What Wine Can Do

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It had been a while since we had had wine. It used to be a frequent thing, then for some reason I had got onto beer and she had started drinking some sort of alcoholic fizzy orange juice! This weekend however, she had been shopping alone and returned with, amongst other things, a bottle of wine.

Our evenings are fairly straightforward these days, put the kids to bed and then either watch a film or play online role playing games. She had become quite fixated with the games and sometimes it bothered me that she was alert enough to play them, but too tired to satisfy us. We’d talked about it and things had altered for the better lately, we had a sort of curfew for the games, which left time for nookie and a decent night’s sleep. Tonight though, the wine flowed freely and we both soon became comfortably numb under its influence.

The one bottle didn’t last long, and I had finished what I was doing on the laptop, so I went upstairs. I undressed and got into my pyjama/boxer shorts. I usually sleep nude, so I don’t know why all of a sudden I have taken to wearing the shorts in bed. I think it’s perhaps due to feeling slightly more secure!? She came up soon after, checked on the kids and vanished into the bathroom. I picked up my book and started to read a few pages. I knew I wouldn’t get very far; a bit of rumpy pumpy was definitely on the cards tonight.

Shortly after starting to read she came into the bedroom. She was wearing her see-through thong and bra, but over the bra she wore a woollen sort of top that she quite fancied. She gave me a quick, sly smile and giggled a little. I returned the emotion with a beaming smile. Tonight was going to be fun!

She walked to the foot of the bed and tickled my feet. I can usually control my reactions to her tickles but tonight I just couldn’t be bothered. My nerves made my foot jerk out of the way of her probing hands, and quick as a flash she leapt onto the bed and knelt between my legs as I lay there. Still giggling, she leaned forward and kissed me, lightly at first, then with more passion, our tongues licking each other. She pulled away and lightly dragged her hands and fingertips over my torso, paying a little more attention to my aroused nipples, then moving down over my belly and to my crotch. The bulge in my boxers was already very prominent, and she let her hands glide over the mound, gently stroking the shaft through the material, and then having a bit of a feel at my balls.

Just then she stood up on the bed, and I got an awesome view of her limber physique. She was slender and slinky, her skin was smooth and her body was so warm and soft. Her long legs were well rounded, good shapely calf muscles and at the top, the best bit, a fine ass that made me want to worship it every day. She started to move seductively on the bed, rocking her hips, and swaying her ass. She placed one hand on the bedroom ceiling to steady herself, and let the other glide over her own body. Her hand drifted down over her breasts to her crotch where the fingers pressed against the silky material of her thong. She got Demetevler Escort turned on when I played with her through her undies, and so she did the same. Her hand slid inside her panties and began to explore. Her eyes shut; her breathing came out in slight gasps as she felt her femininity and touched her most sensitive regions. She licked her lips, and opening her eyes looked down onto me. I gazed up at the beautiful site before me, mesmerised by the performance she was putting on. “Do you want to play with yourself baby?” she said.

Don’t mind if I do, I thought and slid my own hand into the boxers to find a heaving cock, already slick with pre-cum to stroke. She smiled at this as she saw me unveil my dick and begin to stroke it rhythmically. Her excitement grew, and she moved her thong aside so I could see her pink pussy lips. She rubbed at her clitoris, but somehow it just wasn’t getting her the way she wanted it to. She let go of the ceiling and using her other hand, moved the thong out of the way of her pussy and using the fingers of one hand to massage her clit, she used the probing fingers of her other hand to finger inside her vagina and stimulate herself from the inside.

It didn’t last long though, as good as it felt to her and as good as it was to watch, she needed something more. With that she got down off the bed and stood on the bedroom floor, her back turned towards me. She glanced over her shoulder to see me. I was still playing with my cock, smiling right back at her. Then, keeping her legs straight she bent over to the bottom draw of a chest near to the bedside. Her ass just popped right out at me, displayed in all its glory. She knew full well how much I adored her ass, how I liked to stroke and squeeze it, loved to lick at it. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I let go of my cock, and shifting position got her ass closer to my face. She teased me by holding her position while she searched for something in the draw. I clasped her by the hips, and using my tongue drew long licks up her butt, paying great attention to the crease of her ass where it was most sensitive. My tongue pressed at the material of the thong covering her asshole and she wriggled a little and gave a little moan in appreciation. But it was short lived, she had found what she was after, and standing up she turned around with her trophy.

In her hand she held a deluxe rampant rabbit, and the glee on her face was to be savoured. I smiled at her in blessing at what she wanted. I am always in favour of her playing with herself and with her toys, so as ever her wishes got my approval. Her thong came off and she moved onto the bed, keeping her legs spread but in a kneeling position. I thought she would lube the rabbit up a little, but in this case she must have been hornier than usual because she didn’t. She slowly inserted the thick shaft into her pussy, and positioned the ears of the rabbit on her clit. Then she turned the ears on. The reaction was instantaneous. Her breathing became gasps, her body Otele Gelen Escort muscles contracting, and ever so slightly her hips bucked up and down on the shaft.

