Veronica and Ted Really Kick it Off Pt. 01

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Part 1

“Hey, we’re meeting up at the Beer Garden after class tonight.” Veronica’s reply text came back swiftly: “I love that place! I’ll be there!” Her reply came with approximately one too many smiley face and heart emojis to count.

Earlier that day, I’d told Veronica that we were going to meet up after class – we didn’t know where quite yet, though. I’d used that as a pretense to get her number. Obviously, she was very much a part of the class and was just as likely as I to discuss where to meet. But an in was an in.

It was the second day of a “leadership” training course that my work had sent me to. Although I never let it be known, I cynically figured the course to be business-speak bullshit. But it was an excuse to go to a different city and do something different for a while.

The first day of class, I’d been looking forward to seeing the participants. In particular, if there were any sexy women in the course. Given that it was an “executive preparation” course, I knew that I could safely assume the women to be in their early-to-mid 30’s. Sure enough, the women that I saw on the first day of class fell into that exact category. And while the women were certainly smart, charming, and fun, I couldn’t help but be disappointed on day one. I did not find any of them attractive.

Day two – Tuesday – was a different story. When I arrived to class in the morning of the second day, there was a new woman. I immediately noticed her chatting it up with another woman whom she seemed quite familiar with. As I sat down at my seat, I tried not to make it too obvious that I was admiring this new woman. She was – undoubtedly – one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. She was, like the rest, in her early 30’s. It was hard not to notice her: she was fashionably-dressed in a purple satin shirt and short(ish) skirt, her light-skinned beautiful face was accentuated by dark brown hair to her shoulders…and she was curvy. With her sitting down, I could see that above a pair of black heels were a pair of deliciously-thick calves.

She noticed me, too, though. As I sat down, her and her friend looked my way and giggled. Their body language looked like that of schoolgirls. I have been called handsome more than a few times, so I assumed that my looks were the reason they were covering their mouths and giggling in my direction. Their schoolgirl flirtations couldn’t last long, though, before class had to start.

The class was nothing memorable. Like I suspected, it was full of business-speak buzzwords that didn’t really mean anything. But it didn’t mean that I didn’t have fun. I frequently shot glances towards this new woman, taking time to admire her. More often that not, when I made a point of admiring her…she was also looking my direction with a barely-there smile.

Fortunately, most of the students in class were just as cynical as I was about the course. Since most of us were from out of town with nothing else to do, we all agreed to meet up after class to have a few drinks and make fun of the buzzwordiness of the course. It gave me an in with this beautiful new woman and I definitely took advantage.

During a break in the course, I walked over to the woman and introduced myself. She was so beautiful that I almost couldn’t bring myself to do it. What would a beauty like her want with a mere mortal such as myself? Regardless, I introduced myself. And as I did her she flirted none-too-subtly. “Hey, I’m Ted! You weren’t here for the first day of class for introductions, but you’ve been here all day. I guess you’re stuck here like the rest of us now, huh?”

Playing with her hair, she responded playfully “Hi Ted! I’m Veronica. Well, I’m not stuck as much as everyone else – I live in this city. But yes, at least for several hours out of the day I have to be here.” “Damn”, I thought, “Did she mean anything by letting me know she lives here?” I felt a flush creep up my neck – this was the sexiest woman I think I’d ever met, and I’m pretty sure she is into me.

“That’s a lovely accent you have. Where are you from?” I asked in the friendliest tone I had. Truthfully, her accent gave her away as Colombian, though she tended to emphasize certain words with her accent in what must have been a regional mannerism.

“Bogota, Colombia!” she said, with no small amount of pride.

“Wow, beautiful place – I’d love to visit. So hey, maybe you heard, but a bunch of us are in a group chat to meet up to out and have a few drinks after class. If I can get your number, I’ll add you to the group! I wouldn’t want you to miss out.”

She obviously knew my true intentions – she made it abundantly clear in her coy response: “Group chat, huh? Well, I’m glad you asked. If you weren’t going to ask for my number, I was going to ask for yours!” It may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn she leaned in and seductively whispered the final part of her response in my ear. Likely, I was just intoxicated by the luscious scent of her perfume and imagining Kadıköy Escort things.

