Two Glasses of Wine

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Several weeks had passed since she had her wild sexual encounter with her boyfriend in the shower, though the remnants of the raw energy shared that night between them still lingered.

She could not help but at times be sitting behind her desk, leaning back in her chair and away from the notes she was supposed to be reviewing or the patient she was supposed to be listening to and allow her mind to recreate that night.

Every moment of it.

A silent plea for more would snap her back into reality as she took the small turn and escaped the confines of the urban city in which she worked and made her way up the road to her home. Her thoughts had been wild lately, and she could not wait to see him tonight. They had spent the entire weekend together, though she did not see him the next – the price he paid to finagle his way free to surprise her.

She was unsure of what to expect, other than he told her to be ready at 8 o’clock with a bottle of wine, some of her more risque lingerie on, and an open mind. The last part was what had caught her attention. She chewed on that for a while, and still had no idea as to what he planned. They had both exchanged different fantasies and ideas they found to be erotic, but for the most part neither of them ever planned to follow through on any.

At least she didn’t think so.

Sure, they had experimented with positions, role-play, some light teasing and typing up. She had even a few times enjoyed having anal sex with him, but nothing too naughty. Nothing too deviant. Their minds had ferried across much more perverse rivers, though, and they both enjoyed talking dirty. Not always, as she was a bit of a hopeless romantic and he was quite sensitive to that, but at times she liked it dirty.

And so did he.

She pulled her car into the driveway, opened the garage door, and parked. She got out of the car, and was halfway into the house when she realized she had left something on the back seat. Quickly she retrieved the bag from Victoria’s Secret, and the precious contents inside of it, and entered her comfortable abode.

Checking the clock on the wall in the den revealed that she still had almost three hours to go before he would be home.

She wasn’t sure what she would do. She wasn’t hungry, and he said not to eat, that he would satiate her every thirst when he arrived. The thought appealed to her greatly, and she opened a cabinet in the dining room and pulled out two unused candles. She set them each in a brass candleholder, and placed them opposite of each other on the table. She had left two wine glasses out before she had left for work that morning.

She stood in the middle of the room, bag still in hand and purse resting on a chair, and she quietly hummed some random rhythmic tune to herself. Going anywhere near her bathroom was out of the question, as she would be so aroused she wouldn’t be able to help herself, and she desperately wanted to wait for his touch, and his alone. This wait was going to be torturous!

Ah sweet torture. Sweet torture indeed..

Attempting to rid herself of the giddy anticipation she had, as a child has on the eve of Christmas, she sat down at her computer, and flipped it on. Tapping her fingers, she awaited the slow process of the machine booting up. Finally, that lovely ding of Windows loading signified she would be able to find some solace.

Two clicks on the only icon on her desktop of significance, and she was playing solitaire.

About 15 minutes of frustration and several promises of, “I will never play this game again,” she was interrupted by a familiar vibration. She pulled her cell phone from her waistband, and glanced at the ID. She frowned, but answered it anyone. It was her assistant, and she assumed she was about to be bugged by work. However, that was not the case.

Mild chit chat ensued, and she was invited to go out to a pool party.

Not exactly the most extroverted person, she politely declined, and stated she and her boyfriend had plans. Her assistant urged on, and asked her to invite him along, after all, everyone adores him. She again said no thanks, but once more her assistant pressed on. Finally, she just figured she would be honest. While she was quite good looking in her own right, she never really much cared for her body – you know, everyone is their own worst critic – and she said she didn’t even own a bathing suit nor would she let anyone from work dare catch her in one if she did!

Politely, her assistant related she was an extremely beautiful woman, which in turn made her blush, but said she didn’t know what she was missing, and they got off the phone.

Ignoring the strange call, she returned to her game of solitaire, attempting once more to let time fade from her thoughts, and focus on the task at hand. She was not successful. Far from it, as her eyes drifted to the bag and the items she had picked up after work.

