Vince Ch 02: Anastasia’s Apartment

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Vince couldn’t get the events of Tuesday out of his head. Did that really happen? He kept asking himself. It all just seemed like a dream, too good to be true. But it was true. After their encounter, they exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet up Friday night at Anastasia’s apartment in the city center. Vince could only imagine what Friday night would bring, and his mind raced with the possibilities.

The city center was fairly modern, with plenty of green space to accent the many new glass-clad towers that broke up the skyline. You could guarantee that any time of day or night, the streets would be bustling with cars and people. Many of the restaurants had patios in the front, where you could relax and enjoy a drink, while watching the hectic pace of the events unfold around you.

Vince was taking in the view of the city streets from the window of the bus, letting his thoughts wander as he gazed at the people crowding the sidewalks. “Next stop, Sunnyvale Boulevard!” the announcement came over the speakers on the bus. Vince snapped out of his trance, this was his stop. He gathered up his jacket, and the bottle of red wine he had brought for the occasion. His stomach felt a little queasy, which he attributed to feeling both excited and slightly nervous at the same time. I am sure after a glass or two of wine, I’ll feel better and much more relaxed he thought to himself.

He got off the bus, and the cold autumn air hit his face. He looked up at the sky, and despite all the city lights, he could still see the brighter stars coming out. It was a beautiful clear night, and he loved this time of year. He wasn’t familiar with this particular area of the city, but it was very nice. He was a little early still, so he decided to sit for a short time on a park bench in a green space that was near the bus stop, and enjoy the cool, fresh air. Looking across the park, he could see what he presumed was Anastasia’s building. It was a modern glass tower, which tapered and twisted slightly as it neared the top, quite an elegant design he thought. She was on the 20th floor, overlooking the bay, and he could tell the view from her room must be spectacular.

Time to go. He got up off the bench, and walked through the park to her building. He hesitated slightly, took a deep breath and pressed number 269 on the keypad and waited as it rang her room. “Hi Vince” a familiar voice came over the speaker “come on up!” There was a buzz, and door unlatched and he stepped inside the building. Now his stomach was really in knots. That glass of wine is going to feel so good. He pressed floor 20 on the keypad in the elevator, and it whisked him up to her floor. Stepping out of the elevator, he walked down the hall and found room number 269. Well, here we go he thought, and knocked on the door.

Moments later, the door swung open, and there she was. Instantly, any nervousness and apprehension that Vince had had, disappeared as he stared at the beautiful young woman in front of him. She had her hair down and straightened, with her bangs neatly trimmed in a perfectly straight line across her forehead. Her blue eyes sparkled, accenting her smooth pale skin. She was wearing a stunning red dress that hugged her slender body, and the low cut upper half showed off the curves of her breasts. “You look stunning” he said, as his eyes ran up and down her entire body.

“Thank you!” she said, blushing slightly. “Come on in, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all week”

Vince stepped inside and took off his shoes. Her apartment was gorgeous; it was bright, open, and very modern. The main living area was spacious, and had floor to ceiling windows at the end, overlooking the bay. It was a beautiful view at night, with all the city lights dotting the surrounding areas, and a crescent moon rising over the calm waters of the bay. “Wow you sure found yourself a great place here” he said.

“I absolutely love it” she replied. “I can’t pretend I could have afforded it on my own, my parents are both doctors at the hospital here, and they offered to cover the rent for me while I am at school.”

“Well that must be nice!” Vince said with a smile. He handed Anastasia the bottle of wine he brought. “I hope you like red, I just took a guess.”

“Absolutely, that’s my favorite. Good guess!” she replied. “Come on, let’s pour ourselves a glass and sit down.”

As she walked towards the kitchen with the wine, Vince caught himself staring at her from behind again. Her dress was fully open on the back, exposing her pale smooth skin right down to her waist. Her tight dress came to just above her knees, and accentuated her slim waist and perfect butt. As she bent over to reach the corkscrew out the bottom drawer, her dress rose up almost to her rear end, not quite exposing what was beneath. Vince squirmed slightly, and felt his pulse quicken. My god, is she ever sexy he thought.

