View from the Belfry

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Saintly Pleasures

Author’s note: These are the erotic adventures of the inhabitants of Ste. Licentia in the Swamp, a special monastery in Eastern Europe. The cast of characters includes Bishop Brutus (the Abbot), Sister Celine (his consort), Master Igor (Brutus’ assistant), Squire John (a worker in the monastery’s stable) and Sister Pussywillow (Celine’s lover). Various other characters appear occasionally. Maid Mary Margaret (denizen of the local village), is featured in this story. The episodes are in no particular order and begin mid-stream. At some point, I’ll write an opening chapter.

Atop the Monastery Church

We invited our new playmate and sister in sin, Maid Mary Margaret, for a walk in the countryside. It’s a crisp spring day. You’re wearing the semblance of an off-duty nun outfit: light, black, strapless dress, with a band holding it up above your perky, bra-free breasts, the hem running modestly just above your knees. Black opaque stockings cling to your shapely legs and your dainty feet sport an adorable pair of black Mary Janes. A black silk scarf over your head tops off the ensemble.

Maid Mary’s attire is a bit more provocative. She’s wearing a thin, almost transparent pale yellow sundress with spaghetti straps that barely covers her tight little buns. Her tiny tits are visible, her pronounced nipples, eraser-tipped like yours, straining against the soft material, and the outlines of her smooth bald pussy are almost discernable when the light shines through her loose-hanging dress. The dress’ color reflects her bold shock of blonde hair that curves back on either side of her head—short, though a bit longer than yours. Her deep tan reflects the many hours spent in the sun tending her garden and running her errands.

A bit older than Sister Pussywillow, probably in her early 30’s, her form is decidedly more womanly than your beloved companion. Her bright, blue eyes and large pouty lips suggest an innocence betrayed by her strong shoulders, tiny waist, flaring hips, and long, toned legs. Though she appears smaller, she stands around 5′ 6″, somewhat taller than you, and, of course, towering over Pussywillow’s 4′ 9″ frame. She’s wearing tawny little ballet slippers as we spy her waiting for us outside the monastery’s main church.

Her head is crooked upwards, admiring the tall spire of the church—an imposing landmark that dominates the valley and awakens the villagers with its long, gonging bells, keeping them liturgically attuned to the rhythm of the days. As we approach, you skip ahead and embrace her fervently, burying your nose in her delicately scented neck, your hands groping her firm ass cheeks.

I embrace the two of you as I arrive, drawing you to my broad chest and holding you there firmly and protectively. Already somewhat aroused, my Episcopal shaft rises to half mast as your warm, sensuous bodies radiate their warmth through my silky, short tunic.

Backing away from us a bit, Maid Mary cranes her neck again to view the uplifting spire of the church’s bell tower. She remarks, almost plaintively, how she would love someday to see the belfry and ring its mighty bells, herself. You squeal in joyous agreement, remembering that you had promised yourself one day to visit the belfry without the worrisome accompaniment of its overseer, Master Igor.

I take you each under my arms again and, together, we stride to the church’s main entrance and climb its stately stairs. Once inside, I direct you to a small doorway that opens onto a spiral staircase ascending to the tower’s height. Feeling adventurous, you lead the way up the steps with Maid Mary following, as I bring up the rear.

Literally, as it turns out, since I can’t help but caress the insides of Mary’s exposed upper thighs, their tan texture contrasting starkly with her ivory ass globes. As I brush my fingers against her already dampening pussy folds, she moans rapturously. Emboldened, I explore the entrance to her maidenhood with my fingers and thumb, pressing them more deeply up and into her cunt canal with every rising step in the spiral.

Finally reaching the top, you dart ahead as we follow more slowly. Maid bends back against my more emphatic invasion of her sopping pussy, which is rudely interrupted by a happy yelp of surprise, “Squire John, what a wonderful coincidence! What brings you to the belfry?”

And in answer to your query, he stammers, a bit taken aback, “Master Igor requires that I replace the fraying bell ropes. See what sorry shape they’re in!”

You inspect the cords, brushing suggestively up against the Squire’s groin, feeling his magnificent tool jerk at your flirtatious attention. Maid Mary steps quietly to one of the open portals, drawn magnetically by the dramatic view of the valley, opening spaciously out before her. I move behind her back, placing my hands on each of her shoulders, smelling the sweet scent of her golden hair as she presses her firm ass cheeks against my rising rod.

