What Have I Done?

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“I’m not going to let you suck his cock!” I screamed and instantly felt bad about blowing up on Lindsay. She was a sweet girl, usually very prim and proper, and we had been going out for almost a year now. “I don’t need the promotion that badly.” My voice was less than convincing. I looked around at our meager apartment and our few possessions.

She flashed her bright smile and slid the blond hair that was in her bleu eyes around her ears. Her smile always pulled at my heart and there was no way I could fight its warm tug. I pulled her against me, feeling her soft breasts against my chest. Our lips met in a gentle embrace.

“I know. I’m sorry for even suggesting it.” She began, her head resting on my chest. “It’s just sometimes I get so desperate. We’re barely scraping by as it is. I know it’s wrong, but maybe one sin can bring about a better future for the both of us.”

She was of course referring to my boss. An elderly pervert who only gave out promotions to the full-breasted women I worked with. Mr. Ed Creely was his name.

I had to admit that she was right of course, and her offer was tempting. But, how could I watch her being used by an old man she never knew? More to the point would she be able to satisfy his lust? Lindsay was good-looking, attractive in a natural way, but she wasn’t very experienced sexually. We had grown up together and I was her first boyfriend. We had stumbled our way through first and second base during our relatively short romantic relationship. I never really wanted to push her past her limits for fear of scaring her away.

Yet here she was standing in front of me, putting her body on the line for a small pay raise. She was built petite, 5’6, maybe just over a hundred pounds, long blond hair and blue eyes with perky round breasts that fit wonderfully inside my palms. Her greatest asset was in fact her amazingly shaped little ass that perfectly filled out a pair of tight jeans.

“You’re right.” I said at last, not really sure what to say. Not even sure if I meant it. The thought of my aged old boss, somewhere in his mid-forties using my twenty-year-old girlfriend as a fuck toy was suddenly extremely erotic. With a nervous laugh I joked, “You weren’t serious… I mean about giving him a blow job… were you?” I had to see if she would actually give into my newest dark desire.

She too laughed nervously and I could see her cheeks turning a pinkish red. “Well… sure I suppose so if you wanted me to I would do it. What’s one blow job compared to a better future?” I loved how self-sacrificing, and even naïve she could be. To find a woman like that was a rare gift.

I couldn’t believe how genuine and sincere she was. Deep down there was a part of me that wanted to destroy her innocence, to watch her give in to passion, to … to…. My cheeks grew into a fake embarrassed grin, “Really?” I said, acting as best I could, “I mean, what if he wanted more?”

Lindsay shivered with what I could only assume was surprise. “You know that I would do anything for you if I thought that it could better our life.” The sweetest smile burned into my evil heart.

“Well let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” I lied. “I wont force you to do anything, though he’ll be here any minute either way.” I watched Lindsay disappear into our room hopefully to change into something sexy.

With her out of the room I sat back on my couch, taking a deep breath, not knowing what to expect. I couldn’t ignore a dark desire to watch her with an older man, but at the same time I didn’t want to scare her away from sex all together before I had my chance. Even as I lay back gently rubbing my soft cock, imagining this newest fantasy, there came a loud knock on the door.

I leapt to my feet. Expecting my boss’s stern face to be glaring back at me once I opened the door I was shocked to find my grandfather and cousin on the other side.

“Hhheeeyyy there little buddy!” My cousin Eric said, roughly punching me in the shoulder and gut. Before I could react both older men invited themselves inside. “I told you he’d be here.” He said to my grandfather. Eric was nearly five years my senior, mid-twenties, a football player in his younger years and professionally unemployed now as far as I knew. He had that whole jock look that urla escort nerds like I could only dream of attaining.

“Don’t you listen to your phone messages?” Asked my grandfather who was pushing seventy years old. He wore old man pants, too small slacks, which struggled to hold in his creeping beer belly. He looked young for his age, sure, but he was still old. Thick glasses sat atop his bulbous nose and the missing hair on his head seemed to be escaping through his ears and nostrils. I gave him a firm handshake and he pulled me into an uncomfortable hug.

“What are you guys doing here? I haven’t seen you since Christmas.” I was sure they could sense the nervousness coursing through my body from the tone of my voice. I had to admit that this meeting was not on the top of my list of things to do even at the best of times. From the moment they stepped through that door I thought only of Lindsay and my shattered dreams of watching her with my boss.

“We were in the neighborhood and thought we’d catch up with our favorite young relation.” Eric said from the kitchen, helping himself to a beer.

“What he means is he lost all of our money at a strip club last night and we need a place to crash for a little while.” My grandfather corrected. “I assume that couch folds out?”

“You guys can’t stay here! I have my boss coming over any minute now and you’ll ruin everything!” My desperate plea was lost on the two other men who took up residence in my small living room.