She poured two full glasses, handed Etiler escort one to Vince, and they went and sat down on the couch in the living room which gave them a view out the huge windows. “Cheers” she said, as they clinked glasses and took a sip. “Mmmm that’s not bad at all” Anastasia commented.

“Oh thank goodness” said Vince, “I really don’t know much about wine, I just picked that bottle because it had a nice label.”

Anastasia laughed. “Well, you could have fooled me” she said, taking another sip.

They continued making small talk, laughing, and enjoying the wine Vince had brought. When that bottle ran out, Anastasia went and got a second bottle from her cupboard, and poured them both another glass and sat back down, this time right up against Vince. At this point, they were both starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, and were very relaxed and comfortable talking about anything and everything. Vince put his arm around Anastasia and said “this is a wonderful evening, I am so happy you invited me over.”

Anastasia replied, with a sly smirk on her face, “oh this evening is only just getting started, Vince.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You blew my mind last Tuesday in the library. Tonight, I want to get even wilder.” She stared straight into Vince’s eyes, and licked her lips erotically.

Vince could feel himself getting hard in his pants. They grabbed each other and started making out, hands running up and down each other’s bodies as their tongues twisted into one another. Vince put his hand on Anastasia’s exposed thigh, and started slowly moving it upwards as they kissed. He slid it under her skirt, and kept moving up until he was nestled right in her crotch. Finding she wasn’t wearing any panties tonight, he let his fingers run gently up and down her smooth slit. He could already feel the warm wetness of her pussy and could tell she was already very turned on. He found her clit, and started gently massaging it with his finger, moving in small circular motions. Anastasia moaned softly as she stopped kissing him for a moment. He could feel her getting wetter, and a damp spot was starting to appear on her dress around her crotch area.

Suddenly, she stood up, and Vince looked up at her from the couch; the damp spot on her dress was very noticeable now. Slowly, she slid her dress off one shoulder, then the other. Smoothly, she pulled it down past her breasts, then her waist, and let it drop to the floor. Standing there completely nude in front of Vince, he took in the sight of her amazing body. His eyes started at her perfect round breasts and small hard pink nipples, and worked their way down past her sexy hips to her vagina. Her landing strip was still perfectly shaved with edges so straight it was almost as if she had used a ruler. At the end of the strip of hair, the lips of her vagina carried the straight line right down, concealing the love hole that had brought them both so much pleasure in the library. His eyes carried on down her beautifully shaped thighs, her slim legs, and right down to her small feet. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in all my life” he said to her.

She didn’t say anything, but instead started running her hands all over her own body as she stood in front of Vince. When her hands got down to her vagina, she started rubbing herself, and moaning lightly. Vince watched as she slid one finger into her pussy and then a second. She closed her eyes and moaned louder as a third finger slid in. She began pushing her three fingers in and out, starting slowly, and gradually getting faster and deeper. Vince’s cock was rock hard now and starting to ooze a little wetness of its own, as he looked on at awe and amazement at Anastasia masturbating right in front of him. He could hear the sloppy wet sounds of her pussy as she got wetter and wetter with her own touching. He unbuttoned his own pants, and started stroking his cock, imagining it being deep inside her, in place of her own fingers.

Anastasia was clearly getting closer to orgasm as she fucked her own pussy harder and faster with one hand, while squeezing and massaging her breasts with the other. But suddenly she stopped, pulled her fingers out of her slit, and started sucking on them suggestively before opening her eyes, and looking down at Vince. “Vince” she said, “I want you to make me orgasm. Eat my pussy, Vince.”

Vince stood up, took her by the hand and guided her back down to a seated position on the couch. He got down on his knees in front of her between her legs, and pulled her towards him so her pussy was right on the edge of the cushion, and she was leaning backwards against the couch back. He spread her legs wide, and stared at her vagina. Her lips had spread slightly, revealing the moist, bright pink interior. A small amount of her love fluids had trickled out, and had just barely formed a drip at the bottom of her slit. He could smell the warm sweet smell as me moved his face closer Beşiktaş escort to her women parts.