I brush the straps off each of her shoulders, kissing down and up her Kadıköy Escort long neck, nipping gently at each ear, tracing my tongue around them and inside them while she presses back against my straining sheath more urgently, gasping gulps of air as I take her nipples in my hands, squeezing them slightly and cupping both her small mounds as if testing the firmness of fresh peaches.

Paying no attention to us, you follow the long ropes up, up, up with your eyes, spying their fixture to the lofty bells’ jambs, then tracing them back down to the knots in your hands. Your lips purse in a mischievous smirk as you move your hands up to the higher rung of knots, pulling the rope down to your knees, then letting it go, feeling the knots thread through your fingers.

You pull again, this time more forcefully, drawing the rope down between your legs, then letting it loose, then pulling it down again, and again. Finally, a faint gong rings through the spire as you achieve your end, holding on to the quickly rising rope as it lifts you to your tippy-toes. You plunge the rope almost to your ankles, then let it go as it lifts you off your feet a few inches, the resulting gong rather less faint.

Now you assume a rhythm, pulling the rope down deeply, then letting it lift you up as the gongs become more assertive and measured. With each pull and release, you’re lifted higher and higher, the gongs pealing noisily as you pant with delight. Three feet, four feet, six feet, eight feet, higher and higher you go as the bells announce your victory.

Sensing that things might be getting out of control, the Squire moves forward and tries to catch you, to slow your swift ascent. Grabbing the hem of your dress, he holds on tight as you rise quickly, the dress slithering down your shapely body and coming to rest in Squire’s big hands. And you shoot aloft, naked as a jaybird with nothing but your stockings and shoes and silk scarf, blown back off your head, now fluttering in the breeze on the back of your neck.

Had anyone below been watching the tower with its many and generously spaced portals, they would have spied a naked nun, headdress clinging to her neck, breasts bouncing in the breeze, nipples hard and pointy from the early spring chill. Audible to those listening would have been a faint squeal, punctuated by the resonant deep pronouncements of the church’s mother bell, “Wheeeeeeee-heeeeee-weeeeee!” Shooting up and down like a missile, you cling to the rope for dear life.

Squire is consumed with agitation, positioning himself as best he can to pluck you from your doom. Down you come, his hands shooting up your stockinged leg, his coarse fingers penetrating your exposed pussy as you gasp with pleasure at the unanticipated intrusion. You reach out with one hand, trying to grasp the Squire, and as you bolt back up, you take with you his tunic, dragged over his head in a flash. He awaits your downward plunge, this time positioned so as to be just in front of you as you land, his cock at full mast, pulsing from the lewd display you offer him.

Down you come, legs spread, pussy petals open for all to admire and “Sploingggge!” Your creaming cunt lands directly on Squire’s throbbing log, engulfing it to the hilt. “Aiiiieeeeeee!” You screech.

“Fuck!” yells the Squire. And you slide up and off, aloft with your gaping pussy leaking large gobs of Squire’s pre-cum as you soar again to the spire’s upper reaches.

“Yes, Squire,” you yell down. “Fuck me with your big, hard donkey dick! Fuck me now!” And “Splussshhh!” You land again on his pulsing pole, rammed up to the hilt of your hungry cunt. “Ohhhhhhh….ooooooo…..ahhhhhhhhh! Yes, Squire, like that! And now again!” Up and away you go, pussy dripping and drooling, Squire’s outstretched arms trying vainly to capture you. And careening down, you impale yourself yet again on Squire’s engorged column, this time clenching your pussy as it sucks up the full length and girth of his massive cum pole, letting loose with a lewd “pop” as you shoot heavenward.

Again and again you hurl yourself on Squire’s throbbing rod until you begin to squirt uncontrollably, spraying your erotic essence all over the belfry, splashing down again and again on Squire’s waiting mast. Overcome by your reckless passion, you begin to feel faint, unsure of whether or not you can continue to cling to the rope. Landing again square on the youth’s pulsing shaft, as if by heavenly design, the fraying strands of rope snap apart, leaving the end of the rope in your hands, the rest flying upwards as the gongs peal maddeningly, now completely free of human control. And you come to rest, your squishy pussy clinging to Squire’s pulsating pole. Quaking with spasms of unquenchable passion, you lock your ankles together and ride Squire’s mast, throwing yourself up and down on his slippery shaft, your squirting leaving him awash in gush after gush of your of lust.