“Would you relax, you make it sound like a hot date or something.” Said Eric, now sitting beside me on the couch. As if on cue Lindsay stepped into the room.

There she stood wearing a tiny black skirt that was cut dangerously high on her thigh. The last time I saw her wear anything that risky was Halloween, the same skirt from her little devil costume. She also wore a tight red halter that tied around her smooth neck. Her shoulders and back were mostly bare, her hair was tied up in a long blond pony tail. I saw my cousin and grandfather looking with aw at my catholic schoolgirl in slut’s clothing.

What happened next took me by complete surprise!

As I sat there, stunned beyond intelligent vocalization, Lindsay closed the gap between us and curled up on my grandfather’s lap. “You must be Mr. Creely.” She said in a soft seductive tone. She was so small, sitting there like a sexy cat.

My jaw hit the floor. How could I ever explain this to my relatives? Word would spread through my family about the sick way I use my girlfriends to get ahead in life. I vaguely remember trying to tell her that this was in fact my grandfather, not my sex-crazed employer, but Eric covered my mouth with a big sweaty hand. I half expected my grandfather to throw her off him, and go over the immorality of sexuality. But then I guess I didn’t know my grandfather as well as I thought.

Frank, my grandfather nodded with a satisfied looking grin playing about his lips. I watched in horror as his hands slowly rubbed her hips and ass, growing more intense every second. Lindsay began to respond, thinking this was her chance to earn me the raise we had been waiting for. I could see by the way her body was tensing up that she was uncomfortable, but she continued to do as she thought I expected – smiling, giggling and softly returning my grandfather’s kisses.

Eric was nearly in hysterics, unable to believe what was going on. I could tell the pair were making small talk, but to me their mouths moved without a sound. My mind raced with thoughts of embarrassing family reunions. What would they think of me once they found out about my personal life? At the same time I was torn between extreme jealousy and a morbid fascination, mixed with a heavy dose of erotic lust.

Every so often Lindsay’s innocent blue eyes would lock with mine as if to seek reassurance and I assume the lust she saw there was all the encouragement she needed. She continued her make out session with my grandfather, and I could see he was offering no resistance. Frank’s tongue danced around hers even as his grandsons watched on.

My grandfather’s wrinkled hands slid under Lindsay’s short skirt, cupping her bare curves. The view he afforded us with his groping showed unmistakably kemalpaşa escort the black thong panties my girlfriend wore.

Every few minutes Lindsay would pull away, or try to slow his mounting assault but Frank always pulled her back for more and I watched as her resistance dissipated by his experienced hands.

From the corner of my eye I watched Eric open his jeans and force a hand inside to stroke the erection he made no effort to hide. Only then did I notice the firmness straining against my pants. I was enraged with my grandfather for doing this while at the same time experiencing an incredible voyeuristic pleasure all at once. When at last I looked up again I saw Frank had rolled my girlfriend’s red halter up over her round breasts and was sucking on a pink nipple.

By this point Lindsay was squirming with pleasure, and I could faintly hear the soft moans escaping her parted lips. Her head tilted back as her back arched in Franks hands.

“Fucking awesome, man!” Eric whispered in my ear as though I had planned the entire affair. It occurred to me that at any moment my real boss could arrive to witness this sick, borderline incestuous mating ritual taking place.

Enough was enough, I reached out to pull away my grandfather’s greedy old hands only to have Eric pull me back to the couch. “Relax!” He commanded, pointing to Frank’s crotch where he had loosed his wrinkly old cock. I wasn’t sure if Lindsay had seen it yet, but her fingers were quickly being wrapped around his thick manhood. I was amazed at how hard and wide he could become for a man his age.

“That’s it, girl.” He coaxed in a husky voice.

I could see Lindsay was amazed as well, her hand struggled to wrap around the entire girth. She was tense, that much I could see, but at the same time her cheeks flushed a bright red, and her nipples stood erect. I knew she was having the time of her life. Frank gently coerced her hand up and down, up and down until she got into a rhythm of her own. Then, his thumbs hooked the inside of her black thong and began sliding the thin material down the length of her long, smooth legs.

In a way I could never hope to accomplish my grandfather masterfully manipulated my girlfriend to satisfy his primal urges. Despite her initial hesitation Frank allowed two thick fingers to delve inside Lindsay’s exposed pussy. Amazingly, each time his fingers came up for air they were more and more wet with her passion. Her pink lips were puffy, so I knew she was extremely aroused by my grandfather’s actions.

I briefly looked over at Eric to see him openly stroking his long cock. His eyes were glued on my tiny girlfriend like a hungry pack animal. I realized then that I was the only one not physically taking pleasure by this perverse act. It was too late to go back now. If I told her that this was in fact Frank, my grandfather, not Ed Creely my boss she would be beyond pissed at me.

What was I to do except continue the act? I made as though everything was normal and even joined Eric in pleasuring myself to the sight of Lindsay and my grandfather.

