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In my car on my way home I feel the stresses of the work day slowly start to disappear as you cross my mind. I know you’re at home already, waiting for me and a smile crosses my face as I think of how you were this morning. Sleeping so peacefully as I woke up, pretending to stay asleep as I got up out of bed to get dressed, peeking at me out of the corner of your eye as I pulled my panties up over my thighs, then my snug fitting skirt. I saw the corner of your mouth turn up when you heard the soft sound as I reached behind me and zipped up the back. I’ll never tell you that I know you watch me in the mornings, pretending to sleep, it’s one of your simple pleasures and I will never ruin that for you. So adorable you are. Before I left, I walked back into the bedroom where you were laying on your side, the sheets pulled halfway up your magnificent torso, your well defined left arm bent next to you, your forearm in front of your face and your hand on the top of your head. I placed a hand on your waist and leaned down to press my lips just on the outside corner of your beautiful mouth. You stirred, the scent of my perfume tickling your nose. I let my hand graze down your hip and outer thigh before I let go, whispering “have a good day baby” and walked out of the room.

Back in my car I’m getting close to home. I pull into the garage, park right next to your truck and gather everything from my car. I walk into the house and it’s fairly dark.

“Baby?” I call out, setting my things down inside the door.

I’ve got cramps in my feet from walking in heels all day so I take a seat in the overstuffed arm chair in our living room and remove my shoes, rubbing at my feet, closing my eyes at how good it feels. I’m now beginning to notice the soft sounds caressing my ears; Luther is crooning softly from the stereo “There’ll always be sunshine when I look at you.. it’s something I can’t explain… just the things that you do”. Very nice, Luther always creates just the right mood. There are a couple candles flickering nearby, the coconut scent filling my nose as I deeply inhale my favorite smell of all time.

I’m just about to open my eyes and get up to take a tour of the house to look for my man, needing to feel his strong arms around me, the warmth of him pressed up against me, when large warm hands close over mine, encasing one foot. I gasp in surprise and my eyes fly open to see you kneeling in front of me, a loving smile playing across your full lips.

“Hi my baby.” you say, making me smile at how you always put “my” before any name you call me.

You’re wearing my favorite shirt on you, a white slightly v-neck sweater, snug enough to show just a hint of how defined your chest is, the sweater arms holding tight to your biceps and triceps, the sleeves pushed up to your elbows. I always find myself so weak at the sight of your arms. We talk a little about our days while you continue to rub my feet. When I express how frustrating and stressful mine was, you say to me:

“Let me take care of you tonight, let me ease your stresses away.”

Other parts of my body have already begun to react to the various degrees of pressure you’ve been placing in different areas on my feet. I want nothing but to kiss your soft lips, to lose myself in how your love for me explodes through your kisses, but as I lean forward you gently push me back and say nothing but “Let me.”

Curiosity wins as I’d like to see what you have in mind for tonight. Luther has switched to one of my favorite songs “Here and now” and you softly hum along as your hands slide up my calves to the back of my knees and back down again. This mood is so sensual, your touch sending electric pulses through my body.

“How Bostancı Escort do you always know just what I need?” I say dreamily as you caress me.

You say nothing, but lower your lips to the top of my left foot kissing the beauty mark that you find so sexy. A sigh escapes me as your lips touch me. You softly and slowly kiss each manicured toe and your tongue slips out to trace the inside curve of my foot, from ball to heel, then up my ankle to my shin, around the side to the meat of my calf, up even farther to the outside of my knee. Then you twist your head a little to trace your tongue along the soft flesh underneath, knowing full well the back of my knee is one of my sensitive spots; a spot on my body that was always ignored before you. Unconsciously my fingers dig into the cushion of the chair beside me and my mouth falls open as I draw a sudden breath. I can feel your lips curled in a grin against my skin, my reactions only fuel your fire. You place your hands on the outsides of my thighs, gently pulling me down in the chair, the tips of your fingers creeping inch by inch underneath my skirt. Your fingers skillfully kneading my muscles, you slowly spread my legs to accommodate the width of your body between them. Electricity shoots within me as I feel the weight of you pressing against me, my breaths coming quicker, my desire and anticipation almost over the edge. The hair of your goatee tickles the swell of my breast as you place your lips on my chest. With your hands now on the small of my back, you pull me close to you, up into a sitting position, with my ass on the edge of the chair. You’re on your knees in front of me, looking up into my face, gazing into my eyes.

