Vacation Encounter

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It has been almost four years since we have gone on vacation, our oldest daughter just turned three and our boy is almost two now. My wife was as excited as I was to get away for our anniversary; the thought of just the two of us alone in a hotel with out the children tugging on either one of us, was a thought sent from heaven. Our sex life has become practically non existent since our children were born. We both love our children, but our kids are a handful for my wife during the day, leaving her exhausted by the time I get home from work.

Work is where we met. I was 33 and she was 29. Although we worked in different departments, we were introduced through a mutual friend. After a few e-mails, we were dating, and then spending every minute together. I still remember the first time we made love, my finger tips gently gliding along her white and silky skin, my hands cupping her large 36 DDD breasts, while teasing her hard nipples with my tongue. Her long red hair gently brushed over me as I entered her slowly, her warmth accepting my thick, erection until I was deep inside her. I then carried her in my arms and laid her upon my bed. I moved in and out of her, with long strokes; slowly and first, then moving faster and harder as the passion between us exploded, and her back arched and she screamed out in pleasure.

Now, celebrating our sixth anniversary, we were heading down to the Oregon coast, the same Anadolu Yakası Escort place we celebrated our very first anniversary, but this time I splurged for a romantic ocean front room with a spa in the room made for two!

My wife slept most of the way in the car, I adored the way she fell asleep next to me, her petite frame falling forward, he luscious lips slightly open, and her breasts accented by the seat belt cradling her securely. I wanted to pull over right then and kiss those lips, taste her tongue with mine. I was so looking forward to spending the weekend together.

But…from the moment we arrived at our room it did not turn out to be the weekend that I had hoped. My wife wanted to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing but lie in bed and watch television. She showed no affection or desire to enjoy the spa in our room, walk on the beach, go out for a romantic dinner, or even swim in the heated hotel pool.

On the second and last night, I left my wife back in the room and walked down to the hotel pool feeling frustrated. There was no one there when I arrived so I threw off my shirt and shook off my sandals and swam a few laps. The hotel had a large spa next to the pool, so I decided to turn it on and climb in. The water was hot, the bubbles and jets felt glorious. I sat and relaxed, closed my eyes, and eased my frustrations away.

It was Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan then that I heard voices, and then laughter. I opened my eye to a young couple at the entrance to the spa. The muscular man had tattoos over his back and shoulders and he asked if he and his girl friend could share the spa and I nodded. The girl was definitely not cute, but shewas very sexy,the kind of sexy that you would fine in a dive bar, she had a black bikini top and bottom held on with simple black string. As she climbed in and stepped down into the water, I got a closer look at the curves of her tan and fit body, she also had a tattoo of a black rose high on one of her breasts, both of her breasts seemed to almost fall out of her small bikini top.

He introduced himself as Ryan, and his girlfriend named Rachel. They had traveled up from California for his brothers wedding. As he spoke, Rachel watched me with beautiful, hazel eyes and her glossy lip-stick lips curved up into a mischievous smile.

Ryan talked until he said he was getting too hot and that he was getting out to swim in the pool to cool off. Rachel said she was going to stay in the spa while he swam. I couldn’t help feel self conscious being alone with her in the spa, with her boy friend swimming so close in the pool nearby. Again she smiled and switched positions in the spa to a new jet that was with arms Escort Anadolu Yakası reach. I could smell her perfume, even over the smell of chlorine in the water. She was even sexier up close. I could feel myself getting hard and I closed my eyes to try and clear the in appropriate thoughts entering my head. It was then I felt her hand wrap around my shaft, I opened my eyes just as she slid next to me.

Thoughts raced through my head, her boyfriend was swimming nearby and what of my wonderful wife? I couldn’t let my swollen cock make the wrong decisions. I reached for her hand, but she grabbed it and placed it on her bare breast, she was naked. I knew it was wrong, but suddenly I had to have Rachel, and I leaned over and kissed her violently, sucking her tongue and working my way down her neck, all the while my hands slid between her legs and my fingers rubbed her clit and worked there way inside her. She expertly slid my swim shorts out of the way and my cock sprang free. I turned and she lifted herself and slid over and positioned herself on me, and then slid down my shaft until I was fully inside her. I didn’t care what was happening around me, as she slid up and down. The feeling of the hot, swirling, bubbling water around us was more then I could handle, as I my teeth bit her nipples. In a single minute and time I felt the greatest orgasm of my life and we sat locked together as one for several minutes, until we heard her boyfriend calling to her from the pool. Rachel kissed my deeply and then quickly got off of me and we searched through the foamy water for our bathing suites.

I watched her quickly climb out of the spa, but before she left she looked back at me with those beautiful hazel green eyes, with the same mischievous smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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