Virtue vs. Desire Ch. 03

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This story involves a wife’s infidelity – eventually. Without any repercussions. If you do not like these types of stories… Please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you can or do appreciate – realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy – please enjoy.

This is probably the longest story I’ve written before the fun really happens. I hope you have the patience to get to it. Also, this is my first time writing from both the husband and wife’s view at once. As always, constructive comments and feedback are always welcome.


Friday morning Sonny made sure to get up well before Etta and while the coffee brewed he took the last camera outside. He’d determined that since he only had the one, the best place for it was under the eave by the kitchen window. While it wouldn’t provide any good close-ups, it would give him a view of the entire area. He also moved one of the living room cameras to where he could see from both the front and back, an advantage he’d lacked the night before. Once they were set, he took a minute to check on the tablet that he had the views he wanted then started cooking breakfast.

While he was dealing with these things, Etta was laying in their bed thinking about the previous evening and feeling disappointed in herself. She’d sworn she wouldn’t allow any inappropriate acts to occur . . . and yet she’d invited Frank to rub himself against her. Then she’d whimpered needily as he’d toyed with the sides of her breasts. And she’d spread her legs as he’d massaged her thighs, his hands coming so close to her…

My God, did I really… She thought, guilt rising within her.

For several minutes she struggled with the emotion and the things she’d allowed . . . she’d done. She thought about the feel of his hard cock pressed against her . . . about that long, lingering kiss. And she thought about how she’d ridden Sonny while imagining it was Frank . . . and other things. Then she remembered the things Sonny had said . . . the things he’d called her . . . and a tingle began to spark along her nerves. Laying there her mind wandered back to that time, reliving the feel of his hands on her . . . the sensation of his rigid cock stuffing her sex . . . the words echoing through her mind and body. Under the covers her hands drew delicate lines across her flesh; one at her breast, the other along the hollow near her pelvis . . . inches from her sex . . . like Frank’s fingers had been…

It wasn’t so bad… those things, she told herself, a new emotion edging the guilt aside. Just some harmless . . . flirtation. And a fantasy that’d never happen for real.

Purposely ignoring the fact that she’d just avoided the word “touching” like she had Thursday afternoon, she continued rationalizing her actions. She focused on how soothing the massage was, conveniently forgetting about the . . . additional aspects. Then she brushed her concerns about her fantasies aside, stressing that that was all it was – fantasy – and not something she’d actually allow to happen.

Besides, after tomorrow I’ll only ever see them on Sundays, she told herself. And then only for another month or so before they go back to college. Still, I simply cannot allow anything like that to happen again.

This provided her with the final rational to put her guilt aside and move on, with every intention of behaving herself. And since Sonny had no reason to leave her alone with their guests again she saw no reason she couldn’t.

But the day was still early.

Without realizing what she was doing she chose another pair of shorts and a t-shirt like the last couple days, ones that did nothing to disguise her curves or hide her tone, tan legs. In the kitchen she gave Sonny his good-morning kiss and headed for the coffee pot. Staring at her taut little ass in the shorts, her husband again wondered what she was doing wearing such clothing in front of their helpers while being thrilled by the fact.

“I really need to do laundry,” Etta offered, sensing his eyes on her.

“Maybe tomorrow,” he tried sounding casual, afraid any other tone might cause her to change her mind and clothes.

When their helpers appeared they all smiled appreciatively at her outfit and Etta smiled back, pleased by their admiration.

“So I figure if things go right, we should finish today,” Sonny announced partway through breakfast. “So tomorrow will just be lounging around and goofing off. Unless you guys wanna go home early. Maybe even tonight.”

Etta felt a sudden pang of anxiety as the three boys exchanged glances. Even with her newfound conviction against any more massages, she’d been looking forward to spending Saturday in the pool with them, watching them play, admiring their athletic bodies while they stole glances at her. She was even thinking about wearing her tanning bikini again, just for them. She hadn’t considered that they might leave early, denying her that pleasure.

“We’ll see how the day goes,” Frank offered. “We like hanging out here.”

“Yea, remember we don’t have a pool,” Jesse added.

Yea, bayan escort they’re enjoyin’ the time with Etta. And they’re probably hoping for another chance at her. Well their gonna get it. Sonny thought with a grin.