With his open mind suggestion in hand, she decided she would surprise antep escort him with some things he had mentioned he really enjoyed. Indulging him wasn’t always the wisest thing to do, however, as his charm and undeniably cute disposition got his way with her far too often as it was, but he was worth it she decided. For now at least, she laughed.

With one quick motion she scooped up the bag and walked into her bedroom and opened her closet door revealing a full length mirror.

She poured the contents of the bag onto her bed, and sifted through the meager garments. Amazing how such little fabric and skimpy items can cost so much, she thought to herself. He better be happy, as the look on his face when he saw her in this now carried with it a hefty price tag. She chuckled, and decided she would take a quick shower anyway, but this time she would call his office to see where he was.

No surprises this time.

He was in a meeting, she was told, but that was good enough for her, and she disrobed and got into the shower. The cool water was refreshing and really woke her out of her daydreaming stupor. She took care of her hair and scrubbed her body, and no sooner did she step out of the tub and place a towel around her torso and head did her phone ring. She quickly made her way into the bedroom and scooped it up.

“Looking for me, are you?” said the cheerful voice on the other end of the receiver.

“Yeah, well, I have to keep tabs on you these days, see what you have done to me? I just got out the shower. I miss you.” she said, trying not to sound too excited about the night ahead and the night they had recently shared.

His laugh was clean and sincere, “You know you like it, you can’t plan for everything, though Lord knows you try to. So hey, do you have everything for tonight? It’s going to be great, I think you’re going to love it.”

“Yes, and I have a surprise for you, and I didn’t even plan it! Oh, and we got invited to a pool party by my assistant, but I turned her down, though I think she has a crush on you.” she related.

“Aw man, I don’t get to see her in a bikini?” he replied, thought she expected some sort of comment like that from him, she knew him too well.

“You’re all mine, don’t forget that. I don’t share! You’ll have to check her cute butt some other time.” she said flatly. She could hear the traffic in the background, so he must be driving.

“Oh she has a cute butt does she? You have been looking? Oh, hey, I have to go pick up a present for you, I’ll be there at eight sharp, be ready okay, open mind, remember! We’re going to play. Love you!” and with that he hung up the phone.

Her smile was wide, and he always did have a way of cheering her up, even though he teased her half the time about herself. Perhaps she was a bit possessive, but she had finally found a great guy, and she wasn’t about to let that go. She dried off and her eyes once again returned to the lingerie.

Only an hour to go and he was in for a present of his own.

Her eyes once more trained on the mirror in her bedroom, though this time there would be no interruptions.

She had dried her hair and was now smelling quite fragrant with her favorite scented perfume on, one he had given her for Christmas. She only wore it for special occasions, as it was hard to find and he had gone to great lengths to secure it for her. She didn’t often wear perfume, especially not around him.

She took too much enjoyment in the his manly smell. The aroma of such strength mingled with a sensitive and romantic side. She even decided to wear makeup.

She slid her legs into the stockings and shrugged into the matching lacy green panties. She put on the matching dark green corset that came up and supported her breasts, but did not cover them at all, and clasped the attached garter to her leggings. She felt incredibly sexy staring at herself in the mirror, though she felt uncomfortable in the panties she wore.

He adored thongs, and often she would traipse around in them to please him, but these were quite different. She had always put him off about getting a pair, but she figured tonight would be a good night for them. She stared in the mirror as she wore several articles of clothing, though both her breasts and her crotch were exposed.

She often thought only a man would find crotch less panties attractive, though seeing them in actuality she could finally understand the appeal.

She was perfectly content in her sexuality, but she was certainly able to appreciate the beauty of a woman, and she felt she looked damn good if she could say so herself. She glanced at the clock and was stunned.

Only 17 minutes and he would be there!

She rushed to the refrigerator, and pulled out the bottle of red wine. Merlot, though neither was much of a drinker, they both enjoyed the romantic aspects as well as the removal of some of her more persistent inhibitions. She was much more sexually antep escort bayan free with him when a bit tipsy, though they only drank when at home with one another, and again on rare occasions. She placed it on the table, and ran to put her black trench coat on. She also placed a small necklace around her neck, and took great pleasure in the fact that whenever she would move it would rub across her, turning her on.