My small apartment was alive with passion. The sounds of deep panting, sucking, licking and a symphony of sex filled our ears.

Frank had Lindsay fill her mouth with his cock, using only the palm of his hand on the top of her golden locks to ease her into position. I couldn’t believe how eagerly she took to her task, and I had to wonder if this was purely for the promise of financial rewards or if she genuinely enjoined being used by an old man she just met. How far would she go before putting a stop to this farce?

Her submissive moans had me worried.

Grandpa had her blowing him like a cheap whore in seconds. His hands continued to force Lindsay’s head further along his old dick until her nose was buried in pubic hair.

Every few seconds Eric would call out some vulgar phrase that made me want to slam my fist into his face, like: “How’s that old cock taste baby?” or “That’s it, face fuck her!” What stopped me was watching the effect he was having on my girlfriend. Every comment made her moan and try even harder to please Frank. I watched her index and middle fingers rapidly circling her tiny clit.

I had menderes escort to give grandpa credit for holding out so long, even jerking myself I had to take several breaks to keep from cuming.

Just as I thought he couldn’t last a second longer I watched my grandfather do the unimaginable. Without so much as a word the old man lifted Lindsay off his cock and positioned her on all fours with her petite, perfect ass held in both hands. I doubted my grandfather could tell she was a virgin, but before I could say a word he had his cock penetrating her soft folds right there in front of us all.

I watched in jealous horror as my grandfather began pumping my girlfriend with his unprotected cock, accomplishing in twenty minutes what I had not in our nearly year long relationship. It was incredible the way he had taken her for his own. I expected to see Lindsay’s face contort in pain from my grandfather’s brutal efforts, but to my astonishment she looked like a beautiful angel. By now her long blond hair was loose, shaping around her face. Her eyes were shut comfortably and her little mouth was wide open, moaning in pleasure.

Frank slapped my girlfriend’s perfect ass, and to his delight the young woman yelped with pain and pelasure.

Eric could barely control himself; his hand was a blur of motion. After building a firm, thrust my grandfather waved him over. I watched as Eric’s long cock slid into my girlfriend’s wide-open mouth. Lindsay looked up in surprise, having never been forced into this position before, but just like with my grandfather she put full effort into accommodating my older cousin.

Eric contented himself to bury all eight inches into her throat, fucking her face without remorse. Lindsay had little choice than to rock back and forth with the sheer force of each thrust. My grandfather groaned deeply as his momentum built. I watched beads of sweat roll down his flabby skin. He tugged on my girl’s angelic blond hair for support, pulling her head back as he deeply penetrated her tight pussy. Each time he plunged that thick fuck-rod into her unprotected cunt it made a thick, wet slurping noise that only grew louder and louder.

“Fucking amazing!” Eric groaned, feeding his long, thin shaft into her pretty mouth. I could see his ass muscles clentching tightly.

Lindsay’s moans filled the room as Eric pulled his cock from her wide-open mouth. I had never seen or heard anything like what was taking place in my small one-bedroom apartment. Moments later, after jerking for all her was worth, thick sprays of cum shot out in long gooey strings to land in her waiting mouth. To my surprise she managed to swallow all of it at once. How could I ever have known the slut that hid inside my sweet little girlfriend?

By this point grandpa’s eyes were rolled back and his mouth hung open in a way that made him look two feet in the grave, yet his hips never faltered. He continued to ravish Lindsay’s pussy. I could see his wet cock slide entirely out only to plunge back inside half a second later. Her entire lower body was now continuously jerking with intense orgasm after orgasm. I could tell the end was close; the only question was how it would happen.

As if reading my thoughts, grandpa started to jerk erratically inside her. He leaned over her back and moaned into Lindsay’s ear. I wanted to shout out, “NO!” But At that exact moment, as my grandfather robbed me of Lindsay’s virginity, we both began cuming at the same time. And there was nothing I could do to stop him.

* * *

When everything was said and done, we all lay there gasping for air, remaining as still and silent as possibly. The whole ordeal seemed like some perverse daydream, but sure enough when I opened my eyes the dream did not go away.

After Grandpa and Eric left Lindsay climbed into the shower without saying a word to me. I gave her some space and retreated to the bedroom to lie down. Only then did it occur to me that my boss never did show up. Something my grandfather had said to me earlier that day suddenly came back to me, “Don’t you ever listen to your phone messages?” With that thought in mind I hit play on my answering machine and sure enough there was my grandfather and Eric’s message about their visit.

Only then did I hear my Boss’s voice come through the machine, dated the day before. “I know it’s short notice, but something came up. I wont be able to come by tomorrow. You understand. We’ll reschedule for a later date.”

I groaned and collapsed on the bed wondering how I would ever explain to Lindsay that I didn’t get the promotion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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