“I love you so much.” you say to me. With that, my heart melts for you in a way you will never understand.

“I love you too sweetheart.” I say.

Finally you give me what you know I’ve wanted since I walked into the door tonight. You take my face in both of your hands and kiss me so deeply, pouring your soul into me, embracing me so tightly, touching your tongue to mine, and sending fireworks through my belly. With my arms around your neck, I hold you so close to me as if I’ll never let you go. I slide my hands down your back, squeeze your ribs between my knees and lock my ankles together behind the backs of your thighs. Your hands drift down to the back of my skirt where you begin to tug at the zipper until I hear the soft zip that made you grin earlier this morning…

Your lips trail across my jawbone, and your hands slip under my sweater to caress the soft skin on my back. I love the way your goatee feels on my neck, and I lean my head to the side to give you better access. I feel the nip of your teeth as you playfully suck the skin of my neck into your mouth and bite gently. You place your lips on mine once more before you pull away, placing your hands on my waist, running your hands up my ribs and forcing my arms above my head. You take the bottom of my sweater, pull it over my head and drop it on the floor behind the chair. Your eyes catch on my breasts, swelling over the top of my black satin bra as if bursting from where they’re being kept. Your eyes meet mine and I can see in your face that you want to touch me there. But you don’t. Instead you grab the top of my skirt and gently tug downwards. I lean back in the chair again and lift my lower body so you can pull my skirt away from me. All the way down my legs you made sure your hands brush each area my skirt had just left. You know how much just the sense of simple touching excites me. I bring one knee up so you can pull the skirt from it, then the next knee. I want to see your naked body Bostancı Escort Bayan and feel it against mine so I start to lean up to undress you but you shake your head and say the same two words to me that stopped me the first time:

“Let me.”

You cross your arms in front of you and grip the bottom of your sweater, pulling it up to expose your belly, your chest, and finally over the top of your head and on the floor. My eyes fall to the tuft of hair underneath your bellybutton, the ‘tease trail’ I call it. It disappears beneath the waistband of your jeans, promising something beyond exciting, beyond mind blowing, beyond amazing each time it’s exposed. I bite my lip at the sight of you; you are the most delicious man I’ve ever seen. You lean forward to put your elbows on the edge of the chair on either side of me as you hold my thighs in your hands. It feels like slow motion as I watch your head slowly dip down into my lap. I try to prepare myself for what I know is coming, taking a deep breath and letting it out in a soft moan, leaning my head back, settling deeper into the chair – yet I can’t close my eyes, I want to watch you love me. You rub your face on my inner thighs, tracing your tongue along the waistband of my black satin thong, down the sides in the crease of the topmost part of my thigh until you get to the treasure you’ve been seeking. You place your mouth over my sweet mound, licking me through my panties. My hips start to move in motion with your rhythm; my moans start to get louder, and my eyes roll to the back of my head. I try to reach down to move my panties to the side but you grab my hand to stop me before I can even get close. You know the temptation is killing me, you know I want your tongue inside my honey pot. But you don’t let up, you lick and eat me through my panties, my juices getting heavier and heavier – you can taste it through the fabric. My hips are moving furiously now, trying without success to somehow move my panties away from the spot I desperately want to feel your tongue, and I begin to whine. You laugh a little to yourself, you love it when I whine.

“What do you want Katelyn?” you ask me.

“I… I want to feel your tongue on me…” I say between sighs.

“My tongue on you where?” you ask.

“… in… I want it… I want it on my clit… I want it deep inside of me…baby, I….”

