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This year we booked into this Resort Hotel in Orlando. It was the height of luxury. The apartment was huge and had very conceivable modern convenience. The grounds were expansive. Each part of the Resort had its own pool and bar area. It took some time to explore the place and we had been there for three days before I discovered by chance that above the pool on top of a waterfall there was a huge deep hot tub. As there was no one about it seemed that very few of the other guests had discovered it either.

Florida in July can be very oppressive and getting a good night’s sleep is hard. Tom and I were waking early every morning unused to the bright sun. Tom is a superb lover and so rising early is not a problem so to speak. I am always up for it first thing as well and the added excitement of being on holiday made the mornings even more seductive. Waking my lover by licking and sucking his gorgeous tanned cock is a great way to start the day. A breakfast of thick hot spunk is even better and Tom is happy to oblige. He never complains either when I sit on his face and give him an early morning shower of my fresh cunt juice.

We love to experiment and on day five of the holiday I woke at about eight and kissed Tom’s back as he lay away from me. I slowly moved down with my tongue following the line of his back bone. He moaned supportively. I reached the base of his spine and my tongue slipped into the crack of his arse. I traced the ridge all the way down and gently sucked his balls. I couldn’t reach his cock so I went back upwards and sensitively opened his arse cheeks so that I could explore his kissable bum more closely. Tom adores being rimmed, as do I, and I knew he would react when I started to flick my tongue round his arsehole. It looked beautiful with the tight ridges and the brown puckered rosebud in the middle. After five minutes of erotic rimming I went for the bulls eye and pushed my tongue deep into the centre. He was moaning loudly by now and his right hand was moving down to play with what I knew to be a very very hard cock.

I decided that I would leave him at the height of ecstasy and came back up to kiss him on the shoulder.

“Hi lover” I announced. “Have I ever told you what a gorgeous arsehole you have. Its nearly as gorgeous as mine.”

I then kissed him full on the lips so that he could enjoy the taste and before he knew what had hit him I leaped out of bed and announced that I was going for an early morning swim. I could see Tom was pissed off as he was still sporting a massive hard on with a full load that he was desperate to deposit in or on me. In truth I was rather looking forward to that too, but all in good time.

I slipped into my favourite black wet look swimsuit with a zip up front and a high leg crotch and urged him to get up and come with me. He struggled to get up and struggled even more to try and get swimming trunks over his erection which showed no signs of going down. Indeed as Tom is quite a big boy his knob was clearly visible over the elasticated top.

We walked hand in hand the few hundred yards to the pool but I pulled him past the main pool and walked round to the hot tub. Needless to say it was empty at that time of the morning. It was lovely and warm and I just sank into it. It was about four feet deep and ten feet across, so was big enough cimcif gaziantep escort to accommodate fifteen people. But now there were only the two of us. I leant back in the water, unzipped the front of my swimsuit and let my tits float free. My two 38 inch D cup beauties swayed elegantly in the blue water. I started to rub at my crotch.

“Tom darling” I implored rather pathetically, “You wouldn’t get in and eat my cunt would you?”

“But its underwater” he replied.

“Then you’re going to have to hold your breath, lover, aren’t you”

I decided to make the offer more attractive by pulling open the crotch of my swimsuit. I had also taken the trouble the previous evening before going to bed of making sure my cunt was perfectly shaved. I keep it shaved generally but every now and again I give it a really close shave so that cuntlicking makes it tingle. I pulled my labia wide open and let Tom see right inside. Very few men could resist that and Tom was not amongst them. Virtually with one movement he stepped into the tub and submerged. I watched him slowly swim up between my legs and then saw his tongue dart into my bare pussy. I felt its effects a moment later. He licked all the way up my cunt and then touched my clit with the tip of his tongue. I nearly creamed there and then. I still had the taste of his arse in my mouth and the two sensations together were fabulous. After about a minute he came up for air but to my delight he just took one quick breath and went straight down to my cunt again. He only had to do that once more before I came.

“Shit! That was fantastic!” I exclaimed as I opened my eyes.

“Not so loud” He warned. “This is a public place” Yes, I thought, and decided that that was one of the reasons I came so quickly.

“Too late” I muttered.

Tom looked round and saw that another couple were standing at the top of the stairs taking off their robes ready for an early morning jacuzzi.

“Bloody hell” said Tom under his breath.

He got in beside me trying to act all innocent and failed miserably.

The two other guests got in to the tub and went over to the opposite side. The man leaned against the back of the tub and to our complete amazement the woman immediately went down on him underwater. They barely acknowledged our existence. We both found ourselves staring rather rudely at the spectacle. The man was clearly uninhibited and perfectly happy to let his wife/partner suck his cock while others watched. In fact we were so engrossed that I hadn’t noticed how long she had been down until Tom mentioned it. She had been under for two minutes and was showing no signs of surfacing.

“What a turn on” I said after the woman finally came up for air and slipped back down to finish her man off. Before Tom could react I had joined our new female friend on the bottom of the jacuzzi and had Tom’s enormous cock in my mouth. This was a great turn on. The silence of the water, the sensation of the breath holding and the excitement of being watched. After about a minute and a half my lungs began to burn so I slowly let air out of my nose while keeping the cock firmly in my mouth. I felt a twitch and then nearly choked as Tom released a huge flood of sperm into my mouth. I had the wherewithal cimcif gaziantep escort bayan to try and keep it in my mouth as I thought I would gag if I tried to swallow. I surfaced to a round of applause from our two companions.

“Well done hunny” said the man.

