Ultimate Football Championship Game

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“Hey Eric, I’m inviting a few people over to my place for the Patriots Broncos game. Would you like to come?”

Eric was a little surprised at the invitation. He enjoyed working with Brittany and found her attractive, but she was one of the shyest almost standoffish people he had ever met. Eric had worked for the company for about a year; Brittany had been hired six months later. She was a transplant from Boston. As attractive as the 24 year old was with her long blonde hair, transparent blue eyes, high cheek bones and broad smile, she always gave off the clear message she wasn’t interested in mixing her personal life with her work life. Although there were occasional brief flashes of flirtation, the moments were always quickly dashed by dampening word or her abruptly walking away. Her quiet focused haughty demeanor built a high wall of boundaried professionalism. Even her clothing kept to unusually conservative business attire for someone her age, intentionally meant to hide what looked to be her fit 5’8″ curvaceous bust, tight ass and long legs. The “not interested” message was clearly received by the men in the office, including Eric.

The one small hint of playfulness by Brittany was her die-hard loyalty to her New England Patriots. It made her a bit of an exile, working in the small company in the heart of Denver. Eric could never fully tell if it was playfulness or another side of her seriousness. Either way she was relentless in her annoying insistence it would be another year for a Patriots’ Super Bowl. She quieted her taunting a bit after the Broncos’ regular season win over the Patriots, using their backup quarterback. However, it did not lessen her loyal resolve. Eric was surprised that his aloof colleague would invite someone over that she knew was such a passionate Broncos fan to watch the game. Although in Denver, there aren’t many options.

“Uh, sure,” Eric said without thinking first, more to be polite than out of desire. He had planned to watch the game at one of the nearby sports bars packed with highly charged Broncos fans ready to paint the town orange. Eric felt disappointed that he responded so quickly, trading the raucous game-watching party surrounded by fellow Broncos fans to watch the championship game at some pouty little get together at Brittany’s place with a few of her friends. For all he knew they would also be Patriots fans. Eric hated Tom Brady.

“Great,” she answered quickly, locking him in to the commitment. “No need to bring anything. I’ll have plenty of beer, drinks and food. I’m inviting everyone to come at noon. I’ll email you my address.”

For all Eric knew, the beer would be O’Douls and the drinks would be Diet Coke. He regretted accepting the invitation the moment the words left his mouth. To make things worse, she intensified her annoying taunting at work every day the game got closer. She made it clear she was looking forward to the Patriots’ revenge in the post-season when it really matters.

Game Day

Eric put on his Von Miller jersey with 58 emblazon across the front, with jeans and Nike shoes. He quietly prided himself on his 6’4″ muscular physique that he worked hard to maintain through his five days a week in the gym. As he thought about the game ahead, he hoped Miller would have a record setting game for sacks, hammering Brady into the Denver turf.

The city was electric with the pre-game celebrations. Eric couldn’t resist stopping in to the sports bar early to get in on the celebration before regretfully having to sequester himself to Brittany’s boring “get together.” The pregame festivities were amped up. Eric polished off a couple craft beers during the celebration.

Meanwhile, Brittany spent the morning getting her place ready for her get-together. As a die-hard Patriots fan surrounded by all the Bronco hype in Denver, she wanted nothing more than to watch Brady, Belichick and her Patriots dominate the Broncos. The least she could do was be a good host while it happened. Her small downtown high-rise apartment was near the top of the building, with large west-facing windows offering breathtaking glimpses through nearby buildings of the snow-capped mountains. Her 800 square foot apartment was little more than a small kitchen and living room with a hallway that led to a bathroom and bedroom at the end. It was perfect for her. Her living room had a colorful couch facing an entertainment center with a moderate sized flat screen TV. The large mountain-facing windows were to the right. The distant edge of Sports Authority field could be seen in between the buildings. The apartment was conveniently located five blocks from work and even closer to the city’s nightlife.

Brittany set out paper plates and utensils in familiar Patriots colors, as well as putting a large Patriot’s banner on the wall across from the prominent window. The color orange was banned from the decorations. She too couldn’t resist beginning the celebration with a few Vodka Crans as she finalized finishing touches. The TV was Anadolu Yakası Escort on with talking heads filling the room with pregame analysis. She turned up the volume.

