Vicky Ch. 06

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The sound of my Dad watering the lawn woke me from a deep sleep. Tired and pissed, I looked at my alarm clock. Who waters the lawn at 6:30 in the morning? Ridiculous. Then a different sensation steals my attention. My pussy is still sore from getting fucked by Eric. Ugh. This day is off to a rough start. The sex was absolutely worth the discomfort; it was so very intense and dirty. But am I loose now? How does that work? I wondered if kegels work, but then decided that’s too little, too late.

I heard the water spray against the side of the house. God he annoys me. Water the lawn after work like a normal person! But I quickly got over my annoyance with my anal father and moved onto thoughts of the twins. My imagination was running and quickly found myself entertaining thoughts about dating one of them, going out to fancy dinners, and falling in love. Then my mother’s advice came into my head. Don’t be boring.

I know I’ll settle down early. I already want the little house, with a handsome husband, and a little nook in the attic to write and sip coffee in, which is why she’s right. I need to live life a little so I have something to write about. I wouldn’t mind learning her devious ways either.

When anything goes wrong at a store or restaurant, we always get more than our way. We usually leave with gift cards. Why? Because whenever the manager is a guy she just smiles, touches his arm, and fixes her top a lot. Every time it works. The guy’s gaze fixes on her jiggling boobs and suddenly we’re awkwardly getting our way, except I’m the only one who thinks it’s awkward. That’s truly not a rare occurrence and I do envy that power. Who dislikes gift cards? Nobody, that’s who.

I have an aunt that argues with my Mom all the time, telling her that putting her tits on display and having men drool over her breasts is disgusting. She says it degrades women. I think that’s dumb though, because my Mom works and is more successful than my aunt. And I’m smart. I read more than any girl in my grade and never miss honor roll and I just also happen to like it when a man pauses in mid conversation to awkwardly look at my cleavage. It makes me feel good. I hope he goes home and jerks off to the thought of me. If he’s acting like a crazed monkey that’s his problem.

It struck me that I was getting distracted, I had a shower to take, an outfit to choose, and a school day to get through. Just shy of an hour later I walked out my front door dressed in the same tight fitting outfit as the previous night, except I borrowed my mother’s low hanging necklace.

__ __

“Hey Vicky! Headed home.”

“Yup! Do you still want to give me a ride?”

“We did want to but now we can’t. We have no car! But it’s a nice day to walk through the woods. We’re sort of car grounded. Long story. Up for an escort home?”

“Yeah, that’d be great. I won’t ask about the long story!”

“Good, let’s go!” I think that was Eddie who said it. Whichever said it, I took it as a command and started walking immediately. He’s really good looking and I can’t imagine saying no or even “hold on” to him. I would follow either of them with two untied shoes and a backpack full of rocks.

We started across the school sports fields. The twins had lived near me all my life but they’d stopped walking the same path years ago.

Walking with two incredibly handsome twins can really boost a girl’s confidence. I’m pretty sure everyone notices my walking with them. It feels like that but maybe I’m just conceded. Let me rephrase that. I am conceded and maybe my conceded view is making me think everyone is looking when they’re not. I don’t really care. Eric walks me home, no one else. No one drives me home, no one asks. Today two of the best looking guys in my school are by my side and I can tell that they’re horny by the way they keep looking down my top. Today, being me feels good.

I decided to make sure they don’t lose attention and adjusted my bra, pushing my tits up more, and then pulled down my shirt as far as I could without revealing more than the edge of my bra. My mother’s long necklace sparkled right between my breasts. That easily doubled the amount of glances.

My pussy was getting wet just teasing them. I was loving this but also hating it. It’s going well but what if I drop the ball? I hate navigating social situations like this. They’re hott and I want to hook up with one of them but they are both into me and I still don’t know if either is going to ask me out!

Really, I would date Eddie or Henry. I don’t think anyone can even tell the difference between them. They look the same and I don’t think anyone listens to anything they say. They’re just popular, pretty faces on athletic bodies. It’s high school, who dates for political views or career accomplishments? Let’s be real. No one.

I just want to take off my shirt and show them how great my tits are to make sure they don’t lose interest. That would make me feel a lot better. I’m anxious enough to be at risk of a heart attack. illegal bahis If I showed them my tits maybe they’d just fight over me and I’d let the winner fuck me. That’s how the rest of nature does it. Let the males fight and whoever wins is obviously a good catch, seems simpler.

