Velvet Heat Ch. 01

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Big Boobs

Be gentle guys. This is my first attempt at writing anything remotely sexual. Comments, critiques and tips are welcome.


Briana Scott stood on the wide lawn of her huge home, looking at the beautiful decoration. The place looked beautiful. She smiled and told herself she was going to enjoy her eighteenth birthday bash.

Briana had it all – looks, brains and money…well her parents money…but what can she say? She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and didn’t need to work a day in her life. She was known to most people as a snob because she mostly kept to herself.

Her eighteenth birthday which was to take place the following day was to be the biggest event in town that year and everybody was hoping to get an invite.

“Hey pumpkin, how does it feel like on your last day at seventeen?” a voice said behind her. She turned and threw herself into her father’s warm embrace feeling happy and cherished. “I can’t wait Dad. I just pray everything goes according to plan.” Nick Scott gave his daughter a kiss on her forehead and assured her that everything will be perfect.

Elaine Scott stood at the doorway smiling at the pair. Her daughter had grown into a very beautiful young woman. She could still clearly remember the day she was born. She was so proud of her. She also hoped everything would be perfect on her daughter’s day. All she had to do was to sit Sean down and talk him out of any mischievous plans he had to ruin his sister’s party. Those kids were always playing pranks on each other. It was however obvious they loved each other to bits. Fifteen year old Sean hugged his mum from behind, giving her a loud kiss on her cheeks. “Hey mum, how is the bash of the century coming up?”

“Sean Donald Scott you better not have anything up your sleeves to ruin your sister’s day.” Elaine admonished loudly causing father and daughter to turn to look at them.

“Chillax mum, I wouldn’t do that to her royal highness. Hey Dad whatsup?” he said walking over to them to give Briana a big hug. Briana hugged him back and gave him a slap on the back of his head. At the same time Nick ruffled his son’s hair affectionately.

“Hey” he said to Briana, “you should be nice to me. After all, I can be your worst nightmare.”

“You wouldn’t dare Timon.” Briana said using the nickname she had given her brother due to his naughty nature. She had accurately named him after the mischievous meerkat in the Lion King movie.

“Ooh it’s on Sis”

She took off after her brother, both of them laughing merrily. Their parents stood with their arms around each other, smiling lovingly at their kids.

“Thank you my love” Nick said.

“For what?” Elaine asked.

“For giving me these two.”

“Well right back at you huh.” She said giving Nick a kiss and a hug.


After a shopping spree with her pals Julia and Trisha, Briana sped home in her brand new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, an early birthday present from her parents, singing along to Efya’s “You bring out the best in me”. She sure did love that song. Too bad she didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment to sing it to. She hoped being eighteen would bring her some luck. She doubted it though since it was obvious most guys felt intimidated by her. It was not her fault she was on top of her class. Neither was it her fault she had money to spend. Why couldn’t they simply blame her parents for giving her brains and wealth? To quote Chris Rock: “fuck em boyz”. She got to the gate of her mansion, used a remote control to open the gate and sped in to park. She wanted her mum to see the outfit she got for the party. She was going to look very simple but hot on her day as her friends and the attendant at the boutique had assured her. With her lovely figure, her flawless tanned skin and her beautiful long black silky hair, there was no need to overdo it.

By four p.m. the following day, which was a Saturday, the party was in full blast. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. Briana looked sexy in her sheer white daring open-back tank, with glimmering floral in front, which made a chic entrance and sexy exit. With that, she had on a white tight curve-loving stretch jeans, which sat comfortably on her hips and a silver sky-high heels which had cool cutouts and double straps, making the peep-toe platform pump look captivating. Briana’s hair was piled high with tendrils hanging down softly around her face, giving her a sensual and classy look. She looked undeniably hot! The guys couldn’t keep their eyes off her and the girls looked impressed.

“You look stunning Katherina” Briana’s course mate, Paul told her. He started calling her Katherina after the beautiful sexy vampire in “The Vampire Diaries” because of her obvious resemblance to the character. He was one of the few guys who could boldly talk to Briana because they were childhood friends and still hang out.

“Thank you very much sweetie. Who did you come with?” Briana asked giving Paul a hug.

