Trish the Tramp Ch. 02

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Trish drove down to Sterling hall with not much difficulty. She had never been to the rich side of her neighborhood before, but found the house easy enough. Every home was beautiful she thought and each one bigger and better than the other. The streets were neat and clean and everything orderly. It was 2 pm in the afternoon. Her appointment with Jess James the erotic movie mogul was at 2.30 pm. Prior to this Trish had been just another poor student struggling to make ends meet and provide for her family. She had worked at a Strip club and it was there that Jess had spotted her and offered her the chance to star in his porn movies. Trish had seemed a little apprehensive at first. But when she realized Jess was indeed talking big money she had agreed. Of course she had to fuck him first. Trish had found Jess, fat, ugly and unclassy. He was wealthy but that was all that could be said about the man. He was 40+, married and divorced several times, short and really fat. Trish had found him revolting in the beginning, but as soon as she had seen his cock, short and really, really thick, she found the idea of fucking him more attractive. Plus the sluttiness of it all, the grossness of fucking an old man, so fat that his paunch hung out and wobbled as she rode his cock turned her on and she finally agreed to meet Jess and sign a contract for her first movie.

Trish didn’t have too many nice clothes to wear. All she had were here regular college clothes and a couple of dresses. She had dressed carefully having chosen a pair of tight black hot pants and a red tube top. Her long blonde curls fell freely down till her arse. She had worn no make up but looked sensational nevertheless. She drove her beaten up station wagon into Sterling Hall, a massive house with huge sprawling lawns and gardens on all sides. The security had been expecting her and let her in with no problems. At the door a valet took her keys and drove her car to the back of the house. Trish was embarrassed for the first time in her life of the beat up old station wagon. A young maid dressed in much too short maid’s outfit greeted her at the door and led her into the hall. Trish looked around the house in awe. It was huge and the furnishings a little too loud, much like Jess himself. She sat down on a long leather couch and admired the paintings on the walls.

“Mr. James will see you now.” Said the maid entering the room again having just gone for 5 minutes or so.

Trish followed her up an ornate staircase and down a hall and finally to a huge wooden door. The maid opened the door and announced, “Ms. Parker sir.”

“Thank you Therese.” Said Jess. He was sitting behind a huge mahogany desk and scribbling something on a piece of paper. Trish waited expectantly until he stopped scribbling and looked up at her.

“Trish Parker.” He announced. “Welcome to the private offices of J&C Productions. He gestured around the office. “Sit, sit.” He commanded.

Trish sat down the chair opposite his desk. “What’s C stand for?” she asked. He was dressed in a tee shirt and slacks. He looked fatter than ever thought Trish to herself.

“Carlisle” said Jess. “Ben Carlisle, my partner. You will meet him shortly.” “But first we have to attire you suitably my dear.” He said pouring her a drink and handing it to her. “As delectable as you look in those black pants it is really not suitable if you expect to start working with us. We can’t have our stars dressing like this. It would spoil our image you see.” He completed.

“But I have nothing suitable. I have no expensive dresses and stuff Jess, I already told you.” She complained.

Jess rang a bell and said, “That is why we have stylists my dear.” “Finish your drink.”

The door opened and a tall shapely woman entered. She was dressed in a neat work suit of some silky fabric and wore an expensive scarf around her neck. She was ebony skinned and had beautiful brown hair and deep hazel eyes.

“You called Jess.” She said in a deep voice.

“This is Trish my dear, the new find.” He said gesturing to Trish. “As you can see we cannot have her walk about like that if she is to work for us. So see to it that you take care of her. I am expecting Ben at 3 o’clock, so be quick. You have half an hour.” “And Trish my dear” he said turning to Trish. “This is Anna, our stylist. She is skilled, you will find. Take her advice and be down here soon.” He dismissed both of them with a wave of his hand.

Trish gulped down the scotch. It burned her throat but she was grateful for it. She was so damn nervous.

“When is the other girl arriving?” Asked Anna as she paused at the door. “I thought Ben was to meet both girls at the same time.”

“She’ll be here tomorrow. Slight set back, nothing serious.” Answered Jess. “She is the same height and weight as Trish here, with the same lovely body. She has jet black hair and deep blue eyes. Mandy Clark. You’ll like her Anna.” He completed with a twinkle in his eye.

“Sounds lovely.” “Come Trish. Let’s get you a wardrobe.”

Trish followed the ebony skinned beauty down the hall and into a large suite. There were racks and racks of Göztepe Escort dresses all over the place. Sexy skimpy negligees, Evening gowns, Swimwear, Fantasy underwear etc, etc., Trish looked on in awe.