That would be way better than sweating out hours of conversation where I’m afraid I’m going to make an idiot of myself. Ugh, maybe this is why I do better with romance novels. Maybe living in the moment is the kind of overrated thrill seeking that leads to an early death by disease and heart attacks.

As if reading my pleading thoughts to have the courting phase over with, one of them confirmed his interest by firmly grabbing my ass! It wasn’t a light pinch but a full-on ass cheek grab. And then suddenly I felt the other twin’s hand on my other ass cheek!

“You’ve got a great ass.” I felt my face go beat red. So red that I felt the heat in my face.

“Ah, thanks.” Shit! It was a weird act but I didn’t mean to make it sound awkward too! “You’ve got nice hands.” Ahhhhh. I’m useless. But what the hell, is it normal to compliment someone’s ass out of the blue like that? No!

What was happening!? We were still walking but they both hand their hand resting on my butt! It was odd. Maybe it was too odd. Maybe I didn’t need stories and boring is good. But my body and mind weren’t on the same page. I could feel the unmistakable warmth of my wetting pussy. Jesus, what if this keeps going! Is that what they want? I felt my pussy really getting hotter at the idea of it.

“Want to stop and hang out on that big rock, maybe tan in the sun for a bit?” No! I wanted to shout at them. I was fucking horny and anxious and I wanted them to run home and leave me to masturbate on the rock and get on with my life.

We had gone into the woods maybe a mile along a path I walk everyday. There’s a big tree and a few really wide, flat rocks and not much else. No one else really walks this path. It crossed my mind that they wanted to go further, sexually, but not this close to school right? Not here? But if anyone would, these two would…

“Sure. Let’s stop.”

I dropped my bag in the grass, got up onto the rock, and laid back. Henry and Eddie did the same, lying on either side of me. I looked at their grinning faces. This is nuts. Suck a dick and suddenly the Brad Pitt brothers both want to hang out with you. Note to self, suck more dicks. I sat between them, still anxious, but quite pleased.

Now these guys aren’t ordinary handsome. They go party at colleges on the weekend’s and I heard they model in the city and go to clubs. That’s just rumor though… but I don’t doubt it. Eddie and Henry have classic good looks. They’re seniors like me but they have chiseled faces, very masculine features, dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes, and white smiles that look more like mischievous grins. They are very tan, very tall, and very athletic. In a previous life they may have been Spartan warriors. And they’re the type of men that make me horny just looking at them. Their confident personalities can make them assholes but definitely sexy assholes.

I started to wonder if I should have done something back when they grabbed my ass. Should I have grabbed their asses? That’s stupid. Right? Maybe I should have moaned. Shit, I should have moaned. Damn-it, I just want to take off my shirt and let my tits do all the thinking for the three of us.

“You guys are great with your hands,” I said as sexily as possible. I was pleased with myself. Good word choice. Good delivery. Way to go Vicky, you’re doing okay.

“You’re the one with the great ass. It makes for easy handwork.”

For a while, no one said anything. We just all laid there, with the sun beating down on us. My mind raced and tried to make sense of the situation. Nothing made sense though. They don’t both think they can hook up with me, do they? Just because I did stuff with Jake during lunch one time doesn’t mean I will let them double team me. That’d be a leap. They wouldn’t both want to just share me, one time… would they? I was clueless and tried to convince myself that I should stop trying to figure it out. Enjoy it. Whatever it is, it’s a victory.

It seemed the boys patience lasted all of two minutes before a hand landed on my right tit and squeezed. I smiled. Not even on the inside. I was so excited that he squeezed my tit and I physically smiled. I quickly tried to play it cool though. He started to massage my tit and I kept my eyes closed, worried that he’d seen me smile like an idiot.

Finally I couldn’t help but wonder if he was waiting form me to look at him. I turned my head and opened. I was looking him in the eyes… Eddie’s eyes… maybe Eddie. He looked as if he was asking if I objected. Play it cool, I coached myself. I returned his sexy, mischievous grin. His grasp became more firm. He kept squeezing and rubbing and I loved it!??”Mmmm. God that feels good.” I moaned encouragingly.

A casino siteleri second passed and then Henry’s hand landed on my left breast, moving in perfect counter moves to his brother’s. They were pros. Their hands worked on my tits like they had done it a hundred times. I was horny beyond belief. I couldn’t remember ever being this horny in my life. My pussy was soaking wet. One last moment of apprehension crossed my mind. This is really slutty. Maybe I shouldn’t do this. The thought evaporated quicker than it had condensed. Fuck it, YOLO!