He closed his eyes as the tip of his tongue made contact with the bottom of her slit; he could taste the sweet juices that had collected there. Gently and slowly, he ran his tongue right up the length of her pussy lips, making gentle contact with the folds of pink skin inside. Anastasia moaned as his tongue reached her clit and circled around it. Back down he went, until he found her hole, and poked the tip of his tongue just inside. He could feel her pussy muscles tighten slightly as his tongue entered her.

“Mmmmm that’s feeling soooo good” she said, “I love how gentle you are. Don’t stop.”

Stopping was the last thing on Vince’s mind. He was loving this. She tasted amazing, and it was getting him so turned on knowing how much pleasure she was getting from him eating her out. Up and down he went with his tongue, and in and out of her pussy hole, each time getting a little deeper. Anastasia was loving it, and her moans were gradually getting louder and louder as he worked his magic. Vince then slid a finger into her hole, and her body tensed as she moaned loudly. He began working her clit with his tongue, while fingering her love hole with first one, then two fingers. He pushed his fingers as deep as he could inside her, and felt how warm and wet she was.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, eat this pussy” Anastasia said, breathing heavily. Her hips were starting to thrust towards him, matching the rhythm of his licking and fingering. “Oh my god, that’s right, suck that clit. Finger me deeper. Deeper!”

Vince could tell that she was getting close to cumming. Her hip thrusts were getting more intense and faster, which he matched with his fingers and tongue. She grabbed his head with both hands, and pushed it hard into her crotch. He was a little surprised how hard she was grinding his face into her pussy, but he loved it. “Oh fuck, yes! Just like that, just like that! Harder!!” She was practically screaming now, and he could barely breathe because of how hard she was forcing his face into her. “Holy shit, holy SHIT!! I think I’m cumming!!”

Suddenly her body tensed fully, her back arched heavily, and she wrapped her legs around his body, screaming in pleasure. Vince felt a warm gush of smother his face as her body pulsed from her orgasm. He went hard with his tongue on her clit as she was orgasming, and she shrieked in ecstasy. Another pulse of hot fluid squirted into his face as he gasped for breath. Her body suddenly went limp as she released her grip on his head, and she quivered slightly as she lay on the couch still breathing heavily. He looked at the couch, and there was a sizeable pool of her fluid on the leather which she was sitting in, her pussy still throbbing and wet.

Vince stood up and she opened her eyes. “Oh my god, that was amazing. You sure know how to eat pussy, that was unreal” she said. He didn’t know what to say, he was still blown away about how great it was eating her out, and how turned on he had become by hearing her orgasm. It was such an incredible feeling knowing he had been able to do that for her. “Don’t just stand there” she said, “get your clothes off, I want to fuck you hard! It’s my turn to make you cum.”

Vince snapped out of his daze when Anastasia said that. He couldn’t believe his ears. I wonder what she has planned he thought. He took off his clothes, and Anastasia stood up facing him, just inches away from his face. She grabbed his cock with one hand, and said “I bet you want this big cock of yours in my tight little twat, right?” Vince nodded silently. He loved it when she talked dirty to him. “I bet you want to push this as deep as you can into my wet, tight cunt and feel me squeezing your cock with my tightness.” She squeezed his cock with her hand, and gave it a gentle tug.

“Jesus fucking Christ” Vince blurted out. Anastasia let go of his cock and gave him a gentle shove onto the couch so he was lying on his back. He felt the wet patch of Anastasia’s love juice that had pooled on the couch; he was lying right in it. He looked over at Anastasia who was still standing next to the couch. She had three of her fingers inside her already wet pussy again, fucking herself pretty hard.

“You better be ready for this pussy” she said, as she took her fingers out, and climbed on to the couch, straddling Vince’s crotch with her back facing him. He had a perfect view of her ass, and her long brown hair fell down almost halfway down her back. She leaned slightly forward, and Vince could just see her pussy lips between her legs. He saw one hand come down, and spread her lips as the other hand grabbed his cock and straightened it out to aim it at her gaping pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself down until the tip of his head was touching her vagina. She paused for a second to make sure she had his penis in just the right place, and then continued lowering herself down as his Taksim escort cock penetrated into her. “Oh my god” she said as he was about half way in “you’re so big. This feels sooooo fucking good”. She continued lowering herself, her hands on his knees now, until his cock was fully into her.

