What If…? Ch. 01

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The one for whom these stories were written in days past was kind enough to let me post them. Master has my devotion as well as my gratitude this generosity and many, many others…


If I were tied and bound at your feet, would you take advantage of the situation? Would you restrain me even further, perhaps tying me down to a bed, or a chair, or even against a wall? Would you gag me, or would you rather hear the moans and gasps that your touch wrenches from me? How much torment would you inflict – would you go so far as to clamp my nipples, punish me with your belt, do things that make me cry?

Or would you be sweet and tender, restraining me and mastering me, seducing me with a pleasure/pain until I am writhing in agony, begging for release? Would you cunningly whip me, soothing me with your fingers between strokes? Would you blindfold me, then vacillate between hot candle wax and ice cubes applied to my most sensitive areas? Would you tie me loosely enough that you could move me into different positions, pressing yourself into me without providing that most intimate of contact, which you know I so desperately crave?

I have imagined all these scenarios, and more, thinking of you. Sometimes I delight in the fantasy of you having total and complete control, brutally attacking me, forcing me to your whim, pleading for mercy and crying in agony, knowing you’ll stretch my limits, but not break them. Knowing that as payment for my obedience to my master, I will be rewarded with flowers, candlelight, soft music and gentle loving…

Other times I take a more sensuous route to fulfillment, one where the ties that bind are made of silk, the lips that ravage mine Çankaya Escort are demanding but not painful, and the hands that touch me make me beg for more sweet torment. In these fantasies I often raise up to you, offering myself to my master again and again, writhing, undulating, whimpering his name in frustration, knowing all the while that this ache will only get sweeter as the torment increases.

The fantasies have ever-changing backgrounds, too. Sometimes it happens far in the past, a dark, stormy night, thunder booming, lightening flashing, rain pouring down. My carriage has broken down, my horse is lame, my guardian unconscious. I must fight my way through the downpour to the nearest house, a monstrosity of stone and mortar looming over me on this vile night. Needless to say, by the time I stumble to the door, I am wet, bedraggled, wretched in my long gown and thin cloak.

You open the door to find this drowned mouse on your step, and one look into my blue eyes lights a fire in your veins. You step back to let me into your home, and that is the last I remember until I awaken to find myself in a small, cold room, my wrists shackled, only a table and bench and cot for furnishings. My cloak is gone, as are my dress and shoes, leaving me in just my shift and stockings, both still wet and clingy from my trek through the countryside.

Lying on the cot, I face the wall, trying desperately not to cry, frightened, cold and miserable, not sure what is going on. After a while I hear keys, and the door opens, admitting you. I look up into your eyes, and feel that sensuous heat rip through me once again, even as I try to fight Keçiören Escort it. It is that heat, that awareness that drove you to this act of debauchery, taking a young virgin, stranded and afraid, and setting out to train her to your command.

Setting out to soothe and comfort me, you are sensuous and gentle with me that first time, touching and caressing and stroking me, making me respond to your advances, eventually pleading for your touch to complete this insatiable hunger I seem to have for you. This first time, you are patient and kind and careful, knowing that my enjoyment of your touch now will make my tumble into depravity that much easier, until by the time you are done with my training, I will willingly submit to anything that you may ask, without question or hesitation, simply intent on pleasing my master, this man who owns me, body, heart, mind and soul.

This first time, you allow me to find my completion again and again, savoring my cries, relishing my whimpers, delighting in the rush of hot cream that pours out of me at your tender ministrations. This first time you are the consummate lover, giving pleasure eternal, knowing that the better you make it, the more I shall crave your touch, your voice, your whispered words….

And I do. All of this and more. I fall head over heels for you, believing that fate has guided me to you, that we are destined to be together, that since you have taken my maidenhead you will have to consent to marry me, knowing that I would be considered spoiled goods by the peerage, unfit for any other man. But it doesn’t matter – for after having you, no other man would suffice, Etimesgut Escort anyway. The act of loving you has captured me completely under your spell, a fact that makes you grin in devious pleasure.

Once you have me under your spell, you know you are free to do anything to me. And you do. Over the next several weeks, there isn’t anything you don’t do to my body. You have me in every position, from secured to the wall, to bent over the table, to straddling the bench. You have me lying on the floor, tied to the bed, strapped to the table. You use my cunt, my ass, my mouth, my hands, my tits. You wrap my long hair around your cock and stroke it until you cum. You finger me, fist me, eat me, rape me with toys made for sex and some that are not. You whip me, pinch me, slap me, spank me, choke me. And through it all, you command me.

At the end of my training period, there is nothing I won’t do for you, and to prove it, you throw a party, inviting several of your more reputable friends over, to partake of the whore you have created, this slut that relishes your every touch, revels in your commands, lives to satisfy your every desire. You put on a show for these men, allowing them to see what I will do for you, and to you. And, as it is your wish to show me off, what I will do for them. And at the end of the night, when everyone has slunk off to bed, exhausted, their every desire sated, you pull me into your chambers and fasten a thick gold chain around my neck. You kiss me gently, telling me that I belong totally to you now, and for my obedience, I will be given the honor of sleeping with you every night, serving you at any time as requested, no matter where we are or what the situation. You place your hand over my belly, telling me that you want many children, and expect me to provide them for you – and in return for all this, you shall take care of me, allowing me to live with you, providing for me all the basic necessities, and granting me the privilege of being your sex slave, for so long as you want me…

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