Weekend Fun with Jessie

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The drive down had been long and unforgiving. At times, it was maddeningly frustrating as each mile yet to go separated me from the object of my most depraved lustful memories and fantasies. At times during the road trip, I questioned my sanity. After all, who drives 500 miles just to hook up with a couple, especially on a Friday after working an eight-hour day, with only a three-day weekend?

By the time I had arrived, my eyes struggled to stay open, my stomach was upset and my head was pounding. In the moment, part of me knew I was depraved beyond hope and that the trip hadn’t been worth it. Of course, my degenerate mind conjured up memories of past experiences to assure me that all I needed was some rest.

Fewer than 24 hours later, not only was all the unpleasantness from the trip down worth what I was anticipating, but it felt as if it never happened. Watching Jessie, my long time confidant and the object of my obsession, parade around her living room as she disrobed took away any and all stress that I could possibly feel. She and I weren’t alone either, to no surprise to anyone familiar with Jessie and my exploits. Sitting beside me on the couch, albeit slightly awkwardly, was Jessie’s husband as we warmed up for our third threesome with his wife.

Jessie’s husband and I remained fully dressed while Jessie worked on accomplishing the opposite. The slender, 5’5″ brunette had entered the room dressed in a short, pleated, red skirt that was now wrapped around her ankles, splayed on the wooden coffee table upon which I’d asked Jessie to stand as she stripped for us. She attempted to kick the garment aside but had to reach down to pull it off the high heel of her black, open-toe shoe on which the skirt was caught. As Jessie bent over to remove the clothing, I caught a good look down her shirt. Anyone would agree that Jessie had a nice rack for a smaller girl.

Jessie used her foot to playfully flick the skirt at her husband, who quickly threw it away to keep his face affixed on his wife as she began to unbutton her white blouse. Her piercing brown eyes locked in on my own eyes as she worked her way down the shirt, exposing a red polka-dot bra that matched the red thong she had just revealed a moment before. Amid Jessie’s disrobing, her devilish smile alone would have been enough to entirely turn me on.

Leaving the shirt on her but unbuttoned all the way down, Jessie then stepped down from the table and asked us boys to undo our pants. I did her one better, not only unzipping my shorts but also taking my shirt off, since I was starting to feel a little over-heated as things fired up in that living room this warm Saturday evening. Next to me, Jessie’s husband had pulled his gym shorts down to his thighs so that two rigid cocks were exposed and ready for attention.

Dropping to her knees and still having discarded only her skirt as far as attire went, Jessie knelt between the two of us guys, each of her hands reaching for a cock. Before she made contact, she asked us to scoot a little closer to each other. It was interesting how Jessie’s husband and I were still so clearly uncomfortable with each other despite having so unashamedly teamed up on his wife in the past and so eagerly agreed to do it again. Despite the fact that we would be naked and happily making incidental contact with each other in a few moments, simply sitting a little closer to each other for now was more than a little awkward for two heterosexual guys who never really got along even after our first threesome with his wife. We complied to the request only because we were both raging with lust for the pretty, young lady who’d asked, knowing full well what was to come.

My leg was all but touching Jessie’s husband’s, but I did my best to ignore the paradoxical discomfort and focus instead on the girl who was now wrapping her fingers around my member as she knelt before us and leaned forward. At the same time, she gripped her husband’s cock while I noticed her eyes dart back and forth between the two erections as if she were deciding which to focus on first.

I can’t argue against the spouse’s coming first, so I was content to defer to Jessie’s husband for now as Jessie slowly stroked me in the meantime. As Jessie’s soft hand slid up and down my stiff dick, my female friend leaned over to take her husband’s cock in her mouth while she held it at the base. Feeling her hand rub my shaft and her thumb play with my tip made watching her head bob up and down her husband’s member all the more enjoyable.

After about a minute of polishing her husband’s knob, Jessie switched to me. She proceeded to jerk off her husband while her hand rested at the base of my cock. Then she flicked her tongue out at the tip of my penis a few times before taking as much of it into her oral cavity as she could as I sighed in sheer pleasure.

