Wedding Night

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As she stood in the door way brushing her teeth he couldn’t take his eyes of her. He always thought she was the sexiest woman on earth but today she was positively breathtakingly beautiful. Tonight was the first night he would get to make love to his wife and he planed to make it last. He had been waiting to take that dress off her since he first saw her at the altar. Even though the dress was beautiful he still wanted to see it on the floor of their honeymoon suite. The dress fitted her perfectly, it was made of white lace with a full skirt and long train, it also showed off her perfect breasts beautifully. But he had an idea that what was underneath was even more spectacular.

As he slowly made his way across the room to her he remembered this morning when he was getting dressed in his hotel room and there was a knock on the door, when he opened the door no one was there. But he noticed a small box on the floor. He bent down and picked it up. When he got back into the room he opened it and found a note and a pair of white lacy panties. The note read ” I just thought I’d give you a little seek preview of tonight, hope I can manage without them all day. Can’t wait to become your wife xxxxx”. He put them in his pocket for safe keeping but throughout the day whenever he put his hand in his pocket he was sure people would notice the stirring in his trousers. Every time he touched them he had to fight the urge to just drag her, caveman style, to their bedroom, or any secluded spot in the hotel and fuck her senseless.

But now it was finally time. They were alone at last and he would get to make mad passionate love to his wife, he loved how that word sounded. When he reached her he slowly wrapped his arms around her and trailed soft kisses from just below her ear down to her collar bone. She gasped as he made his way back up the curve of her neck, he continued on slowly till their lips met. He kissed her gently and pulled back. He kept one hand on the small of her back and pulled the panties out of his pocket. He held them up in front of her and said “I believe these are yours”. When she tried to take them from him he pulled away and said “oh no I’m keeping these as a momento of what is going to be the best night of my life”.

Then he kissed her with all the passion and hunger he had felt all day. He couldn’t wait to get inside her but he knew he had to take it slow. As he explored her mouth with his tongue he pulled her over to their bed. As soon as he felt the bed behind him he turned her around Maltepe Escort and laid her gently down. As he stood over her he could see the lust in her eyes. She was panting in anticipation of what was to come. He also noticed her eyes wander south to the rather large bulge in his trousers. All at once she sat up and grabbed his waist band and began to undo his zip. She freed his cock in one swift movement and slowly began to run her tongue along the length of it. He let a soft moan escape his lips when she put her mouth over the tip. He knew she loved sucking his cock and that turned him on even more . She soon had his whole length in her mouth and was sucking hard. He loved watch her head bob up and down as she fucked him with her mouth. He reached down the front of her low cut dress so he could play with her big tits as she pumped away on his cock. When he grabbed her nipple and pinched she moaned on him which sent vibrations shooting up him. He knew if he didn’t stop her soon he would cum and he didn’t want it to end just yet so he reluctantly pulled out of her mouth and bent down to kiss her.

As he continued to kiss her he began to feel around for the opening that would free her from her dress. But as much as he tried he just could not fathom how to get the god for saken thing off her. So she helped him out by opening the zip on it.

As soon as she had the zip fully down she pushed him away and stood up, letting the dress fall to the ground as she did so. He gasped as his eyes wandered the length of her delicious body. She was stood before him in what could only be described as the sexiest underwear known to man. It was a snow white basque with suspenders attached to it. It pushed her breasts up so he could see how perfectly large they were, but it was also see through enough that he could see her beautifully large, hard nipples. As his eyes scanned further down he could see her carefully waxed pussy, she knew he didn’t like a clean shaven pussy so she always left just enough hair down there so he could enjoy it. He could clearly see that she was true to her word and had indeed spent the whole day going commando.

The sight had him nearly panting in his want to taste what was between her legs. So he pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs wide enough so his head could gain access to her most delicate of areas. He started off slowly by kissing from her inner knee to the top of her thigh. When he reached the top of her thigh he began to spread small sensual Maltepe Escort Bayan kisses back down her leg, much to her obvious annoyance. she wanted to feel his tongue lap at her tender pussy more than she had ever wanted before. She needed to feel him devour her juices, but he continued in his slow torture of kissing and gently nibbling on her thigh, he would get so close to her sweet spot and then he would make his way back down her leg. The anticipation of what was to come was turning her into a quivering wreck.

