Violated in Vegas!

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Mickey was finally in Las Vegas and was she excited! Her husband had come up with every excuse not to take her so she had reached the end of her patience and booked a trip with three of her girlfriends, Denise, Sandy and Lori. Mickey knew that she had become arrogant with her coworkers and her husband about how this trip was going to be. Her friend Sandy had managed to score tickets for the “Ghost Room Bar” and she had dropped that name numerous times a day. They were staying at the Mandalay Bay. Mickey was in her early forties, long black hair, five foot four inches tall, one hundred thirty pounds and 34B breasts.

They were in their second day in Vegas. Yesterday and last night they had taken in the sights and had visited the Ghost Room. Mickey had been fascinated with the fifty-first floor bar and the attitude of the clientele. They had walked the Strip and viewed all the lights, volcano and had the boat tour at the Luxor. Mickey sighed and stretched; she knew they had made it back to their room before sunrise but she could not give a time.

Mickey felt someone pushing open her legs. She was confused for a moment but then everything came flooding back. She was sharing her room with her best friend Denise. Mickey and Denise had been friends since grade school. Their first sex had been with each other and they had maintained their sexual relationship along with their friendship over the years. They still “got together” at least twice a week. This had not interfered with their heterosexual lives; Mickey was on her fourth husband and had two children. Denise was on her second husband and also had two kids.

Denise started kissing Mickey at about her right knee. She continued up the thigh until she stuck her tongue in Mickey’s now wet pussy. Mickey felt Denise licking and gently nibbling her clit. As her body responded Mickey stretched and moaned and closed her thighs around Denise’s head. As her arousal came closer and closer to climax, Mickey started moaning and grinding her pussy into Denise’s mouth. Denise always thought that Mickey’s juices were sweet and she swallowed as she licked. When Mickey cried out and came, the gush of juices from her cunt burst out and around Denise’s face.

Denise then rose up and slid her thighs up Mickey’s torso. When she reached Mickey’s mouth she stopped and felt Mickey’s tongue slip between the lips of her pussy. As her clit was tongued she felt herself give way to her desire. She humped Mickey’s mouth, but tried to keep from sliding away. Finally she cried out and her juices flowed out of her and around Mickey’s head.

The door to the to Sandy and Lori’s adjoining room slammed open and Sandy, wrapped in a towel, came charging in. “Oh shit,” she cried, “I was trying to catch you two in the act.” Mickey said, “If you want to join in?” and raised her hand. Sandy dropped the towel and let Mickey draw her down to the bed. Mickey kissed her deeply and then kissed her way to and past Sandy’s breasts. When she got to her pussy, Mickey pulled Sandy’s thighs around her head and drove her tongue into her vagina. As she tasted Sandy, Mickey felt her own clit start to tingle and realized that Denise was fucking her with her fingers. After a short spell, Mickey cried out with her orgasm and then continued to eat Sandy. Sandy finally came with a cry. “That was great,” she replied, stretching her body as Mickey pulled away.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Lori asked coming into the room. “Well, its past noon. Once we all get spruced up we thought that we could hit a couple of the ‘off strip’ bars and try to finish back at the Ghost Room,” was Mickey’s response. They all agreed that this was a good plan.

Mickey was feeling no pain. They had hit four or five of the “local” bars and everyone had a good buzz on. They had been laughing at the expressions on some of the guys in these bars. They had let them buy drinks and then shut them down. There had even been a couple of incidents in this bar.

Mickey got up from their table and made her way to the toilet. After she was done and she opened the door to two men. “You too good to give any to us hicks?” was the angry question. Mickey just held up her hand and said, “Speak to someone who cares.” As she tried to walk past she found herself slammed against a wall and a knife was to her throat. gaziantep escort tanıtımları “I think you and your friends need a lesson in how to treat people nice!” She was then dragged to a table in the back of the bar. She saw that Denise, Sandy and Lori were all naked and laying back on tables with their heads hanging off one side and their legs off the other. Lines were forming at both sides of the tables.