For the next couple minutes, I dug my nails into the couch cushion beside me and moaned while the hot brunette on the floor in front bakımlı gaziantep escort of me sucked me off, lubricating my cock with her delightfully wet tongue. It made me think of another wet part of her that I’d be enjoying before long. At this point, I felt no discomfort from being this close to Jessie’s husband. I hardly even noticed he was there, and any awareness I had of him only made me think ahead to the fun stuff he and I would be doing to his wife shortly.

For a few more minutes, the bitch went back and forth between her husband and me, making eye contact and grinning at whomever she had just blown each time she pulled her mouth away and resumed sliding her warm hand up and down both shafts at once. She would then switch to the other cock, expertly sucking it off until it was time to switch again. The only sounds were the occasional male moan with the consistent slurping from Jessie’s mouth as she readied our knobs for her other holes.

Another moment passed, and then Jessie pulled her mouth and hands away from us, standing up as she let the blouse slide down her arms, baring her shoulders. Her husband and I watched on in silence as the vixen resumed undressing for us, eventually letting the top fall to the floor at her feet. She took a step back, wearing only her underwear and heels for just another minute.

Coming to my senses a bit, I pushed my shorts and underwear off me, and Jessie’s husband followed suit. Those qualms I felt related to the other man had pretty much evaporated by this point as I felt not even the slightest twinge of discomfort from being fully naked next to him despite the fact that just several minutes ago I could barely tolerate being near him at all. Now I was completely captivated by Jessie, whose hands reached around her back to unhook her bra.

The bra joined Jessie’s shirt on the floor, and Jessie flung her shoulder-length brown hair back a bit, grinning seductively as she bared her boobs. It’s worth noting again that she had a fantastic rack for a fairly small chick. She took no time to remove the last article that stood in our way, using her thumbs to stretch her thong away from her hips and then slide it down her thighs until she had to bend over in order to push the garment all the way to her ankles before removing it entirely, carefully pulling it around her high heels, which would be undoubtedly remaining on throughout the evening’s activities.

Once we were all naked, Jessie made the next move, turning around and getting back to her knees and then leaning forward over the coffee table as she propped herself up on the surface by her elbows. A few words were exchanged as her husband and I took our places, he at Jessie’s back-end and I on the other side of the table in front of Jessie. Jessie first looked over her shoulder while I stood in front of her, both of us watching as her husband put one hand on Jessie’s lower back and used the other hand to guide the tip of his dick into Jessie’s pussy.

Having teamed-up on Jessie a couple times already, her husband and I saw no need to draw out the foreplay this time. Jessie’s husband put both hands on Jessie’s ass as he slowly thrust forward. Jessie and I watched that cock penetrate her twat until the entire shaft was sheathed inside her, eliciting a moan from both her and her husband. Jessie must have been plenty wet already because her husband began to pump in and out of her steadily right away.

As Jessie was firmly fucked at one end, I turned her head with my hand while holding my cock in the other. As soon as Jessie saw my engorged member, she knew just what to do. As her body was rocked forward from the increasing pace of her husband’s fucking, Jessie still managed to take my cock in her mouth while still propping herself up on the table by her elbows.

I closed my eyes and moaned, letting my hands dangle at my sides while my pretty friend blew me off, her hair flopping forward and back as she sucked at one end and got fucked at the other. The force of her husband’s thrusts – steadily increasing each moment – pushed Jessie forward onto my cock consistently so that, after a minute or so when Jessie caught on, she simply pur her weight into her elbows on the coffee table and her knees on the floor while just allowing us two guys to push her back and forth on our cocks as if she were a slinky.

Jessie’s husband and I split-roast the bitch for several more minutes, staying rather silent as the only sounds were the slurping of Jessie’s mouth and pussy joining the slapping of her husband’s flesh against her ass, as well as the quiet creaking of the table beneath her. Then we men agreed to switch, so I pulled out of Jessie’s mouth, causing the lady to gasp as she caught her breath. Her husband followed my lead, withdrawing from his wife’s cunt before helping her up. Grinning wide, Jessie walked to the other side of the coffee table, where I stood, and, after bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan a brief flirtatious glance at me, assumed the position she’d held just a few seconds ago, kneeling on the floor and leaning over the coffee table on her elbows.