Overwhelmed by your insatiable assault and unhinged by your uncontrollable passion, Squire Kadıköy Escort Bayan cannot last much longer. Your squirting continues unabated and with each downward thrust, your clit hits the base of his cock, sending electric currents of pleasure bolting throughout your body. As he feels his white magma roiling around his donkey balls, he grasps your ass cheeks with his big, coarse hands and clenches them like a limp doll’s throwing you savagely onto his expanding shaft, dragging you up and off, then hurling you down again and again and again, your clit banging against the base of his dick harder and harder. You goad him on in a rasping wail, “Fuck me harder, Squire! Fuck me faster! Bury your hot seed in my wanton womb! Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!”

You feel his dick expanding to an inhuman breadth and feel his cum coursing in torrents through his cock canal and just as you are buried once again up to his unholy hilt, you swoon at the release of his pent-up seed, exploding through the damn of his pee-hole and loosing stream after stream of hot white lava splashing over the walls of your waiting womb.

And as he presses you down roughly on the base of his cock, he pours gallons of his milky cream into your thirsty cunt. Your clit implodes, sending spasms of ecstasy washing through your body like a tsunami of monstrous proportion, making you quake and jerk as one possessed, seized by the maniacal passions of your demons within. Were it not for his savage grip, you would have been catapulted into the air by the sheer pressure of his undammed eruption of cum.

Your juices flood over his throbbing probe, gushing in streams down his legs to the floor as you continue to fling yourself down and over his erupting cock. You are mad with passion, flinging your head back and forth, gouging his shoulders and back with your sharp nails, grinding the heels of your shoes into his tight, trembling ass cheeks.

Clenching your pussy as you draw yourself up, you squeeze and suck every ounce of cum you can from his limitless reservoir, growling like a beast of prey as you consume his bodily essence. His bellowing joins the cacophony of gongs pealing out into the countryside as he acknowledges the victory of your unrestrained lust over his poor, lost soul, now ensnared by the demons that hold you fast from within.

And as your fierce humping slows, you entwine your fingers in his thick straw hair drawing his glowing face close to yours and kiss him hotly on the mouth, plunging your tongue practically down his throat, pressing your messy pussy petals one last time on the base of his spent dick. He kisses you back, exploring every corner of your mouth with his large, long tongue, still gripping your ass cheeks with his big hands.

Finally you break the kiss, sighing deeply, both of you panting from the intensity of your exertions. You wrap your arms around his neck, licking the salty sweat off his shoulders and face, loosening a bit your legs’ and ankles’ tight embrace of his youthful, firm buns. And as you come to rest with your chin on his broad shoulder, you bring your fingers up to your mouth and slide your thumb into your wet oral cavity, sucking with such energy that it causes deep dimples in your cheeks and makes your thumb want to orgasm in your unsated mouth.

You open your eyes and see Maid Mary being fucked righteously from behind by your beloved Master, your cat-like eyes focusing in on her mouth which holds just the tip of her slender thumb. Your sucking intensifies, drool spilling down and over your chin, as you turn your gaze upward and catch my eyes, piercing you with an instruction you don’t at first understand. I nod downwards in the direction of Mary’s head. You flash your gaze there, then look back at me with a nod.

Slowly you plant your hands on Squire’s shoulders and lift yourself up and off his slippery column, sliding down in front of him, trailing your tongue down his long, pulsing shaft, awash with both your juices. Pushing down his semi-hard pole, you take his purple, bulbous head into your dribbling mouth and suck and swallow the last remnants of his cum down your throat, licking up and down the length and around the breadth of his satyr’s dick, cleaning all the juices clinging to his sheath, licking around and over his big balls, sucking up the remaining liquids loosed in your mutual assault.

Wrapping your small, strong hand around the girth of his massive tool, you lead him over, closer to Mary and me. I motion once again downwards, and you drop to your hands and knees, letting go with a sigh the source of your most recent pleasure.

Squire follows you on his hands and knees, sniffing the powerful scent of your sex directly in front of his face, watching his cum ooze slowly out of your enflamed cunt, sliding down your inner thighs in small rivulets of milky manmeat essence, abandoned to whatever guidance you provide. I motion for you to stop directly above Mary’s face, turned sideways, her moans escaping around her lightly Escort Kadıköy held thumb.

