Twelve Hours Pt. 09

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1:30 — 2:30

“We need more. Much more.” Alyssa was teasing her clit as she was saying this. I was behind her, my aching straining cock pressed against her ass, kissing her neck. Lily was behind me, kissing my neck, her tits rubbing my back.

“Do you mean yours, honeypot?” Lily asked, panted out, rather.

“Yeah. Your place is fab,” this was directed at me, “but it’s too small. We need mine.”

Turns out Alyssa was rather well-off. She lived in one of those large houses — mansions, rather — in Swanland with multiple rooms and huge gardens at the back. She also lived on her own. How and why was unknown to me at this point. I would actually find out in the weeks to come after tonight, but at present, I didn’t really much care. On the one hand, I didn’t really like the idea of 20 minutes away from their delightful saucy bodies, which is was the distance by car to get there, but I would agree to anything by now to get more pussy, so I went along with it.

* * *

At this time of night, it took actually a little under 15 minutes to get there without any cars on the road to slow down the progress. To be fair, it could have been more, but while Alyssa was driving, Lily and I spent the majority of the time on the back seat kissing, petting and fondling each other. Alyssa would enviously glance back at us from time to time. We didn’t really wear anything: leaving my house, we had just put on our shoes and coats to get us into the car. Once inside, it got quite warm quickly, so Lily and I could get naked again and frolic. Yes, of course, somebody could catch us, but we didn’t much care.

When Alyssa pulled into her driveway, it was obvious this house had a lot of promise. Very well kept: a well maintained garden with hedge sculptures and multi-colour flowerbeds. The Victorian house itself was a two-storey building with an impressive façade and large tall double doors. It felt like a historic house — either it was one or it was built like one. As the car stopped right in front of the door, the automatic iron gates behind us clang loudly.

We got out of the car. It was a cool November night with slight breeze, so it was rather cold. Alyssa fished out her key from her coat pocket and unlocked the door.

If the outside looked old-fashioned and historic, the inside was exact opposite. It was huge. We entered an enormous open space; the interior was cubical. It had a modernist feel. The roof was actually glass with some moonlight sweeping down through it towards us.

But we weren’t here to appreciate the architectural design. “This house — my house,” Alyssa turned to me once she’d shut the door behind us, “is designed with sex in mind.” Lily raised her eyebrows at me playfully. “Each room is to enhance your sex experience.” This sounded almost like a guide tour to Westminster Abbey. “And you, dirty insatiable man, will get to explore them all tonight.” That alone got my pulse going. “Shall we begin?”

We dropped our coats right there at the door and were all stark naked again. We proceeded to stop number 1.

* * *

The first door to the left led to a very large spacious room, first covered in darkness. It was only when Lily switched on the light that I could see what this was. It was a large heated pool.

Oh my — this was going to be glamorous. The pool’s water was glimmering gently in the light of the overhead lighting system. “Whoa!” I couldn’t help but express my enthusiasm. The pool was large — rectangular, at least 10 metres long and 5 metres wide. There were sets of cushions pepper all around it as well as large lounging chairs. There was little doubt as to what these had been set up for. The temperature was quite warm here; very conducive to what we all had in mind.

I only didn’t know of what would happen after what. Apparently, though, Alyssa had already figured everything. “You sit over there!” she commanded, pointing me to one of the lounging chairs and she immediately kissed her friend passionately.

Stage 1

Alyssa was in the water first, descending down the ladder. In the water, of clearly comfortable temperature, she faced me and Lily. She weighed her tits in the water. The water level was just at the level of her nipples, making her look even hotter somehow. “Come on then!” she beamed to Lily, and swam to the other side of the pool. Then, she lifted herself up. Easily aroused by the sight of the water dripping off her young tight ass, I watched as she settled herself on the side of the pool, on her side. Locks of her hair, now wet after the swim, went across her tits. She lifted her leg, exposing her yummy sweet pussy to us and was now stroking her other leg with the toes of her raised foot. She knew how to turn on me, sure, but it was beyond any doubt it was working on Lily.

Lily was now in the water. Their gazes locked in on each other as she walked rather than swam across the pool towards Alyssa. By the time she got the other end, the tension had built up. Standing in the water, she raised her head; Alyssa change the position to kiss her. Passionate, deep kiss. Within seconds, Lily’s hand snaked akkent escort over to her friend’s pussy. The pussies still being raw from the fucking less than half an hour before, Alyssa’s reaction was quick and intense: moaning loudly into Lily’s mouth. It only served to spur Lisa to rub her clit harder.