Now I would be rewarded for patiently waiting as I placed my cock at Jessie’s tight, moist entrance. She was indeed very wet, and I was able to effortlessly slip in, immediately putting my hands on her hips as I went to fuck her. Meanwhile, her husband held her head in place and slid his cock into her mouth, where mine had just been. Jessie coughed a couple times at first, as her husband appeared to be trying to go really deep, but, as always, she had the hang of it almost right away.

Jessie’s husband and I went at our own paces, holding onto our respective end of our favorite woman and sliding in and out of the hole with which we currently had the blessing of screwing. Jessie gripped the side of the creaking coffee table as I was going hard and fast into her now, slamming her tight cunt while her husband face-fucked her.

It got harder and harder to be quiet, and now moans were leaking from both of us guys as Jessie rocked between our thrusting bodies. Eventually, knowing where this evening was taking us, I decided to prepare Jessie’s remaining hole. I slowed down in her while her husband continued to ravage her mouth, and then I pulled out of her pussy, only to place my tip against her vacant asshole.

A muffled cry came out of Jessie’s throat as I pushed my cock into her ass inch by inch. Still holding Jessie’s head in place and drilling her mouth, Jessie’s husband urged me on until my balls rested on her taint. Then the husband pulled out for just a minute, mercifully allowing Jessie to gasp for air, catch her breath and then voice her approval.

“Yeah,” she managed between breaths, “fuck that ass! I know what you want.” Sinking my nails into Jessie’s ass cheeks, I did just as she said, pulling back until just my head was inside her and then sliding forward. From that point, I began to fuck her ass, slowly at first so as to not make her unreasonably uncomfortable. Once I was back in motion, Jessie’s husband put his cock back in Jessie’s mouth and ordered her to suck it.

As Jessie submissively sucked off her husband, I went to town on her ass, fucking it hard and fast. I’d never really been too into giving a girl just anal, but in this moment, as Jessie’s shitter squeezed around my thick cock, I understood what the craze was all about. Pumping steadily in and out of Jessie’s rectum, I might have been content to finish off in her ass had we not had another item on tonight’s agenda.

“Let’s DP her,” Jessie’s husband finally said. By then, I was panting pretty hard and sweating from fucking Jessie’s ass, which had made for a pretty fantastic appetizer. However, I was ready for the main course: a Jessie sandwich.

Jessie gasped again and cried out as her husband and I pulled out of either end of her. She teetered a little bit as she got up onto her high heel shoes after taking a pretty intense split-roasting for the past little while, but I had never known her to back down from more fun, no matter how exhausting. I took the initiative to take her hand and help her around the coffee table to her husband, who was now sitting on the couch, stroking his cock as he awaited the debased acts we’d be committing with his sexy wife.

Being at an advantage here, I took my pick and turned Jessie around, facing her ass toward her husband and offering him the backdoor. He didn’t complain and simply reached up to grab Jessie’s hips as I helped lower her down. Now he and I were working together as if we were long-time friends.

I let go of Jessie, who spread her legs and planted both feet firmly on the blue carpet beneath her as her husband held his cock in place while Jessie continued to squat lower and lower until her husband’s cock began to penetrate her asshole. Jessie breathed audibly through pursed lips as she looked down, put a hand on each of her husband’s thighs and sank down still more as she took a cock in her ass again. After another moment, Jessie was sitting comfortably in her husband’s lap, secured by his cock deep up her ass.

Giving the couple two or three minutes to adjust, I looked on in lustful anticipation as my mind ran replays of past threesomes with these two. I had grown obsessed with double penetration ever since sandwiching Jessie for the first time almost two years ago, and the fact that Jessie had been the No. 1 object of my fantasies for about 10 years prior to that divine event made each episode all the more blissful. I could take it all in for only so long while Jessie ground on her husband’s cock with her ass before I needed to jump in.

I ordered Jessie to lift up one leg, and she obeyed, facing the heel on her left shoe toward the ceiling as that leg reached escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan upward. The right leg remained on the carpet while her husband stayed still. It had been about half a year since my last threesome – with Jessie, of course – so I was more than ready. My heart pounded in my chest as I came closer to the couch and stepped over Jessie’s right leg and leaned forward, one hand on my cock. Slipping under Jessie’s other leg so that her ankle rested on my right shoulder, I took in her warm body that glistened slightly from sweat, her boobs that heaved from both recovery from the slit-roasting and anticipation of the double penetration and her bright smile and beaming eyes. Even amid some discomfort, Jessie was always excited to do some shameful, depraved shit.

