When I am Gone Pt. 13

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Sorry for the long wait, but here is where everything changes for Scott. I hope you like it.


Chapter 25

My mom and dad were so proud of me and how I stood up for myself. Even though they said I could never play baseball again, it was totally worth it. They said I probably took it a little far when I hit Mikey with the bat, but then again he deserved it.

During my suspension, my mom had me go to her work, to work on my homework. When my mom dropped me off at the front door, the sign read Miguel’s Insurance company.

It was the most boringest thing because I couldn’t talk, listen to music or play my phone. I had to actually work she said. I swear every time I put my phone down, I would get texts from everyone saying how sorry they were of how they treated me.

However, the one person I wanted a text from, never texted me. I checked my phone every time to see if it was Aaron, but it was never him. About two weeks into my suspension, I got a text from Aaron saying why did you have to tell the world.

I told him it was so everyone knew he’s a monster. Ok, but you never asked me. Now everyone knows I was raped. People look at me like a victim now. I can’t believe you also just took a video and watch him do that to me, you are almost as sick as him.

I couldn’t take any more of Aaron yelling at me, so I texted back and said well you are as equally guilty as letting him rape me that night. After my last text, he never texted back again.

My suspension was finally over with just a couple weeks left in school. I wasn’t too far behind because my mom worked out a deal with the principal that she would pick up my homework every day.

When I walked through the front doors it was like I’ve never walked into that school before. Everyone was happy and nice to other people. When I walked in, people in the halls said hello and didn’t just pass me and ignored me, it felt nice.

I don’t know if it’s because they are afraid of me, but I am glad things change. Well, not everything has changed because on Mikey’s locker it read you are the real rapist and fag. I thought about how, I have ruined someone else’s life, but then I thought he deserved it, so I didn’t care.

Even though I felt so popular and cool with the whole school being kind to me. I still had something missing in my life and that was Aaron. I’ve tried everything to make Aaron forgive me and even look at me, but he didn’t. Even when I texted him, he never answered, but I tried to give him space.

I started thinking about college and I knew where I wanted to go. I wanted to go west and start a new life and a new me. I picked out schools in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, but I didn’t know where I wanted to go. On our last couple days of school we received yearbooks.

This year I thought I would be a great idea to put my yearbook on my locker Büyükesat Escort and let people write a comment about me without writing their names. I knew it wasn’t the traditional way, but I thought it would be fun for people to express their opinions about me without being judged.

Within that day many people wrote comments in my yearbook. Some like, thanks for making school a better environment, you’re the best, we should hang out sometime. However one comment stood out to me, it said, I am in love with you, I hope we can be closer someday.

I had to know who this secret admirer was, so I made a podcast and called it Secret Admirer.

Hey, everyone. Listen I want to thank everyone who signed my yearbook this year. I know that it was a rough year for me again, but I am glad in the end the truth came out. However, tonight I need your guy’s help. In my yearbook someone wrote I am in love with you, I hope we can be closer someday.

I would like to know who this person is, so I can welcome them with open arms. If you are this person please text me and tell me who you are because I would like to meet you.

Thank everyone, talk to you later and have an amazing summer. On the last day of school, no one came up to me. I didn’t receive any texts or anything. I gave up hope and just moved on.

Chapter 26

In June, I decided to get a job at Pet Shop, since I lived close by. At first, I didn’t realize it, but then I found out that Aaron worked there. I got the job and I was working a couple days after my interview.

Since Aaron has been working there for a year now. He was to show me how to work at Pet Shop. He taught me all the cool tips and tricks, which was neat. But the best part was working with him. We decided to start fresh and to forget about the past because it didn’t matter anymore.

We started to hang out outside of work. We went to movies and bowling, even to the park where we took some of the dogs from work. I don’t think I’ve have had this great of a summer in a long time.

It’s been 4 months since I’ve seen Dr. Logan, which is great. Mom told me, she was happy to see me this cheerful and happy all the time. During July, we worked almost every week. Since Aaron was my boss, he would always mess with me and gave me, the not so fun jobs like cleaning up after the dogs.

But hey, it was worth it to spend this much time with Aaron, I even forgot how much fun he was. My family even adopted a dog, we named him Spot. When August came, it was almost senior year. I asked Aaron, where he wanted to go to college?

He told me, he’s always wanted to go to Colorado. I said me too, I think it is so beautiful. He agreed and said also he needs to get away from his family. He was telling me that if he does well this season with football and baseball, Beşevler Escort that he can have a full ride scholarship. I knew that he already had that scholarship because he has a great arm.

I asked Aaron what he had planned for this weekend. He said he had nothing to do, why? I asked if he wanted to go to my family’s lake house again. Boy, he was as excited as Spot was.

