University Blues Ch. 08

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


Around three in the afternoon on that Saturday, Tom Brown was standing at the entrance to a local park, waiting on his date with his mentor, colleague and friend, Dana Foster. They had planned to spend a great portion of the weekend together, hanging out first, going to a restaurant, then hanging out some more and eventually spending the night together – for sleep and for sex. They had already had sex three times before, once in their office, twice at Tom’s place. Dana had always managed to free herself from her family obligations.

Yet, as much as Tom was looking forward to it, he couldn’t help but wonder if, subconsciously, part of him didn’t want to sabotage the date. After all, if things went really well, it was entirely possible that the two of them would become an official item – and if that happened, all these wonderful sex games with Myriam, Rebecca and all the others would most likely come to an end. Having never lived such unbridled sexual passion before or such a polyamorous lifestyle (so to speak), Tom was enjoying the freedom and liberation granted by the experience. Problem was, he equally enjoyed his burgeoning and seemingly significant relationship with Dana. She might have been 8 years his elder at 42, but she still rocked a gorgeous body and a brilliant mind to match it. Myriam and her friends were emotionally (and physically) challenging. Dana was more of an intellectual conquest – an equal of sorts even though Tom couldn’t find the right words. And both instances provided ample physical and sexual release. Tom was convinced that his sex life with Dana would be abundant should they make their couple official.

How to resolve this dilemma? Better yet, Tom asked himself, how to keep it all? How could he get into a relationship with Dana and still keep frequenting the ‘sex gang’? The problem did not simply lie in one knowing about the other, although that concern was certainly present. For Tom, it was mostly about the impropriety of both relationships. Myriam was one of his students; Dana mentored him. The power play was part of the appeal of these relationships. And although no participant in that odd trio would ever abuse of that relationship for their own gain, the mere fact that it existed caused an issue.

There was also the fact that Dana’s ex, Randi, had cheated on her; she didn’t feel like she would tolerate another cheater, nor could Tom blame her. Tom felt guiltless so far, because he had actually inquired about being with other people, having even told her about Myriam without naming her or explaining who she was to him. Dana had officially stated she couldn’t commit and she wouldn’t ask him to either – but the more they frequented each other, the more likely it would be for them to revisit that arrangement.

When Dana finally showed up, Tom’s mind was still racing around all these notions – especially since he remembered vividly how he had spent his previous evening, as well as the starting hours of this morning.

“Tom!” she called him out, almost running to him.

They traded a hug and a light peck on the lips. Given their previous intimacy, this was tame. Dana wore a free-flowing flowery skirt and a beautiful sun-labeled camisole under an open sweater. She quickly removed her glasses as she approached, mindful not to hide her gorgeous eyes.

“Been waiting long?” she asked him.

“Not much.”

It was a lie, but she didn’t need to know that detail. Tom had arrived as early as two, not because he had mistaken the time but because he needed to be alone. Having been overwhelmed with female presence in the past twenty-four hours, recollecting himself had seemed an appropriate reaction; so his claim wasn’t actually a lie. He hadn’t been waiting for her for more than few minutes.

“You look good,” she told him.

“You look better,” he flattered her.

She grabbed his arm, and instinctively they began strutting across the park, naturally weaving into conversation about the day’s weather, politics, money, news, and anything that came to mind, including talking about one another. They stopped near a local food stand and Tom went to purchase a slushie for his date. She waited near a bench for him.

Even as he waited in line, Tom’s mind raced to the early morning, a scene he could no more shake from his head than the previous night’s sexual extravaganza.

He had awoken around nine, completely relaxed and refreshed. Myriam was no longer in bed. Tom, unmindful of Ümraniye Escort his nudity given how much had been seen the previous night, strolled up to the bathroom to pee. He walked by Rebecca’s open door, finding her lying naked and exposed in her own bed. Coming back from the toilet, he had stopped and stared at her naked frame; his erection had popped right back to attention, unsurprisingly given the dreams and realities of the previous night. He also remembered a wonderful occasion, roughly a full week ago, when he had watched Rebecca and Myriam enjoying a wonderful bout of erotic lesbian intercourse.