Eric looked up at the large screen TVs filling every wall at the sports bar. There was only an hour before kickoff, and the intensity around him continued to rise. Realizing the time had come, he reluctantly walked the couple blocks to Brittany’s downtown apartment building. The streets were filled with people. He was glad for the slight buzz to help him be a good sport. As the elevator ascended, he wondered if there might be some way he could sneak out unnoticed at halftime to return to one of the real parties taking place in the streets below.

The sound of the doorbell startled Brittany. She had anticipated it all morning, but in her nervous excitement was still caught off guard despite the strong buzz going from her Vodka Crans. She glanced in the mirror quickly, pressing her dress against her body before opening the door.

Eric gasped in shock at the vision of Brittany standing there. Brittany relished in the moment, letting him take it in. “Welcome,” she said. “Glad you could make it,” she added.

Eric tried his best not to give away his astonishment, but failed miserably. It was the response Brittany had hoped for. Brittany stood there with little more than her broad smile. She wore a tight fitting short semi-transparent midriff top inspired by the Patriot’s jersey, filled out beautifully by her ample breasts. Of course, it had the number 12 on the front. It was the first and only time Eric liked what he saw of a Brady jersey or Patriot colors. Tiny unnecessary spaghetti straps attached to the low cut top that was so tight it might as well be painted on her body, accentuating every curve of her perfection. Her large firm tits stretched the thin fabric of the top, displaying her erect nipples with little resistance or concealment. The short top showed off her muscular feminine abs; the blue mini-skirt beneath was barely long enough to cover her ass. Her long fit tan legs poured from the thin blue skirt to her bright red four-inch heels. Brittany’s long blond hair danced on her bare shoulders.

“Me too,” Eric answered in awe of the vision standing in front of him.

“Please come in, won’t you?” she asked, savoring every second of his surprise.

Eric worked to compose himself, but the movement in the front of his jeans gave his arousal away. He glanced around the quaint empty apartment. The small granite counter was covered with typical party snacks for the game. The refrigerator was filled with some of Eric’s favorite local beers. She had been paying attention over the last few months to his off-the-cuff comments at work. She had a well-stocked bar set up next to the kitchen with everything one might want for endless mixed drinks. Eric glanced around again for other guests, and saw none.

“Where is everyone?” Eric asked, arriving fashionably late to prevent any awkwardness of being alone with his shy workmate.

“Not here yet,” she lied. “Can I get you something to drink?” Eric gladly watched as she opened the refrigerator, allowing the cool air to do its work on her tits as she retrieved and opened a beer for him.

The hour passed quickly as the two bantered about the game, each offering predictions of victory. Brittany chided about both quarterbacks being veterans, but Brady being in his prime while Manning was washed up. Eric targeted how beat up the Patriots were, not having any of the competitive edge they were used to. This game would be a repeat of the Broncos victory a few weeks before. He reminded her that Manning always beat Brady in the post season at home. The two of them finished off a six-pack during the pre-game banter. Despite the verbal jousting, Brittany enjoyed watching Eric stealing glances at her body. Sexual tension filled the playful pre-game teasing.

“Where is everyone?” Eric asked as the clock moved toward the 1:05 start time.

“Looks like we’re it,” she said. “It’s a party for two,” as she grabbed two more beers from the refrigerator. “The others I invited couldn’t come,” she lied.

“What?” Eric asked surprised.

“I’m guessing they knew it would be too hard to watch their Broncos lose, especially with the way I would shamelessly rub their noses in it. Can’t blame them,” she added arrogantly. “Makes me all the more impressed that you showed up.”

The awkward sexual tension immediately intensified.

“That’s not going to happen,” Eric answered playfully. “Not only are the Broncos going to win, but even better, the Patriots are going to lose.”

“You’re full of shit” Brittany shot back playfully, her pride prodded by his arrogance.

“I’m going to love watching a real Patriots’ fan wallow in heartbreaking defeat,” Eric said.

“Care to back those words up with a friendly wager?” Brittany asked boldly.

“You’re on. $100 too steep for you?” Eric asked.

“Not even close,” she Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan answered with a sultry twinkle in her eye, seeing the opportunity. “We’ll start with that, but I say we spice things up, and make it count,” she said embolden by her liquid courage.