When the group settled on the “Beer Garden”, I made sure to text it to Veronica in a one-on-one text. If nothing else, it was a not-too-forward excuse to start texting her. Her reply was a confirmation full of enthusiastic emojis. A good sign.

Part 2

The end of class hadn’t come soon enough. Many of us made our way to the Beer Garden immediately after class. Even those who didn’t go immediately showed up having not bothered to change our of their business attire. But in this city, it apparently wasn’t unusual – every patron was wearing their work clothes. This seemed to be the place for professionals to hang out to have a quick drink after work.

As I arrived, I ordered a beer, scanned for my classmates, found their table, and sat down. Sitting down at the table, I looked around and decided that the Beer Garden was actually a pretty nice place. It wasn’t much more than a lot of land near a metro station walled off by a white picket fence…but it had charm. Each table was accompanied by an umbrella for shade. The entire area had a floor of fake green grass – a cheesy yet charming touch.

Walking in, one couldn’t help but immediately notice the delicious aromas – a couple of food trucks had also set up shop within Garden. I noticed several patrons ordering food from the trucks with beers in hand. Many patrons seemed to be holding baskets of local “fusion fries.” The place had a decidedly…hipster vibe to it.

When Veronica walked in though, I barely noticed anything else. She was wearing the same fashionable clothes from before. As she walked, though, I could admire her goddess-like features from a different angle. I had not realized just how slim her waist was before. Her curves were even sexier than I had initially realized. Her heels made her butt and calves pop out, and I had to force myself not to stare.

As she sat down, she began scanning the class and only stopped when she found me. She sat across from me, told me to hold her spot, and got up to grab a wine. When she arrived back at her spot with wine in hand, I felt as if the night could finally start.

To my surprise, the night was a lot of fun. Normally, those sorts of social gatherings could be awkward at best. Perhaps due to the nature of the people there (cynical-yet-successful young professionals), there were many laughs and ironic stories to be had. We were all having a good time so not one of us stopped at a single drink. In fact, most of us went overboard. Myself and Veronica included.

Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, I occasionally glanced towards Veronica to admire here ethereally-beautiful face. More often than not, she met my glance. More than a few times I noticed her take a drink, tilt her head down, and stare at me seductively. Every time she did, she smiled… And I couldn’t help but admire the youthful creases of her eyes accompanying each smile; the sexy accent each time she spoke. I found myself had never been so attracted to a woman before.

Spending time with Veronica and our classmates, the afternoon quickly melted into night. Before long, I realized it was quite late. By this point, the Beer Garden had their lights on and the group had steadily shrunk into only a handful of people. Realizing that the group had dwindled down, and that the night was late, we all decided to head back to our hotels. Except Veronica.

“Help me get back to my apartment!” She told me playfully, as she pretended to drunkenly stumble into me. Or maybe the stumble actually was involuntary – she was quite drunk. As she stumbled into me, her hands found themselves on my shoulder.. Intentional or not, it made my heart skip a beat. My hands, in turn, steadied her by the waist. “That waist!”, I thought, “It’s so slim…she’s so fucking sexy!”

By now, Veronica had made it quite clear. She was definitely into me. She was very, very, drunk though. She asked for me to help her make her way to her apartment, so I obliged. Standing there, I flicked open my phone and began to order a ride for her back to her apartment.

“What’s your address?” I asked her. “It’s spelled weird.” she said. “Here.” Veronica reached to grab my phone, but she made an exaggerated point of brushing up against me as she did. With my phone in her hand – and her leaning against me – she punched in the address herself.

When she handed the phone back, I looked around and realized I had been standing next to a bench. Rather than stand there and awkwardly hold Veronica up, I decided to sit on it. To be honest, I was quite tipsy myself. Sitting was likely to lead to less embarrassment than standing, so I did just that. Veronica followed suit; but, to my surprise, Veronica didn’t sit on the bench – she sat on my lap with her arms slung over my neck.

My heart again skipped a beat. If I was being honest, I loved that I could feel her sexy weight resting on my Kadıköy Escort Bayan lap with her arms around my neck. I just hoped that she couldn’t feel my erection starting to creep up. Maybe she noticed, maybe she didn’t. Either way, she grabbed my hand that had been resting on the bench and placed it on her thigh. “Make sure I don’t fall…”

My hand on her thigh did nothing to keep my erection from going away. Her skirt was somewhat hiked up, which helped my situation none at all…As it was, some of my fingers were already resting on ample quantities of her bare thigh. If her skirt hiked up more, I would have lost it. Looking down from my angle – even in my inhibited state – I decided to admire her thighs that did protrude from under the skirt. The dim light of Beer Garden’s outermost lights augmented the supple curves of her thighs.