Aroused, Tom had looked around the apartment to find Myriam but she was nowhere to be seen. Failing that, he had wandered into Rebecca’s room.

She was already awake, merely lounging in her bed.

At the park, Tom brought the slushie to Dana.

“Didn’t get one for yourself?”

“Brain freeze one too many times. I got juice instead.”

She smiled at him, taking a small sip of her drink. They resumed walking, checking out the people, the trees, the birds. There was a relaxing atmosphere to the scenery that allowed for Dana and Tom to walk unbothered by concerns of job or life in general. Dana avoided talking about her impending separation, her son or anything relevant to that whole affair. Tom kept his mouth shut about his own more recent sexual endeavours.

About an hour into their walk, they sat down on a bench and kissed in front of passers-by. There was no confusion at that point that they were a couple of sorts. Yet even as Tom’s tongue met Dana’s, he couldn’t help but revisit that same morning – and Rebecca’s bed.

“Mornin’ sunshine,” she had called him out. “I see you’re rising to the occasion.”

“Mornin’ to you. Do you always sleep naked or is this something special for me?”

“Not necesarily for you…”

Tom had smiled, walking up to the side of her bed, setting his knees onto the mattress and leaning in to kiss the roommate. She had welcomed the gesture with an open mouth – her hand had reached between his legs.

“My are you eager,” she had mused.

“I was going to wait for Myriam,” he had replied, “but I didn’t want to let it go to waste.”

“Oh! Let’s so not waste this!”

She had pulled him on the bed, onto his back, aiming his head to the foot of the bed. Rolling over him, she had placed her pussy against his face. His full length had then vanished inside her mouth as she had begun to blow him. Instinctively, his lips and tongue had reached for her labia, kissing her sex in much the same way as she had kissed his mouth.

Pulling away from Dana’s lips now, he couldn’t help but remember the unique taste Rebecca had left on his tongue earlier.

“You’re a great kisser, Tom,” Dana commented as he pulled away.

“Thanks. You’re… better.”

The comment seemed trite, even forced. Tom knew he was off his game. Feeling the tension in his pants, he could sense how these memories overwhelmed him. He thought about dragging Dana away to a remote place to alleviate that stress, but it didn’t seem appropriate now. The desire was based on a memory – not on a current need.

“Are you all right?” Dana inquired, noticing his sudden unease.

“It’s just a lot to take in,” he lied. “You, me…”

“I’m rushing you…” Dana commented, suddenly feeling remorseful.

The last thing Tom wanted or needed was for Dana to feel any form of guilt regarding this: it was his alone to bear. Tom frowned.

“No,” he blatantly stated. “Not rushing me. Believe me.”

Tom hated himself for being unable to chase away these images, but what else could he do but relive them? He was still horny from the encounters, despite his clear sexual satisfaction. And this morning hadn’t left him wanting for anything.

Myriam had just stepped out to get some breakfast for everyone. She came back to a hot and passionate double oral sex encounter in her roommate’s room. She was only half-surprised, mostly disappointed that they hadn’t been waiting up on her. Still, it made Myriam smile. Tom was every bit the horny toad she had initially suspected him to be – and really, this was about fun, and nothing else.

Myriam had dropped the groceries on the table and stripped naked on her way into the room. She watched Tom’s mouth pressed against Rebecca’s shaved snatch; he was clearly making it up as he went along, with little experience in the oral sex department, but her roommate wasn’t complaining.

Myriam had then climbed on top of the bed, just above Tom’s head. Without a word, she had bent over to kiss her roommate’s butt cheeks. The involved couple obviously noticed. Rebecca rose from her position, twisting herself around and up to face her roommate. From below them, Tom had watched their lips lock. Then, the roommate had slipped her lower body down against his, and Tom’s erection had come to rest against her vaginal opening, even as Myriam moved her own lower body to straddle his face.

“It’s about me,” Tom Ümraniye Escort Bayan said to Dana as she contemplated his hesitation in the park. “I’ve been single for a very long time, and this is new. Fun, exciting, thrilling… a bit scary.”

She nodded in acknowledgment, wanting to show that she cared about his well-being too.

“And I don’t mean to throw this back at you,” he continued in as pleasant a tone as possible, “but last time we talked, you said it might take a few weeks before things settle. And then you ask me out on a date.”