“I’ll need you to undress for me darling.” Said Anna in a very prominent southern accent.

Trish nodded and proceeded to strip out of her clothes. In a few seconds she stood stark naked in front of a strange woman. But she neither felt shy nor awkward. After all she had been a stripper and shyness was a virtue she did not possess.

“Nice.” Said Anna slowly walking around her and sizing her up. She walked over to a rack and started to pull out a few garments.

“I presume Jess has told you what to expect over the next couple of hours.” She said.

“Actually he has not. He just told me to come over and sign the contracts. I never even knew I was to meet this Carlisle person. I didn’t even know he existed until just now.”

“Oh Ben’s a hard nut to crack allright. I expect he instructed Jess not to tell you about him. He probably wants to surprise you that’s all. It’s not easy to just walk into a porn production unit and expect to sign up easily darling.” She continued. “You have been lucky. You were scouted by the best in the industry. You will be treated well as long as you work well.”

“I suppose I have to fuck this Ben guy.” Said Trish sounding a little annoyed.

Anna laughed. “You will enjoy Ben and his pleasures.” Was all that the information she would offer. She threw a collection of clothes on the bed for Trish. “Put these on” she commanded.

Trish picked up the lacy beige teddy. It consisted of a shelf bra and the panty part was crotchless. She slipped into it and felt it cling to her curves and hug her. Her pussy lips peeped out and glistened through the opening in the panty. The shelf bra pushed both her breasts together and formed a rather large cleavage. Her two mounds stood up, pushed up by the bra, with both nipples straight and sticking out invitingly. Next she pulled on the beige fish net stockings and slipped her feet into beautiful beige Dior pumps. The salmon pink dress that Anna had handed her was stunning. It was made of rich silk and ended modestly above her knees. There was a deep plunging neckline and quite a modest back. Having dressed, Trish surveyed herself in the mirror. With her lovely golden curls cascading about her shoulders she looked like an angel. Her breasts pushed out of her dress and Trish was sure they would fall out if she bent too low. Still, she looked damn sexy and classy.

“Ben will love you.” Said Anna. She was behind Trish now and both of them looked at each other’s reflection in the mirror. Anna raised her hands to Trish’s shoulders and gently stroked her arms.

“You look very lovely. See that you please him and I promise you, you won’t regret it.” Her hands brushed Trish’s breasts and reached out to cup them. Trish caught her breath as she watched the beautifully manicured ebony hands caress her mounds through the dress. As she watched, Anna’s fingers caught each nipple in her fingers and squeezed and pulled them gently till they stood out like little cocks through the thin satin of the dress.

“There! You are ready now.” She said stepping away. Trish recollected her breath. Anna had deliberately aroused her and now she was sending her off to this Ben guy. Trish looked at Anna and then followed her. One minute she was so warm and inviting and the next minute she was so businesslike. Trish just couldn’t understand her.

In the next couple of minutes she had been led to a dimly lit room and left all by herself. There was a huge four post bed right in the centre and white chiffon hung from all four corners. Trish could make out the bed linen was ivory satin. The rest of the room was dark except for the sprinkling of vanilla scented candles set in silver holders around the bed. There was a huge white leather couch in a dark corner of the room and Trish could make out the figure of a man sitting on it. She moved towards him.

“Stop where you are.” The voice was deep and husky and very, very sexy. He sounded mature and well bred thought Trish to herself.

“Ok.” Said Trish. She tried making out what he looked like but it was impossible. It was just too dark.

“You look lovely.” He complimented. “Jess wasn’t exaggerating I see.”

“Thank you. You must be Mr. Carlisle.”

“Yes I am.”

“Would you like me to remove my clothes?”

He laughed a deep rich laugh making her feel quite young and foolish.

“No Ms.Parker.” He said. “You know why you are here I presume.”

“I am required to sleep with you so that you can see if I’m worth taking into your movie unit.”

Again the laugh. “Is that what Anna told you?”


“Yes. What did she tell you before she brought you to me?”

“I am required to please you.”

“Don’t you think that is very different from sleeping with me Ms.Parker?” He asked.

“Well, yeah, I just thought I ..” Trish felt two sets of hands caress her arms and shoulders. She turned and saw Therese and another Göztepe Escort Bayan young oriental girl with shiny black hair. Both were naked and were stripping Trish slowly as they sensually rubbed their lithe bodies over hers.

“Don’t stop them Ms.Parker.” Said the voice. “Therese and Leah are very good. You will enjoy them.”

