Welcome To The Cum Factory Ch. 5

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Terri stood up and walked toward Chris, never taking her eyes off of his throbbing cock, as if she was in a trance. Chris watched her lithe, incredible body with a smile, as she walked straight up to him and straddled him on the couch. She looked Chris in the eye as she reached down and placed his dickhead at the entrance to her pussy and lowered herself onto his hard cock. She was already hot and wet, and she lowered herself all the way down on the first thrust. Terri’s eyes rolled back and she tossed her head back.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she cried. She didn’t move at first, just put her hands on Chris’s shoulders and tried to adjust to being completely filled with cock. “Oh my god. It’s huge! I feel so full of cock!” She said. The girls behind her giggled as they began coming over to get a better look.

Terri began raising and lowering herself up and down Chris’s cock. He looked down and watched her fiery red hair around her neatly trimmed pussy mesh with the dark hair on his crotch. Terri picked up the rhythm. Her tits bounced in front of Chris’s face, and he leaned forward and took one into his mouth and began sucking on her delicious, perky tits. Terri was going out of control now. She was bouncing on his cock with wild abandon. The girls were cheering her on.

“That’s it, Terri. Fuck him. Fuck that great cock!!”

“Pound your sweet cunt on his cock, Terr!! Fuck him!!”

Terri began to shudder. “OHHHH!! OHH MY GOD!! I’M CUMMMMMING!!” she cried. Chris felt her pussy spasm around his cock and she leaned in and squeezed him tight to her body. Her quakes finally subsided as she came down from one of the greatest orgasms of her life.

“Alright. Next. Only one orgasm per go around!! We all get some of that cock!!” she said.

Terri slowly raised up and off of Chris’s cock, now slick and dripping with her cunt juice. She fell onto the couch, still overcome by the sensations Chris’s dick had given her. Chris looked down on the floor in front of him and almost came at the sight. Heather was lying on the floor spread eagle in front of him, fingering her cleanly-shaven pussy which was glistening in her pussy-juices. “Come here Big Boy,” she moaned. Chris did not have to be asked twice. He crawled off the sofa and between her legs.

Heather brought her legs up and rested her calves on his shoulders. Chris lifted her up slightly and then drove his cock deeply into her hot, already quivering cunt. “AAAHHHHHHHH!!” Heather moaned, raising her ass further off the floor, arching her back and clawing at the carpet. Chris quickly picked up a steady rhythm, drawing slowly back and then pounding his cock into her sweet cunt. He watched his thick meat disappear between those cleanly shaven lips. Heather was uncontrollable, bonus veren siteler tossing her head back and forth, barely able to catch her breath, her mouth open in silent moans. Chris watched her full breasts bounce around her chest, as she squeezed her legs around his neck. Brandi crawled over and, facing Chris, lowered her pussy over Heather’s face. Chris watched as Heather quickly began eating Brandi out with vigor. Brandi leaned forward and began kissing Chris wildly, sucking his tongue into her mouth. Chris continued pounding Heather’s cunt. He felt her pussy begin to shudder around his thick meat and her legs squeezed tight around his neck. He heard muffled cries beneath Brandi before Heather finally had to push Brandi off to get air. “AHHHH!! OHHHHHHHH!! WOW!!” she cried as she breathed so hard, Chris thought she was hyperventilating. She let her legs fall from his shoulders and laid there, spent. He pulled his dripping cock from her cunt. Chris looked around. What he saw took his breath away.

April was on the loveseat, on her hands and knees, waving the best ass in the school at him. Chris had to laugh. He got up and got into position behind her. April reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. Chris was happy to oblige, and slowly slid his cock into her pussy to the hilt. April’s head flew up and she cried out, “UUUHHHHHHH!!” Her pussy was incredible, tight and hot. Chris grabbed her sweet ass cheeks in each hand and kneeded them as he slid his big cock in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, April leaned forward until Chris’s dick slid out of her pussy. He looked down surprised. But then April pushed back against him again. She reached her arm back and pulled an ass cheek to the side, exposing her rosebud of an asshole. “Put it there, Chris,” she gasped. “Fuck that hot cock deep in my ass!!” Chris couldn’t believe it. He had to be dreaming this. But he wasn’t. He was about to fuck the best ass in the school. Literally. He placed his cockhead at the entrance to her ass and lubed her hole with her pussy juices, which were practically dripping from his cock. He then pressed his cock harder against her and watched as it slowly disappeared into her ass. “AAAAAAAHHHHH!! UHHHHH!!” April cried. “Slow. Go slow, Chris. Oh my god. It’s huge!! It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!! Oh. Oh, it feels so good in my ass. So big. So full. OHHH!!”

