Turnabout Therapy

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It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and he’d had no counseling appointments scheduled until the phone rang. A young woman’s voice, garbled from excessive crying told a tale of being so miserable she was thinking of doing herself in. He looked at the clock and saw that maybe, just maybe he should stay for this poor soul. So he told her to come right over and gave directions to his office. Then he called his wife to say he might not make it home in time for dinner since he had an emergency.

To be honest, he’d not had that much to do today at the office, and spent quite a bit of the time fondling his cock and watching porn. He loved seeing a big titted girl sucking on a man’s donkey dick before she got it shoved up her cunt. Carefully, he used the new software to erase all traces of his little hobby and prepared for his client.

A soft knock on the door indicated her arrival. He greeted her and found, not a disheveled, hysterical woman but rather a very sexily garbed woman in her twenties who winked at him. With great courtesy he led her to the sofa; looks, after all, could be deceiving. He sat down near her and asked her to tell her story.

As she spoke, dramatically describing a relationship wherein the other party was simply not interested in sex, he observed her body, positively brimming with carnality. She spoke of the entire year they had spent together and how frustrated she was. Her full, pouty lips were begging for something. He felt his cock come to life. No, no, this was inappropriate.

Before he knew it she was asking him what he thought of her. She had removed her jacket and was unbuttoning her blouse to show him her double D tits encased in the sheerest, lowest cut bra he’d ever seen. The tops of her areolas were showing. As she spoke, she pulled one of the melons out for him to see.

“Look at this” she said. “How does a normal man ignore this? And there are two of them!” His eyes grew wide at the ümraniye escort sight of such a perfect, smooth tit. Her areola must have been three inches across, and the long hard nipple in its center made his cock boing into stiffness.

“Uh, now why do you suppose your partner was ignoring your needs? he asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled out the other melon, crushing the two together. “Ooooooh, what I wouldn’t give for a good suck and a titfuck!” As he gaped, she juggled the melons in her hands, then let them go. They stuck out from her body like two balloons, enough to make any man crazy. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked each nipple before she stretched it out. Well, he thought he’d cream in his pants!

“As if this weren’t bad enough” she complained, he didn’t play with my pussy either. Slowly she removed her skirt and the tight bikini panties she was wearing. Oh god, he’d seen a bare pussy in the porn he watched, but never so close to him. With her legs together she had quite a delicious camel toe and he really wanted to lick it. Then she sat back on the sofa and spread her legs, filling the entire room with her pussy fragrance.

By now the man could barely breathe. Here was a living, breathing fuck slut sitting on the sofa with him. Not really knowing how to proceed in these unusual circumstances, he asked: “How, uh, would you like to help me?”

She crawled closer to him, eyes filled with lust and desire, and whispered: “Do what comes naturally. You’re a man; I’m a woman. You’ve got a cock and I’ve got a cunt.” It sounded so simple. He found his hands moving to grab her bobbing breasts as their tongues engaged in a lusty kiss. Her saliva was intoxicating. Lips not touching, their tongues slid together, licked and sucked. His fingers pawed, rubbed, caressed and kneaded her titflesh, then tugged on those thick long nipples. He could feel his cock trying to rip through his pants.

“Take pendik escort your clothes off – please” she enticed. He locked the door first. After all, it wouldn’t do for someone to rush in and disturb this afternoon delight. Quickly he stripped down, his huge, thick veiny cock now on display, bobbing and swinging as he walked back to the sofa. His big, full balls hung down low, so full of semen; he hadn’t had time this morning to get himself off.

She bade him lie on the sofa and she delicately lowered her aromatic pussy onto his face as her mouth opened to welcome his hard beanstalk. Her hot, wet mouth and slippery tongue on his cock was intoxicating. She was a cocksucking miracle he thought. Before he knew it her nose was on his belly, his cock having slid down her throat. He found his own lips and tongue devouring her delightful cunt, licking, biting and then chewing her labia. She tasted of heaven.

His cock relished the wild suck but quickly he arrived at the point of no return, and spewed his semen directly into her belly. She swallowed every drop, moaning and grunting as she did. As his long tongue reached deep into her cunt, she came with a gush of liquid, splashing his hungry face. There was no going back now. He had to fuck her or go mad.

Picking her light, but topheavy, body up, he sat in his chair with her impaled on his cock. She rode him well, her hot rhythmic cunt moving up and down as if to an invisible melody. Hungrily he suckled her as she rode. And then, with her still on his cock, he got up and sat on the floor. They faced each other, sitting, joined. They held hands. He asked her to lean back and then return to the sitting position. She did the same. They continued this back and forth motion that produced a most wonderful stimulation of their joined parts.

But now he saw the growing desire in her eyes. She needed to be taken, and taken hard. Moving her onto all fours, he bostancı escort saw her red, swollen vulva inviting him. Leaning over her back, he grabbed her titty orbs and stuffed his thick hard salami into her sheath. Each time he thrust, she bucked. Hot juices ran together. Then he changed more to a squatting position and inserted his donkey dick straight down, reaching very very deep, hitting her cervix, moving into that place which would stretch for him to fuck without hurting her. He rammed his aching, horny fucker home.

She wiggled her sweet round ass as he pounded her. The language that came out of her mouth was astonishing. She swore like a trucker, and that excited him further. He felt her squeeze her cunt and that drove his cock into overdrive. He wanted to make her cunt raw; he wanted her to know how big and hard he was, and how he could possess her deeper than any other man. As her grunts and utterings became more frequent, he heard her growl and say: “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” That pushed him over the top.

He stiffened and shuddered before releasing three or four thick ropes of cum into her hot snatch. He felt the contractions in her, and then a hot gush of liquid femcum as his cock continued pounding and shooting cum ropes. How much did he put in her? twelve? fifteen? twenty shots? Fuck! his balls were drained.

He went for some hand towels to help them clean up. She insisted on going into the bathroom with him, each cleaning the other off. When they were done, she examined his cock – it was still hard and throbbing. What a man! She knelt and wrapped her melons around it, moving them up and down, titfucking his enormous shaft, her hungry tongue licking its head. mmmmmmmmmmm. She loved huge hard cock and this man’s meat was magnificent in size and girth.

She heard him breathing hard again, and felt his balls. Damn! They still hung heavy, full of seed. She could tell he wanted to fuck again. And so did she. It had been a while since her cunt was ravaged. Back on the sofa they began to kiss and pet, like teenagers, working each other into a sexual frenzy. She could feel his semen slowly dripping out of her and thought she needed a second helping. . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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