“What do you have in mind?” Eric asked, interested in where she was going with this.

“Sweeten the pot; make every score count,” she said. “I say every time our team scores we name something the other person has to give us.” Brittany’s smile looked devilish as she said it.

“Sounds fun,” Eric answered, sensing where she was going, but not certain. When you say name something, what do you have in mind?”

“Anything. No limits,” she said. “It’s just the two of us here, consenting adults. Seeing the way you’re looking at me, I am guessing there are things you’d like to take from me more than my money,” she added, continuing with her flirtatious smile as she made an obvious look up and down Eric’s body.

Erik smiled at her boldness. He was still caught off guard by seeing this side of Brittany.

“Every time my Patriots score a touchdown, I name anything I want and you have to give it to me,” she said. “No limits.”

“And when the Broncos score?”

“Fair is fair,” she said. “Every score also requires a drink of my high proof vodka,” she said as if announcing well thought out rules. “Extra points take another shot.”

“You’re on,” I answered. “What about field goals,” Eric asked.

“They shouldn’t count as much as much as a touchdown.”

“OK, then first field goal means you have to take a drink, a second field goal means you have to give something up,” he suggested. “Deal?”

“Perfect,” she said. She looked closely at Eric, assessing the competitive advantage. “We should make this fair by you taking off your shoes and socks.”

Eric dutifully obliged. “You sure you want to do this?” Eric asked, not wanting to take unfair advantage of his host.

“Backing out already, huh,” she answered. “I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t bet on the Broncos against the Patriots either, especially with such high stakes.”

“No, no,” Eric answered. “It’s just that I’ve never seen you like this. I would have never guessed this from what I’ve seen at work.”

“When I’m at work, I keep things professional,” she said. “When I’m at home, I’m me.” She flipped her hair flirtatiously. “I hope you’re okay with that.”

“Ah yeah,” Eric said. “I’m enjoying getting to know the real you.”

“Normally I make it a rule to keep my work life and personal life separate. It keeps things from getting complicated.” she added with a smile.

“I like who you are at work, but I like this side of you even more.”

“We’ll see how you feel about that when my Patriots whip your ass and I win our little game. Once it starts, there is no backing out.” She leaned over to give Eric a little kiss on the cheek. He reciprocated, moving his lips to hers. His hand naturally rose to brush her ample tits.

“Ah ah,” she said, breaking the kiss. “No touching anything you haven’t earned. Anything covered is off limits; but anything exposed is fair game without any limits.”

Brittany’s new rule raised the suspense for the game. Eric and Brittany were both intensely competitive which added to the arousal. Eric’s dick was rock hard, pushing against his jeans like a large snake. Brittany was a horny drunk. Her pussy gushed in excitement for how her plan was working. Her thick nipples pushed against the thin fabric of her dress like thimbles. The two competitors each grabbed another beer for the start of the game on the wide screen, and more importantly, the game about to commence against each other. Eric knew there was nothing about this game he wouldn’t like, no matter how it turned out.

First Quarter

Team captains made their way to the center of the field for the coin toss. The Patriots won the toss and chose to receive. Brittany and Eric both took their seats on the couch, watching in suspense. Nervous energy almost emptied their newly opened beers.

“I never understand why the Patriots always choose to receive,” Eric said.

“Watch and learn,” Brittany answered. “Can’t argue with success.”

The whistle blew, announcing the start of the historic game. The Patriots started their drive on the 20-yard line, ready to score on the opening drive, as they have throughout the season more than any other NFL team. Somehow this game mattered more than any other they had played. The Broncos defense pounded back, forcing the Patriots to turn it over on downs.

It was clear from the beginning of the game, this would be an epic battle between the two formidable rivals. Half way through the first quarter there was still no score. Eric and Brittany each grabbed another beer, maintaining the strong buzz.

“Yes! Yes!” Eric yelled as his Broncos moved the ball down the field on their next drive. They took it down to within a yard of the red zone. With 7:37 Escort Anadolu Yakası left in the quarter, Peyton Manning passed to Owen Daniels down the middle for 21-yard touchdown. “Yes!” Eric jumped up, raising both hands in the air. “Touchdown!”

“Shit!” Brittany yelled, stunned that the Broncos were on the board first. “There’s still a lot of football left,” she told herself. They both watched as Brandon McManus unceremoniously make the extra point. The score was 7 to 0.