The next thought in my head was yelling at them to skip ahead and finger me!! I wanted to pull my top up and my jeans down to move things along. I decided against it. I was enjoying being taken by two men.

They squeezed my breasts slowly, stretching their fingers to get an entire handful. Eddie was first to slip his hand under my top and grab the real thing. Henry followed suit. Their strong hands on my tits felt amazing. My head fell back and nearly smacked into the rock when they each started working my nipples too. They twisted and pinched and twisted some more. They lightly teased me until I felt ready to cum without anyone touching me. My hand dropped down to my crotch and started rubbing. I couldn’t help it!??Frustrated with my clothing obstructing their access, I pulled off the straps of my bra and tank top and slid them down to my waist. The sun’s heat streamed through the leaves and soaked my bare breasts. The twins lifted their hands as I slid the fabric down, before reclaiming my chest. Eddie turned onto his side, on one elbow, to hungrily latch his mouth on my nipple. Like a dutiful twin, and not to be out done, Henry followed Eddie’s lead.??”Ohhhhhh my goodd!!!!!!” I moaned, feeling the boys smile against my tits. This was amazing!! Two great-looking twin brothers were sucking my tits! Ecstasy!

They knew how to suck, how to lightly bite my nipples, circle them with their tongues, then kiss the underside of my massive breasts. Shivers ran up my spine. I was topless in the summer sun but had goosebumps.

When they finally moved their hands down toward my pussy, Eddie’s hand took the place of mine. While Eddie began rubbing my throbbing pussy, Henry started rubbing my inner thigh, gradually pushing down my jeans in the process. I humped Eddie’s hand and thrusted my hips against his strong fingers, relishing the strength of his fingers on my womanhood. Finding my hands free, I grabbed Henry by the neck and pulled his lips to mine, plunging my tongue deep into his mouth.??”Mmmm, mmm, mmmmmm” I started moaning and humping, writhing like crazy, knowing I was going to cum. I started bucking my hips higher and higher, my jeans were around my knees by this point. I planted my feet and thrust my hips into the air. Eddie’s hand worked my cunt furiously. “MMMMM, mmmmmmmmmmm.” I moaned uncontrollably.

They were both sucking hard on my nipples when Eddie shifted his hand and hit my clit in just the right way. I screamed and started squirting into the air as I shook and thrust my hips. Henry’s eyes were glued to his brother’s hand as he rubbed himself through his jeans, watching as Eddie continued rubbing my pussy despite my squirting.

That first orgasm was eroticism at its best. They both moved their hands and lightly teased my tits as I tried to slow my breathing. I slowly lowered my hips back down to the rock.??”Looks like you soaked your jeans Vicky.”??”Maybe she should take them off.”

I nodded, unable to speak.

“I guess I made a mess. I’ll be a gentleman and clean it up.” Eddie said in a suave tone, making his brother laugh.??”Mmmm hhmm” was all I could manage. Eddie’s face disappeared between my legs and a few seconds later my feet were in the air and my jeans sailed into the air and out of sight. ??Eddie had dipped his head between my legs, pulled my thong to the side and zeroed in on my clit. His tongue flicked and I was immediately in heaven. He slid his tongue up and down my pussy, circled and dabbed, and penetrated.

He teased and pleasured me with every movement of his tongue. I knew he must have made a hundred girls squirm before me. His tongue had practiced on a hundred pussies, at least, because this was no natural talent. However many he’d practiced on was, I was thankful for every girl who had spread her legs before me and let him perfect his art.

My hands latched onto Eddie’s head. We fell into a rhythm. I met his tongue and he met my thrusts. He licked my steamy, wet pussy until I felt so much ecstasy I felt as though I’d leap from my own skin. My mind blurred when his brother started lightly sucking on my tits again. Their diligent ravaging of my body was doing quite the number on every nerve in me. It didn’t take me very long to start bucking again. Eddie was not to be bucked off and kept his mouth hidden, buried in my cunt, nose rubbing and teasing against my clit, even as I began to buck wildly.??”He’s good at eating pussy huh Vick?” Henry said. ‘Oh god YES. poker siteleri So fucking good. So fucking amazing!!’ my brain screamed. Something more vulgar escaped my lips. “MM, haaaaa, aaaa, mmmm. I’m…. aahhhh… his fuckin’…ahhhh… whore. Just… mmmmmmmmm mmmmm… don’t stop.”?

