and they each fucked me four times in various positions. All of them young, hung, willing and amazingly able to get it up 9 times in about 10 hours and that was after moving day. These boys should go on tour.

I don’t date any of them but we’re on booty call speed dial so to speak. Whenever I need to get laid I can call and get at least one of them and if a couple of them have no plans I usually make time to make them. We’ve had a couple of shorter three on one sessions and one other marathon in the past four months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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