Vicki’s Story Pt. 02

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If you have come here without reading Part 1, you should go back and read it. It sets the stage for Part 2 and beyond.

All characters are over 18 years old. The is a piece of fiction and all characters are fictitious with no basis in real life.

Enjoy Part 2

Vicki sat and stared at her son. She was literally speechless. He stood there and Vicki could see his eyes were welling up.

“Adam, what the hell is going on? What were you thinking? Do you have any idea what you have done? Why, baby, why?”

Adam stood motionless looking down at the floor. He looked up at his mother. Vicki could not tell from his face what was going on in his head. She was sitting on the bed naked right where her son had just raped her. Her emotions were raw. Not had she only just had forced sex with her son, but she had an orgasm as a result of it. As she contemplated all the craziness in her head, she saw Adam bolt out of her room, and she heard the door slam shut on his room.

Now she really needed a shower. She was sweaty from tennis and now also from her encounter with her son. The hot water felt good on her skin. But it was also karataş escort like Vicki was trying to wash away what she felt. How could she have experienced an orgasm in such away.

Vicki decided she had to speak to him. Adam was her son and her relationship with him was her utmost concern. This could ruin everything. Does she tell her husband? Does she seek counselling about it?

She got dressed in shorts and a tank top and went to Adam’s room down the hall. She knocked on his door gently.

“Adam, it’s Mom. Baby, we need to talk, I am not angry at you. But we cannot make believe this didn’t happen. It did and I need to know why? Please, baby.”

“Go away. I am not going to speak to you.”, was Adam’s reply.

“Baby, I know you must be hurting over this. Was this some sort of punishment for me? Did I do something wrong? Please, Adam, I am begging you to let me come in.”

“Go away. Just leave me the fuck alone.”

Vicki just wanted to break down the door, but what good would that do. Besides, there was a house rule that the boys’ bedrooms were their personal space, karataş escort bayan not to be violated. As long as they kept their rooms clean and maintained, they would have their privacy.

She needed to think so she walked away and went into the family room. Opening the bar, she grabbed a bottle of wine and poured herself a larger than usual glass of wine. As the wine took the edge off her emotions, she was able to think a little clearer. Her mind went straight to the physical aspect of it. The sexuality of what happened. Adams’s problem became secondary to her own issue. Plain and simple, she had an orgasm from being fucked by her son.

Adam was a strapping 18-year-old man now, not a boy anymore. His body was sculpted from spending time in the gym and playing soccer on the school team. Sure, she admired him and yes, she knew he would be a catch for any girl or woman for that matter.

As she drank her second glass of wine, Vicki’s nipples got hard.

“What the hell is going on?”, Vicki thought as she also realized she was getting wet. The dampness had crept right through escort karataş the fresh panties she put on after showering. Her hand wandered down to the gusset of her panties through the leg opening of her shorts almost as if it had a mind of its own. The wetness was heavy, her panties soaked. Vicki started to rub herself. Her mind flashing back to being fucked, literally raped, by her son.

Mindlessly, her fingers continued. All the while remembering how it felt while her own son was deep inside her. The tingle began. The feeling that an orgasm was coming soon. Vicki continued rubbing herself faster and faster. The quivering of her thighs began and then it hit. Like a wave, her body went rigid, she moaned loudly. She had an intense orgasm just like the one her son made her have as he fucked her.

Vicki wanted to go back to Adam’s bedroom again. But now she had a conflict with herself, as well as her son. She needed to understand how she could have just masturbated while thinking about what happened.

Was it because sex with her husband had not been so great? He comes home and he fucks her but never cares about her satisfaction. She even suspected that perhaps he was fucking someone else. He sure has enough opportunity at work.

So, was sex with her son some sort of response to that, her body doing what her mind had not yet contemplated? Could this be something she should explore further? One more glass of wine might help.


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