Her neck was her sweet spot, and now she could barely contain herself for the next eight minutes before he would get there.

Time seemed to stand still as the moment dragged on, and she could hardly stifle her enthusiasm as her leg bounced in nervous anticipation. She again began humming absently some mythical tune that she would forget as soon as she stopped creating it. She wanted him there and in her arms. She could not get the excitement and danger she had experience the night of the shower and her body was aching to experience him. To have him within reach and taste his body as he did her own.

He was incredible in bed, and his lips were magnificent.

Her body would be adorned by gentle licks and soft butterfly kisses, while his hands would course her entire self, across her abdomen, around her thighs, and finally in between her legs. She was becoming aroused just sitting there waiting for him, when she heard a knock on the door.

She almost said come in, since he had a key, but in her dazed state assume she had put the dead bolt on. She dashed to the door and opened it.

He grabbed her in his arms as he lunged forward, kissing her tender lips passionately as she stumbled backwards, his hands grabbing her ass. He kicked the door shut behind them.

The night had begun.

Their kissing journey made its path all the way through her house to her bed as she fell onto it, the only time their lips separated.

She giggled, and stared up at him, undoing his belt as he smiled down at her. She slowly pulled it free, and started to undo his pants, when he put his finger to her lips as if to silence her. Though she was not speaking, she took the hint and stopped.

Wondering what he wanted she just stared at him. He took her by the hand and he led her to the table. Pulling out her chair, she seated herself, and he poured each a glass of wine.

She began drinking her’s down, and they sat in silence for an undisclosed amount of time.

He finally broke in with a question, “I see you’ve already had yourself a couple glasses, started the party without me?”

She blushed, and merely stated she had a couple glasses while waiting for him, somewhere in between wanting him, oh, and wanting him more. That produced a laugh from him, and they talked briefly about one another’s day, and he teased her again about thinking her assistant had a cute ass, warning her that sexual harassment was a serious thing. She slapped his arm in a playful way, and she was already becoming more open.

He saw the opportunity he was looking for, and he seized the chance. Carpe diem, he thought, hey maybe those literature classes finally paid off.

He scooped her up into his arms and walked to the bedroom, he began nuzzling her neck softly, kissing her. She purred with desire in his ear, and before she began nibbling on it. He set her down easily on the bed, and pulled out of his pockets two long elastic bands. He secured each to a bedpost, as she stared at him doing so, before knotting one to each of her wrists.

He began kissing down her body, and she tested her restraints. She was able to move her arms around quite a bit, but was unable to slide her wrists from each small noose.

He sat up on her, his weight on her legs, and he slowly untied her arms. He pulled free the trench coat from her body and stared at her in awe. Her beautiful perky breasts, the dark green on her skin, the stockings over her curvy long legs, and the crotch less panties had him salivating. His expression was worth every awkward moment she spent in the store earlier, browsing through items she said she would never touch.

Quickly he threw the coat off the bed, and once more tied her down. She struggled playfully, and he began kissing her neck again, licking the length of the necklace. She shudder quietly under his touch, as his fingers kneaded her nipples.

She let out short gasps and moaned at him, licking at any part of him she could reach, wrapping her hands across his back and baring her nails upon him.

“Take off your clothes, I want to see you too.” she offered him.

He only returned her a smile, and placed each arm onto her wrists, pressing them into the bed. He licked at her lips, and she snapped at his tongue. He lowered his head and whispered into her ear.

“So are you open minded, my love?” he inquired.

She nodded her head affirmatively, through desire and a little bit of persuasion from alcohol. “I am, I’ll do anything to see you naked. I want escort antep you.” she pleaded.

He began kissing her softly, massaging her breasts and running his hands down to her legs, over her thighs and teasing her crotch. He stared deeply into her eyes, and said in hushed tones, “I was counting on that.”