Mickey felt her clothes being cut from her and she was pushed back down on a table. Immediately someone stepped up between her thighs and rammed his dick into her. She cried out with pain as her cunt was only lubricated with the pee that she had just done. Before she could close her mouth a hand grabbed her jaw and pulled it all the way open. A urine flavored prick was then jammed into her mouth. Just as the shaft in her pussy was being rammed into her as fast and hard as possible, her mouth was being fucked just as hard. The man assaulting her vagina grunted and thrust himself hard into her. Mickey felt his cum spurt into her. He no sooner stepped back than a new assaulter took his place. Again a dick was quickly guided into her and the fucking of her cunt stated again. The dick in her mouth exploded a wad of sperm and Mickey quickly swallowed. That shaft withdrew and a new one forced her mouth open. Mickey also felt someone pinching her tits. The double blows to both ends of her body were tiring her. As one person finished fucking her and another took his place, She just kept her pussy as tight as possible. The prick in her mouth spurted its load and she swallowed again. The next person came forward and Mickey was confused. She finally realized that it was a pussy being pressed to her mouth. A voice said in her ear, “Just eat it, you bitch if you know what is good for you.” Mickey stuck her tongue into the hairy cunt and started licking. The girl adjusted herself so Mickey’s tongue found her clit. She could hear the woman moaning as she ground her groin into Mickey’s mouth. Mickey could hear an occasional cry from one of her friends. Mostly it was comments from the people that were abusing them. One guy getting ready to fuck her stopped in his tracks. “Look at this, she is not closing up and the cum is dripping out of her.” The guy behind him said, “Get out of the way, I can do something about this.” He then stepped up and ran his prick into Mickey. Mickey felt a warmth spread through her pussy and turned scarlet with shame. She realized that he was pissing in her to clean the cum out of her. One he was done he kept his dick in her and started fucking. Another pussy was pushed up to her lips and she opened her mouth and started to eat the cunt.

There was some noise generated as guys started berating the girls for becoming so ‘loose’ and harder to fuck. Having the girls lay on their stomachs would have solved this problem, but the local ‘ladies’ claimed that it would end their fun. “I’ll show you what to do,” one guy said and he stepped up to Mickey and lifted both her legs to his shoulders, this lifted her waist enough that either her pussy or ass could be fucked and the women could still have their pussies eaten. He then plunged his dick into her cunt and drew it back out dripping. With this lubrication he then guided his member to Mickey’s ass and plunged it in. Mickey was too numb to the abuse that she had received to even respond with more than a whimper, she just did with her ass what she did with her vagina. She tightened up as much as she could and tried to speed the fuck up. Again another pussy was pushed to her and she started licking the strange clit. She was still being assaulted at both ends when she felt the view around her fade to black.

Mickey woke up sore and bruised. She slowly took in the room around her, which was bare except for some blankets and her three friends. She took status of herself and realized that she had cum smeared over almost all of her body, including her face. Her pussy and ass were still dilated and dripping. She could put three fingers in either of her openings and not touch the sides. The other girls were moaning and starting to move.

The door to the room opened and three men stepped into the room. “Ladies, it is nice to see that you are awake and ready for the new day,” gaziantep escort telefonları The center man said to them. “Yes, last night really happened. It is the talk of the bar. You cannot believe how popular you girls are. Between you, you satisfied over one hundred people, most of them more than once.” He allowed the cleaning crew to bring in some dishes. “Here is some breakfast, I suggest you eat and drink what you can,” he closed the door and leaned back against it. “Now for what is going to happen to you,” he said, “We have your clothes from your hotel. According to your tickets and hotel receipts, you are staying until tomorrow evening. Sometime today you will all star in your own porn video. You will also sign credit card slips to pay for the cost of the film and to cover other expenses. You will make a few ‘request’ fucks this afternoon. We know that you are married except for Blondie here,” he stated as he pointed to Sandy. “She will be allowed to have teeth marks. The rest of you will wear your rings where it can easily be seen that you are cuckolding your husbands. You will be fed and allowed to clean up. You will wear makeup and perfume for this evening’s performance. Obviously clothes will not be a problem. We have something to ease the pain if you need it before tonight’s festivities start. Let us know. If you cooperate, you will make your flight out of Vegas tomorrow night on time.”

“Now on to other things,” he said, “Blondie you come with us, the cleaning crew has claimed you as their tip for cleaning up after all of you last night. Blackie,” he stated, pointing at Mickey, “You come with us too.” Mickey and Sandy gingerly walked out with them. There was considerable discomfort from both their groins and asses. Once outside of the room, the cleaning crew hustled Sandy off. Mickey was allowed to enter the women’s room and clean herself up. Once Mickey had cleaned herself up as much as possible, she was escorted to the kitchen.

