What Mama Don’t Know Ch. 1

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“John, I’m starting the early shift tomorrow morning. You’re going to have to get Marcie off to school every morning for a few weeks.”

“Ok,” I groaned, half dreading the hassle and half excited by the prospect of being alone in the house with my nubile young 18-year-old daughter every morning while we were running around in various stages of undress. Even when Sue was there, Marcie almost drove me bananas, running around the house in less than she would be allowed outside with. She might be my daughter, but I wasn’t really into taboos and she was one hot little number. I could only imagine what she did to the young pricks in her classes. At least Sue allowed me to beg a piece of pussy from time to time, to relieve some of the pressure.

The next morning at breakfast, Sue reminded me, “Remember now, if you let her miss the bus, you’ve got to take her all the way across town and that traffic is murder around the school.”

“Don’t worry about a thing, Babe. We’ve got it all under control, don’t we, Kid?” I grabbed my little hotsie and hugged her close.

“Oh, Dad. You’ve got to stop calling me a kid. I’m not a kid anymore. I’m legally an adult, now.” She stuck her chest in my face as if to prove that a fine set of firm little apples proved absence from the Kid Party.

“Yeah, my little baby is growing up. That’s for sure.”

She flashed me a grateful smile.

When Sue had gone, I laid down the rules of the game. “Ok, here’s how it’s going to work. Since you’re no longer legally a child, I’m not going to treat you like one. That means I don’t yell at you, nag you or continually remind you that you’re going to be late. It’s up to you to be responsible enough to get ready on time. If you do, then we’ll get along just fine and I will feel like giving you more freedom in many ways. If not, that means that you aren’t as grown up as you pretend and I’ll bust your ass like the little kid you’re acting like before I drive you to school. Deal?”

“Deal. You really aren’t going to yell at me?”

“That’s right.”

“And you will really bust my ass if I’m not ready?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll report you.”

“For what? Child cruelty? I thought you wanted to be considered a grownup. This is how grownups act. You don’t see me yelling at your mom to get ready, do you?”

“No, but she yells at you.”

“Yeah, but that’s just the way she is. It has nothing to do with age or maturity. It’s just a mother thing. Now, I’m going to take my shower. You choose your path. Ok?”


I left the door to our bedroom slightly ajar while I undressed so that an inquiring mind would be able to inquire. Since our bathroom was in the master suite, I never bothered to close that door while I showered. No one could see through to the bathroom from the hallway or into the shower stall without trying to, so there was no evidence that I was offering a view of my naked body to my teenage daughter, although that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen.

I made sure I always faced at an angle to the bathroom door as I showered, so anyone peeking around the corner wouldn’t be able to tell I could see them in the mirror I had placed in a far corner. It that allowed me a good view of the doorway and part of the bedroom.

I lathered up good and didn’t have to work very hard to get a lot of meat hanging between my legs. Just the thoughts of possibly doing a bit of unsuspected flashing was enough to keep it pretty hard. Nevertheless, a little stroking emphasized the problem.

About five minutes into a good, hot shower, with suds galore making my dick slick for the stroking, a movement out the corner of my eye caught my attention. She was watching! Oh shit! Now my prick pump went into overdrive. I must have gained an inch in length and at least that much in girth as I realized my hot little vixen was not only gazing with awe at the pole I was gaziantep escort numaraları stroking, there was also a lot of lust in her gaze.

If it wasn’t lust, something was making her hand drift toward her crotch. She must have taken my threat seriously, because she appeared to be fully dressed and ready to go at a time when she would normally still be dawdling around the house. She had her skirt up and her hand in her panties, rubbing something very hard and fast, in time to my stroking.

Just to check the connection, I redoubled the heat of the beat and watched as she met my speed, stroke for stroke.

It was too much for an old man. My balls drew way up into my belly, as if reaching back for the granddaddy of all loads, then blew cum in great, slimy ropes all over the shower stall. The first gob even sailed over the door and hit the mirror over the sink.

As soon as my eyes would focus, I sought out my mastur-buddy to see if she had made it. And how! She was leaning woozily against the door frame as if she were about to pass out, with her hand still rubbing at that thing.

By the time I finished taking an actual shower, she had gone and was sitting on the couch, knees together and books in lap, the perfect picture of a very responsible young lady, ready for school.

“Well, well. Maybe somebody is growing up!,” I observed.

“I told you I wasn’t a kid anymore.”

