Twenty Years Later Pt. 01

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Twenty years ago, my ex- Shelley and her friend Nancy spent the weekend together.

We saw her once afterward, at her wedding, when her husband passed out and she invited us up to the wedding suite. Shelly was game, but I declined. I felt guilty that we’d somehow jinx their marriage, and then our paths diverged, and we all never saw each other again.

Shelley and I went on, had a child, and drifted apart.

I lived as a single dad, and then met Gail and remarried.

We had our own adventures.

And then Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook.

Shelley and I were friends, so we could share pictures of our child.

And one day, a friend request popped up from Nancy. She’d had children and settled in Atlanta, and worked corporate sales across the Southeast.

We’d shared kid pictures and “how are you’s” and I’d always been reluctant to bring up the fact that I had always thought about the image of her juices dripping down her leg when Shelley and I first undressed her, and how hard thinking about that made me. I remembered what I’d written about it…

“Nancy leaned over and kissed Shelley, and then turned and kissed me open-mouthed. I sat up and looked at Shelley, who nodded yes to me, as Nancy watched. Nancy rose to her knees on the bed, and the three of us pulled down her running shorts.

Her bush was small with short rust red hair, and running the length of her leg was a line of her vaginal juice. That’s an image that I keep and cherish as one of the most erotic of my life. Just her thigh, her bush, and the trail of juice running down to her knee.

My erection was suddenly painfully hard. Shelley reached up and ran her fingers through Nancy’s juices and licked them as Nancy turned, opened Shelley’s pants and pulled down her shorts. Shelley had bushy black public hair, and her labia and clit – always prominent – were bright red and swollen with arousal. Nancy reached down and ran her fingers up her labia and brought them glistening to her own mouth.”

And a few years went by, and one day I mentioned on FB that I was going to Miami.

And Nancy messaged me – “Want to grab a drink? I’ll be there too!”

I’ll admit that I had some thoughts about that.

And I shared them with Gail, who made me promise to tell her all about it.

So we met in Miami, and went to Broken Shaker, and had a few drinks. She had a mop of red hair and her face was a bit harder and lined – but she still flashed a magnetic grin when she smiled – which was often as we spoke.

And we talked about everything – except the one thing I really, really wanted to talk about. I didn’t know how to break the ice and bring it up, and so we finished, and I walked her to the corner where she was going to grab her Uber. She hadn’t given any hint or opening and so I didn’t want to be an ass and just say “Want to come to my hotel and fuck?” – as much as I wanted to.

So her Uber pulled up and she turned to me, gave me a quick kiss and then stepped away, thrust her pelvis and said “Don’t you just want _sex_ some nights?” And then she turned, got into the car and drive Acıbadem Escort away.

My mind melted, and I was laughing and yelling at myself for not making the move and asking.

Eight months went by. On Facebook, Nancy went on an exercise binge.

Twenty years ago, I’d described her as “a slender woman’s top on top of a larger woman’s hips, rear and legs.” All of her was larger now, but she was still unmistakeably herself. After all, I wasn’t skinny any more myself. I was pretty fit for a guy my age – but I was a lot fitter twenty years ago.

Then I had to go to Charleston. This time I pinged Nancy on FB and told her. “Any chance we could meet up?” I asked.

“That sounds great!” she replied.

I told Gail, and we spent nights fantasizing about what it would be like as I fucked Nancy.

And then I got on the plane.

SF to Atlanta to Charleston. I got in about 2, and my meeting was at noon the next day, then the following morning – so I planned to be in town for 3 nights.

In Atlanta, I had a FB message from Nancy – “what hotel are you at??”

I told her I’d be at the Mills House; arriving about 3.

“See you there!!” she replied.

I pulled up in my rental and let the car with the valet as I grabbed my bag.

Didn’t see her in the lobby, so checked in and dropped my bag in the room.

Sent a message “I’ll be in the bar.”

She replied “Already there! Let me finish my drink and come up?”

I stopped for a second – after all, this is what I was here for – “Sure! I’m in 805”

Opened my bag and washed my face and brushed my teeth and there was a knock on the door.

I opened it and she was through and into my arms, and we were kissing; I thought she’d kiss my teeth out, she was pressing into me so hard. I reached behind her and closed the door.

I reached down and cupped her ass through her jeans and wow! For a fifty-year old lady, she had firm cheeks.

I stepped back and held her at arm’s length.

“Damn, girl – you have been working out!” She did look good. I’d described her twenty years ago as “a small woman’s top with a narrow waist connecting to a larger woman’s hips and legs.” When we met in Miami, she’d been a medium sized woman on a larger woman’s hips and legs.

Looking at her now, it was like looking at a fitter version of her twenty years ago – slim upper body tight waist, slightly larger hips and muscular legs.

She checked me out as well. I’m still the average American guy – mid 50’s style; a slight dad bod, but still defined, a bit more muscle on arms and legs than I’d had twenty years ago, a sprinkling of grey. Both of our faces had some creases where we smiled or frowned.

She smiled an evil grin and replied “Well, I intend to fully use my cardio over the next few days.”

She reached down and ran her hand over my pants and felt my cock hardening down my leg.

“Aw, that feels uncomfortable. Let’s take care of that.”

She undid my belt and pants, unzipped me and reached in and took me in her hand.

