When It Rains Pt. 12

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Kymona POV

It took everything in me not to cry while I was at the house. All the memories of how I was done in the past came flooding to my mind. I know I haven’t been the most perfect person through the years, but usually when I commit to do something or be with someone, I stick around to to see it out. I feel so stupid for even falling for a straight chick in the first place. Going after straight women is only good for the adrenaline rush. They always put up this fight of not fucking with females, but the minute our lips touch and our soft skin caresses each other, they melt like a chocolate bar sitting in the window of a hot car. Getting a straight woman to become completely vulnerable at the hands of a lesbian is always a turn on. The problems start after the sex is over. Some women are able to move on and see it just for what it was…sex. Some women act like they’ve lost their virginity all over again and become overly clingy. Then there are women like Jazmine that get confused and don’t know if they want men or women. I just messed up both of our lives by getting involved with her on that level. I really don’t know why I was investing my time in her when from the jump she was being shady and childish about simple things.

The minute I left her house, I called up an old friend to help me blow off some steam. She and I have slept around a few times in the past and she’s proven herself to be the perfect stress reliever. After the first time we slept together I started calling her Subway. Corny I know, but it was years ago when I came up with the name. I refused to learn her real name because then I’d feel some sort of attachment to her and I didn’t have time for that. She always let me have my way and never put up a fight even when it was something she was comfortable with. We agreed that the day either one of us sends the text, “The End”, was the day that our sexual antics would end. As I was driving to her house I sent her a text to let her know I was on the way. I know it’s messed up to go fuck another woman when I just had an argument with Jazz, but I needed to let my anger out in the best way I knew how.

When I pulled up to my friends house, there was another girl there with her. Both of them was looking hella good and it looked like the girl was getting ready to leave. “Subway” was standing at the door with a robe on that barely covered her chocolate breast trying to break free. Her hair black with smoke gray highlights cut in an asymmetrical bob, and her thick lips painted with the right amount of plum lipstick. As for the friend she had almond like skin, with gray eyes, long curly brown hair and an ass that was made to hold a thanksgiving dinner. I’ve got to have both of them right now and I know with one look from me I can convince Subway to make it happen. Walking up to the door I was introduced to her friend, her name was Amari. Not really caring about pleasantries, I pulled them both in the house and stood in front of the door preventing Amari from being able to leave. Pulling Subway into my arms, I tongued her down making her legs weak and causing her to fall into me. Every so often I’d take glances at the friend and she’d be looking at me and biting her lips. Guess I won’t need help convincing her to join after all. I pulled her over to us and forced my tongue into her mouth. With no hesitation she immediately gave me control and let my tongue overpower her tastebuds. Damn, I got two women willing to submit to me. Pushing them further in the house to the family room, I had Subway undress Amari as I watched and stripped out of my clothes. Sitting on the couch I made them make-out as I teased their naked flesh with my tongue, balıkesir escort lips and fingertips.

I was growing tired of this foreplay shit by the second. Pulling Amari above me, I started eating her out while Subway went to work on me. One of my hands was tangled in Subway’s hair as I grinded my pussy into her face. The other hand was roaming all over Amari’s ass while she slowing bounced up and down on my face. There was nothing but the sounds of muffled moans and screams being tossed around the room. As badly as I wanted to cum, I just wasn’t getting to that point yet. Switching things up, I make Amari lie down on the couch and I straddle her face while Subway takes care of her. The second Amari’s tongue connected with my clit, my body instantly tensed up. I was afraid to grind my hips against her face, fearing I would do something causing that feeling to go away. My hands gripping at her hair pulling her closer into me and my mouth gaped open. She refused to let up and I damn sure didn’t want her to. Regaining my senses I was only able to utter the words fuck, shit, and damn. Grabbing one of her hands I made her slide two fingers in me. Instantly finding my spot, my body grew weak causing me to drop and lean over the armrest of the couch. With four more strokes of her long fingers I was cumming all over her tongue. She moved from under me and I was able to drop back on the couch. I pushed the two of them together and forced them to kiss, mixing my juices with Amari’s. I know that shit had to taste like paradise. I was still a little tense so I made them fuck each other until they came as I watched. My pocket rocket vibrator attacking my clit until I come again and my juices are flying all over the floor.

