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As she looked in the mirror admiring her picturesque body, Jenny pulled her black thong between her legs and up to her cleanly shaven crotch. She turned around to take a quick peek at her tight ass before putting on her 34C bra. “Damn,” the brown-haired beauty said as she snapped on her bra, “I look fuckin hot!” Just then she was startled by a voice at her doorway.

“Need a little help with that, big tits?” said Mike.

Jenny frowned. “Get the fuck out of here, my boyfriend’s on his way,” snapped back Jenny.

“Haha, oh that’s right, your… ahem… ‘boyfriend’,” replied Mike arrogantly. He turned around and casually walked away.

Mike was a little taken aback at the recent development. Here he was, standing in Jenny’s college dorm room, and yet she didn’t offer to have sex with him! What’s more, she had the audacity to tell him to get the fuck out! Him! Mike! Could it be possible that he wasn’t as irresistible as he once thought?

Mike took off his shirt to display his rippling 6-pack of abs and chiseled chest. He snuck a quick peek under his shorts to make sure his huge 8 inch cock was still inside. With a wry smile Mike sprayed on some cologne and picked up his cell phone.

No more than 2 minutes later, there was a knock at Mike’s door. He quickly stripped down to his boxers and went to answer it. Standing on the other side of his door were two beautiful buxom beauties, Morgan and Elizabeth. Both were seniors in college and members of one of the college’s sororities. Mike was only a freshman but his reputation and sexual prowess spread quickly.

Morgan, a 5-5 blonde with short hair, was dressed in a black bra and thong, with matching stilettos. Elizabeth, the more buxom of the two blondes, was wearing a white tee shirt with boy pants. “Did you guys walk the whole way across campus dressed like that?” snapped Mike.

The two big titted airheads giggled. “Anything for you, big boy,” said Elizabeth. With one quick motion she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her firm, 36D jugs. They jiggled a bit as she bounced toward Mike and gave him a slow, passionate kiss on the neck. Pendik Escort Morgan followed suit, pulling her black thong over her stilettos and dropping to her knees in front of Mike. Mike knew why these girls were here. Well, aside from the fact that he called them a minute ago. They were here to see the goods, the Darwinian advantage that no other man on campus could compete with. Mike triumphantly dropped his boxers, exposing his 8 inch cock. Both girls gasped as he revealed himself to them. With one quick motion he grabbed Elizabeth’s breasts and pushed them together. He began sucking them slowly while she leaned her head back and moaned with pleasure. Meanwhile, Morgan was now naked except for her stilettos and was jerking Mike’s cock.

After Mike was done feasting on Elizabeth’s tits he pushed her to her knees to help Morgan. Once on their knees, the two sorority beauties took turns sucking Mike’s cock. While Elizabeth’s gorgeous dick-sucking lips blew Mike, Morgan would drop down and lap at Mike’s gargantuan testicles. Mike ran his hands through both girls’ hair as they moaned with pleasure while blowing him. In the throes of getting incredible head off of two hot chicks, Mike neglected to hear the knock at his door.

There, dressed in her sports bra and track shorts, stood Jenny. Her mouth was agape as she took in the sight of two of the most popular girls in the entire school on their knees worshipping a freshman. Jenny tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t quite come out.

“M-M-Mike I came to…….. apolog…. holy shit I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” she exclaimed. With that Mike turned around to greet her, giving her an 8 inch standing ovation.

“What the fuck do you want?” said Mike as he sat down on the bed and continued getting blown by the two blonde beauties. “Can’t you see I’m a little busy here? I don’t have time for prudes with ‘boyfriends’. Close the door when you leave you fucking cunt.”

Jenny had never been talked to this way before. Yet for some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off what she was seeing. “I just…. wanted to apologize for Pendik Escort Bayan being a fucking cunt before.” Jenny couldn’t believe she just heard that phrase escape from her mouth. It was fascinating to her what power Mike had over women, her included.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s alright. You gonna join in or what? This isn’t a fucking peep show,” snapped Mike.

“Uh… no… my boyfriend’s downstairs I should go. But I… I’ll see you later?” said Jenny, almost pleadingly.

“Haha, fat chance prude. Shut the fucking door.”

With that Jenny tucked her tail between her legs and left the room, shutting the door behind her like she was told. Mike went back to concentrating on his blowjob, while Morgan and Elizabeth continued to noisily lap at and slobber on his massive cock. Mike could feel an orgasm building in his loins, and as he did he grabbed his cock out of Morgan’s mouth and positioned the two sorority sluts in the line of fire.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” grunted Mike as he splashed his first rope of seed onto Elizabeth’s waiting and smiling face. The next two strands landed on Morgan’s face and tits. Mike continued to pump his gigantic manhood, spraying cum all over their faces and tits. As Mike’s orgasm subsided, he watched Morgan and Elizabeth kiss either other passionately, both covered in a sea of his lust.

“Clean me!” Mike demanded, pointing to his now drooping yet still enormous manhood.

“Jesus Lizzy look at his cock! It’s still sooooo big!” cheered Morgan as she held Mike’s cock. This got a giggle out both of the girls as they cleaned Mike’s dominant tool. After this Mike laid down to take a nap, as is customary after his needs have been met, while the girls scurry around his room to clean up and dress themselves.

An hour or two later, Mike was deeply immersed in a dream where he was getting a blowjob from the entire college cheerleading squad. His cock was covered in a sea of tongues, with large, bare breasts as far as the eye could see. But as Mike suddenly awoke, he was disappointed yet surprised to see only one girl sucking at his cock. Looking Pendik Escort up at him with a devilish grin and winking, Jenny took his huge cock in her hand and deep throated him down to the root, sending Mike into ecstasy. Jenny didn’t miss a beat, plunging his entire cock down her throat time and time again. Instead of ruining the moment by requiring an explanation, Mike decided to relax and let himself finally get head off of this prude.

As Mike dropped his hand down to play with one of Jenny’s big tits, he noticed a scrawny brown haired kid with glasses watching him in complete shock.

“Who the fuck are you? Get out of here before you get your ass kicked you little faggot,” snapped Mike. Jenny quickly turned around to see her boyfriend Robert, with tears in his eyes as he watched his girlfriend deep throat a much larger, better man than he.

“Jenny, how could you do this to me? I drove five hours just to see you this weekend!” whined Robert. Jenny, moaning slightly as Mike continued to play with her nipples, quickly had to compose herself.

“I… I’m sorry Robert, I don’t know what to say. I guess….. I mean his cock is so…. I mean, I don’t know what to say, he has a huge cock and I like it. I give great head but I never get to even show off my skills because your cock is so small and useless. All I wanted was a little attention from a real man. I mean, come over here Robert and look at this thing, he’s *so* much bigger than you,” said Jenny as she grasped ahold of Mike’s manhood. Mike made sure to make eye contact with Robert as he gazed at Mike’s clearly more superior member.

“Listen here pussy, I’m gonna go back to getting head off your girl now, either you can sit over there and be quiet, or you can go back to Jenny’s room and jerk off. Either way, shut your mouth before you get your ass beat,” said Mike, maintaining a stern glance at Robert the entire time.

“You better listen to him Robert, his muscles are soooo big. He would give you the worst beating of your life,” said Jenny as she slowly ran her hands over Mike’s chiseled chest and arms. With that, Mike snapped his fingers and pointed to his unsatisfied manhood, at which time Jenny resumed her oral attack on Mike’s huge cock. Mike dropped his hands back down to her large tits, fondling them while he was pleasured. Still not sure exactly what to do, Robert, still teary-eyed, sat down to enjoy the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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