In the kitchen she was introduced to a large black man. “You are Wilson’s payment for him cooking for all of you.” Wilson nodded and motioned for her to come over by him.
Mickey approached Wilson and he escorted her over to a cot in the back of the kitchen and had her lay down. There he took off his clothes and Mickey stared. Wilson had a massive thirteen-inch dick at least three inches around and it was as hard as a rock. He used some olive oil to lubricate himself and then he spread her legs and guided himself into her. Mickey cried out at the intrusion of his massive shaft into her pussy. Even though she was still dilated from the night before, his member stretched her past what she thought was her limits. He pushed his entire dick into her cunt. Once there he settled his weight on her and began ramming his cock into her. Mickey felt the pain spread from her vagina but, finally, she also felt her clit start to stir. She had not cum all of last evening and now being abused by this huge dick she was going to come! She cried out each time he drove into her. Finally she locked her legs around his thighs and cried out as she came. Wilson just started jamming his cock into her harder and faster. Mickey’s face was buried in his chest and she could taste the sweat off of his body. Wilson grunted and with one large shove, he drove his shaft to its hilt in Mickey’s cunt. She felt him spurting his cum inside of her. It was squeezing out from her all around his cock. He lay still on her for several minutes. He then lifted himself off of her and pulled out of her, with a soft slurping sound. He then pulled Mickey’s head into his lap. “Suck it, suck all of it, suck it clean,” he told her. Mickey could not take all of his massive member into her mouth. She sucked the end of it the best she could; then she sucked and licked the sides of it clean all the way to his balls. She then sucked those too. In performing this act on his dick, it had again become hard in all its glory. He again rubbed himself with a little oil and with no warning he flipped Mickey on her stomach and ran himself to the hilt in her ass. Mickey screamed with real pain and lifted herself off of the cot, again the dilation of her butt was not enough to easily accept his huge prick. Wilson’s weight forced her back down and there was gaziantep escort videoları no way she could stop this penetration of her butt. He quickly settled into a rythm of plunging his prick into her and pulling it back. Mickey could only lay there and moan. Finally, she felt the assault on her butt quicken and the thrusts become more forceful. With a final groan, Wilson exploded into her anus. Again the amount of sperm was too much for Mickey to hold along with his cock. As Wilson made a couple of final plunges, his sperm squirted out of her ass and his thighs rubbed it over her butt cheeks. Wilson again pulled Mickey’s face to his massive dick. “Suck it clean again,” she was instructed. Mickey sucked and licked until again she finished with his balls in her mouth. She was a little afraid because his huge shaft was again rigid. This time he just grabbed her by the jaw and forced her mouth open. He jammed his monstrous cock into her mouth and even when she started to gag, he kept on trying to fit more in. Mickey could only make noises. Her lips were strained to allow this monster into her mouth. Wilson began slowly fucking Mickey’s mouth. He would pull back out far enough for her to get a breath and then ram it forward again.
When he came he forced his massive member even farther into her where it reached her throat. He blew his huge wad of cum down her throat and she swallowed it.

Mickey was led back to the room. They passed a service room and she could see Sandy sprawled out with a dick in her mouth, cunt and ass. There were bite marks around her nipples and throat. When she got back to the room Denise was on her knees with a dick in her mouth. Lori was sandwiched between two guys who were fucking her in her pussy and ass at the same time. Mickey just wondered if it would all end.

That evening they were led into a large room in the back of the bar. There were four army style cots set up and about sixty people, both male and female, waitng for them to lie down. They were all cleaned up and had applied fresh make-up and perfume. All of them had asked for pain killing drugs. Mickey knew this was going to be difficult because they were all still imensely dilated, she knew the would have trouble keeping tight enough to get the guys off. That ment that they had to become even more expert on oral sex so they could take most of their ‘customers’ in their mouths. They all lay down and the ordeal began. They were fucked over and over and if a dick was not in their mouths, a sloppy pussy was. They were even being peed in periodically to keep the cum washed out. Sometime in the morning the last people left.

They next day, they were allowed to clean up and put on fresh clothes but no underware. They were loaded into a stretch limo. Four men got in with them. One of them was the man who had been doing all the talking for the locals. “Here are photo albums for you,” he started, “They have pictures from your first night in the bar, stills from the porno movie that you all did..” Mickey broke in at this point. “I didn’t make a porno,” and Sandy chipped in “Neither did I.” “If you will look at the movie section of your albums; you, Blackie, will see that we filmed you and Wilson and if you; Blondie, look you will see that we filmed your very entertaining time with the cleaning crew.” Both women lowered their eyes and became quiet. “Now we have the right to publish any or all of these pictures. You all signed over the rights to us. Here is the kicker, you all come back here in one year for a party with us locals and nothing gets printed.” “Just come back next year and its over?” “Of course not. You come back EVERY year or you will find out just how supportive your friends and family can be. Now lets end this on a friendly note. He reached out and pulled Mickey to him. He pulled off her top and skirt. He then sucked her nipples for a while. Mickey just thought that she had to endure this only for one more time and then she had a year. When he spread her legs, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her and started fucking as hard as she could. She positioned herself so her clit did get some rubbing from his seven-inch shaft. She moaned as she felt an orgasm course through her. when she felt him spasm and cum in her she felt him sit up. He handed her a kotex to keep his sperm in her pussy. “You friends will all be wearing one too'” he said. And as they finished there last Vegas fucks they stopped themselves with the kotex and pulled their clothes on. The limo dropped them at the airport and they checked-in, awaited boarding, and made the flight back home in total silence as they pondered their time in Las Vegas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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