Truth or Dare

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The Girl

I check my watch, ten p.m., perfect. I pull my erotic novel from my knapsack and pull off my skimpy underwear getting ready. Its ten o’clock at night at the campus library and I’m sitting in the back section. After a gruesome game of truth or dare, I was dared to play with myself in the library at night and of course I would do it for fifty bucks! I’m not really a shy girl, but this is a little out of my league. Masturbating in public is a little intense, and the library is closed so I’m most likely going to be found by the librarian when he starts restocking and cleaning up.

I slide my hand down my stomach and my fingers rub circles over my inner thigh teasingly, I love the feel of being lightly tickled. I let my hand wander further inside my legs until I finally reach my target. My folds are dripping wet just thinking about the hot librarian catching me and punishing me. I let my fingers brush over my swollen nub and almost scream from the pleasure coursing through my body. My breathing hitches as a moan escapes my slightly parted wet lips. I throw my head back and bite my lip to hold back the moan in my throat. My fingers are wet, soaked in my juices and I lift my hand briefly to taste myself, my sweetness coating my tongue.

I slide my hand back down my body, slightly lifting my skirt to reach my juicy mound when I hear someone clearing their throat behind me. I know I’ve been caught, and I couldn’t be happier if this goes my way. I bring my hand up and stick two fingers in my mouth as I turn around and look at the person behind me, my eyes secretly lighting up.

“Excuse me Miss; do you need help with something?”

The sexy librarian’s eyes drop to my mouth that is still sucking on my juice covered fingers. I decide to play the innocent card and say, “Oh, I’m really sorry! I was just reading and got really into it.” Cue blush and the batting of my eyelashes. His face lights up mischievously and I know I’ve got him hooked. I’ve wanted this man for weeks, unable to draw up the courage to flat out tell him so and see where it goes.

He clears his throat, “That’s not the problem. I was actually wondering if you’d like a little help with your enjoyment.”

We both smile at each other, “I’d love some help, but will anyone see?”

“The library has been closed for fifteen minutes; no one should be here but us.”

Neither of us is aware of the guy watching our interaction, waiting for his opportunity to join in.

The Librarian

The library has been slow all week, finals are no where in sight so that means only a few dedicated students come in for the facilities. I’ve been sitting here since five p.m. doing what little homework I actually have, thankful for a job that allows me to do so, while slowly preparing to close up for the night. Shuffling around my desk, I hear what sounds illegal bahis like a woman in the throws of pleasure. My cock stiffens instantly, it’s been months since I’ve gotten some action and tonight’s looking promising as hell now.

I push the book return cart quietly over to a back bookshelf, searching for the owner of the delicious cock twitching sounds when I spotted a young girl with her legs spread wide and her hand hidden beneath her short skirt. My jaw dropped and I licked my lips, sniffing the air catching a hint of her scent. I internally groaned, “Fuck, I wonder if she needs some help with that. It’s much more fun with a partner.” I cleared my throat to draw her attention, and when she turned towards me with her fingers in her mouth, I almost came right there.

“Excuse me Miss; do you need help with something?”

I didn’t fully hear her made up response, I could see from the look in her eye that she had wanted to get caught by me. I shook my head and told her it wasn’t a problem that I only wanted to help her with her enjoyment. She nodded and asked innocently if anyone would see and I informed her that the library had closed and that no one else should be here.

I lick my lips and move to get between her spread legs under the table. God, she smells like candy! I lick her from slit to clit in one clean swipe, loving the taste of her juices as it coats my tongue. I gently suck her clit into my mouth and graze it with my teeth, making her squirm in the chair and grab a handful of my hair in her fist. I lick and suck her folds with such determination that I barely catch her speaking.

“Are you going to let me suck that thing or are you going to be stingy?”

Fuck yeah I’m going to let you suck it! I climb out from under the table and stand before her, unzipping my fly and letting my cock stand proud before her. She stares at my full eight inches, standing thick and dripping precum. She licks her lips and my cock twitches just from the sight. I watch as she slowly swallows my cock head, feeling her tongue swirl and flick at me. I feel her warm throat wrap around my entire length as I throw my head back, that’s when I noticed someone watching us.

College Student

I’ve been studying for this damn test since seven and I feel like I don’t know anymore than I did three hours ago. I can’t stop staring at the girl across the room; she’s got long brown hair that’s curly, big brown eyes, full lips and a huge chest. She’s gorgeous from what I can see sitting here. She keeps checking her watch like she’s waiting on someone or something, but when my clock read ten; she pulled out a book and, to my sheer amazement, started playing with herself! My cock sprang to life as I watched her throw her head back and moan softly, thrusting her chest out even further. I can see her nipples casino siteleri poking through her chest all the way from here!