With that, he slid off of her, and walked to the bedroom door. She didn’t even realize it was closed, and she was a bit unsure of what he was doing. They had played like this before, the teasing and taunting.

“I know how jealous you can get, but remember, sweetheart, you’re open minded tonight.” he stated as he opened the door.

“You should have set out three glasses.” he said through a wide smile.

Before any thoughts could even cross her mind, he opened the door and in walked her young assistant, grinning wildly.

Her first instinct was a toss up between covering her exposed body and killing her boyfriend, or her, or both. She could not believe what in the hell he thought he was doing, but she would have none of it. She struggled to set herself free. “What the fuck?!” she asked.

He looked over at her, and said, “Be good, or I will have to gag you, sweetheart. Just watch.”

She could not grasp what was going on, when all of a sudden he walked over to her, and began undoing her blouse. She saw his hands deftly go to work, pulling free the fabric from her body and tossing it aside. She wore a cream reinforced bra that helped conceal her rather large chest, which came into view as she turned her back to him and he unhooked her with practiced ease.

She almost felt out of her body as she watched him do this, as if she was in a theater watching a movie, though it was happening before her.

His nails dragged across her, and she trembled slightly at his touch. Tied down, she shook in unison, not sure whether to complain or to cry. Or perhaps there was a third option, as his hands dropped to her skirt, unzipping it, and she shrugged out of it. She wore matching french cut panties that creased over her delightfully cute ass. She looked at her body and was actually excited by seeing her there half-naked, being teased.

On occasion she and her lover had teased one another about playing with another person, though they both passed it off as being only that, a tease or fantasy.

She never imagined it would ever be a reality, though if ever there would be a girl, it would be her. She wasn’t much attracted to females, but she was actually becoming rather excited over seeing this. How could that be? She was jealous, that much was certain, but she did not expect in a thousand years to be excited by the actuality of her lover touching another woman.

Her assistant turned to face her lover, and she quickly disposed of his shirt and pants, and she settled to her knees, and pulled down his boxers. She took his cock in her hand, and slowly began stroking it, and quietly she glanced over at her boss and smiled with a wink before taking it into her mouth.

She traced the shaft with her tongue and began sucking on the head, swallowing it and stroking it. His groans were that of pure pleasure and he stared happily at his love.

She knew not what to do. The wink, the swallowing, his smug look, all of it was arousing. Her head was cloudy and she felt her crotch tingling, she was already wet and excited. She wanted his cock in her own mouth, or more appropriately inside of her.

She began sucking with more and more vigor, and his hands gripped her hair, she was putting on a show, and she looked down and saw that her assistant had slid her panties to the side and was fingering herself while she fucked her lover off.

This made her hot. Incredibly so. In return she slowly spread her legs wide, revealing her wet cunt to both of them. She slowly slid him in her mouth and then out of it and rose to her feet.

He led the girl to the bed, and he walked over to her within arms reach, instinctively she moved her constraints to their edge, and gripped him, stroking his cock. Her assistant climbed on the bed laid on her, her breasts pressing against her skin causing her even more excitement. Her tongue flickered out of her mouth and onto her…

Her tongue flickered out of her mouth and onto her abdomen, forming circles on her skin before making her way to her chest. She took each nipple into her mouth and began playing with them, biting and teasing, lapping across them.

She shuddered from the sensual and gentle feel, her fingers were small and soft, and her tongue was more feminine, without other way to describe it. Unable to describe her sensations, she merely felt warm and excited, as she took her lover into her mouth.

The assistant watched, and snaked up to her rubbing her own crotch against that of her boss, and began kissing her face and neck as she was still sucking. They each took turns taking him in their mouth, before the young girl retreated down her body, kissing her stomach, and fingering her clit. She slid her finger in and out, teasing her. He meanwhile could contain himself no more, he was kneeling on the bed being taken by his lover, while reaching down and pulling off the girl’s panties.

She moved slightly to the side, placing her ass in the air teasing them both as it swayed gently.

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