When She Wants What He Should

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“Please?” she pleaded with her soft blue eyes. They were stunning, set in her innocent and youthful face, though not as stunning as her other half’s blue gemstones.

I stared at my best friend of seventeen years, searching her expression for any hints of sarcasm.

“I’m serious,” she reiterated.

“Are you?” I pleaded with concern. “Are you really serious about this?”

She paused for a moment, twiddling her thumbs as she always did when she was nervous. I watched this movement, smiling as I placed my hand on her shoulder. “Linz?”

Pale blue eyes met my brown gaze. “Yeah?”

“He wants this, not you,” I stated matter-of-factly.

She paused, considered my statement and shook her ponytail slowly. “No.”

“No?” I asked slowly, unsure of her protest.

* * *

“Seriously,” he sighed and ran a nervous hand through his long, nightmarishly black locks. “Linz is the one, not me.”

My immediate impulse was to laugh at him, instead I somehow managed to smirk. “Why don’t I believe that?”

He shrugged and began to fidget with his black fingernails. “I’m not sure, but it’s the truth. She….really seems to want this.”

“And you don’t?” I argued.

A fleck of black nailpolish fell onto the table and his sapphire eyes gazed upward. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but a threesome was never my idea of a good time.”

“Oh?” I taunted. In my mind, I wanted to scream and grab him by the throat. What man doesn’t love a threesome? He’d be a fool to try and deny this fact.

As if reading my mind, he sighed. “I realize it’s not normal for a guy to not want one, to fantasize about it daily. But…..It’s not my style.”

I shrugged.

“Seriously. Linz came to me and asked if I’d….partake.”

I shrugged again and took a long sip from my Diet Coke.

“I don’t…I’m not….This isn’t…..”

“Spit it out,” I laughed, hoping he’d calm down around me and explain himself in English.

He sighed loudly, and slid his hands off the table and into his lap. “I’m not here to try and talk you into something you don’t want to do. I’m also not trying to find an excuse to sleep with you. I think you’re beautiful, but….I love Linz.”

“I bayan gaziantep escort know you do,” I laughed.

“I’m not a pervert,” he frowned.

“Billy!” I chuckled. “Please, whatever it is, spit it out!”

He slumped back in the small booth and sighed. “Linz and I discussed this and…We agree on this. It’s a fantasy, nothing more. You’re the only person we trust. It’s you or nobody.”

* * *

“Do we need to have rules?” she sighed and stared at me, questioningly.

I shrugged. “Linz, this is YOUR fantasy. You tell me!”

“I….” she stared over her shoulder at her boyfriend. “He has to use a condom!”

“Of course!” I practically shrieked in agreement.

“And I don’t want him to, like . . .” her voice trailed off into the silence of the unfamiliar hotelroom.

Our eyes met.

“I don’t want him to focus on you!” she frowned.

I smiled warmly and hugged her. “As if he would?”

“He likes you,” she sighed. “A lot. He just won’t let on. He’s like that, you know? He’s shy.”

“You forget,” I objected. “He loves you!”

For the first time since we’d convened, Linzi smiled brilliantly. “I know he does.”

“Not to be cliche,” I pointed out, wiping the hair from her forehead. “But you don’t have to do this, you know?”

“I want to!” she grinned and bounced backward. “I really do.”

I gave her a questioning gaze, wondering how truthful that last statement had been. As if she could read my mind- and perhaps she could- she responded slowly, in her most gentlest of voices. “I’ve wanted this for some time, M, I just wasn’t sure how to ask you. I was worried you’d freak out and think I was a lesbian or something.”

“Would that be so bad?” I offered light-heartedly.

“That’s not what I meant,” she sighed and again turned to glance over her shoulder at Billy. “I was just afraid that if I told you I felt an attraction for you…..”

I finished her thought. “I’d flip out.”

She nodded. “You and Billy both.”

“I think,” I smiled warmly as I glanced at her boyfriend, “you could tell that boy anything and he would still love you.”

“I know,” she bayan escort gaziantep smiled and we both eyed her boyfriend, his amused eyes watching the screen of a video game intently. “And he’s chosen a videogame over two hot chicks!”