Guiding my cock toward Jessie’s pussy, I breathed heavily with exhilaration as my lungs filled with the thickening air. Jessie groaned as I pushed my dick into glimmering vagina, both of us looking down steadfastly at the cock jammed deep in her asshole and my own cock as it worked to double-stuff her. Time slowed down, and I almost forgot to breath as I let go of my cock and pushed it deeper and deeper into Jessie’s cunt until the hot brunette was filled in both holes.

The couch creaked beneath us, and Jessie moaned loudly as her tight body adjusted to being sandwiched. Her husband and I grunted and groaned, shifting our bodies around Jessie’s as we prepared to give her the fucking she needed. I had one foot on the floor, that leg separated from her husband’s by Jessie’s leg that was pinned between them. My other foot was planted on the cushion beside Jessie as I tried to hold that leg up to avoid male-on-male contact. I gripped Jessie’s right shoulder with one hand, and my other hand held the back of the couch, all in an effort to align myself to satisfactorily sandwich this beauty. Meanwhile, Jessie’s husband held Jessie’s waist and slightly pushed up into her asshole.

Once we were situated, I began to pull back and slide forward into Jessie’s cunt, fucking her pussy while her husband remained still for a minute. Jessie cried out a little louder, one leg kicking into the air while the other was trapped helplessly between the legs of two different men. As I continued to thrust in and out of her a little more steadily, Jessie threw her right arm around me and sunk her bright pink nails into my shoulder blade. Her other hand was wrapped around her husband’s wrist.

At last, at one point when I was pulling back in mid-thrust, Jessie’s husband pushed up into his wife’s ass and then pulled back as best he could under all that weight as I sunk back into her pussy. I could hear a whimper followed by a giggle from Jessie, her head being right beside mine as I leaned over her shoulder. Before long, her husband and I were in sync and now able to really give this girl a good double-dicking.

For the next few fleeting moments, Jessie’s husband and I sawed in and out of the slender bitch, filling both of her holes, our cocks separated by just the thin membrane inside Jessie. The feeling of another man’s cock sliding so closely beside my own was one that I had gotten over long ago and now actually welcomed, since it turned me on more due to its association with Jessie’s sexiness. Trapped within this thrusting mass of men, Jessie laughed and squirmed, her legs kicking only slightly due to her strict confines. Her right hand remained fastened in my back, and out of the corner of my eye I could see her other hand buried between two couch cushions, undoubtedly grasping one of them as if for dear life. Consuming most of my peripheral vision on my right side, though, was Jessie’s leg stretched upward, her ankle resting on my shoulder and bouncing up and down slightly as her husband and I took turns in her holes.

We men continued to thrust in and out of Jessie over and over again, double-penetrating her as we grunted and cursed. Jessie, ever the sex goddess, took the double-pounding as well as she ever had, writhing and moaning while also giggling the whole time. I leaned back just so I could see her brown eyes, which were wide with delight, and her beautiful, wicked smile. Then my gaze traveled down past her heaving, sweat-coated breasts and her flat stomach down to her crotch, where I watched on with wonder as both her pussy and ass were each being fucked steadily by a stiff cock. After taking it all in for a few seconds, I lay back down on Jessie, feeling her damp, sweaty flesh against my own as I continued to push in and pull out of her wet pussy.

More than once, I had to slow down to hold off an orgasm. As much as I wanted to unload in her pussy, I wanted even more to cover her with my cum, so I resisted the urge to explode inside her. However, the temptation became too strong when Jessie had an orgasm of her own. Accompanied by a loud scream, her orgasm sent shudders through her body, causing me to lose control over my own body and unleash a torrent of cum inside her pussy, despite my best efforts to remain still and hold off. Once it started though, there was no sense trying to taper it, so I gave full vent to my orgasm, moaning as I filled Jessie’s precious twat with a large helping of semen. I had built up a sizable load in hopes of dumping it on her face, but her pussy would have to do. All the while, her husband never slowed down from plowing Jessie’s ass.

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