Eric looked over at Brittany sitting on the couch in awkward suspense. Brittany looked up at him. It was a moment of truth. The wager and game were her idea. She also made it clear there would be no backing out once the game began.

Brittany stood up, conceding the first score was his. She walked over to her minibar and picked up the tall vodka bottle and a shot glass. She poured a tall shot and emptied it down her throat.

“And for the extra point?” Eric said.

Brittany poured a second shot to the top of the glass and threw it back. “Wow!” she gasped. She felt the two back to back shots travel down her throat. Her buzz intensified almost immediately, fueling her horny inhibitions. She set the bottle down and stepped closer to her sexy opponent. “What do you want?” she asked in a sultry voice, yet eager to get back to the game for a chance to turn the tables with a Patriots score.

‘I’ll take your top,” Eric answered without hesitation.

“Then take it,” she offered, raising her hands above her head to make it easy for him to peal it off her body.

As Eric pulled the skintight thin fabric up her body, it squeezed against her large firm tits until they bounced free. Eric continued to raise the material up her arms, so the tiny shirt covered her face. Brittany’s thick nipples were more erect than before, pushing out almost an inch. Her large firm tits pointed them up, as if begging for attention. Eric couldn’t resist leaning down to take one of her nipples between his lips, sucking it into his mouth.

“Hey,” she said, surprised at the feel of his lips on her breast while her top was only half off.”

“I own these now,” Eric said playfully. Just stand there while I enjoy my prize. You belong to me until the next team scores,” he said.

“Oh, is that how it works?” she asked. She couldn’t deny the rush washing over her at the feel of his large hands on her back, pulling her toward him. Her knees weakened. She was lost in the sensation of his lips on her breasts, taking her nipple captive between his teeth. Goosebumps covered her body; the tiny fabric of her thong hidden beneath the short skirt was suddenly drenched from arousal. “Oh gawd,” she said, without realizing she said the words out loud.

Eric moved his mouth to the other side to give her perfect melons equal attention. He savored the feel of her soft firm breasts helpless to his oral attention. Eric slid his hands down her body to gently take hold of her waist as he took two steps back toward the couch. He sat down, pulling her with him, with her tit still captive in his mouth.

The commercials ended and the game resumed with the Broncos kicking off to the Patriots. Brittany pulled her tight shirt off her arms and threw it across the room. It was the last she would see it until morning. She pushed her long fingers through Eric’s hair, pulling his head against her as he continued to enjoy his prize. She adjusted her ass on his lap to position the feel of his large steel rod through his jeans against her pussy. “Mmmmm,” she said again at the feel of him pressing against her clit. “You better make the most of it, because you won’t know what hit you when it’s my turn.”

Eric bit down on her thick nipple causing Brittany to squirm in erotic pain. “Gawd yes!” she moaned. Eric didn’t let up. He reached over and poured some of his beer down her chest, lapping it up as it cascaded over her nipples.

Brittany slowly started moving her ass back and forth, forcing her pussy to slide over the track of his hard dick. Her skilled slow movement heightened the arousal of both, bringing them closer to climax.

Eric’s hands slid up her firm abs to take hold of each tit, capturing her tender nipples between his thumb and fingers. He leaned forward to bring his mouth to the nape of her neck, mesmerizing her with gentle kisses. His lips and tongue smoothly travelled up and down her soft skin until they reached her thick lips. Her ass moved purposefully over him as the heat of their arousal intensified.

Suddenly loud cheers from the television interrupted their intimacy. Brittany smiled as she turned to look at the television behind her, hopeful for a turn to take control. Brittany couldn’t believe there was already less than two minutes left in the first quarter and her Patriots had not yet scored. She looked again and saw they were on the one-yard line, determined to get on the board. Eric watched closely, peering around the gorgeous body of his opponent. He couldn’t believe he was watching the game with Brittany sitting on his lap with her tits facing him for his enjoyment.

“Yes!” Brittany suddenly jumped up in victory with her arms up. Her firm tits bounced in front of her. “Touchdown!” she yelled, as Steven Jackson rushed the one yard to the right into the end zone. “Now it’s finally my turn,” she said as she refilled the shot glass for Eric.

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