“Mixed signals, right?”

“Yeah. Sorry to say it.”

Dana couldn’t argue with him about that. After their first encounter, that lewd intimate moment in their shared office, she had believed him to be an itch she needed to scratch. She had desired him over the previous weekend and had been unable to find release. But Dana had quickly realized she wanted to spend more time with this nice younger man, her friend and colleague, who really cared about her well-being. She had dreamt of his physical presence all that week, culminating in their last encounter Sunday, with passionate and wild love-making combined with a wonderful meal and great conversation in-between. She liked him considerably more than anyone in recent time.

Yet her mind kept racing to her ongoing conflict with her ex, the separation, her kid – and she felt unable to put Tom through all of this, even if he might have been willing to be there other than just listening to her whine about it. She needed to settle it first. Only then could she move on him.

Of course, they had already talked about all of this, and Dana remembered she had been the one to insist they spend the weekend together.

“I just feel great when I’m with you,” she confessed. “I know you care. I feel it when we make love.”

Tom smiled at her; he felt it too. In truth, when he was involved with Dana, there was no one else. Normally. Last night and his morning had fazed him considerably.

When Rebecca – the only one of the girls in this ‘sex gang’ he hadn’t yet fucked – impaled herself bareback on him, Tom had squealed, his mind ablaze with the energy of the moment.

“Condom…” he had blurted out.

“Who cares?” Rebecca had replied as she started riding him. “I’m clean and on the pill…”

With Myriam then sitting on his face, it had been impossible for Tom to further complain – not that he would have. Myriam’s sex had dripped into his mouth as he had begun to orally pleasure her just as he had done for Rebecca a moment before. The tightness around his erection teased him to no end, and the wonderful sensations all around him stimulated his desires even further than before.

The climax, emptying his balls into yet another partner, had left a lasting impression.

“Listen, Dana,” Tom insisted as they talked in the park. “I do care, and I do want to spend time with you. We’ve known each other for two years and maybe it’s selfish on my part, but I haven’t seen you smiling so much since we started… being intimate. I love watching you smile.”

“I’ve had a really bad year,” Dana continued as if she needed to find a reason.

They had tried to avoid speaking of it, but the elephant could not be ignored. It was better to plainly air it out. It was part of the reason why they had gotten together.

“I never got so much understanding than what I got from you,” the older woman continued. “I feel like I’m repeating myself.”

“You are, but that’s fine. We are made of patterns, Dana, and right now, that’s ours. It’s a mix of you sharing your stress, me empathizing, and us getting more and more intimate.”

“What if that’s all we have though?”

The concern raised didn’t bother Tom too much; he was too busy living in the moment. He could see how Dana might feel insecure about it and it was his attitude to alleviate her pains.

“It’s not. It’s our pattern right now, but patterns change. Right now, I want you happy. I am happy.”

Was he happy merely because of Dana or was it also because of his time with the other girls? Tom didn’t linger on the question too long, focusing on Dana still.

“You do make me happy…”

She kissed him, and then they hugged it out. The conversation about Dana’s emotional state didn’t drag on. She obviously needed to think about all of this for herself.

The rest of the afternoon they spent walking and talking, as before, but the tension was mostly defused. Though Tom’s mind recalled with pleasure the sexual extravaganza which he had experienced last night and that morning, he was now more able to move past it. Sharing these emotions and ideas had helped him too. And Dana was more relaxed, mellowed in the well-being of the moment.

They arrived at the restaurant a bit early, waiting at the entrance until they were seated. Tom received a text on his device; Dana excused him to take it, in case it was important.

MYRIAM: Hey stud-muffin!

At this exact moment, Tom felt a pang of anger Escort Ümraniye rise inside him. Getting this notification from his other lover bothered him; the timing could not be worse, now that he was forgetting and moving past the lingering sensations. He didn’t answer, telling Dana it wasn’t urgent.

They were seated a bit later, ordering their food, then waiting it out. Tom’s phone began popping in new messages. After the third signal, Tom excused himself and walked to the entrance to check on what he knew to be the follow-up for Myriam getting in touch with it.