While you and Squire were fucking with the bells, Maid Mary and I were becoming more intimately acquainted. I pulled down the flimsy dress, letting it puddle at her feet, and lifted my tunic up and over my head, throwing it to the side. I turned her around to face me and brought my large hand to her throat, clasping it gently and drawing her to me.

Our lips grazed in teasing nibbles, brushing lightly against each other as the tips of our tongues danced and darted just at the threshold of our mouths. Then her mouth covered mine, her tongue shooting into my mouth with the power of a preying lizard, wrapping itself around my tongue and pulling it into her greedy orifice. Our tongues lashed at each other with intensified hunger, exploring every nook and cranny of one another’s mouths, then licking softly around each other’s lips, sending waves of tingling goosebumps over our bodies.

We embraced more earnestly, fucking each other’s mouths with our tongues. She ground her hard nipples against my chest, rubbing them back and forth as her breathing grew more ragged and her grasp more possessive around my back and on my ass cheek. I lowered my hands to her firm buttocks and squeezed them harshly as I pressed my turgid tool against her abdomen. She moaned loudly, letting her head fall back, her eyes rolling upward while I kissed and licked down and up her stately neck, pausing to suck and bite her tender flesh as I left my marks on her now submissive body, pliant to my every whim.

She pressed me back with her hands, exposing my taut nipples, which she attacked with her lips and tongue, sucking them separately deep into her mouth, working her lips in tight circles as her inhalation of their nubs became more urgent. My knees went weak for a moment at her abandoned assault on one of the most sensitive areas of my body. Her hands snaked down to my cock, taking it into her palms, wrapping her fingers around it and sliding them up and down my stiffening shaft.

I now pushed her away a bit and putting my hands on each of her shoulders, guided her down firmly so that her face was aligned with my rapidly rising pole. Needing no further instruction, she pressed its tip to my abdomen as she began licking in long wet slurps from the bottom of my balls all the way up to the tip of my bulb. She licked up and down and all around the entire circumference of my Episcopal miter, then pulled it down to lick lightly at the most sensitive area just beneath my pee-hole where my circumcised hood flares away from the center of my dick. Fluttering her tongue against the soft, overly sensitive skin sent shivers throughout my entire body, causing my toes to curl in autonomic response to her expertly focused attention.

She noticed my agitation and shifted her face so that it was perpendicular to my pole, and placing the bulb of my cock sideways in her mouth, flicked her tongue back and forth over the sensitive patch, pausing to flutter her tongue directly on it, then flicked it back and forth again. This sent me into the stratosphere and flipped some switch in my psyche that drove me to fuck her mouth with a savagery that was utterly self-absorbed.

I placed one palm over her eyes and the other hand curled around the back of her neck, forcing her mouth over my cock as I fucked her roughly and relentlessly, oblivious to her gagging and drooling. She seemed to thrive on the harshness of my behavior and groaned deeply into my cock, making it quiver with the resonance of her faux-helpless moaning. It jerked and twitched as my fucking became ever more forceful.

I suddenly jerked her face away, not wanting to spill my holy seed prematurely and spun her around, forcing her face to the floor and spreading her luscious thighs apart with my knees. Rising up on my haunches, I brought my angry rod to the entrance of her dripping cunt and directed it straightaway deep into her enveloping folds. Sliding it out slowly, then ramming it home even more deeply, pushing her forward with the force of my thrust.

I slapped her ass cheek sharply, evoking a yelp from the depths of her passion, then slapped again on the other cheek, alternating regularly but with a random rhythm, until she was crooning a lullaby of low, guttural moans. Wetting my thumb with my slobber, I slid it to the entrance of her rosebud, slipping it in slowly then pausing for her to adjust to the sensation. Then as she pressed back to receive more, I buried my rod to the hilt and slipped my thumb to its full extent into her opening ass petal, sliding it back and forth in tandem with my plunging cock.

It was at this moment that I noticed her hand to her mouth with her thumb slightly insinuated between her teeth. I finally caught your eye and directed your gaze to the sight, knowing that it would arouse you and attract your more engaged interest. And so you responded to my signal with alacrity, bringing the Squire in your train like a well-behaved pet bear. I was relieved that you responded so quickly, since there had been a few instants as I was watching you fuck the Squire with such gusto that pangs of jealousy shot through my soul. But they dissolved quickly into feelings of joy at your being pleasured so completely and with such utter and passionate abandon.

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