“I came with Cole. He’s visiting and wanted to see how grown muğla escort you are now.”

“Oh my God! Cole is here?”

“Yip. And he wanna see you baaaad!” They both knew Briana has had a crush on Cole since they were kids.

Cole was Paul’s big brother who worked as the youngest partner in one of the best law firms in LA. At age twenty-five, he was one of the youngest top prosecutors in the private sector and was also known for his wild ways.

Briana had last seen Cole three years ago when she was only fifteen and had been so in love she had tried to kiss him one fine afternoon. Cole had been so shocked he had ordered her to go home and she had fled in tears. They had not seen each other since. Now Briana didn’t know whether to leave the party and go and hide in her room or act haughty. The latter won because after all, it was her party but that didn’t stop her from shaking inside with shame. If only she could avoid seeing him.

She remembered Cole Adams as though she last saw him just this morning. Cole was a total stud, one of the popular guys in school, if not the most popular. The Adams family had moved into town when she was about ten and Cole was seventeen. He joined high school midstream and quickly became the top dog at the school. He was smoking hot. He had dark brown eyes with flecks of green and a head of thick, black hair which had been given a buzz cut making him look like a military guy. The rough and rugged look and his arrogant, dominant attitude made him so sexy. Everything about him screamed MAN, and that made him very appealing — not only to Briana, but the entire student body. The girls wanted to fuck him. And all the guys wanted to be him.

He had done his share of drinking, fighting and fucking. In fact rumor had it that his killer smile had spread more legs than a gynecologist.

Was it surprising that a young girl like herself would fall for this hotness? She used to hang out with Paul because they were classmates and their parents were friends. Elaine Scott had been childhood friends with their mum Lizzie. She therefore felt she had to keep an eye on the boys since Lizzie had passed on a year before Jim and the boys had moved into town. The boys therefore spent more time in the Scotts’ home which increased her awareness and crush on the “bad boy” Cole.

Was he still hot? Was he now fat? Had he grown out of his wild ways? She had heard from Paul that his brother was a big shot lawyer who made a six figure a year. Well she hadn’t done badly for herself had she? She was going to college in three months and was still at a loss as to which college to accept, since she has gained admission to about six top colleges. She was a confident woman who should not feel embarrassed for what happened due to an innocent crush by a mere kid. That didn’t stop the blush that stole up her cheeks when she remembered that fateful day.

She had been studying with Paul in the Adams’ home. Paul had to rush to pick up a calculus book from Simon who lived across their street. She was left with nothing to do but to day dream about Cole…..again. She had her eyes closed and was so lost in her daydream, she screamed when a voice said “hey”. She had thought she was alone in the house. She stood up and screamed in terror but her scream was cut short when she was enfolded into a warm embrace with a soothing voice saying, “it’s just me Bri. It’s ok.”

She realized she was being held by none other than her heart throb Cole and calmed down. He still held her close whiles stroking her hair and whispering to her to calm down. Two things happened at the same time: Briana, who could have easily passed for a beauty queen even at that age became aware of the warmth surrounding her and started having conflicting emotions, she never wanted to leave those arms…and she wanted to kiss Cole. She looked up at him whiles he kept stroking her hair, closed the distance between them and started kissing him. The feelings coursing through her were so exquisite that she thought she had died and gone to heaven. She was so far gone that she didn’t notice Cole was not returning the kiss – neither was he pulling away. He was stunned. The next thing she knew, Cole was holding the sides of her head and telling her in a strong voice to stop it.

She realized what she was doing and quickly stepped away.

“What the fuck did you do that for Briana? Do you have any idea what you have done? Go home! Go home NOW!!!” She rushed out of the house and run all the way home. She went straight into her room, locked her door, flung herself onto her bed and cried her heart out. What had she done? She would never go out of her room again. She couldn’t see herself facing anyone. What was Cole going to think of her?

“Can I have a dance with the birthday girl?” Briana was startled out of her thoughts by Sean who wanted to show his sister off to his pals. He twirled her around amidst screams by all present. Briana was feeling so care free and happy. This was really her day.