In mere seconds, Alyssa was wanting, greedy for kisses and pleasure, like a little kid begging for a new toy. And hell, she was getting it. She sat down on the edge of the pool, spreading her legs for Lily’s hungry mouth. The pool was designed perfectly for height: Lily’s mouth was on precisely the same level as her friend’s pussy lips. Alyssa slipped one leg inside the water and raised the other onto the poolside. She was panting heavily. With her eyes shut and lips parted, she looked fragile and vulnerable, at Lily’s mercy.

Lily knew how to get her going. She placed two fingers across her clit when she started licking her. The instant reaction followed — a loud moan coupled with the tossing of her head; so hot that I instantly grabbed my cock at the sight of this. Alyssa raised her legs up now, slowly, in a seeming attempt to somehow get even more pleasure from doing that. Lily now glued to A’s pussy lips, rubbing her clit hard, was an expert. Her friend was looking down moaning as if begging for mercy. She was panting hard, puffing out air.

“Me.” Lisa looked up at her. Recollecting some control, Alyssa nodded vigorously and they changed now. Alyssa stood now in the water and Lily sprawled herself on the edge of the pool. In largely horizontal position, she spread her thighs, one leg massaging Alyssa’s back. Alyssa was keen on reciprocating what she had just received.

She sucked hard from the get-go. There was no prelude. She leeched onto Lily’s pussy putting her tongue in strong vibration. “Fuck, yes, yes, yes!” came instantly back from Lily. She screamed, yelled in a hoarse voice. She gritted her teeth as Alyssa was feeding on her pussy without mercy. The more she yelled, the more Alyssa feasted on her. Pressing her lips and tongue hard, I’d say viciously into her, she only needed to vibrate her head in the sideways left-right direction to produce completely overwhelming sensations in Lily. Her high-pitched submissive moans were the perfect proof of that. Her both legs were visibly shaking now, and I could only watch this, jerking my cock off. Alyssa kept going, holding the other bitch’s hips in place, licking methodically and with ferocity. Lily’s entire feeling was focused on her pussy now and she was yelling. “Oh fucking God, I am gonna come!” — there was little doubt of that.

Alyssa kept going: this was practically a brutal and rough pussy sucking. When Lily’s hips starting thrashing, she broke contact for just a moment to order Lily about, “Oh no you don’t, you little slut!” (I almost came by just hearing that.) before she finished the job sticking her tongue inside Lily as far as it went. This ensured Lily collapsed in a little heap.

Then, almost instantly, she switched to gentle, soft kisses all over her pussy and thighs, allowing Lily to recover. Lily was now laughing, completely satisfied.

Alyssa still needed being serviced, of course. Soon, she was lying on her stomach — supporting herself on the poolside on the floor, her ass was going over the edge and her legs were going into the water. They wouldn’t reach far enough for her to actually be able to stand, but Lily was in the water, facing her ass, holding her up.

In this position, she first dug in between Alyssa’s ass cheeks sucking her clit. Alyssa didn’t need much. Looking like a siren in this position, she quickly reacted to Lily’s lips and tongue on her pussy with hoarse satisfied laughing. What really did it, though, was Lily’s hand rubbing her clit and fingering her. She easily found the best spot and pressed hard in circular motion. Alyssa dug her fingernails into the floorboards, her mouth gaping. Taking complete control now, Lily pulled her hair into her other hand, holding her head by the hair — this was so fucking enthralling; it would be the kind of thing I would automatically do if I was fucking her from behind. Jerking myself off, I slipped my finger in my mouth, licking off the cum.

Lily now, holding her by the hair as if to say, “Don’t you escape, you little bitch!”, had her in full control. Pumping her with two fingers and using the others to rub her clit, she had Alyssa essentially try to crawl away and moan with fully open mouth. I just wanted to come around and stick my dick in that mouth! Alyssa’s large wet ass was a sight to behold, too, but what was the most amazing was Lily’s thrust fingers: this was a rhythmical and ruthless action, like a drill into hole in a wall. Looking down between the ass, her enjoyment of being in control was obvious. Alyssa raised herself slightly, showing off to me her now rock-hard erect nipples. Since Lily held her hair like a leash, that’s the only movement she could do.