“And we like having you here,” Etta volunteered, her tone relieved. “You’re all such good workers.”

And she’s got her own agenda too. Huh. Sonny thought, still not sure what it might be.

While Etta cleaned up from breakfast, the men all headed outside. The work progressed just as it had all week, even though Sonny had to get the boys’ attention off his wife more than a few times that day. Smiling to himself, he chalked their added distraction up to the previous night, which his own thoughts kept recalling as well.

After lunch he headed to his truck to get the shade he’d supposedly picked-up the night before. While there he called his coworker Butch, who was covering for him during the vacation, and got a rundown of the week’s highlights. The call wasn’t so much about work as it was his cover story for the final part of his plan.

“Hey, Babe,” he called, walking into the backyard and setting the shade down.

“Yes?” Etta looked up from raking the pebbles between the stones in the walking path.

“I just talked to Butch. Some things happened at work this week. I think I’m gonna head in for a little while later. Get ready for Monday,” he lied.

“Oh?” Without her permission her mind again calculated how long he’d be gone . . . how long she’d be alone with their guests . . . and what might…

No! She shouted the thought down. No more. Last night has to be the last time.

“Yea. It shouldn’t take too long. Maybe an hour or so,” he added, giving her a length of time that sounded realistic, while also allowing her to believe she’d be safe in letting Frank give her another massage . . . if that was she needed. “Is that okay?”

“Of course, Hon. When are you going?” She tried ignoring the excitement she heard in her own voice, her mind adding 45 minutes for travel time to the hour.

“A little after dinner, so I don’t get caught up by everyone bein’ there.” He answered, being dissatisfied with the single camera outside he wanted to leave late enough that the four of them wouldn’t be in the pool. Looking around, he caught the boys exchanging animated glances.

“Alright,” Etta turned her attention back to the raking.

It’s set then, Sonny thought excitedly.

While Etta finished smoothing out the walkway her mind raced with this new development. Hours earlier she’d been confident that she could behave herself and that confidence had rested strongly on the idea that Sonny would be around the entire time. But now . . . Now . . .

Oh God, she silently sighed with a mixture of fear and excitement.

While she was struggling with this the four men took the braces off the posts, attached the hardware to hold the shade, and got it stretched over the patio. Then they worked on other finishing touches.

It wasn’t even 3:30 when Sonny declared the week’s project complete. With a cheer everyone headed inside to shower before jumping in the pool. Sonny let Etta get ready first, claiming he wanted to check his work emails when he really just wanted to make sure all the cameras were still operational. He was just finishing with this when he heard someone leaving through the back door and figured it’d probably been Etta since it been a quiet exit. Sure enough, he ran into the three boys in the hall on their way out. After washing up, he poured himself and Etta a couple drinks, making sure to pour hers heavy. He also filled one shot glass with straight whiskey, and another with apple juice, adding just a touch of whiskey for color.

Etta had already decided to wear her back-up tanning bikini before getting in the shower. Like her main tanning bikini, this one provided her the opportunity to get sun over a lot of skin as it only covered about a half an inch more at the sides of her breasts and across her ass than the other, and it had actual straps rather than strings to hold the top in place. After diving into the pool she climbed onto her float and waited for the young men to join her.

She didn’t wait long.

The three of them came laughing out the backdoor and raced to the water, jumping in and creating waves for her float to roll over. As they started playing she turned her lounger sideways and lolled her head a little to the side to watch them.

Walking outside, Sonny saw Etta on her float in his second favorite bikini, her head turned just enough to watch their guests from behind her sunglasses. That was when it hit him that she usually sunned without the glasses, so her face would get evenly tanned. Yet all week she’d been wearing the sunglasses. It surprised him that it’d taken him so long to realize this.

“Hey, Babe!” He called to her, setting their drinks on the table and lifting the shot glasses for her to see. “Celebratory shots.”

“Um… Yea, ok,” she smiled, turning his way. Slipping off the escort bayan float she waded over to the ladder and climbed out. Bending over to get a towel off the chair she noticed a decrease in the noises coming from the deep end and knew their guests were admiring her ass. Dropping the towel back on the chair she walked over to Sonny, her ass swaying with her stride.