Cole stood near the beautiful fountain on the Scotts’ lawn looking at the sexy Briana being twirled around by Sean and couldn’t believe just how sexy and alluring she looked. Damn but the girl was fine! Even as a kid, Briana was a beauty. But now, in addition to the beauty was a sensual erotic look. He was floored. Thank God no one was paying attention to him because it would have been embarrassing to be caught drooling over a mere eighteen year old girl. But he knew without a doubt that he was gonna have her. After all he had been having fantasies about Briana for the past three years.

By nine p.m., the party was still in full swing. Briana was already too tired and a little bit tipsy. She wandered off to the fountain area to take a breather. She relaxed against the stone and took a deep breath, looking up at the skies.

“Happy birthday missy. You sure look tired”. A deep voice said beside her. She looked up and her heart missed a beat.

It’s him, she thought. And damn but he looked HAWT! He had filled out in all the right places and looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Cole?” She said out loud.

“Yip. You ok?”

Briana forgot how to breathe. She didn’t want this to happen, but she could feel the dampness between her legs. Everything about that man still drove her crazy! His voice, his 6″ chiseled swimmer’s frame and his sheer sexiness. But then she snapped back to reality and it suddenly hit her….she was angry at Cole. She had been angry all these years.

“Yes. I’m good.” She didn’t know what to say. She just stared at him.

“So I hear you’re going to college in three months. Which one?”

“Well I got a whole lot of offers but I’m yet to make a choice.” She said straightening her back and talking haughtily. “You know, this party was strictly by invitation. Care to tell me why you’re here? After all, l don’t remember giving you an invite.

Cole was taken aback by the anger in her voice. What did he do? He thought.

“Well I just thought I should drop by and wish you well. After all it’s your eighteenth and that makes you a woman.” He said with a slight frown on his face.

God but she wanted to touch him so bad. Briana thought. He looked delicious in just faded jeans and a navy blue polo shirt.

Aloud, she said, “Well I invited people who I wanted to see today. Not people who think they get an automatic invite because they’re making it big somewhere. Now this is my party. You are not welcome here. Get out!”

“What happened to you? When did you become such a bitch?” Cole asked, shocked at her words and obvious anger. Angry or not, however, she looked stunning. And those lips….

“Oh Mr. Barrister, I have a whole lot of names for you so don’t even start. Just who the fuck do you think you are you conceited, arrogant bast….”

Before she could complete her question Cole’s mouth was on hers. Cole put his hands on either side of Briana’s face and covered her mouth with his own. It was a brutal kiss. Briana tried to back away from the kiss, but Cole secured his left arm around her waist preventing any movement. He released a low, soft groan, and put his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her even closer as he kissed her. Briana whimpered and tried to push him away, feeling as though her lips would start bleeding any second, he was kissing her so hard.

Briana tried opening her mouth to protest and she gasped when he sank his tongue into her mouth. The sensation of their tongues touching felt like fireworks erupting within her body. She felt as though she was melting into his body. Then everything changed – the kiss quickly went from rough to gentle. Briana moaned and returned Cole’s kiss. She put his hands on Cole’s chest and could feel his rock-hard muscles through his polo shirt. She opened up allowing Cole to explore and taste her as he desired. Briana had never been kissed like this before. Cole took without asking and she realized that she liked it. No, she loved it.

Cole broke the kiss and moved his lips below Briana’s ear. She let her head fall back and roll to the side, exposing her neck to him.

Cole made a noise that sounded like a growl. The deep vibrations sent a shudder throughout Briana’s body. She moaned softly as she squirmed against him, gasping as she felt his dick press into her lower belly. Cole was perilously close to shooting in his pants. He had a feeling if he didn’t have her now, he would go out of his mind. He slid his mouth to Lisa’s throat and continued to kiss it as he slid his hand under her top to touch her breasts.

“You’re so sexy.” She froze in shock as the words tumbled out of her mouth. Her voice didn’t sound like her own. She had never been this aroused in her life. Then she felt a delicious jolt go through her – Cole had the nipple of her right breast in his mouth. God only knew what he was doing to it because her knees just gave out under her. Cole however held her up and continued his exquisite torture.