Throwing my clothes on I take one last look at them sprawled out on the floor. I got what I came for, now it’s time to head home. Time for part two of my “fuck that bitch” recovery…go to the club, get fucked up and find a new bitch to fuck for the night. Yeah my methods are unorthodox but oh well the shit makes me happy.

Jazz POV

After Kymona stormed out of my house, I had all types of emotions running through my body. I felt terrible for accusing her without asking her, felt like shit because she regrets the idea of loving me and pissed the fuck off that Zuri would lie to me the way she did. What was her reason for lying anyways? Granted she knows what Ky does because they’ve worked together, but why lie to me about them sleeping together if she don’t like females like that in the first place? I need to know her reason behind all this and then maybe somehow I can fix things with Kymona. I call Zuri up and tell her to be at my place in the next half hour. I tell her some bullshit story about how Ky put her hands on me after I confronted her about the two of them. I knew she would speed over here just to be involved with some drama.

“Yo where she at?! Get ya shit so we can lay this bitch out ’cause don’t nobody put their hands on my best friend!”

“I lied Zuri.”

“You what?”

“I lied. She didn’t put her hands on me.”

“Why would you lie about something like that?”

“Well I learned from you. I wanted my life to seem more interesting so I added some things to the story to make it more believable.”

“I didn’t lie about anything Jazz. Kymona and I did sleep together.”

“But that was months ago. From what you told me y’all just had sex after a business meeting. She said you were the one trying to take things further. My question is why would you do that if you’re not gay?”

“You seriously going to believe a bitch you just met over me?”

“Don’t bartın escort try to switch shit up! Kymona has no reason to lie to me about anything, you on the other hand always felt the need to lie about little shit. Why did you do it?”

“I was getting paid to do it.”

“By whom and how much?”

“$1500 and by this old dude named Montell. He saw that Kymona and I were friends on Facebook and started questioning me on how I knew her. He said if I seduced her again and kept her away from you he’d give me more money.”

“Did you ever stop to think why he was asking you to do that?”

“No because I needed the money at the time. Plus I thought it was an inside joke between y’all.”

“Why not call and ask me to find out? You have got to be the dumbest bitch I’ve ever met.”

“Jazz don’t come at me…”

“Don’t tell me what to do Zuri. You fucked up a potentially good relationship all to make some money. No real friend would ever do some shit like this just to make some quick money.”

“Well it doesn’t matter now because you obviously still fuckin’ with her so I’m not getting the money. Now you know the truth so can I go be out now?”

I can’t believe this bitch is acting like everything she’s saying is normal. I considered her to be one of my closest friends and she sells me out for money and doesn’t even know why. She was ready to mess my life up for a measly $1500. That shit would’ve been gone in a matter of two weeks, maybe even one the way she spends money. Then on top of all that it’s Montell bitch ass that’s behind all of this. I don’t know what’s crazier, Zuri believing Montell or Montell blackmailing Zuri in order to get me in his bed. I definitely have to force Kymona to speak to me because she needs to hear this directly from the horse’s mouth. Forcing Zuri in my car, I head over to Ky’s house. If I didn’t bring this bitch she would never believe anything that comes from my mouth. I really hope she’s home and if she is I pray she doesn’t slam the door in my face.

Kymona POV

I was woken up by the sounds of a nonstop ringing doorbell and repeated pounds of what sounded like hands and feet at my door. Not too many people know that I live here so I don’t know who could be banging my door down like they’re crazy. Turning over to check the time I see it’s almost three in the afternoon. Damn last night had to have been crazy ’cause I never sleep this late. As much as I wanted to retrace my steps from last nights events, I couldn’t because the knocking and ringing seemed to be never ending. Stumbling down the steps, I open the door to discover Zuri and Jazmine staring back at me. I don’t recall my schedule saying deal with bullshit as soon as you get up, but here it is meeting me at my front door.

