Wet and Wild

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Ace told Belle he had to leave on Monday to go back to work. To Belle, it made the night bittersweet. She had grown accustomed to falling asleep beside him and waking him up each morning and she wasn’t sure what the new nights would have in store for her.

Ace put his arms around her, pressing his semi-hard dick on her ass. Belle snuggled closer.

“I can get naked,” she told him, half smiling as she said it.

“Whatever you want,” he replied.

Belle could tell by the tone of his voice he wanted the same thing she did. She rose up, slipped her nightgown over her head and raised her ass to slide her panties off.

Climbing back in bed, she lay on her side, putting her ass to face him. Ace snuggled closer, their bodies touching. Just before his dick found her, Belle reached and grabbed his now-hard dick. As Belled stroked his dick, Ace caressed her tit. It felt so good the way he grabbed most of it and then squeezed the nipple. Belle moaned and shuddered.

“You know. I could stick it in right now,” Ace told Belle with some urgency.

Belle didn’t need anymore prodding. With a quick scoot and squirm she showed Ace just how ready she was by putting her ass İstanbul Escort out for him. He could see her pussy was wet and ready.

He slid in behind her, grabbed one of her legs, raising it straight up and entered her. She moaned and stuck her ass even farther out. He stuck it in farther. Ace could feel her pussy tighten on his dick and he knew she had cum.

He fucked her hard and fast, his dick sliding in and out of her moist pussy. He moaned. She moaned louder. Belle shifted her leg slightly. Ace’s dick hit her in just the right spot. It felt so good to her. It felt so good she was afraid he would end it too soon. She tried to store just how good it felt to have his dick go in and out of her pussy for those upcoming lonely nights.

Ace grabbed her other leg as she rotated her hips. He put her legs on his shoulders and slid his dick in and out. Belled cried out.

“Oh god,” she screamed. “This feels so fucking good.” She grabbed the bed to keep from scratching Ace’s thighs, crumpling the freshly cleaned sheets in her hands..

He thrust deep inside her a couple more times before he rolled sideways, landing on his back. With his dick İstanbul Escort still deep inside her wet pussy, Belle tried to move up and down. She couldn’t do it with her legs still on Ace’s shoulders.

She stood over him and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. She put her pussy over him and lowered far enough so just the tip of his dick went inside her. Ace moaned. Belle lowered herself farther, taking him deeper into her pussy. She didn’t know how good this would feel and came all over his dick, her juices running down him and onto the bed.

Belle began moving up and down. The faster she moved, the more her tits bounced. Ace reached up and pinched one of her nipples. She came on him again, her juices spilling down his chest and legs this time.

She grabbed his hands and bounced on him, cumming again and again. She came so much that when she went to ride him their bodies made suctioned slurping noises.

Belle laughed. “I can’t do this with that noise.”

She leaned back, attempting to bring Ace on top of her.

“Stop,” he said. “You’ll squash my balls.”

With a snicker, Belle climbed off Ace, lying on the corner of the bed. Escort İstanbul He entered her again, causing Belle to cry out.

“Oh God yeah,” she screamed. “Fuck me faster.”

Ace did. He pounded her dripping, wet pussy with his harder than ever cock.

Just as Belle was about to cum she said, “You know I’m gonna soak the blanket.”

Ace didn’t realize she landed on his favorite fuzzy blanket. Ace moved slightly to grab the blanket out from under Belle’s ass. This set Belle off balance. She rolled sideways, landing on all fours in the floor laughing. Catching her off guard, Ace entered Belle.

She came as he did, her juices now running down her legs. Ace rammed his dick hard and fast into Belle over and over.

“Oh God. I’m gonna cum,” he told her. Ace tensed and stuck his dick deep inside Belle’s pussy, his cum spilling inside. Belle felt his dick throbbing deep within and came over and over.

They stay joined for a bit. When Ace took his dick out of Belle, she came so hard again she soaked the carpet underneath her.

Ace started the shower while Belle stayed down on all fours. When she was finally able to stand, she walked shakily to the bathroom.

“You gonna make it?” Ace asked. Belle nodded yes and smiled as she joined him in the shower.

Ace wrapped his arms around Belle and she grabbed his neck. The water slid over their bodies and she looked up into his eyes.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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