Trish moaned as she found herself being pleasured by the two women. Her dress was off and the small oriental was kneeling in front of her on her knees and licking her slit sensually. The Oriental’s pussy was displayed to the man on the couch. Therese was behind her kissing her neck as both her hands squeezed and taunting her nipples.

“Do you like them.” He asked.

“Oh yes.” Trish moaned.

“Describe what they are doing to you.”

“Therese is sucking my left nipple and her fingers are playing with the other.”

“And Leah?” He urged.

“She is bent on all fours showing her puss to you. Her tongue is licking my slit.” She moaned.

“Her vagina is free? What a shame.” Said the man. He clapped his hands and a young man entered. He was fully naked and built like a Greek God. Before Trish’s eyes the young man knelt behind Leah.

“What is Dave doing Ms.Parker?” asked the voice.

“He is rubbing his cock up and down Leah’s slit. Now he’s pushing his cock in her pussy.”

“Does she like it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah.” Moaned Trish. “Her body is quivering and she is fucking my hole with her tongue faster.” “His cock is sooooo big.” She cooed. “She must be having a nice time.”

“Would you like his penis in your vagina Ms.Parker?” He asked. “Would you like him to fuck you?”

“Ye….Yeah….” She struggled as Leah stabbed her clit with her tongue.

“What do you feel now Ms.Parker?”

“Th…Th…Therese…” She struggled. “Is sucking my nipples hard. It always brings me off.”

“Well, we won’t have that then.” He clapped his hands and all three young people stopped and waited for his orders.

“Let’s give Ms.Parker a show shall we?” he said.

Both girls smiled and made Trish sit on a couch directly in front of the mystery man so that they could both witness the scene before them without her seeing his face. Trish sat down on the comfortable white leather couch. She was breathing hard, and was completely aroused. Her pussy cream glistened like honey on her vulva. She drew in a sharp breath and instinctively dropped her hand to her pussy and massaged her clit as she witnessed the sight in front of her.

“Describe to me Ms.Parker.” The man urged.

“Both girls are on all fours.” She gasped.

“Describe their vagina’s for me.” He urged.

“Leah’s cunt is small and clean shaven. I can only see her pussy lips. They are delicate and very wet.” She moaned as she spoke. “Therese’s pussy is bigger, fuller and pink. Her clit is big and I can see it popping out from its hood. Her lips are spread like she has been fucked regularly.”

“Very good. What’s happening now?”

“Dave is rubbing his cock on Leah’s slit again. Ooohhh.” She moaned. “My pussy hurts.”

“Now he’s rubbing his cock on Therese’s slit, no wait, he’s pushing it in her hole, just the head.”

“Go on.”

“He’s withdrawn and is now shoving just the head of his prick into Leah’s tiny hole. He’s pulling out of Leah’s hole and is moving to Therese and is pushing deeper into her hole, now he’s doing the same to Leah. He’s pulled out again and is burying his prick in Therese’s cunt. He’s alternately fucking both girls.” She gasped as her fingers worked harder on her own clit. “I’ve never been so turned on in all my life.” She said breathing hard.

“What are you doing to yourself Ms.Parker?”

“I…I…I’m fingering myself.”

“Keep talking.”

“My finger is on my clit. I’m massaging it. My left hand is squeezing my nipple hard.” “Fuck! I love the pain.” She squirmed on the seat. “Dave’s cock in thrusting in and out of Leah’s pussy. She’s getting humped really well. I can see her pussy swallow his huge cock. Now his cock’s doing the same to Therese, but he’s fucking her really hard. I can see and hear his huge balls slap her arse.”

“Very good. Keep talking. I can see you’re enjoying this.” He clapped his hands and the three people in front of Trish stood up. The girls left to where the Ben was sitting well hidden from Trish’s view. She turned around as she felt Dave’s strong arms carry her to a table and prop her on top of it. She watched as the two girls were bent at Ben’s lap obviously sucking his cock. Five men entered the room, all stark naked with huge erections.

“You’re going to get you’re wish Ms.Parker.” He said. “Keep talking to me though. What are they doing to you?”

“Dave is rubbing his monster on my slit.” She screamed. “He’s…he….he’s er…um….rubbing my clit with his cock head. Aaahhhhh, ummmm” she cried. “He’s plunging his cock into my pussy and he’s fucking me.”


“I…I’m, on the table. The guys have formed a line behind Dave and they are all stroking their cocks. Are they all gonna fuck me?” She asked.

In answer to her question Dave moved Escort Göztepe away pulling his cock out of her pussy with a pop sound as another guy took his place at her hole. His cock pumped in harder and faster as Trish described it to Ben.