Lily, driven by the smell of sex so close to her, grabbed Alyssa’s thighs and now sucked on her clit and lapped akkent escort bayan out the juice. “Oh don’t stop!” Alyssa regained her verbal abilities for a few seconds. The strong licks were now taking her over the edge towards cumming. She was no longer “fighting” to get away; she gave up, collapsed on the floor, waiting for the ecstasy to overwhelm her.

When it did, she let out a roar, grabbing her tits hard and pushing her ass tighter against her friend’s lips.

Now, you would think that this would be it for the moment, but females are bloody multi-orgasmic, aren’t they? So they were nowhere near finished!

Well, Lily wasn’t finished with her. What would follow over the next two minutes was more animalistic than I could have possibly imagined.

Lily got her to kneel, with her legs spread wide. Then, without much further ado, she stuck two fingers up her pussy. Sucking on her neck and earlobes, she now began working on her. Lily has long fingers and they easily went deep. Alyssa was already quite ‘shattered’ if you will so any more sensations were producing extreme reactions. This was savage — two fingers pumping hard at first, already producing shouts. Alyssa’s entire body was trembling and her arms were flailing about wildly. Lily had no pity on her. She kept her fingers inside her and now added a sideways motion adding vibration to the entire groin area. “Fuck! FUCK!” yelled her victim, pushing her arms up; one of her tits was now easily sucked on by Lily, too. “Fuck! FUCK!” become now extremely high-pitched as if imploring her to stop, but actually wanting more. She put her hand on top of Lily’s and now went into incomprehensible shouts. If you recorded her voice right now and played to someone outside of context, you could think she was being physically tortured. But she loved it, of course.

To finish, Lily pushed her down to the floor to sit down. She sat behind her, put her hand around her head and grabbed some of her hair, and kept those legs wide open. All this time she kept her fingers inside Alyssa’s pussy. This was a picture of a sex slave — a mixture of violence and pleasure.

The next minute was Lily’s finger fiercely ramming into the other’s pussy. “Oh my God!” followed swiftly. “Put your hand here” she pushed Alyssa’s hand on her clit, so she could just pump her. Alyssa now went into overdrive, looking like she was experiencing several orgasms at the same time. “You fucking cunt!” she roared out before wheezing out spit out of her mouth, now her hips fucking Lily’s fingers. She was now squeezing her tits, writhing and convulsing, she let out a loud guttural roar that echoed against the walls of the room.

She came as Lily, now also out of control, was slapping her tits. I held my hands up high not to come yet as this was a fuck-fest off the charts.

The idea that I would be fucking one or two of them some more within the next few minutes sounded improbably, but these two were completely insatiable. Sex goddesses.

Stage 2

“You’re not just gonna sit there, are you?” Lisa let Alyssa recover next to the pool and left her there. She was back in the pool and her index finger was wagging at me.

She walked slowly to the middle of the pool. I slipped in and joined her. Her erect nipples looked insanely hot being washed over by the warm water. We kissed in the centre of the pool first. It was a passionate kiss, but not as deranged as the things she had just finished doing to Alyssa.

She pushed me now back towards one of the metal ladders going into the pool. I stood up on one of the steps and secured myself by holding the rails; just high enough for my cock to emerge for the water. Rigid and hard, it swayed tantalisingly for her. She bit her lips and licked them in anticipation.

Next second, she was all over it. She moaned onto it as it filled her mouth. Immediately, I was reminded of how wonderful her mouth felt around it. In a stark contrast to the insanity of the sex I had just watched, she started gentle and slow, letting the cock fill her mouth almost lazily. She focused on the head, though, which she knew was my most sensitive spot. I closed my eyes submitting to the sensations of the wet fire. The gentle sounds of water added to the slow build-up of tension and pleasure. She was beginning to take it in faster now, having found the rhythm and the right angle. My rigid girth would slip inside her mouth where she would apply pressure against — pressing it against her cheeks and lashing her tongue against it. Synchronised with her fingers wrapped around it, giving it a handjob, she was driving me crazy already.

Crazy enough to want her pussy, and soon. I pulled her arms towards me and pointed to the swimming pool ladder. We swapped places: now, it was me in the water and she standing on the ladder, but facing away from me. When she held on to the ladder’s railings and got comfortable, I began:

Her heavy, juicy pussy was too intoxicating and too inviting. In this position, her ass looked enormous (this means hot in a man’s world), probably larger escort akkent than it really was. I placed my hands on her buttocks and stuck my tongue out to lick the pussy. I was rewarded in seconds with appreciative moans. I gave her long licks — from the clit to her asshole and back, again and again. Her hands grasped the railings tight. I loved that young, tasty pussy. From across the pool, I heard Alyssa’s muttering, coming back to life just now. “Nice,” she remarked. Rather silly, I think we both thought, this was rather obvious.