Just then, our ride arrived. Getting into the car, I found it was a surprisingly-short ride from the Beer Garden to her apartment. The ride was short, but Veronica found time to aggressively flirt nonetheless. As we both sat in the back, she rested her head on my shoulder – and her heads on my own inner thighs. Once or twice, she likely touched my erection barely-hiding under my pants – but if she noticed, she gave no indication.

As we arrived at her apartment, I had to almost carry her through the door. With her her purse slung over my shoulder, I held her steady by the waist as she hobbled in. The drinks were having a delayed effect on her – she seemed to be getting drunker. Entering her apartment, I scanned for a place to lay her down. Sure enough, the door entered directly to a living room complete with a large couch. I carried her over to it and laid her down. It was almost comical how quickly she fell asleep on the couch once I laid her down. After laying her down, I laid her purse down on a coffee table adjacent the couch.

With Veronica on the couch, I was beginning to sober up. I decided to scan the apartment. Even in the dim light, I could tell it was nice. It smelled quite fresh, too. Deciding that it was about my time to leave, I looked down again at Veronica on her couch. “Damn”, I thought, “She got too drunk. I could have scored with her tonight…”

Veronica was already in a deep sleep on the couch. In the dim light, I again admired her as her hair splayed across the pillow where he head rested: “God! She’s so beautiful!”, I thought to myself while I admired her, “But she looks uncomfortable…” Her back was at a strangle angle, and her feet dangled over the side of the couch as a result.

In order to make her comfortable, I grabbed her dangling feet and instead propped them up on the arm of the couch. She was still wearing her heels, so I steadied myself by in turn grabbing each calf in hand and slipping off a heel with the other. Grabbing her calves, I couldn’t help but notice how soft – how deliciously supple – her legs were. I noticed that her small feet were similarly-soft as I adjusted them on the arm of the couch such that they were unlikely to slip off. With her legs propped up, her skirt was beginning to hike up again. “Don’t you dare look!” I told myself. I didn’t.

Her arms by her side, her feet propped up on the arm of the couch, she looked much more comfortable than before. Deciding that my job was done, I grabbed her heels and began to look for a place to store them. Sure enough, there was a closet just next to the entrance of her apartment. Opening it, I was greeted with a rack brimming with pairs of shoes. Chuckling to myself, I thought “Of course a fashionable lady such as herself has tons of shoes…”

Longingly glancing once more at Veronica on the couch – just to make verify that she looked comfortable – I exited the house. Walking to the nearest metro stop to hitch a ride to my hotel, I pondered if I had permanently missed an opportunity with the sexiest woman I’d ever met.

Part 3

The next morning, I was getting ready for class. When my phone came alive from a text, I eagerly flicked it open, hoping that it was Veronica. It was. “You’re such a gentleman I see!” Her text was followed shortly by an image of her heels residing in the rack – just where I’d placed them last night.

“Haha, well, I just wanted to make sure you slept comfortably. Are you hungover?”

“Sorry I got so drunk. I’m not hungover though…old Colombian remedy. By the way I don’t normally get that drunk when I go out…” Veronica’s text ended with a frowning emoji.

“It’s okay! It happens when we have fun!” I was trying to be chipper. But I felt that I was now getting sucked into the dreaded “friend zone.”

“Well. I wanted to have more fun last night!” Her text ended with no emoji, no indication of exactly what she meant. I had to tread carefully here – she was obviously being flirtatious. Too forward, and I risked coming off as a pervert. Too nice, and I was going straight to the “friend zone.”

“What kind of fun were you hoping Escort Kadıköy for? Myself, I had a lot of fun…but I can imagine how it could have been more fun…” There. A text that was clearly flirtatious, but not so forward as to put her off.

“I was hoping that you would violate me! But then I got too drunk…” Her text was preceded by a devil emoji and followed by a frowny emoji. But there it was – she had just laid her cards on the table. My heart skipped a beat when I realized I had just passed a major hurdle.