“What are you doing here Jazz and why is this bitch on my doorstep?”

“I brought her here because you need to know the truth.”

“I’m sorry, but last I checked you were the one with trust issues and believing everything you heard.”

“Ky I’m serious. We can discuss our shit later, but right now we need to come in and talk about how this started in the first place.”

I really didn’t want to let her ass in, but I knew something had to be up. We’re both stubborn women and we’d never feel the need to explain ourselves unless shit got real deep. Besides I was curious as to why Zuri lied in the first place. I step aside to let them in, leading them to the kitchen so I could make me a cup of coffee. The minute I turn to face them, Jazz is talking a mile a minute. All I heard was Montell, $1500, and fake ass bitch. Forcing her to stop talking batman escort I made Zuri explain since she caused this whirlwind of chaos.

“So let me get this straight, you were going to sell out your best friend to some guy you knew nothing about?”

“Like I told Jazz, I thought it was an inside joke going on between the three of you. At the time it never crossed my mind to figure out how he knew Jazmine.”

“Yeah that was your first mistake. The second one was playing games with the woman that holds your career, lack thereof, in the palm of her hands.”

“Are you seriously thinking about stopping our work over something as small as this?” Both Jazmine and I looked at her like the dumb bitch she is.

“Zuri are you insane,” Jazz stood in front of me like she was protecting me from something. “This is nothing small to us. We were building on a friendship that was beginning to turn into something else until you inserted yourself into the equation. You didn’t even stop to question Montell’s motives as to why he wanted you to seduce Ky did you? He could have been a crazed stalker.”

Zuri suddenly had nothing to say so I took that as my cue to speak up. “I could careless about Montell and his motives because we both know he’s the devil himself. My issue with you Jazz is how you just took her word without speaking to me first. You say we were building on our friendship, but you treated me like nothing when it came to this situation.”

“I know Ky and I’m so sorry for that.”

“As for you Zuri you had no business to meddle in my personal life. The moment someone came to you with something concerning me you should have told me about it. As of today your contract with my company has been terminated and you’ll be lucky if you get any other offers in the city without your termination being noticed. With that being said you can find your way out of my house and off my property.”

She practically ran out of my house after that. I don’t need bitches like her in my life nor do I need them in my place of business. Jazmine still stood in front of me with her back facing me. Making her face me, we stood looking in each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever. I can’t say I didn’t have feelings for her because that was too much time invested in getting to know her and getting her to open up to me. I know she was hurt when I said I regretted loving her, but I don’t think anything would hurt her more than knowing I fucked two bitches right after leaving her place. I can tell by her eyes that there is a completely different side of her hidden deep within, but it needs my help pulling it out and bringing it to the light. I know this because I need her to bring the old me back to the surface. When I’m around her I feel compassionate, at ease, bubbly, free, untouchable. We stood in silence for awhile before she decided to put an end to it.

“Ky I would like to start over with a clean slate. I know I’m complicated to be with, but I know if I’m with you you’ll teach me how not to be so complicated. I want you to teach me how to love, teach me how to let go and be free with you, teach me how to trust. I want to go through a learning and growing experience, but only with you. Please let’s stop these silly games and just be together.”

“I would like nothing more than to try this again, but first I need to confess something of my own.”

“If it was something from the past it doesn’t matter.”

“This is actually something that just happened. You see after I left your house the other day I…” Just before I could get the words out of my mouth, a set of twin girls with olive skin, deep wavy hair down to their backs, thick hips, fat asses, brown eyes and more walked into my kitchen. To make matters worse they came down in towels with nothing but water droplets covering the bare visible pieces of skin. Damn what did I really get myself into last night? Looks like my little confession is going to take longer than I anticipated.

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