“His hands are on my waist.” She wailed. “He’s pulling me to his cock as he’s fucking me.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Ohhhhh Yeah.” She cried as the man pulled out and the third guy fucked away in her pussy.

She noticed that there was another girl in the room and as each guy left her pussy they went to the other girl and got blown by her then they came back to the line and waited their turn for Trish’s cunt.

“I can see Leah and Therese sucking your cock.” She said to Ben as the fourth guy hammered away at her pussy. He had practically lifted her off the table and was bouncing her on his cock hard and fast.

“They are very good.” He said his voice calm. “I hear you’re quite a good cock sucker yourself.”

“I love it umm…ahhhh.” She cried as the fifth cock entered her abused hole.

“I wanna suck your cock Ben. Please.” She begged.


“Because I have never been so turned on in all my life by any man. I wanna pleasure you.” She screamed.

“We’ll see.”

Dave had retaken his position at her puss and pumped away.

“I wanna cum.” “Make me cum Dave.” She begged to the man in cocking her hole. “My cunt’s on fire.”

Dave just grinned and pumped in furiously. He held onto her waist and shoved until he she could feel him build up inside her.

“Cum in me yeahhhhh” she cried as rope after rope of sticky white cum shot inside her pussy.

“Did Dave cum in you?” Asked Ben.

“Yeah, and now the second one is too.” She cried as she felt the second guy shoot his wad inside her pussy.

In no time Trish was full of three guy’s semen. It took the fourth guy 15 minutes to cum. Trish’s pussy began to throb with excitement as he lifted her and dropped her with such force onto his pole.

“I see you like Harvey the best.” Said Ben watching Trish cry as Harvey, the fourth guy fucked her. “A lot of the girls don’t like him. He hurt’s them.”

“Trish opened her eyes and looked at Harvey’s beautiful face. It was contorted in pleasure as he bobbed her on his dick. He was big, atleast 6 4”, and his cock was atleast 10 inches long and super thick. He could not enter her fully but bobbed her on atleast 9 of his 10 inches.

“He’s fucking amazing.” She said admiring the big beautiful guy fucking her. It was not long before he too came in her causing her deep pain as he tried to shove his prick fully in her. But she loved the feeling. The last guy came in two minutes leaving Trish hot and burning and stuffed with the seed of 5 young men. She had not cum yet and thrashed about as she was carried over to the bed. Semen trickled down her legs. She loved the feeling.

“Leave us.” She heard him say and a second later she was all alone in the room with the mystery man Ben.

“So Ms.Parker. You realize you have been fucking for the past 2 hours without cumming.” He said. “That had to do with the drink Jess gave you when you were in his office. I wanted you to cry for release.”

“Please fuck me Ben.” She begged. “You’ve had your fun, please have mercy on me.” Her hands were at her pussy as she furiously tried to bring herself off.

“I will.” He said as he lay down on top of her and kissed her lips gently. The kiss was sensuous and very long. She pulled him to her and felt his body, strong, muscular and naked on top of her. His cock was hard and pressed against her thigh. Her pussy quivered in anticipation. Dave had blindfolded her before he lay her on the bed so she still could not see what Ben looked like.

Ben continued to kiss her body, her neck and then her breasts.

“You have perfect breasts.” He complimented kissing them and licking the nipples with his tongue. Trish drew her breathe in sharply as his teeth grazed her nipples and bit them gently. His other hand tweaked her other nipple painfully.

“I know you like pain.” He said biting her harder and making her hold him closer to her tits. “Do you like what I’m doing to you.” He asked.

“Yes.” She groaned.

“Jess mentioned that you also loved fucking him.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Why? He’s not in the least bit attractive.”

“But he has a nice thick cock and I love the grossness involved in fucking a dirty old bastard like him.”

“You’re a slut Ms. Parker.”


“I love sluts.”

Ben licked and sucked Trish’s neck and trailed his tongue all over her ears and throat. He licked down her throat to her cleavage. She breathed heavily as he lifted one breast and licked under it, sucking on the soft flesh ever so gently. He licked and kissed each breast carefully avoiding the sensitive nipples. Trish moaned and trashed about on the bed. Her hands and feet were tied with soft silk material to the posts of the bed. She felt spread out and very vulnerable. The satin sheets felt cool and soothing under her fire hot body. Her lover continued to tease her breasts with his tongue. She gasped as she felt his fingers and thumb make contact with one of her nipples and twist it slightly. Both his hands were at her nipples now and he twisted and pulled and tugged on them. Bending his head over her body he licked first one nipple and then the other causing shivers from the girl under him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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