Before I can even finish my sentence, with one swift motion you move my sticky panties to the side and plunge your tongue deep into the soft folds of my center. I can’t help but utter a loud moan followed by a sharp gasp, I love it when you do things so unexpectedly, when you just take it like I want you to take it. You bring me to orgasm three times before you finally kiss each thigh softly and lean back to look at me, a smile of satisfaction on your lips. You exaggeratedly lick your lips making “mmmmm” and smacking noises to tell me you enjoy tasting me. I’m still coming down from my last orgasm and am feeling too weak to move as you stand up and walk away from me. After 2 full minutes and you didn’t return, I stand up and wobble a few steps as I go in search of you.

I walk quietly and I don’t call out your name because I know this is a little game to you, you’ll be hiding behind a door somewhere ready to jump out at me. Instead, I find you sitting at the top of the stairs, bare foot and bare chested, the buckle of your belt hanging loosely. I can also see that you’ve unbuttoned and unzipped your jeans. You lean forward with your elbows on your knees, a mischievous look twinkling in your eyes. You put one hand palm up and wiggle your first finger beckoning me to come to you. With a little Escort Bostancı grin I slowly creep up the steps towards you, trying to move as sexy as I can, I know your eyes see nothing but my half nakedness. When I get about ten steps from you I fall to my knees and crawl the rest of the way, looking up at you through my eyelashes, batting my eyes seductively. You shake your head at me, smile and say:

“Damn love, you are so fucking sexy…”

This makes me FEEL even sexier as I reach you and waste no time in grabbing the waist of your jeans, tugging on them, letting you know that I want them off of your body. You lift your ass to allow me to pull them from you, and I yank them off of each foot and throw them behind me. You’ve got on my favorite, boxer briefs; and in white. The contrast of the white fabric against your dark skin is so delicious to me that I have to take a few seconds to appreciate the view. Your muscled legs are hugged tight in the legs of the briefs, and your erection is large and trying to find its way out of its prison. My mind explores so many scenarios of what I can do next, but tonight you aren’t letting me have any control, you reach for me before I can decide and pull me close to you, embracing me tightly, kissing me passionately, and making me breathless. Your hands are on my back, and they unhook the clasps on my bra. You then brush the straps off of my shoulders and let it fall away from my full and heaving breasts. Reaching between us, you cup me in both hands, squeezing and kneading, pinching and pulling and flicking my nipples, soft and then so hard it almost hurts. This only fuels my hunger for you.

My hand has found its way to your lap, gripping you through your briefs, rubbing and massaging and holding you. I feel your body sag as I squeeze you, your breaths hot against my face. You place your hands on my hips and push me upwards to a standing position, then peel away my panties. I step out of them as you cup my ass in your hands and lean forward to kiss my abdomen right below my belly button, down to the patch of hair framing my center. You pull me back down again and remove your briefs, letting loose your throbbing dick from its prison at last. You get to your feet and maneuver yourself behind me, pushing me onto my hands and knees in front of you. My body tingles with excitement; I can’t wait to feel you inside of me, pumping yourself into the core of me. For a moment you do nothing but caress my behind and the small of my back, I look back at you to see that you’re just appreciating the view. I reach back and wrap my hand around your dick and squeeze to pull you out of your trance. You look at me with surprise in your eyes and smile widely as you pull it from my hand and place it between my ass cheeks. As you slide it down to my dripping center, I begin to move my hips towards it, trying to push myself back on you. I can feel the tip of the head just in the right place, and slowly you push into me until you fill me all the way up and we’ve become one. That first thrust made me almost fall to my belly, you feel so unbelievable inside of me. We both cry out at the same time, our lovemaking sessions are always so powerful. As we rock each other through the night, I have forgotten what stresses I had at work that day, my world becomes nothing but you. Your scent, your touch, your kiss, your skin, your love.

Afterwards you draw a bubble bath in our oversized jet tub and light candles all around the edges. You bring two glasses and a bottle of wine up from the kitchen and we both slip into the water, with me sitting between your legs, resting my head back against your chest.

The next morning I get up for work and smile to myself because I know you’re watching me get dressed. I pass the place in the hall at the top of the stairs where our passion got the best of us only hours before. Images flood my mind of the love we shared there, and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to pass that spot again without thinking of my wonderful loving man…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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