“I can certainly see that,” I smiled, with the memory of our mutual orgasm fresh in my mind, made a little more piquant by the knowledge that she had no idea I was aware that she had been involved. The memory that she had been so turned on by watching me stroke my dick made it start to swell again.

“In fact,” I continued, “You have done such a fine job of being grownup this morning that I’m going to take you to school, anyway, even without the spanking.”

“Oh, good! I hate that old bus. It’s so loud and the boys are so rude. They’re always trying to see down my dress or up it, or trying to find some way to rub my ass or brush against my tits.”

“Does your mom know you talk that way around me?”

“No, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, will it?” She flashed me a challenging look as if to promise a wider relationship in the future.

“Can’t see how it would,” I agreed, wondering if my resurgent member was as visible to her as it felt to me. “Let’s go.”

Once in the car, Marcie made the most of her new-found adulthood by letting her short skirt ride higher and higher until I could plainly see her naughty bit and the fact that she had pulled the crotch of her panties into the slot of her pussy.

I stole glances at her pussy. She stole glances at my hardon. We rode in a silently escalating haze of lust.

“Bye, Dad! Thanks for the lift.”

“Have a nice day! Take care!” I watched her hot little ass bounce across the campus while trying not to let my desire be too obvious to a blind man. Wow! This was going to be hard to keep under control. It was clear that Marcie was just aching to be fucked and she was responding to me as to any other swinging dick, maybe even more so, with the hero worship kind of thing thrown in there for good measure.

That night, Sue wanted to gloat. She was certain that Marcie would have really given me a hard time the first day, just to flex her muscles. “Well, did we make the bus this morning?”

“No.,” I admitted.

“See! I told you it wouldn’t be easy.”

“Marcie didn’t ride the bus this morning. Not because she missed it, but because she was ready so early to prove how responsible she could be that I took her to school as a reward. I’m also going to raise her allowance. Anybody that mature deserves a bigger allowance.”

“Oh, Daddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Marcie jumped into my lap, and smothered me with gaziantep escort bayan numaraları kisses.

Somewhat miffed at being shown up in the parenting department, Sue huffed, “Well! One blossom does not a Spring make!”

“No, my dear, but I think our little girl is growing up very fast and is ready to become much more responsible in every way. Aren’t you, Kid?”

“Yeah. Now that I know you will treat me like an adult, I don’t even mind you calling me ‘Kid’ anymore. When can I get my new allowance? Can we go to the mall tonight?”

“Whoa, young lady. Not so fast. Don’t you have school work?”

“Yes, but it’s already done. Betsy came over after school and helped me with it.”

Ah, Betsy. Just another of the hottest bits of teen fluff ever left lying around to make strong men weak at the knees from desire. “Betsy, huh?,” I squeaked, trying to sound casual. The thoughts of Betsy possibly joining Marcie watch me scrub the skin off my prick was almost enough to send a load down my pants leg right then.

“Ok, I guess we have time to run over there before bedtime. Do you want to see if Betsy wants to go along?” I held my breath.

“Sure! That would be great!”

Sue seemed somewhat miffed at being shunted aside. “Well, I have to go to bed early so I can get enough sleep. This early shift is hard to get used to. Don’t wake me up when you come in. I’m going to bed now.”

“Don’t worry, Dear. We’ll be as quiet as mice. You go ahead and get some rest while we’re out. See you at breakfast. Sleep well.” Hopefully, she didn’t notice the size of the hardon I was trying to hide from her, but I was making no effort to hide it from Marcie who was almost openly licking her lips. ———————————————————— I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this a long time ago. Here I was, sitting ten feet in front of a dressing room full of hot, teenage pussy that was trying on outfit after outfit with insufficient regard to absolute modesty. Both Marcie and Betsy graced me from time to time with innocent-looking flashes of skin that kept my blood boiling until the store closed. Somehow, the curtain over the doorway never seemed to get quite fully closed.

“Gee, Dad. Thanks. I had no idea you were going to buy the store out for me.”

“Yeah, Mr. Smith. You didn’t have to buy those things for me, too, but I really appreciate them.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure, girls. Just watching you go so wild about all those clothes was a real treat for me.” You bet, I thought, and they knew what I meant, too, but by unspoken agreement we left it that way. They knew exactly what kind of “watching” they were being rewarded for.