When he knew she couldn’t take the teasing any more he gently kissed her between the legs. She left out a slow moan of pleasure as he began to slowly run his tongue along her slit. He quickend the pace of his tongue as she spread her legs wider to allow him deeper access . As his mouth found her clit he inserted a finger in to her moist pussy. She bucked against his hand and she grabbed the back of his head to insure he wouldn’t pull away. When he felt her grab his head he knew it was time to put another finger inside her. He spent the next few minutes ferociously ficking his tongue over her erect clit and he fucked her with two fingers. Her moans got louder and louder with each thrust, he knew she was close so he slowed his pace and began to gently suck on her lips instead. As he alternated between liking and sucking his fingers found the illusive “g spot”. He had read somewhere that if you stimulated that it could make a woman “squirt”. He had never actually seen a woman in real life do it. His friend had told him about his girlfriend who always did it and the idea of it really turned him on, so he decided to give it a try. Aparently all he had to do was stimulate her g spot and she would squirt everywhere.

He began by gently rubbing the soft spot inside her. As he did this he grabbed her big juicy tit and gave it a good hard squeeze. She bucked hard against his hand and moaned loudly. She reached down and grabbed hold of his cock so she could pump it. She copied the rhythm of his fingers and pumped him slowly.

He continued to massage that sweet spot as his mouth found her pussy again. He slowly licked her clit as she continued to stroke his throbbing cock. He pushed two fingers inside her until they were dripping wet, then he began to gently probe her anus with his pinky. When she pushed down onto his pinky he knew she was ready for him to insert it into her tight hole. It wasn’t their first time experimenting with anal and he knew she enjoyed Escort Maltepe it almost as much as he did. He took it slow but as soon as his finger was all they was inside her he quickened his pace.

He had two fingers fucking her glistening pussy and one finger fucking her ass, he was also sucking hard on her clit and tugging hard on her nipples, this was his best chance he was ever going to get to get her to squirt on him. He knew she had to be super relaxed and turned on for it to work.

While he continued with the same pace he rubbed harder on the little nub just inside her tight pussy. He could feel that she was getting very close. She was bucking hard against his hand and moaning so loudly that he was sure the people in the next room would complain soon. But he didn’t dare stop, he wanted to make her cum harder than ever before.

He had been imagining this moment all day and now that it was so close he just hoped that he wouldn’t cum first. He was using all his concentration to focus on her pleasure and he could tell it was just about to pay off. So with two more deep thrusts of his fingers he felt her begin to fall apart. Her orgasm started slowly but after a few more sensuous licks the most powerful orgasm ever rocketed through her. Her moans grew even louder and as he continued to lick her clit, but he had to pull back due to the sudden gush of juices from her. He used his hand instead to continue to stimulate her. He had never seen anything quite like that before, she was writhing in pleasure and squirting her juices all over him and the bed.

As soon as she seemed to be over the shuddering orgasm he positioned himself at her opening. She moaned gently as he slowly pushed in. Her vagina was still pulsating and was squeezing on his hard cock. He knew it wouldn’t take him long to finish. In fact just watching her squirt had nearly pushed him over the edge, he had thought of just finishing himself off as he rubbed her dripping pussy, he had imagined his own cuming mixing with hers and rubbing it into her cunt. But he wanted to fucked her so he waited till she was finished.

He started to pump into her, he knew she loved to be fucked hard after her first orgasm. As her moans grew louder again he knew she would soon cum again. He quickened the pace and grabbed her legs to spread them wider. He fucked even harder and bent his head slightly to get access to her nipples. As soon as his mouth reached her hard nipple he felt his release begin. He bit gently on her nipple and thrust once more into her and his orgasm rocked hard through his whole body. As his cum pumped into her she came again. They both finished together with a load moan. As they cuddled afterwards he was very excited about spending the rest of his life trying to recreate the best night he ever had.

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