“Come on, babe,” Lily panted, turning towards me. “Let’s give her a show.”

At this, I stopped licking her out. “Ride me?” I said.


She stepped out onto the floor and I followed her. I found a set of cushions and lied down. Stroking my cock in anticipation, I looked up at her as she was walking towards me. Actually, I was not looking at her, only at her sexy body: her clean-shaven pussy I was about to enter, her hard-nippled tits and water dripping off that sexy figure. I just wanted her around my cock, that’s all.

She did not plan to disappoint me. In a clear rush, with a wide grin of satisfaction, she straddled me to become a rider. Then, confidently, she reached down, located my cock and placed it inside her. Tight heatwave surrounded me. I did not need to do anything — she controlled the movements. Her ass landed down time and again, allowing for superbly deep thrusts of my cock inside her. I placed my hands on her firm butt, hoping to add to the heat. Groaning and grunting, she leaned forward and down; her tits grazing against my chest. She put her ass into a circular motion around my cock — this was heavenly maddening, adding to the friction, ensuring my dick explored all her nooks and crannies inside.

She rose back into the rider’s position. I grabbed her hips, trying to help her get impaled deeper. The view of her from my lying down position was beyond wild: her swaying tits with hard, thick nipples and then her moaning face as she bounced on my cock. I grabbed her tits now, cupping them and squeezing them hard. Firm and springy, their best feature was the nipples: from my angle, these looked abnormally large, filled with blood to the brim.

We didn’t quite know this, during the time when we were giving ourselves to these Casanovian pleasures, Alyssa was walking around the pool. Now, she was watching from up close, sitting just two metres away, rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits.

We only noticed her, but largely blanked her, when we changed position. Lily wanted some submission now after being in control of the fucking for the last couple of minutes. She was now on her all fours in front of me, me kneeling behind her. She lowered her head and lied down supporting herself on her elbows, pushing her ass higher up. Doggystyle always featured very high in my ranking of sex positions. Something about a woman waiting to be fucked and the animal-like abandon. I did not plan to spare her.

The hard cock went in easily; she felt even tighter in this position and it was easy to go deeper. I groaned loudly at the barrage of sensations around my cock. There are very few other views better than seeing your dick disappear in a gaping hole of a twenty-something nubile and a pair of sexy firm butt cheeks. From above, her butthole added to this drool-worthy experience. I grabbed that butt and her own hand landed on mine — the feeling of being rammed was difficult to bear for her as evidenced by the continuous moaning.

She was sprawled in front of me — ass in the air, but rest of the body on the cushions, crawling, submitting to the force of my thrusts. The feeling of being in control was as drugging as the sensation of her hot insides pulsating against me. My thrusts were now forceful, brutal and regular. My balls slapped against her. She was entirely at my mercy now.

It was when she lied down on her back, raised up her leg and I resumed thrusting in this simple position that we took this to the next level. Here, because she was on her back, she had easy access to her clit, which she rubbed instantly. This immediately moved her so much closer to cumming — that’s what we wanted; to get her to cum quickly. Whilst fucking her, I sucked on one of her tits. Those nipples could have been as well been made of granite — engorged, rock-hard. Her constant unending moaning just now and the wetness of her hole made me a wild animal, in control of his slave. I slapped her tits hard, again and again. “Harder!” she shrieked, emboldening me. I landed more slaps, each one getting her closer and closer to cumming.

She yelped when she came, pinching her nipples involuntarily. She arched her back, succumbing to the spasms of ecstasy yet another time that night.

Stage 3

I got barely any respite. Alyssa was next in line. Sitting on one of the lounging chairs, she beckoned me seductively. Discarding Lisa, I moved over. She wanted my lips over her tits first. Lisa was gorgeously angelic by comparison to her friend, but Alyssa’s tits were to die for: sizeable, firm, suckability rating 10 out of 10. When my lips attached themselves to her tit, she welcomed me with a squeal and pushing it deeper into my mouth. Pulling more of her flesh inside my mouth, I slipped my hand to feel her clit and pussy lips. She laughed seductively. I sped up my clit rubbing and slipped in two fingers inside. There was a river of wet in there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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