Also admiring his sexy wife, Sonny saw the young men doing the same and a surge of excited anticipation ran through him.

“Are you sure you should? If you’re driving later,” Etta asked, unsure if she was more worried about him driving, or not leaving.

“I’ll take it easy and drink water with dinner,” he assured her, handing her the shot glass with straight whiskey. “Here’s to a job well done.”

“Amen,” she agreed, downing the shot as he shot back his.

“We did do a good job,” he smiled, looking around the yard.

“Yes we did.”

Carrying their drinks over to the pool, Sonny set them on the side then dove in. Etta climbed down the ladder and got back on her lounger. He carried her drink to her then returned to lean against the side with his.

Whew! He poured this one a little heavy, Etta thought, flinching a little as she took her first sip of her drink.

“Hey, boys. I’m goin’ into work later, so I can take ya home if you want.” Sonny called across the pool, seeing concern flash across his wife’s expression.

Etta held her breath as she waited for one of the boys to respond. She still insisted that she had no intention of doing anything, that she just wanted to revel in the young men’s admiration another day. But in the back of her mind she was also thinking that a good massage could sooth the last of the week’s soreness from her muscles . . . especially her legs.

“Um… No thanks, we’ll hang out,” Frank answered.

Etta released her breath, relieved.

“Ok. Well I got some good steaks for a celebration dinner,” Sonny said, noting Etta’s pleased expression. He’d been silently praying for this answer as well, even though he hadn’t expected any other kind. “Since you’re staying, I’ll cook them for lunch tomorrow and we’ll just have chicken again.”

“Sounds good, Sonny,” Jesse told him.

“Yea, great,” Frank agreed.

“Alright then,” Sonny nodded. With the limited camera still in mind he waited until late to grill, lounging in the pool and keeping Etta’s drink refreshed.

“You’re pouring them a little heavy,” Etta commented, taking a sip of one.

“Am I?” He acted surprised. “I’m sorry, Babe. You want me to add some mix?”

“No, it’s alright. I’ll probably just have water with dinner too.” She was feeling a little buzz and didn’t want to lose hold of her senses since she’d be alone with their guests later.

That’s right, Etta. You’re gonna be a good girl, she applauded herself.

Damn, Sonny cursed, fearing he’d pushed this part of his plan too hard, spoiling the whole thing. When he went inside to prep dinner a little later he stood at the sink watching Frank swim over to Etta and strike up a conversation. Again the window was closed so he couldn’t hear them, but he had a pretty good idea what they were talking about. At least he hoped he did.

“It turned out real nice,” the young man said as he stood next to the float, indicating the work they’d all done.

“Yes. Yes it did,” Etta nodded, sipping at her drink and admiring his strong torso from behind her sunglasses. “You guys were a big help.”

“Thanks,” he smiled, his eyes grazing her breasts in the bikini. “So Sonny’s gonna be leaving for a little while later.”

“Yes. Just for a little bit,” she grinned, suspecting where the comment was leading . . . her own thoughts already there.

“Think it’ll be long enough for another massage?” He grinned mischievously.

“You must really like giving massages,” she said, that two-sided argument starting up again between her mind and body.

Remember your promise to yourself.

Yes, but the massages are so soothing.

But they’re not just massages, are they?

That? That’s minor . . . nothing serious.

“I do enjoy giving pleasure,” he grinned.

“Well, I’ve certainly enjoyed them,” she smirked at the double entendre. “Especially after all the work we did this week.”

“So does that mean you want another?” He pressed.

She hesitated, the argument continuing.

No. You’re going to be a good girl.

But being naughty feels so good.

It’s not right. You’re a married woman.

Yes, and Sonny certainly enjoyed the rewards.

But at what cost? Allowing . . . those things.

Minor transgressions is all they are.

She didn’t realize that her buzz was weakening one side while strengthening the other.

I don’t want to be a good girl!

I wanna be a bad girl . . . just one more time!

“Yes, I think so,” the naughty side won.

“Great,” he smiled, then swam away to rejoin the other two.

A few minutes later Sonny came out and grilled dinner. When it escort bayanlar was ready Etta again sat at the table in her bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. As planned, both her and Sonny drank water with the meal, but afterwards she asked him to make her another drink while the boys cleared the table.