I’ve never seen a pair that big in real life, and they look real too. I lick my lips and go to stand when I see the student librarian draw her attention. I can’t hear their conversation, but she looks excited and ready to play and by the bulge in his jeans, he’s ready too. I watch as the student librarian disappears under the table to lick that pretty little pussy. I stand up unnoticed and slip behind some bookshelves, trying to make my way closer to the show. I can’t help but stroke my cock through my pants as I get closer, hearing her moans become louder.

I watch the librarian stand and the girl sink to her knees. Her eyes got wide and she licked her lips, liking what she saw. I pull my cock out of my worn out jeans and stroke it. I hear the librarian’s groans as the girl sucks his cock down her throat, his head turns and he catches me watching. I wink and wave and he nods his approval. I put a finger up to my lips to signal him to be quiet and make my way towards the hot girl sucking his dick. I sneak my way up behind her and run my hand down her back to alert her to my presence.

“How about some company hun?”

She looks over her shoulder, looks at my thick cock and smiles nodding her approval. I lift her skirt to find no panties and I dip two fingers deep in her tight little pussy. I groan as her inner walls squeeze my fingers tight, my cock aching to be deep inside her stretching her around my thickness. I thrust my fingers in and out of her tightness, and then withdraw them completely. I watch her swallow the librarian’s cock while lining myself up with her tight hole; I give her no warning as I shove into her with one fast stroke hearing her moaning muffled by the cock in her mouth.

The Girl

I can’t help but suck this beautiful cock! Several veins line it like a roadmap while its thickness barely fits into my mouth. I feel a new set of hands on my back, rubbing me softly while I suck the librarian’s cock into my throat.

“How about some company hun?”

I pull the thick cock from my mouth and look back to the new guy, stroking his thick cock while waiting to play. I nod and start sucking the librarian’s cock back into my throat while the stranger pushes two fingers deep inside me. I moan sadly as the stranger takes his two fingers out of me leaving me empty, but moan in surprise and slight pain when he shoved his thick cock in me, my scream muffled by the librarian’s cock. I love big cocks and his fits tightly inside me; it feels so good to be stretched around him while sucking on another big cock. The man behind me thrusts into me hard, forcing me to swallow more of the librarian’s cock.

“That must have been a good book, you’re wet as hell.”

The poker siteleri stranger grunts out as he thrusts into me hard. I manage to pull the librarian from my mouth and look up at him, “I want you both in me. I’m so horny, please fuck me.”

The Librarian

The guy plowing into her forces her to take more of my cock each time, making my eyes roll back in my head. I almost came instantly when she asked for both of us to fuck her. We made our way to a small couch against the wall where I sat down first and pulled the long haired beauty onto my cock.

“Oh fuck you’re tight, damn you feel good baby.”

I barely managed to speak through my clenched teeth. Being in her tight sheath felt like heaven and a little bit of hell at the same time, her tight walls squeezed me almost too tightly as she sank down on my cock. I watch as her arms cross around her waist and lift her shirt off completely, exposing her big chest to me, my hands reaching up of their own accord to pinch the hard tips. I feel the other guy push into her ass and her tightness grips me once again and my head falls back onto the couch and my teeth clench together again. Her soft hands rest on my now naked chest as we both thrust into her, her big tits swaying with each thrust, teasing me as they move closer then further away.

I couldn’t take it anymore; I reached up and grabbed the large globes, tweaking the nipples as she rode our cocks. Leaning up, I took one nipple in my mouth and grazed it with my teeth, eliciting a throaty moan from the angel riding me, switching back and forth between nipples, biting and licking them, her muscles clenching down on me as she rocked her hips through her first orgasm of the night. The guy behind her pulled her long hair, essentially pulling her to him and kissed her, leaving her large chest for me to fondle yet again. I feel her walls start to squeeze me tighter as she cums yet again, taking me with her this time. I shoot my cum deep inside her as she grinds her hips into me, both of us groaning as I dig my fingers into her hips.

The girl falls forward into me as he starts ramming his cock into her, pulling her hair once again just to sink his teeth into her shoulder bringing another cry of pleasured pain from the beauty between us as he fills her tight ass with cum. The spent beauty collapses back onto my chest, only to lean up and kiss me deeply, our tongues fighting for dominance over the other. We break our kiss, only to both collapse, our breathing labored as she shakes blissfully with the remnants of her orgasm. I feel the other guy slip out as he slips away to gather all of our clothes, silently bringing them back to our couch as I softly stroke the girl’s back.

The Girl

I lay atop the librarian, his cock softening inside me as we both catch our breath. With our breathing back to normal, we slowly start to dress and ready to leave. I scribble down a short note to the librarian giving him my name and number. I give the cute stranger a kiss on the cheek before walking slowly out of the library thinking that I should play truth or dare more often.

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