For Spots first road trip he did alright. He never peed in the car and he sat on Aaron’s lap the whole time. Which I was getting jealous about. As soon as we got there, Spot darted for the lake and jumped right in. Aaron and I got our swimming suits on and we played in the water with Spot.

This time when we went on our paddle boat tour, Aaron told Spot all the cool hangout spots. Listening to him talk, made him seem like he has been coming for years, this was paradise. When we came back to the dock, Spot jumped in the water one last time. When I showed Aaron how to tie the knots to the dock.

Spot came to up to us and shook all the water back onto us. Then Aaron decided to push me back in the water. When I didn’t come up, he started to get worried. Then he got on his knees and looked around the water, but then I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the water with me.

Spot came in after us and he came right between us, I think he was trying to move onto my guy. We went back to the house and hosed off Spot and brought him inside. Then we both took showers and got cleaned up for dinner. We had our big camp fire every year and had hotdogs and s’mores.

This year when mom wasn’t looking, dad offered me a beer and I said no thanks dad, I’m never having that again. We shared some laughs and stories. Especially when it was time for charades and dad was trying to guess, what mom was doing.

Honestly, it was skydiving dad, but he didn’t get it. Aaron and I were on the same page though. I guessed scuba diving in 5 seconds and he guessed bird watching in 15 seconds. After the fire was put out, it was off to bed. I said goodnight to Aaron like it was my last time seeing him. Like always Spot wanted to sleep at the foot of my bed, but that night he wanted to sleep at the foot of Aaron’s bed.

I kept thinking, how could I have competition with that dog. When my parents finally went to bed 10 minutes after saying goodnight to us, Aaron snuck over to my room. He crawled into bed with me and said is it alright if I sleep next to you again. I said sure if you don’t put the dog between us and we both laughed.

The next morning, I found that I had been sleeping on his chest. It was so nice and I could hear his heartbeat. I was so warm curled up next to him with his arm around me, I thought what a great way to wake up. Mom came and knocked on my door and told me it was 11 o’clock, but once again I had to Cebeci Escort ruin the great moment and wake up Aaron.

He was so embarrassed that he jumped out of bed and apologized for being so close to me. I told him it was fine and that he can do it anytime. We had lunch and then got back on our swimming suits. However, after 4 hours of swimming with them, Aaron thought it would be a fun idea to swim naked. He threw his suit onto shore and I looked at him and said he was crazy.

He told me that either I was gonna take them off or he was going to pull them off. I told him that the smart thing to do would be to keep them on. So then he said ok, I pull them off. I started to swim as fast as I could, but he was so fast that he caught up. He pulled my suit off and then he asked if I feel free.

I said this is amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Mom came up to the dock and asked if we were ready to go, I asked if we could stay an extra day and she said sure if it was alright with Aaron.

Aaron said sure if you guys are happy to have me and my mom said well of course dear, you’re a part of this family. When mom left she asked us what we wanted for dinner and I looked at Aaron and smiled. But then I answered with I’ll have a hamburger. She said alright and she left us alone again. When she finally made it to the house and went inside, Aaron pulled me close to him. He said don’t move, I felt his arm on my back and slowly moving down.

When I heard mom yell back at us. She said that the buns were moldy and that your father and I are going to the store in town to pick up some buns. I said alright and then she said I don’t want you in the water while we are gone, so come up and take a shower.

I said alright and Aaron let go of me, but I wished he didn’t. I felt so angry at mom but knew she didn’t know. Aaron swam up to the shore and pulled back our suits into the water. He gave me mine and we raced back to the house. As I heard mom leave, I gave Spot a bone to keep him busy while Aaron and I were in the shower. I heard Aaron get into his shower in his room.

So I got into my shower in my room and washed all the lake water off me. I wrapped my towel around my waist and forgot to get my comb. When I opened my bathroom door I could see Aaron was sitting on my bed with a towel on. I asked what was he doing in my room, but he stood there silent looking at me.

He finally got up and his towel fell and he was showing everything. I began to blush and he came over to me. He kissed me on my neck and he kept kissing me. Then he spun us around pushing me onto my bed. He began to kiss me on my chest and my belly.

Then we rolled over and I was on top of him. I began to kiss his neck then his chest and abs. I took my towel off and I could feel him aroused and him wanting me. I looked into his eyes and he stared back into mine. I asked him if he was gonna kiss me and he said yeah. As I closed my eyes and began to see him come closer to me. I heard my mom come home and she yelled boys are you out of the shower yet.

Aaron pushed me aside and said he should have never came in here. As I tried to calm him down he left immediately without an explanation.

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