The next morning, my dick was so hard during breakfast that I was sure Sue would notice something–if not the size of it, maybe the fact that it was hard for me to speak above a squeak, but she seemed oblivious to everything except her new job assignment. I couldn’t wait to see if Marcie would be peeking around the bathroom door again.

I was so hot from remembering yesterday morning in the bathroom, and the clothes buying session last night, that I almost got my gun before she showed up, but there she was–skirt up, pants down, finger in the old pussy, and here I was, dick up, hand pumping. In what seemed like no time, I could no longer hold it back. Cum flew everywhere. It took a good ten minutes to clean all the cum off me and to wipe off all the gobs spattered around the bathroom. Wouldn’t do to let my dear wife find that much cum scattered about, now would it?

When I finally made it downstairs, expecting to see my model daughter waiting on the couch, all ready to go, she was nowhere in sight.

“Marcie! Where are you?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. You bought me so many new outfits, I can’t decide which one to wear escort gaziantep numaraları today. Can you come help me?,” she called down from her room.

I checked my watch. We still had a few minutes to spare. “Ok!,” I yelled, sprinting up the stairs.

As I entered the room, my baby was bending over the bed, wearing only her new thong panties and the pushemup bra I had bought for her last night. Her bed was covered with the other things I had bought. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the perfection of her ass, except to sneak quick peeks at her firm tits, spilling over the top of the skimpy bra.

“Which one do you like the best, Daddy?,” my pride and joy asked impishly, standing in front of me nearly nude and holding first one dress, then the other, in front of her luscious body. A body, in fact, that I personally knew had been racked by a tremendous orgasm no more than fifteen minutes ago. I tried not to have another one myself, as I watched.

“What difference does it make, Baby. You’re eventually going to wear them all, so why not just close your eyes and pick one out for today. Besides, you don’t want to be late and have to get that spanking I promised you, do you?”

“Would you really spank me, Daddy?”

“Have I lied to you about anything else? I told you if you got yourself ready on time I would reward you in many ways and would also treat you like an adult in many ways. You got your reward and your adult treatment, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered in a small voice.

“Well, don’t take too long or I’ll have to put you over my knee.” I saw her eyes sparkle at the thought and sort of expected what was going to happen.

“I just can’t decide,” she declared, as she pranced around the room, grabbing one outfit, then another, to hold against her almost nude body as she modeled for her father.

“Ok. that’s it, young lady. Time’s up. I’m afraid you’ve missed your bus and I must keep my end of the bargain by punishing you. Come here and bend over my lap.”

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy. Please don’t hurt me. I was just so excited by all the nice things you bought for me and wanted to show them off to you. Please don’t spank me.”

However, as she talked, she was moving forward quickly to lie across my knees, with her delicious ass pointing right in my face and those rock-hard tits pressing into my thighs. I laid my hand on her hot ass and squeezed gently a few times while she wiggled around on my quickly expanding erection.

My first blow brought a very surprised yell.

“OW! Dad! OW! You’re killing me!”

“No such thing, young lady. This will teach you to waste your time and not meet your obligations.” I felt the heat of my first blow rising from her ass before smacking her again.

“OW! Dad! That hurts.”

“Hush, now, and take your punishment like a grownup. You earned it and I’m going to see that you get it.” By this time, my dick was hard enough to raise her off my lap. There was no question she could feel it rubbing against her belly.

Smack! Smack! Smack! I rained blow after blow on her rapidly reddening cheeks as she tried valiantly to take it. I began to rest my hand longer and longer on her ass cheeks after each blow, squeezing the firm flesh and pulling her cunt lips apart. Gradually, I rolled her panties down so that I was smacking her bare ass and kept working my way lower and lower toward her dripping cunt.

It was plain that the eroticism of the situation was getting to her. She had stopped crying and was plainly getting into it–squirming around on my trapped dick and pushing back into my hand whenever it was near her pussy lips.

We got off together. She went absolutely rigid and stuck her legs straight back, trapping my hand between her thighs as she went over the top. It was more than I could bear. I went with her, flooding my clean chinos with a torrent of hot, fatherly cum. “Well! I hope that taught you a lesson, young lady.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. I have learned my lesson. I’ll be good from now on. Will you take me to school now?”

“Just as soon as I clean up a little, dear.”

During the ride to school, she was a little more daring than yesterday, making no secret about absently rubbing her pussy, but not openly acknowledging it, either.

This promised to be a really wild ride.

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