“Hon, try not to make it so strong?” She requested. Her buzz had dissipated, taking with it some of her nerve. While she still didn’t want to be high, she also didn’t want to chicken out.

“Ok, Babe,” he smiled. “I’ll be back in a couple. Gonna change while I’m in there.”


Sonny had changed and was fixing Etta’s drink when the boys finished with the dishes and headed back to the rooms to change themselves. Taking her drink outside he sat down to admire their new landscaping with her for a few minutes.

“So, what ya gonna do while I’m gone?” He asked. Although he didn’t expect her to tell him if a massage was planned, he figured it was worth a shot.

“Maybe watch a little TV, maybe read,” she said thoughtfully, lying. “I don’t know.”

“Think I might get the same welcome home as last night?” He grinned.

“Guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” she quickly diverted her eyes, color rising to her cheeks as she thought about how he most likely would.

“Well, I sure won’t complain if I do,” his grin widened.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t.”

“Like I said, shouldn’t be more than an hour or so,” he said standing up.

“Ok then,” she stood up too. “I’ll walk in with you.”

“Alright,” he said, wrapping an arm around her waist.

In the kitchen they kissed and headed different directions; Etta toward the bedroom to change and Sonny to the office to grab his work computer. Slipping his tablet into the computer’s carrying case he fought the urge to check on the others before heading out to the garage. Minutes later he was backing into the pull-off. He set another alarm on his phone then fired up the tablet, scanning through the different feeds. The boys were in the living room flipping through the Blu-ray collection and he could hear Etta in the master bedroom, but she was outside the camera’s view. The fact that their guests were looking for a movie made him believe that a massage was indeed planned. But it still wasn’t for certain and his pulse raced as he waited . . . and waited . . . and waited for Etta to appear.

Stripping out of the bikini Etta pulled on fresh panties. Having enjoyed the previous night so much she’d already decided to wear yet another outfit of snug short-shorts and tight-tight t-shirt she’d recently purchased. Fixing the shirt, she checked to make sure her nipples were outlined under its dark material and a surge of excitement raced through her as she thought about the young men seeing this again. This time she didn’t experience any second thoughts while brushing her hair and heading out of the room.

“Alright,” Sonny quietly cheered as she strolled into view, believing her outfit confirmed that something was in the works. He quickly flipped over to the main living room feed where Billy was loading a movie into the player while Jesse and Frank sat on the couch.

Etta strolled into the room, sauntering around to stand in front of her chair for a minute while the three young men stared, mesmerized. Sonny felt a burst of pride, understanding their adoration. His wife was beautiful. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and back. Her warm features were so soft and lovable, her eyes bright, her lips delicate. Her firm breasts strained the t-shirt, its dark material flowing over their luscious swells then in to her slim waist and firm tummy. Under it her semi-hard nipples could be easily seen. The shorts hugged her heart-shaped ass and soft hips almost glove-like, her tan legs reaching down from under them to her bare feet.

Standing there with three sets of eyes devouring her Etta felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. She loved the way they were looking . . . loved that she was still so attractive to them. But her upbringing was trying to assert itself, making her uncomfortable with the whole scenario and she found her eyes starting to fall to the floor in embarrassment. She saw her drink setting on the coffee table, right where she’d left it on her way to change. Reaching out, she picked it up and lifting the glass to her lips. Downing nearly half of it she hoped the alcohol would quite her nerves.

It worked.

The discomfort faded as she held the glass in front of her.

After so many years of marriage, Sonny had recognized his wife’s growing unease and it’d concerned him. For a minute he feared she’d back out of whatever was planned. But then he watched her down the drink and saw her eyes grow steady once again.

Getting up from the couch, Frank handed her the throw pillow then pushed the coffee table out of the way while Billy took his seat and used the remote to start the movie.

“Shall we?” Frank asked, indicating the floor.

Etta looked at him, her nerves tingling. He was handsome, young and virile. His t-shirt was loose, but still outlined his strong torso. His shorts were even looser, with his powerful calves striking out from the short’s long legs. Her gaze brushed across his crotch, a shiver running along her spine as she thought about what was there . . . the sizable cock that he’d soon be rubbing against her.

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