“Isn’t that a great feeling” said the woman. “Nothing to beat it”

I was a little disorienated but after swallowing Tom’s sperm and rearranging my hair I did agree. Tom was in heaven. He kissed me passionately and put his arm round me. As we broke from our clinch I looked over at our companions and the woman had moved to sitting on the man’s lap. It didn’t take a genius to realise that he had his cock right in her cunt. She behaved as though everything was normal.

“Hi. I’m Nicky and this is Dave. We’re married and on vacation. We love fucking in the pool and came up here expecting it to be empty. When we got here and saw you were doing the same thing we thought what the hell!”

“I’m Becky and this is Tom. We’re from England. We’re here on vacation too. We’re just two very randy bastards.” We all laughed.

“England” exclaimed Dave. “God and we thought you Brits were tight assed”.

“How tight?” I found myself saying as I stood up and bent over. I pulled the swimsuit open and let the two of them see my arse in all its glory.

“Tighter than that!” laughed Nicky. “I also heard that English men are very shy.”

Tom didn’t say anything. He just stood up, took off his trunks, and let Nicky have a face full of his cock. I was enthralled. He had only come three minutes earlier so to get a hard on again was impressive and then to show it to a stranger was extremely erotic. Nicky couldn’t believe her luck, she bent forward and took it straight in her mouth. Tom lent down and liberated her ripe tits from the top of her electric blue swimsuit. That was all very well but what was I to do? I decided to see if Americans fuck the same way we do. At least that was my excuse for some underwater voyeurism. I submerged so that I could watch Dave giving his wife a good seeing to. I got more than I bargained for. Nicky was sitting on her husbands lap alright but his cock was not in her cunt, it was in her arse!! I surfaced, smiling broadly.

“You Americans certainly aren’t tight assed!” I laughed.

With that I took a big deep breath and went under again because as Dave was fully embedded in his wife’s arsehole, that left her cunt unattended. That was where I came in. Dave’s cock looked rock hard and his wife was well built with ample tits and a very attractive pussy. She was holding her swimsuit open so I knew she wanted something or somebody in her cunt. It wasn’t totally shaved like mine but well groomed. She obligingly held her cunt open for me so I took great delight in playing around with her large well shaped lips before entering the deep juicy inside. I then moved relentlessly to her clit and could feel the tension in her legs as I reached it. She was moving up and down slowly on her husband’s cock while sucking Tom’s at the same time. I had to surface after about two minutes but by that time she was in ecstasy. Dave was having fun too. He was about to cum in his wife’s arse and I wasn’t going to miss that, so I slipped underwater again and watched escort gaziantep cimcif his cock pulsate as he dumped his load into her well stretched arsehole. He then pulled out and I saw some strands of cum fall from his knob into the water. I couldn’t resist looking at Nicky’s anus as it closed with its white hot load inside. I moved over and put my mouth on his cock and drank the last remains of his cum. Nicky got off her husbands lap and bent over in front of Tom and I. We knew what she was expecting us to do, so we obliged. We licked her arsehole together. We tasted the chlorine, Dave’s cum and Nicky’s arse all at the same time. It was magical.

You can imagine by now that I was desperate for a full on fuck. Tom had been sucked to his hardest and the other two were recovering so I grabbed his cock and without ceremony forced it into my cunt. It was dripping wet and not just from being underwater for so long! I was so anxious to be satisfied that we overbalanced as we were fucking and both ended up on the bottom of the hot tub in an ungainly splash. I have to say that it didn’t interrupt the rhythm and we just kept fucking even though we were both four feet underwater. I took less than a minute to come and as we surfaced Dave and Nicky were clapping and laughing wildly.

As we were all satisfied we decided to call it a day. It was only a matter of time before someone turned up and the next lot might not be as liberated as the four of us. We made a date for a future rendezvous.

The next day at about the same time the four of us could be found in the same hot tub enjoying each other’s company. During the course of the week we did everything at least once. Amongst the more ambitious things we tried were a cock sucking contest where Nicky and I had to go down on each others partners underwater and try and bring them off without surfacing. Nicky won that as Tom never could hold back for any length of time. But she was very generous. She didn’t swallow and let me enjoy half his spunk as we snogged after she came to the surface. Dave on the other hand knew how to take his time and he and I would fuck for ages. He also kept going on about the English being tight arsed so I put that allegation to bed by letting him arsefuck me not once but twice in one session. Dave’s cock was much thicker than Tom’s and getting it into my tight hole was a little daunting but once it was there it was worth it. I love having a cock in my arse, in fact I love having anything in my arse, and Dave knew how to handle me. Not to be out done Tom arsefucked Nicky and to make the whole experience doubly erotic she and I knelt down on the bottom of the hot tub which meant we were completely underwater apart from our arses which were above the surface. We were both holding our breaths, having our arseholes reamed and kissing passionately. I really couldn’t imagine the sex act being more enjoyable than at that moment. For the first time ever I had an anal orgasm. By the end of the week both Nicky and I had been fucked and sucked in every hole. Our breathholding capabilities had improved no end too. We couldn’t get enough, so while the men were recovering we invariably had each other. I don’t think I’ve ever licked as much cunt and arse in one week as I did in Orlando.

We did consider putting a notice on the communal board during the week asking anyone who wanted a good wet fuck to join us at 8am every morning but thought better of it.

Anyway now we’re back in England and only have memories to fall back on. We e mail our friend regularly and remind them graphically of our hot tub adventures. This weekend Tom and I are going out to buy a hot tub. After it’s installed we definitely will get that advert prepared!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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