Vince could feel his cock bottom out deep inside her. “Holy fuck do you ever feel good” he told her. Anastasia moaned as Vince hit bottom. He stared at her ass for a moment. It was pressed tightly up against him; he couldn’t even see his own cock anymore. He wondered what the view looked like from the front, but he was enjoying this view immensely.

Anastasia began moving her body up and down, so his cock was sliding in and out of her. She developed a steady rhythm of up and down motion, as Vince gently thrust upwards with his hips as she was on the down stroke. He’d never felt penetration so deep before, and it was driving him wild. “Fuck yes, you like fucking this pussy?” Anastasia said between heavy breaths. She was ramping up the speed, and also the stroke length of her motion. Vince was thrusting upwards harder now, to get the full effect of the deepest penetration possible.

“Fuck yes, oh my god you are incredible!” Vince shouted as Anastasia was moaning loudly. She was really riding his cock hard now, every bounce of her body went up so far the tip of his penis almost came out, and then slammed back down all the way into her with her ass cheeks making an audible slapping sound as she bottomed out. Her moaning got louder and louder until she was almost screaming, and Vince was close to cumming. “Holy fuck, I’m getting close!” he shouted.

Just then, Anastasia pulled out, and turned around to face him, still straddling his waist area, her pussy lips spread open as they pressed against his cock. She had worked up a sweat with all the bouncing, and her hair was a mess. Her face was flushed red from the workout, and she slowly moved her hips back and forth so her pussy rubbed against his cock. Vince was wondering what she was thinking. “I want your cock up my ass, and I want you to cum in me” she said.

Vince couldn’t believe his ears. “Wait, what was that?” he said.

“I want you to fuck my asshole, and I want you to fuck it hard until you cum. Blow your load in my fucking tight little ass; I want to feel that hot cum of yours squirt inside me!”

Vince had never done anal before, but had always wanted. None of his previous girlfriends ever wanted to try it, but here was someone that was practically begging for it. A huge grin crossed his face “I can’t believe you want me to do you in the ass” he said.

She looked at him and replied “oh you better believe it.” Just then, she lifted her body up, and leaned back, putting one hand on his knee to support herself. With her other hand, she grabbed his swollen cock, and guided it towards her ass. He had a perfect view of her throbbing, dripping vagina, and could now see her little butthole just below. She again lowered her body slowly, whilst wiggling his penis so the tip of it could find the center of her anus. As soon as it touched just the right spot, she stopped wiggling him, and started applying pressure so he could slide into her butt. She kept applying more and more pressure, until he began to wonder if she was just going to be too tight for his cock. But all of a sudden, her ass gave way and his penis began to penetrate into her.

She let out a small moan as he began to slide into her ass. Vince had thought her pussy was tight, and it was, but this… this was a whole step above. It felt like his cock was being squeezed tremendously by this new hole of hers. Ever so slowly, she kept lowering herself onto his hard shaft, pushing it deeper and deeper into her bowels, until finally she had him all the way in, and was sitting there on him with his cock completely buried in her ass. She closed her eyes, as she said “holy fuck, my ass feels so full.”

Just as before, she started riding his cock, bouncing up and down with it in her ass. Vince was just beside himself with pleasure, and couldn’t believe the view in front of him. She was still leaning back, and he could see her wet pussy, and at the same time he could see his cock sliding in and out of her ass. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with each thrust, and her head was tilted back with her hair falling down behind her. He knew he would never forget this sight.

Faster and harder she rode him, bouncing up and down through a long stroke of motion. “Yes, oh fuck yes, fuck my ass Vince! Fuck it hard!” She was screaming and moaning in pleasure “oh my god, my ass is so tight and your cock is so big. Fuck, it feels so good deep inside my ass!”

Vince couldn’t last any longer; he was just so unbelievably turned on by this unexpected anal action that he knew he was nearing his own orgasm. “Holy fuck, I’m getting close! Fuck, it feels so good, I am going to cum!!”

“Fuck yes, you fucking cum in this tight little asshole,” Anastasia screamed through her clenched teeth as she continued to pound his cock into her ass. “Fill this ass up with your juice, I want to feel your hot load shoot up in me”. She was pounding him so hard now, he couldn’t take it anymore.

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