“You’re sexy as hell! Trust me, it was hard to keep my hands off of you last night. I won’t lie, I did admire your beauty while you slept, though. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” My own texts had their fair share of emojis.

“You’re not so bad yourself! Did you notice while admiring me that I wasn’t wearing any panties? I took them off during a break when I went to the restroom.” “Holy fuck!”, I thought. “That’s insanely fucking hot!” In truth, I hadn’t noticed.

“No, I didn’t notice! God you’re fucking sexy! No panties?! That’s so hot!”

“No panties. I placed them in my purse! You’re such a gentleman! You didn’t look in my purse, or see my skirt hike up too far, or anything?”

“No, I was being a gentleman.”

“Yes you were! But I hope that you’re not always a gentleman!” The final part of text came with an emoji clearly pondering deep thoughts.

“Well, I am a gentleman when I need to be. But I’m not always a gentleman…” At the end of the text, I added a devil emoji – just for emphasis.

“Prove it.” Her text came – naturally – with yet another devil emoji. My heart didn’t skip a beat this time, but I felt a tingling sensation creep down my entire body. I was going to fuck the world’s sexiest woman. It was just a matter of time.

The texts stopped after that – presumably because we were in class. But that didn’t stop us from exchanging knowing, flirtatious glances. Veronica wore a tight-fitting white dress today. It showed off some cleavage and terminated mid-thigh. She made that dress look good – it really made her curves pop out. Her matching white heels accentuated her calves, too.

During a break, my phone came alive. I had eagerly been waiting for Veronica’s next text – and this was it. “So what’s your top fantasy?” came her rather-forward text.

“They’re quite filthy – does a lady like yourself really wanna know?”

“Yes, I do! And don’t tell me a threesome. I want to reward your gentlemanly ways tonight, but I can’t reward you with that. Although it would be hot. Tell me the gruesome details!” She even shot me a knowing smile as she fired off the series of texts.

“Holy FUCK! Is this like a genie wish?! I can live out any fantasy – with this goddess!?” A dozen fantasies rushed through my mind. I chose one of the safer ones that didn’t involve a threesome.

“I’ve always wanted to admire the sexiest woman alive as she plays with herself.”

“Oh my god! That’s hot! I love when men watch me. Sometimes I do it with toys, sometimes just my fingers. Tell me more about your fantasy…”

“Fuck you’re sexy. Well, I imagine that I sit in a chair and that a beautiful woman is laying on a bed in her lingerie.”

“Uh huh…”

“And that while I watch from my chair, she slips a hand under her panties and begins to start rubbing herself.” By now, I was hurriedly firing off as many texts as I could – I wanted her to hear all of this fantasy.

“Ooooh, I loooove that…” came her response text.

“I fantasize that she’s getting really into it, arching her head back…moaning. She slips off her top to expose her breasts. She pinches her nipples occasionally, but keeps rubbing herself…” My text contained no emojis. Surprisingly, no spelling errors either.

“Ooooohhhhh…that could be me…I’m getting wet just thinking about it…”

“I can’t help myself as I watch this beautiful woman please herself. I slip off my pants, and pull out my big, hard, cock. I start masturbating, too.”

Her reply text took me a bit off-guard. She apparently decided to insert herself in my fantasy. “Oh god…and as I rub my fingers over my wet pussy, I watch you pump your hand up and down. It’s so hot, I just have to stick my fingers inside of myself…I’m so wet – I want that big cock in me…”

Realizing we had shifted from my fantasy to us sexting, I changed the story a bit. “I keep pumping my hand as you keep fingering yourself. Your moans are so fucking hot. But when you slip off your panties, I move to the bed, kiss your mouth, and then start kissing your wet pussy lips.”

“Ooooh goood…I need it… Oh fuck I’m so wet…do you want to please me with your tongue?”

“Yes. I want you to scream in pleasure as I softly flick my tongue over your clitoris. When you’re begging for me to fuck you, I’ll stick my tongue inside you and lick you softly…over and over…until you’re begging for me. But I won’t fuck you – not until you cum.”

“Prove it tonight.” With that, our texting died off. We both knew that we were pushing the envelope. Class was in session, and it was pretty obvious by now that we were both in Phoneland.

Part 4

After an eternity, class ended. Veronica’s text was succinct: “Meet me at my place at 7! We’re gonna have fun.”

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