We erupted into laughter.

* * *

“I’m just nervous,” he admitted. He fidgeted his long fingers, and continued to tuck, then retuck his lengthy locks underneath a grey trucker hat.

Linzi grinned devilishly. “Well for starters, my baby,” she purred and leaned forward. “You can take off that hat.” Billy nodded and allowed her to toss his favorite hat across the room. “Now you can relax.”

As if on cue, he eased against the headboard of the bed and placed a hesitant smile across his lips. “Good boy,” Linzi grinned.

“I see you have him well-trained,” I laughed, sitting on the foot of the bed and eyeing my best friend hungrily.

Linzi nodded. “I do.”

“Does he bite on command?” I inquired, causing Billy to blush a brilliant crimson.

“I could do that,” he grinned, meeting my gaze with his intense blue eyes. “If you asked it of me.”

I smiled and waved a finger slowly through the air. “Tsk, tsk, William. Bring it on!”

Linzi giggled as I crawled toward her lover, straddling his waist as he placed his hands softly onto my hips. His movements were unsure and cautious, his nature soft and gentle and uncertain. He searched me for any signs of regret and when he appeared to be comfortable with the situation presented, he bowed his head forward slowly and took a soft nip at the plump flesh of my right breast.

“I like that,” I grinned, turning to gaze at Linzi as she eyed me hungrily. “I think Linz should join us, don’t you?”

Billy nodded slowly, running his hands tenderly up beneath my tank top. Linzi observed his movements with lust-tainted eyes, leaning forward to push his hands away when his movements seem to stagnate. “Let me,” she pleaded, running her hands up my shirt and slowly removing it over my head. “Perfect,” she commented as she analyzed my breasts. “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you,” I offered with a naughty wink. “And too clothed.”

“Mmmhmm,” escort bayan gaziantep Billy nodded.

Linzi giggled as she playfully tossed her t-shirt across the room. “Better?”

Billy and I exchanged a glance. “I’ll say,” I nodded as I reached out for my friend. “Now let me taste.”

With my lips wrapped around her small, dark nipples, Linzi giggled and allowed herself to relax into the mountains of pillows. “That feels funny,” she laughed as a deep, crimson blush spread across her cheeks.

“Does it?” Billy inquired cautiously, staring at his girlfriend as though she were foreign. “What does it feel like?”

Linzi shrugged. “I dunno, but I like it.”

“Good,” I winked as I pulled away and straddled her petite frame. “You’re supposed to like it.”

“I want…” Linzi began and then blushed a deeper red. Her unfinished statement hung in the air until she continued. “I want to taste you.”

I allowed her to kneel on the bed, our lips mere inches apart from one another. I wanted to taste her, to feel her tongue searching my mouth for pleasure. As I thought about what it would be like to kiss, she lowered her head to my breasts, moving toward my right nipple and sucking gently on the warm flesh. Fire ignited in the epicentres of my nerve-endings, and I crashed to the mattress with Linzi on top of me, feasting hungrily.

Billy watched in awe, clearly unsure of what role to play in this sexual drama. Linzi licked, I moaned, and Billy watched silently.

As she pulled her lips from my heaving chest, Linzi grinned. “I want Billy to join us,” she whispered softly.

Billy nodded, and like a small boy, he allowed Linzi to direct his movements. She positioned him above me and directed him to remove my skirt. With the flimsy plaid fabric gone, Linzi grinned. She removed her boyfriend’s black jeans, and tossed his Silverchair t-shirt across the room. It landed near my skirt, Linzi giggling as she searched for a condom.

“Fuck her,” she demanded as she rolled the latex onto his amazingly long length. “Fuck her with this!” She fisted his hardness and guided him between my legs. I saw stars as he entered me, stretching my body to limits it had never before seen. I cried out in pain and pleasure, Linzi placing her lips to mine as he thrust slowly inside me.

I wanted everything he had to give.

I wanted everything she had to give.

“I want you,” Linzi sobbed slowly as she came beside me, my finger inside her, her boyfriend inside me. “I love you, M.”

“I love you too, Linz,” I sighed. Beside us, Billy just grinned.

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