My hand went back to my cock and started to stroke it with increased vigour. Her moans and sighs increased, as did her bucking as she rode the rabbit with passion. She kept her back to me so I could see her ass as much as possible, but also the other side of her pussy with the rabbit sliding effortlessly in and out. She knew this would be a major turn on for me. As her crescendo built she went back to the bottom draw and brought out the box of toys we kept there. There were a variety of toys to play with, cock rings, g-spot stimulator, anal stimulator, vibrators, and vibrating egg. She didn’t ask for anything specific, to be honest there was only one toy we usually used. Her pussy was quite tight and she had good muscle control over it. When she gripped you, you were gripped! With the rabbit deep in her now, there was no chance of getting anything else in there, and her clit was being seen to by the rabbit’s ears, so that basically left the anal stimulator and her ass. Fine by me!

The anal stimulator was an attachment for the vibrating egg. It was made of rubber and slid over the egg allowing the whole thing to vibrate when turned on. It had a probe several inches long and about the width of a pencil. I licked the toy to get it lubbed up, and turned it on. I positioned the shaft of the stimulator at the crack of her ass, and ever so gently pushed it in. It got so far before I was no longer pushing. She was pushing back onto it! Eventually it was as far in her ass as it was going to go. I could see her ass muscles contracting as the vibrating probe sent shudders of pleasure through her body.

With the rabbit deep in her pussy, the ears making sort work of her clit and the ass probe doing its job, it wasn’t long before she came mightily! Her orgasm was strong, her breathing became laboured and she lost the strength in her supporting arm to keep herself up. Gently she moved her ass off the stimulator, and then slowly removed the rabbit from her pussy. Her orgasm had left its evidence on the rabbit’s shaft; it was caked with girly cum. We lost the toys and she lay back on the bed, her eyes shut, her body trying to normalise itself after her orgasm.

“I think you pushed the ass probe in too far”, she said.

“I didn’t push at all baby, that was you!” I defended myself with.

“Oh.” With a giggle turned to face me. Smiling, she kissed me.

“You ok baby?” I asked.

“Hmmm, yeah. Your turn now.”

Usually there is a bit of oral on her part but tonight we just seemed to side-step that. I didn’t mind. She lay on the bed, and so I moved my body over hers, propping the majority of my weight up with my knees and arms. My wet cock felt for the opening to her core, and with a little muscle control I was able to find it, and gently press him home. She let out a sigh of pleasure as my cock pushed into her pussy, Balgat Escort her muscles contracting and squeezing it, adding to the sensation.

I moved rhythmically back and forth, my member at full strength. I bowed my head forward and kissed her strongly on the lips as we made love. She brought her legs over my hips and anchored me in. There was no escape, and no need for one. I wasn’t intending to go anywhere.

“Easy baby, not too hard.”

“Sorry hun.”

She either liked me to go in slow but deep, or fast but shallow. This time it was slow and deep.

“That better baby?”

“Yeah, Mmmmmmmm……”

I started to move my hips in slow circles, rather then just pushing in and out. It allowed my balls to rub up against her ass area, and allowed her engorged clit to get some action. I straightened my arms and propped my body up off hers so she could feel nothing but my cock sliding in and out of her. This also allowed her to do something we both enjoyed. She slid her left hand down to her pussy and as I fucked her began to masturbate herself. Her convulsions became stronger; she strained her neck as another massive orgasm built with her. Her hand worked her clit furiously as I pounded away at her pussy, until inevitably she climaxed again, her muscles contracting, and I could feel her juices cover my cock as I moved within her.

She dropped back to the bed, her eyes closed, her breathing returning to normal once again, but I hadn’t spent myself yet.

“Come on baby….”

These were the words she used when she was satisfied and wanted me to cum. I preferred making her cum first as opposed to me, but we both always preferred cuming together. My thrusts increased in tempo, and her pussy muscles squeezed my cock and relaxed, then squeezed again. She started talking dirty to me; she knew it turned me on. I love to hear her talk dirty, it stimulated me in ways that what we were doing didn’t seem to have much affect on.

“Come on baby; do you like my hot pussy squeezing your cock?”

“Yeahhh”, I moaned as my excitement grew.

“Do you like your big fat cock fucking my hot damp pussy baby?”

Just then her hand slid back to her clit and she started rubbing again, at the same time her pussy tightened and I felt the rush of orgasm begin in my balls. I had changed position now so that I was kneeling down and her legs were wrapped around my waist as I entered her. My tempo increased and in my mind as I knew orgasm was but seconds away the war erupted of whether or not to cum inside her. As I pushed in the sensations became almost unbearable. I tightened my own muscles to delay orgasm, hoping to buy a few seconds to allow the debate to conclude, but it was no use, the pleasure was just too great. The war raged on with no victor, my mind was assaulted by sensation and all rational thought became unavailable. Somehow though in the nanoseconds this war was taking place a decision was made and at the last possible second I withdrew my cock just as the first spurts of cum began to erupt from it. My hand went to my member and stroked it gently as the orgasm filled my whole body, and shot my semen over her breasts and belly.

After I had cum over her and began to relax once again I looked down on the woman beneath me with adoration, lust, love and a whole range of other emotions. But one thing was quite certain; I would certainly look forward to our next bottle of wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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