Her hands were warm and her grip just a little bit too hard Acıbadem Escort Bayan – which made it incredibly exciting.

I undid her belt and unzipped her and reached down the front of her jeans past the fine hear and suddenly my fingers were drenched in warm slipperiness.

“You’re still so damn wet.”

“It’s been a while since someone’s turned me on,” she replied “twenty years or so.” I meant to ask her about that.

I stripped her pants and underwear down around her shoes. She kicked one shoe off then the other and stepped out of her pants. Her legs were pale, toned and smooth, with prominent thigh muscles. Her shirt tail just covered the top of her small reddish bush, and the inside of her thighs glistened. I ran my finger between her legs, high on her thighs, and then pulled it to mouth and tasted it. Sweet, just a hint of musk. I was lost in memory for a second.

I kicked my shoes and socks off and she stripped my pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

We fell back onto the bed, and she straddled my hips with her knees and lifted herself and slipped her opening over the head of my erection. Her inner thighs were slippery and wet and I felt a drop of her wetness run down my cock.

She held herself there, with just the head inside her, and then she slowly, slowly lowered herself down onto me. I fought to keep from driving myself up into her, and bottomed in her pussy just as her opening wrapped around the base of my cock and we both let out strained breaths.

I gasped a few times, then reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. She was wearing a light bra, and I slipped it up to free her breasts.

They were softer, and drooped slightly now, and where I remembered her nipples as little red buds with no aureoles, now there was a tiny ring of dark pink around each of them. I sat up and took one in my mouth and licked it gently. She sighed and closed her eyes and rocked her pelvis back and forth moving me inside her.

I tilted myself to drive into her just a little more, and suddenly felt the firm lump of her cervix at the head of my cock and she let out a little cry and started grinding against me. I started pulling back and driving in, and feeling the incredibly slippery walls sliding back and forth and I moved halfway in and out of her, hearing the amazingly arousing liquid sounds we were making, and then she pushed me down onto the bed with her hands and said “Stop. Wait.” And we both breathed had as I felt my hardness buried in her slippery wetness.

She stripped off her shirt and pulled her bra off over her head. Then as I sat up a bit, she pulled my shirt off and then lay herself against me. We were both just slightly sticky with sweat and I smelled her body, tangy with just the little exertion we’d had so far.

I ran my hands up and down, from her shoulders to the tops of her thighs, and felt how strong she was. Then I ran them up the inside of her thighs, along where our flesh joined to the sopping join between her pussy and the base of my cock. As I did, she spread her knees and opened herself wider Escort Acıbadem and I pushed in the final quarter-inch and rested with her hard slippery cervix against the top of my cockhead.

She kissed me and I felt her breathing hard; I slid my tongue between her lips and she bit it softly, then let go and sat up, laughing.

“I’ve thought about this – about having you inside me again – maybe once a week for twenty years. What’s that? A thousand times. So far – not a disappointment.”

“I’ve thought about it just as much. And no, not a disappointment at all. That was one of the best weekends of my life, and tonight looks like it’s going to measure up.”

“Oh?” She looked down at me. Then she slowly rocked her hips over me, sliding me back and forth inside her. “Measure up?” My eyes rolled back.

I came back to myself and grabbed her hips. “Yes, measure up.” And I picked her up slightly and slammed her down and I drove my hips up and my cock deeper into her.

“Measure…” and I slammed up into her again and again, hearing the squelching of her wetness around me and feeling my tip push up against her cervix “…up…” and we both started driving into each other, gasping and sweating losing track of time and I watched her breasts wobble up and down and slowly redden until her chest and neck were completely flushed and then her thighs were spasming and I felt her pussy throb against my cock and then I was lifting her off the bed, feeling myself spurt deep into her again and again and then gasping as I lost my strength and she lay limp on me and we both panted and tried to catch our breath.

She nestled her head down into my shoulder and nibbled. I nuzzled her neck and kissed the hollow gently.

“So that was nice,” I said.

She lifted herself and looked down at me. “As an appetizer, maybe…” She tightened her pussy against my half-hard cock and I felt it throb and knew I’d be able to do it again soon. I had some Cialis in my pillbox, so later tonight might work out as well.

“So…” I started. “Maybe some stuff we should talk about?”

She looked down at me, still clenching and relaxing around me. “About?”

“Well, I was going to tell you I’ve been tested since the last time I had sex with anyone but my wife.”

“And how recently was that?” She asked.

“Ummmm, maybe a year ago?”

“Do tell.”

“Later on.”

She smiled. “I was tested after the last time I had sex with anyone but my husband. Twenty years ago. At your house.”

“Seriously? Not with anyone else?”

“No, and barely with him. He drinks and can’t get it up.”

“He has a tongue,” I replied. She rolled her eyes.

“No, we have separate rooms. But I still have that vibrator…”

“Oh, damn…I remember that.”

“I should have brought it.”

“I’m here for two more nights. How late can you stay tonight?”

She made a face. “Ought to be home by 2 or 3. In the morning. So we’ve got time. Does it bother you to cheat on your wife?”

“She doesn’t see it as cheating. She knows.”

“Does she? Do tell. Everything.”

“Later. I’m feeling other priorities right now.”

I pulled her down toward me, and licked a nipple, the switched over and licked the other. She tasted sweaty and slightly musky. She tasted arousing.

I hooked my leg over hers and rolled over with her.

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