Then he did. For a moment I was stuck in a daze. When I finally saw straight, I looked down to see Eddie had his pants pulled down. Never, in all my life, had any cock looked so enticing. It wasn’t long but it was thick and everything I wanted from life at that moment. I spread my legs wider, looked him in the eye, and told him “fuck me.”

?He reached down, spread my pussy lips, and mounted me. Henry moved out of the way but not out of hand’s reach of my big breasts. Eddie slid into me and lowered his body against mine, probing a little then entering till his thick dick was deep in me. Henry leaned over and bit my nipple hard, making me cry out and, as though on cue, Eddie shoved his hips forward.

“Aaahhhhhh!!!!!!” It hurt in the best way. I took deep breaths. I took more deep breaths. A shiver ran up and down my body. “Fuck me. Fuck me, god, fuck me Eddie.”

“I’m not Eddie, I’m Henry.” He smiled.

I grabbed his hand, shoved it over my breast and, with my other hand, grabbed him behind the neck. “I don’t give a fuck who you are, fuck me and make me your fuckin whore.”

Immediately his facial expression changed. That pissed him off. He pulled out his full length and slammed in back in ruthlessly. Again. Again. Again. My breasts bounced and vibrated. My jaw tensed and I gritted my teeth. He fucked me mercilessly. It was the most intense feeling of my life.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk, fuckkkk, fuckkkkkk, fuckkk, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I came an Earth-shattering orgasm, squirting all over him but he didn’t yield, only kept pounding me harder and harder and my orgasm wouldn’t subside. It kept coming.

“mmmmMMMMMMM. mmmmmMMMMMM. mmmmmMMMMM.”

I struggled to breath and tried to crawl away. He held me. But I felt more hands. Eddie held me too. It was too intense but I couldn’t escape. His thrusts into me were relentless.


I came again, squirting a third time. The feelings were overwhelming me and I was crying.

“PLLLEASSSE. I can’t… I can’t… pleaseeee.”

He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders, grabbed my hips, and drove himself as deep into me as his dick could take him. Every last inch of his thick shaft was in me, convulsing. My pussy was suddenly filled with a wonderful feeling of warmth.

“Take that cum you slut.” With relief as he slowed, I took it.

He pulled out and stood up and the sun framed his silhouette, dick hanging heavy and dripping cum, glistening with my pussy juice.

I looked over to see Eddie had stripped sometime during our marathon and had his rock hard cock in hand and dripping pre-cum. Even his thick, big headed shaft was identical to his brother. Both stood in the light with hard cocks bobbing, balls hanging, staring at my sweat soaked, cum filled body.??”She’s about as good a fuck as it gets,” Henry said.??”Looked good. What a dirty little secret slut hiding in honors classes.”

“Yeah man. You going to fuck her or what?”

“Hell yeah. Just looked like she needed a breather.”??He took me missionary first. He started slower and paid lots of attention to my tits as he humped my beaten cunt. He ran his hands all over my body. It didn’t take long to realize that Eddie was the one with the hots for me. He ran his hands over my tits, my stomach, my thighs, everywhere. He fucked me slowly and kissed me deeply. It was a welcome relief after Henry’s jackhammering me into a natural high.

Eddie gently took my legs and pushed them to my chest. As he admired my back side, he slid into me a few inches deeper with unobstructed access. I was whimpering on every backstroke and craving the reentry.

“Henry, her ass is amazing. I’m getting harder just watching my dick go into her!”

“Oh yeah, it is nice. Maybe a round two is in the cards.”

Suddenly Eddie stopped, pulled out, let my legs go, and moved up while jerking his cock. Before I realized what was happening he was blowing a load all over my tits! It seemed premature but he obviously liked me more. His orgasm lasted twice as long as Henry’s. Jets of cum fell in globs onto my nipples and pooled in my cleavage.

Henry must have been hard again already, he moved behind Eddie and pushed my legs apart and shoved his cock into my well used cunt. Just as Henry shook the last drips of cum onto my tits, Henry started slamming his dick into me hard and fast.

Eddie looked annoyed that his brother had infringed on the moment. Not to be out done, he straddled my chest and started fucking the tits he just jizzed all over. This was heaven. The twins might be identical but Henry fucked me harder and I loved it. Having his cock in me while Eddie titty-fucked my cum-covered tits was as dirty as any porno I’d seen. Henry had me cumming within a minute.

Eddie didn’t last long between my tits. He kept fucking my chest until his face turned read and his neck muscles strained. Then he shot cum all over my tits, neck, and chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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