When Bryan Met Brooke

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“Yeah, what’s up, Jordan?” Brooke Ashford said on the way to getting a massage.

“Brooke, what’s up? I have a new offer for a scene using your gifts.”

“Yeah? I’m getting something done now,” She said.

“What could that be?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know. What’s the scene?” Brooke said.

Jordan sighed.


Brooke got taken aback, but then again she wasn’t surprised at the initial offer.

“However, you can talk to your boy toy about it before you answer,” Jordan said.

“Ok, cool. Let me talk to him. I’ll get back to you,” Brooke said.

She promptly texted Mark, who was at work. Since her last gig with Jordan and Lexi, some of their co-workers (and regulars) got word of Brooke’s other way to get money. So, Brooke quit her job at the bar and began searching for new ways to get money. She texted Mark, saying:

“Jordan called me. I got a new gig offered. It’s an anal scene. I just wanted to let you know beforehand. Text me back.”

At this time, Brooke was in the masseuse parlor. She asked for a full body massage and promptly paid for it in cash.

Brooke had never done anal before. She’d never thought of it. Her boyfriend, Mark had never even thought of it. To many, her ass was immaculate. But she never thought it was that good. The wait was not long.

“Brooke Ashford?”

“Yes?” She said.

“Right this way,” The worker said. “Follow me, third door to the right.”

They both entered. Brooke looked at the worker, who was a pretty young lady, who began to massage her.

“If you’ll begin to disrobe…”

She began to slowly take her clothes off, looking at the worker as she did so. Brooke had a good eye as well. She thought the worker was very pretty. She looked at her from top to bottom. She might have been star material. However, something told Brooke that she was not that type of girl. She could be wrong though.

“You look familiar… Very familiar,” The massage worker said. She checked out Brooke. “Brooke? Brooke Ashford?”

Brooke was in her bra and panties when she said that. Brooke nodded.

“My younger brother loves you. And I mean loves you. You want to meet him?”

Brooke nodded nicely. This was all new to Brooke. The boys ogling, she could deal with. But the fame, that was something else entirely.

“Bryan! Get in here! I want to show you something!” She yelled. “Oh, by the way, my name is Brandi. I’m a fan.”

“Nice to meet you,” Brooke replied, as she dropped her cute panties, showing her slightly hairy bush. Brandi helped her unhook her bra. It fell to the ground. At that point, Bryan walked in carrying a load of bursa eskort towels.

“Brandi, what did I say about yelling my name?” Bryan said.

“Bryan, look who’s here…”

Brooke looked back at Bryan and smiled. He was star struck.

“Holy mother of God, it’s…” Bryan started.

“You know he jerks off to you, right? I had to teach him some things about women,” Brandi said to Brooke, smiling.

“I get that a lot. But he’s kinda cute,” Brooke said, noticing his looks and bulge. Brooke laid down on the table. “You mind if I talk to him?”

“No,” She said, leaving.

“Bryan, honey, let me cut right to the point. How many times have you came to me?” Brooke said in a soft voice.

“I don’t know, countless.”

“I’ve only done one scene. I’m doing my second today. The reason why I’m saying this is because I’m looking for a new male talent. Before this, I was a dancer. I also worked at a bar. But one moment got me in. Think of me as your moment. Now…” Brooke got interrupted.

“Is this a porn interview? If it is, I’m in.”

“Good. Now, show me your cock. I have a feeling it’s going to be impressive,” Brooke said, sitting back, giving him a view of her tight treasure.

Bryan nervously unbuckled his pants and lowered them. He lowered his boxers giving Brooke a full view of his hard manhood.

“Hmm. Cute, young, and got great size. You’re hired,” She said, biting her lip. “How big?”

A few hours later, at the agency…

“9.5 inches,” Bryan and Brooke said in unison.

Jordan looked at them inquisitely.

“What?” Brooke said.

“And where did you meet this… young man?” Jordan said.

“I met him at a masseuse parlor. He works with his older sister, who needed a little convincing, I must admit…”

“I bet,” Jordan said. “I don’t see it.” Jordan said to Lexi. Lexi laughed.

“Relax, he’s cute. What’s your name?” Lexi said.

“Bryan. Bryan Rhodes.”

“We do need more male talent. I can’t do it all by myself. You know, you’re a pretty boy, you know that? But that might benefit you with your dick. Get ready, kid. You’re about to earn your stripes,” Jordan said.

Bryan smiled.

“Ok, places, people!”

Brooke walked toward Bryan.

“Look, I’ve never done anal. Not even with my boyfriend. So, take it easy on me,” Brooke said.

“Never? So… I’m the first to fuck you in the…”


“Damn,” Bryan said. “I got you.”

Brooke touched his cheek.

“See you on camera.”


