Visiting a new doctor Pt. 02

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“But babe, it would be so helpful for us to see this amazing doctor that I have found!” She paused. “Why? Well, he might be able to help us with our … sexual problems.” She turned to him and continued.

“Remember last night? You got me all worked up and then you could not deliver. You came so quickly and then could not get it up again. How is that supposed to make me feel? I have needs, too. I want to be fucked … hard! And I think this doctor can help us.”

“Yes, I understand. But seeing a doctor about it? Do we have to?”

“Well, I think so. But I will give you one last chance. Fuck me now and make me come. If you can do that, we will cancel the appointment.”

She took off her clothes, lay down on the bed and positioned herself with her legs spread wide. He dropped his bathrobe and crawled towards her, turned on by her gorgeous body but apprehensive about his ability to perform.

She was watching him with a skeptical expression and a bit of a smirk on her face.

He licked her pussy for a couple of minutes to get her wet enough to enter her. She looked at him, bored and waiting. He tucked on his flagging cock to get himself fully erect. Then he started fucking her, first slowly then with an increasingly rapid rhythm.

“That’s pretty good babe. Don’t cum. You have to make it last.”

He started working harder on top of her, trying to penetrate her as deeply as he could. But he needed to slow down just a little to pace himself.

“Is that all you have? Come on! Don’t disappoint me.”

He felt his shoulders tense and tried to relax.

“Your cock is such a disappointment. Maybe this time you can do it. Faster…”, she ordered.

His entire body now tensed up and his cock swelled.

“Yes, baby, that’s better … but don’t you dare come!”

His rhythm became sporadic. He could feel his orgasm approaching and without any fanfare he shot his load. He just could not help it.

“See, honey. I knew it. You just can’t do it.”

She slipped out from under him and reached for the vibrator in the drawer. She needed it desperately…


She was excited. Her campaign to make an appointment Bostancı Escort together with her husband, as the doctor had requested, had been successful after all. She could not wait to get back to the medical practice. Maybe it would make their sex life better but definitely it would allow her some more time with the physician who had taken care of her needs exceptionally well the first time.

The next available appointment was on Friday of that week. When talking to the receptionist, they had been told to plan for spending several hours in the office as this appointment would require more detailed tests and medical exams. Hoping for a repeat of the first visit, she had eagerly managed their schedules so that they arrived at the practice with plenty of time on their hands and no other appointments or meetings scheduled for that afternoon.

The medical assistant that checked them in was the same person that she had noticed during her first visit. Tall, athletic, tan and wearing a white uniform that did not leave much to the imagination. The young woman had them fill out a few more forms covering their agreement to further tests and treatments and then instructed them to follow her.

Pointing him towards the first exam room on the left, the assistant explained: “We will need to split you up now. If you could please follow me into this room, I would appreciate it. Your wife will remain in the waiting room until the doctor is able to see her.”

He followed the medical assistant into the room, and she closed the door. He took a good luck at her himself and thought that she was indeed stunning. She looked at him, smiled, clearly noticing that he was checking her out, and then explained:

“We are here to run a few tests to assess how you respond to physical stimulation. Your wife noted that you have difficulties holding back your arousal and orgasm during intercourse. We will now test your ability to be stimulated without being allowed to come for an hour.”

His eyes widened in surprise and astonishment, maybe also mixed in with a little panic … and arousal.

“In order to run this test, Bostancı Escort Bayan you need to be completely naked and lie down on this table. We will fix your hands and ankles to these leather straps and apply a special cream to your penis. The ingredient in the cream will prevent you from coming but keep you aroused and erect for the next hour.”

He took a nervous look at the table and the sturdy leather straps that were visible both at the head and foot of the metal surface. What kind of medical practice was this after all?

“We will have a machine stimulate your penis to make sure that these manipulations are of an even nature and that you receive just enough physical encouragement to keep you close to a climax without actually being triggered to come. If the test goes well, we will be able to collect sufficient data on your brain waves and bodily responses to design a treatment plan for you and your wife.”

He nodded, clearly being surprised by the description but also slightly nervous about what was about to happen to him.

“Please take off your clothes and make yourself comfortable on the table. Place these two electrodes on your forehead. Additionally, please take the dose of Viagra in the little cup on the table. That will provide some additional support throughout the test period. I will be right back.”

He did as he had been told and took off his clothes. His cock was still flaccid and hung limp between his legs. He took the dose of the medication and climbed on the exam table. There was a rushed knock on the door and the assistant reappeared through the white curtain hanging from the ceiling in front of the door.

“Ah, very good. Please lean back and relax.”

She tied his wrists and ankles loosely but without giving him the ability to free himself. Then she walked over to the other side of the room and pulled a small machine on a moveable table over to him. She plugged in the cord and showed him the cylinder that was connected to the machine via a thin tube.

“This is the cylinder that I will place over your penis after you are aroused. I will then turn on the machine. Escort Bostancı We have an hour for this test to run its course. Now, I need you to get hard for me.”

She looked at him with a smirk and waited.

He was nervous now and his cock showed no sign of rising.

“That is what your wife must have meant by disappointing performance. It takes you a long time to get a hardon, right? Well, let me help you with that. I need to apply the treatment gel anyway.”

She squirted a generous amount of get into her hands and applied it to his penis. Her skillful hands started massaging and tugging on him, stroking him deliberately until he was fully erect.

“Good boy. That is better. Now, we can start.”

She let go of him and pushed the cylinder over his erect member. He felt a tight fit, almost like a vacuum, and then, when she flipped the switch on the machine, he could sense how his penis was being massaged and stimulated.

“The cylinder also contains a sensor and it will adjust the stimulation to keep you from coming. The point is to keep you hard and aroused for an hour without an orgasm. I will record any data and observations about your responses. Thus, I will watch you closely. Do not let that distract you. Just focus on the machine and the test.”

She sat down on a chair next to him and watched how his penis was being stroked and stimulated without pause. He admired her long legs and her breast that filled up her blouse. It seemed like her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

He could feel his arousal building, his penis swelling further, and his orgasm approaching. Just when he was about to explode, he noticed the stimulation diminishing just enough to keep him on the edge but not push him over. He leaned back and tried to relax. But that was when the next wave of orgasm rushed towards him just to be stopped again before it could swallow him up.

“OOHHHHHHH … this feels so good … please …”

The machine merciless kept on stroking his cock. He had never experienced anything like it. He felt in heaven until the machine again slowed down just enough to keep him on edge. After a while, he did not even notice these pauses anymore. All he knew was that he was rock hard, horny beyond belief and unable to get the needed relief.

“Ahhh… ahhh… oh, my… now… oh, please let me… come”, he whimpered.

She checked the timer on the machine. 50 minutes to go. This was going to be fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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