MYRIAM: I’m naked, alone, and horny. Wanna plug my hole?

MYRIAM: I’ll let you ride me bareback.

MYRIAM: Come stick your rod in my needy cunt!

It was surprising to Tom that Myriam was being so graphic in her messages. Generally, she used much more innuendo. Tom wondered if it couldn’t be Rebecca borrowing her phone, or even one of the other girls. Regardless, he needed to deflate this. He saw Dana smiling, staring back at him.

TOM: Can’t. Busy. Sorry.

He remembered telling her that the previous night, something about not being available for anything with her or her friends.

TOM: Told you yesterday.

Tom finished typing and looked up, his gaze going to the entrance of the restaurant. He froze; walking past the door, wearing a lovely evening dress, was Myriam herself. She ignored him, her hands on her phone. She wandered around him to the staff person in charge of placing the people.

“Can I go to the bathroom first?” she asked.

“Of course.”

He indicated the direction. Tom, befuddled, watched Myriam walk past him and head towards the bathroom area. A new message came in.

MYRIAM: You have five minutes to join me in there.

Had she stalked him? It was entirely possible. Tom suddenly, perhaps for the first time in this affair, acknowledged the real danger of having become intimate with one of his students. She could blackmail him somehow. If ever it became known, she might be expelled, but he would definitely lose his job. And with Dana in the room, his mentor, there was no doubt a dramatic scene could unfold. Tom was stuck.

Putting on his best poker face, he headed back to the table.

“So?” she asked him. “Is it important?”

“No, not really,” he half-lied; it was only important to him. “I gotta hit the bathroom, ok?”

“You don’t need my permission,” she replied with a wink in her eye.

He hurriedly walked to that area. The toilets were individual rooms, each with its door. Tom noticed the door to the men’s room was slightly ajar, and he spotted the figure of Myriam inside. He walked in, mindful for no one to see someone else was in there with him. He closed the door and leaned against it, staring down at a dressed-up Myriam. She was exquisite looking, her neck-line, her gorgeous legs visible, her cleavage showing.

“What the hell, Myriam?” he inquired.

“Hi Tom… I was missing you.”

“Bullshit!” he called her out. “You were stalking me.”

“I didn’t plan to. But then again, you haven’t been fully sharing about what’s been happening on your end – whereas I was very transparent.”

He stared her down, confused, angry and aroused at the same time; his heart was racing in his chest as his eyes plunged into hers.

“Relax,” she continued. “I’m not here to spoil your date. She’s pretty.”

“She is amazing, yes.”

“Though you can see how I could think she’d be a challenge to me.”

Tom almost laughed.

“To you? Why is that? You made it clear it’s just about the sex.”

“It is, and it is. Are you two dating? Does she know about your arrangement with me and my friends?”

“One, maybe we are. Two, it’s none of your concern.

This time, Myriam laughed.

“It is my concern, Tom… if you’re two-timing us with her, or her with us. You’re chasing after two preys?”

“That’s not what’s happening!” he countered. “You made it plain all we have is sexual – I’m okay with that.”

“But with her, it’s more thinking long-term, right?”

“Maybe,” he confessed.

Myriam stared him down as if casting judgement on his actions.

“I was curious about your reaction last night,” she told him. “I asked myself: how come a guy who had just been served five gorgeous sex bombs on a platter jumps right to his phone? What’s on his phone?”

“Did you check my phone?”

“Only the last entry that was visible on the screen.”

It had been from Dana. Tom remembered. It read: ‘Can’t wait for tomorrow’. Tom had forgotten to turn off the messaging screen.

“From a girl named Dana. The teacher in your office is also called Dana, right? That’s her at the table. You’re dating a colleague.”

“And? Is there any harm to this?”

“There isn’t. Believe me, Tom, I think it’s nice. But you’re playing with fire, and I thought you should know.”

A staring contest was being held since the beginning of the conversation; Tom was the first to look away.

“Have you told her about me?” Myriam asked.

“After a fashion.”

“Go on.”

“Well,” Tom started explaining, “this is new between us. Happened about a week after you and me. Quite unexpectedly, in fact. When we decided to start – I guess dating is the best word for it – I told her I’d been having sex with someone before. Never told her who.”

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