Brooke was first on camera, using her dance skills to seduce the camera. bursa merkez escort She stripped ever-so-slowly, shaking her ample ass. Jordan was the cameraman catching all of the angles. Meanwhile, off-camera, Bryan was waiting for his cue. He watched Brooke get oiled up. This turned him on even more. He started to get hypnotized. Until…

“Bryan. Come here,” Lexi said.


“I know you’re turned on, but this is just to get you ready.”

Lexi took in his rock hard erection, gently sucking it.

“Wait…” Bryan said, confused.

She spit on his well-endowed erection, jerking him off a little bit. Bryan looked down. It shined a little.

“I know. Jordan put me on mouth duty just in case,” She said, touching him.

“Don’t worry. I’m good.”

Bryan was instructed to come into frame when Brooke was masturbating. He saw her go on all fours on the couch. She wet her fingers and began pleasuring herself. Bryan looked at her, and was in awe of her raw sexual beauty. She began breathing harder. His erection seemingly got harder. Brooke moaned in want as she fingered herself, getting wetter by the moment. The cue came. Bryan walked on.

Bryan began kissing her ample cheeks, rubbing on them, before finally licking her tight, sweet treasure.

“Uhh. Yeah.”

“Fuck. Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

Bryan kept consuming her juices while grabbing Brooke’s ass cheek firmly. She started to moan louder, almost fueling Bryan to satisfy Brooke more. His tongue danced downward. He began to rim Brooke’s tight asshole, eventually tasting it.

“Ugh! Ugh! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Bryan defiantly and primally smacked her ass cheeks. Brooke let out a loud moan.


Bryan inserted himself into her sweet wet treasure and began to penetrate slowly. Then Bryan picked up speed.

“Ugh. Ugh… Ugh… Oh, fuck! Fuck me with that big dick! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Brooke yelled in want.

While penetrating her, Bryan wet his finger and inserted it in her asshole.

“Mmm, fuck. You like my tight asshole?”



As Bryan continued to fuck Brooke, Jordan and Lexi watched intently.

“Is it just me or Bryan is more than fucking Brooke?” Jordan said.

“Could be. That was his porno crush.”

“I keep saying this. Can’t catch feelings in this business,” Jordan said.

“He has potential, though,” Lexi said.

“Fuck me in the ass, baby. Fuck me.”

Brooke was still high from the orgasm Bryan gave her. He whispered softly in Brooke’s ear.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

Jordan inserted his manhood in her bursa sınırsız escort gaping hole.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Fuck me in my tight asshole! Yes! Ugh!”

“Goddammit, you’re beautiful. I wanted you for a long ass time,” Jordan said in between strokes in a guttural, hungry growl.

Brooke laughed in between moans. She knew Bryan had a crush on her, but was it like that? The whispering sweet nothings. The spanks. Brooke then realized… Bryan had a real crush on her.





“Look back at me. Look back while you take that dick!” Bryan said, lustily.

He started long stroking.

“Ughhhhhh!” Brooke moaned loudly.

Bryan groped her big breasts.

He said in her ear…

“Say you like daddy’s dick.”

“I like daddy’s dick!” Brooke said, moaning.

“Say you like daddy’s big dick!” Bryan said, growling and stroking faster and hungrier.

“I like daddy’s big dick!” She moaned.

At that point, both of them were at their sexual peak.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah. Yeah. Mmm… I’m coming. I’m coming,” Bryan said.

Brooke turned around and jerked off Bryan. She stuck her tongue out. She was at the point of no return. It did not take long for her to hear the familiar…

“UGHHHHHH…. Oh, God. Damn.”

All while his seed shot all over her face and chest. She tasted his juices while looking at him and smiled. Bryan smiled back.

“Oh, God. I think I’m wet,” Lexi said.

“We got a new star on our hands, Lexi,” Jordan said. “That’s a wrap!”

Jordan walked towards Bryan, who was still nude.

“Good job there, bro. You earned your stripes and then some. But I will say the same thing as I did in the past. Can’t catch feelings in this business. You get paid to fuck. A lot. That’s if you stay,” Jordan said.

“I’m staying.”

“All right then. Then you should know that Brooke has a boyfriend. Keep it professional, man. Just saying,” Jordan said to him, and left.

Not that much later…

“Ok, here’s your pay, Bryan.”

“Thanks,” Bryan said, smiling. “See you next time.”

“Oh, by the way, my name’s Lexi.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” He said, shaking her hand. “Nice to put a name to that mouth. Ha.”

Lexi bit her lip.

“Bye, Lexi.”


Bryan left out the door.

“Hey, where’s Bryan?” Brooke said.

“Just missed him. Out the door.”

Brooke looked out the door. She didn’t see him. She shrugged. She looked at her phone. Mark texted her back. It said:

“Do you, baby. Do you.”

She texted back:

“I’m finished. Be home soon.”

But what he didn’t know was Bryan and Bryan’s feelings for Brooke. Brooke actually felt bad for leading Bryan on. In addition, for the first time, she felt slutty. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in her field.

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