Chris slowly eased his cock, inch by inch into her ass. He got about ¾ of it into her ass before pulling back and plunching back in. He could not get over the sensations. It was so tight and so hot. April was starting to adjust to the sensations. “Oh yes!! That’s it. Fuck me, Chris!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck me. Harder! Yes, harder!!” she cried. Chris began fucking bahis her ass wildly, bucking his hips and slamming his huge cock into her tiny, tight asshole. He watched as her ass jiggled and shook with each thrust. April was tossing her hair wildly around her as her dead twirled all around. “OHHH GOD!! I’M GONNA CUM!! YES!! YES!! I’M CUMMMINNNNG!!” April cried as she began shuddering wildly, bucking beneath Chris. Chris held on for the ride as she shook around him, her ass squeezing his cock tightly. Finally, April simply fell forward onto her stomach, Chris’s cock popping out of her asshole. He sat down on the couch, breathing heavily. Julie walked over. “Got any left in your tank for me Big Boy?” she cooed, reaching down and stroking his still hard, throbbing cock.

“Oh, yeah.” Chris managed to sigh. This was too good to be true. He wasn’t turning anything down.

“Well, we’ve got an added treat to keep you going,” Julie said. Chris looked at her with a strange face. What more could they do he wondered. Julie turned her back to him and backed up and squatted over his crotch on the couch. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock with her back to him. “AAAAAHHHHHH!!” she cried. “IT’S HUGE!!” She took him all the way into her pussy and then leaned back against Chris’s chest, leaning her had back onto his shoulder. Chris looked over her shoulder and reached up and squeezed her huge tits.

“Ready?” Brandi asked.

“Unh. Yeah, ready,” Julie managed to get out.

Brandi got up and walked out of the room. In a second she walked back in, and Casey walked in behind her. Chris almost blew his load. Casey was a juinior. She had enormous tits, which had always fascinated the guys, but she had always seemed to be a goody-goody, never really giving into the parties and the guys, turning down one offer after another. She was blonde, with blue eyes over which she wore stylish, thin-rimmed glasses. She was petite, probably about 5’3″, but she had to have at least 36DDD tits. She was wearing a cheerleading outfit, a very short yellow and blue skirt and a sweater with a pom-pom on it. The sweater seemed way too tight, and her tits strained against it. Brandi brought her to the middle of the room.

“And for being such a great stud, Chris, here is your treat,” Brandi said with a smile, waving her hand at Casey like Vannah White. “Casey wants to be on the varsity squad with us, and we thought she should join the group in style. Since she’s never really been with a guy, we thought she should start with the best. Casey, here is the man of your dreams. Not to mention the cock of your dreams.”

Casey looked at Chris, with Julie slowly raising and lowering herself over his cock. Her face was flushed. She stood there, deneme bonusu almost in a trance as Brandi and Terri began raising her sweater over her head. They slowly uncovered her huge tits, which stood proudly, with not a trace of sag, on her chest, heaving. They pulled the sweater over her head, and Casey shook her hair and pressed her glasses back up on her nose. Her tits jiggled and shook with her body. Terri reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, which fell to the floor. She stood there naked, her stomach tight, and her pussy neatly trimmed. Chris watched the amazing show, all the while kneeding Julie’s tits as she bounced on his throbbing cock, moaning in his ear. Brandi whispered something into Casey’s ear and he saw Casey look down and her eyes widen.

“They’re huge!!” she moaned.

“Go on,” Brandi laughed.

Casey slowly walked over and kneeled down between Chris and Julie’s legs. Without hesitation, she leaned down and her head disappeared between their legs. Then Chris moaned. He felt her tongue begin to glide all over his heavy hanging balls. She began to pick up the pace. She took one ball into her mouth and sucked it greedily before letting it fall out and take the other one into her mouth. She sucked and licked his balls. Then she moved up and began licking Julie’s clit as Julie continued to fuck Chris’s hard cock. This sent Julie over the edge. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I’M CUMMMMMMING!!” Julie cried.

“I’m close, too!!” Chris moaned. Julie slowly slid up. Casey gasped as she watched her pussy raise off of Chris’s cock. She couldn’t believe how huge it was as inch after inch appeared out of Julie’s cunt. Finally Julie raised all the way off and Chris’s cock, which was now fully swollen fell with a smack against Casey’s cheek. Julie’s pussy juice smeared her Casey’s cheek as she gasped with a cry “OH MY GOD!!”

Julie reached down between her legs and began stroking Chris’s cock with both hands as the girls moved in around them. Julie aimed his cock right at Casey’s face as Casey stared in disbelief. “Is he gonna cum?” she asked.

The girls giggled. “You have no idea,” Heather said.

Chris leaned his head back and moaned. “OH YEAH!!” he groaned. He felt his huge load begin to surge up his shaft and then he exploded. “AAHHHH!!”

Casey’s mouth was open in shock, and Chris’s first two blasts landed all over her tongue. As she closed her mouth and tasted his sweet semen, he began unleashing his load. Julie continued to jack his cock and aimed it all over Casey’s face as if it were a firehose. Blast after thick blast landed all over Casey, her nose, her mouth, her cheeks, her hair, and all over her glasses, completely covering her small lenses. “OH!! OH!! OH, WOW!!” she cried. Chris unloaded his semen in torrents all over her face. As it slowed down, Casey just sat there licking her lips wildly. The girls leaned down and began kissing her all over her face, fighting for a taste of Chris’s cum. He was like a factory, and his product was in high demand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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