He needed to touch her so bad. He slid his hand from her breast down to open the button of her jeans, her zipper quickly following. By now Briana was totally sober and knew exactly what was going on but was powerless to stop it. She was going out of her mind with pleasure. She felt Cole’s fingers inside her panties and started trembling so bad he had to tighten his hold on her. He managed to slip a finger under her panties and found that she was dripping wet. Briana moaned softly and pushed as hard as she could against Cole’s hand, desperate for him to send her over the edge. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she bit her lip and had to concentrate on not letting herself collapse. She whined in desperation as he suddenly withdrew his fingers, leaving her utterly frustrated.

Cole lowered her onto the lush grass and pulled off her jeans and panties at the same time after taking off her shoes. He unfastened his own jean to bring relief to his tightly squeezed dick which had precum dripping out of it like a faucet. He moved down her body spreading her legs and inserting his shoulders between her thighs, propping one of her legs on his shoulder. Cole looked up into Briana’s lush folds spread wide open before him and groaned in pure bliss. He spread the lips of her pussy wide open so he could view the treasure he had uncovered.

Briana heated even further under his hot gaze and watched as he circled the hood around her clitoris with a finger until he had coaxed it from its safe house. Cole fastened his mouth directly on it as soon as it put in an appearance, sucking furiously on it. Briana felt like her world was turning upside down. She couldn’t think, could hardly even breathe, and had no idea what was happening to her except for the fact that she desperately needed to cum. She lifted her head slightly so that she could look down at Cole, and gasped sharply at the erotic scene of his mouth and tongue firmly attached to her clitoris – she lost it. Her orgasm tore through her so hard, she had tears streaming down her face, all the while tugging at his hair and yelling his name. It was her cries of pleasure that brought Cole back to himself.

He quickly climbed up her body swallowing her cries of pleasure by covering her mouth with his and while she was still shaking with the after effects of the pleasure he had given her, he buried his cock balls deep inside her. Though Briana was well-lubricated due to her orgasm, she felt like she was being ripped in two, it hurt so much she screamed!

Cole felt a barrier inside her rip just at the time he felt Briana scream into his mouth and he froze! Immediately the haze surrounding his brain cleared and he pulled out. What the fuck!

“Look at me,” he whispered harshly. “Briana please look at me.” Briana looked up at him, and his expression was so focused it looked almost pained. It frightened her. Briana quickly averted her eyes, but he grabbed her chin, forcing her to face him.

“I am so sorry,” Cole pleaded. The guilt and desperation on his face was her undoing and she cried. Cole soothed her gently and wiped the tears from her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

After calming down, Briana stared into Cole’s troubled eyes. Why did he care? With the kind of reputation he had in high school, this shouldn’t have given him pause. Is it that he’s changed? Looking into his eyes, there was one thing she knew for sure; she wanted to make love with Cole Adams.

“Would you do me a favour if I asked you?” she asked in a small breathless voice.


Kissing him tenderly on the lips, she whispered, “Finish this”.

Cole’s shock could clearly be seen on his face. He stuttered, “…What? I…I’m sorry Bri but I can’t. You see, I would have taken my time if I had known you hadn’t done this before. Now you are hurt and will be sore for a while. Entering you again may be agony for you. I won’t put you through that.”

“Please Cole, we will take it slow. And you did agree to do me a favour.”

After pondering on what she said for a while, Cole decided to ask a favour of his own.

“Only on one condition Bri.”

“Name it”

“That you allow me to do it better another time, in a proper bed, after wining and dining you as you deserve.”

Briana laughed shyly and gave him another kiss, “Deal”.

Cole started kissing Briana again tracing the crease of her lips. He paid homage to the beauty he held. He kept his kisses gentle and reverent, relishing the soft, breathy moans from Briana. He slid his tongue into her mouth and explored it leisurely. He learnt about the ridges at the roof, the smooth teeth and the silky inner cheeks and then suckled pleasurably at Briana’s equally slick and agile muscle. She moaned helplessly, enjoying the benefit of his cultivated skill and his dark passion. God, he felt good. His erection strained between then but he ignored it and pushed Briana’s top up. He cupped her bare breast making her moaned in pleasure. Cole’s mouth closed over a nipple and his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her captive against him. He sucked hard, triumph mingling with soaring lust when he felt her body shudder in his embrace, delighted by Briana’s lack of inhibition and responsiveness.

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