When the power went off

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I was deep in thought, staring out the windows overlooking the bay. As I turned from the window there was an almighty explosion just down the street and the office went dark for a few seconds until the emergency lighting kicked in. “Everyone OK?” I asked as I went out to check on the staff. “Looks like lightning took out the power station on the corner. Everyone just hang loose until I can get some info. Stay where you are for now” I said as I left the office. Downstairs was chaos. Emergency services were already on the scene. No one was badly hurt but a couple that had been near the strike had minor cuts from flying debris. The security guard from the front desk was just coming back. “Looks like you get to go home early today. They won’t have power back until late tonight” he told me. “Thanks Karl” as I headed back up the 14 flights of stairs to the office. No elevators. They stopped automatically at the next floor when the power went off and everybody had got out unharmed, if somewhat startled at the sudden stop.
“Alright everybody, listen up. The power is going to be off until late tonight. The emergency system will give you enough time to save your work and log off. Then I want you to go home. You’ll have to take the stairs as the lifts are out. Leave by the south door to avoid the repair guys down there. You all have my mobile so ring me tonight to see about tomorrow. Take care in that storm.” I announced. It only took a few minutes until Laura and I were the only ones left on the floor. “What are waiting for?” I asked. “No rush, the trains will probably be out as well. See you tomorrow, boss” she said as she grabbed her coat and headed out. “Any more of that boss shit and you’ll be on of the chosen” I responded with a smile. She turned and pouted, gave me the finger, smiled and left.
I went around and turned as many lights off as I could. I wandered up to accounts on the next floor and they were leaving as well. I was about to leave when Michelle, the head accountant, called me into her office. “You seen this shit?” she asked as she through the memo onto her desk. She stood there with her hands on her hips, silhouetted against what light there was coming in through the windows behind her. I hadn’t noticed before how shapely she was. “Yeah, I’ve seen it. Not doing anything until I’ve upstairs to see the GM. He owes me for the savings and I won’t take it” I replied, wondering why I had noticed how good she actually looked. She opened her bottom drawer and pulled out a bottle and 2 glasses. “Fuck it. Lets have a drink for now and worry about it tomorrow” she said.
We had a few drinks over the next hour. Conversation ranged over lots of subjects. She asked about my past, as it was something I hadn’t spoken about in my time there. Suddenly I noticed that Michelle had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse, just enough to reveal the front of her white lacy bra. “Time to go, while I still can” I said as stood, a bit unsteady from the drink. “Where are you going?” she asked as I walked out of her office. I replied “Back to my office to watch some porn” as I headed off. Now where the hell did that come from I wondered as I wobble off down the hallway,
Back in my office I logged in to check the emergency power system. At 98%. Good for another few hours yet. I turned around and put my feet on the window ledge and leaned back in my chair. I must have gone to sleep as I was woken by the sounds of a woman screaming. WTF? I got up from the chair thinking I must have been dreaming, but a very pissed Michelle crawled into my office, laughing.
“Damn. I’m drunker than I Thinked” she giggled. I helped her up into the visitors couch. “Are you alright? I asked as she laid back. “Yeah, just tripped in the dark” she stammered, then she burst out laughing. She now had all but 2 buttons undone on her blouse, revealing a lot more than before. Looking down to avert my eyes I noticed her skirt had ridden up, showing the tops of black fishnets and suspenders. “Stay there. I’ll get you a blanket and see if I can rustle up some coffee” I said turning away so she wouldn’t see the effect she was having on me.
I stared out the window trying to gather my thoughts. I’d sat in numerous meetings with Michelle but never noticed her. She had long, slender legs, a narrow waist and what appeared to be ample tits. What was I thinking? In the food chain she was above me. I was startled out my thoughts by Michelle as she flung her arms around me from behind. Without thinking I put My arm around her to steady her. “Hey, no fare” she said, “Where’s the porn you were going to watch? I want to see some porn, NOW.” Thinking she was joking I asked what her preference was. “Oh I don’t know. Anal, how about anal? That unless shit of a husband of mine won’t stick it up my arse, so lets watch some anal” she said as she dropped into my chair.
Well, now what I thought. Here I am in a deserted office with an attractive woman who is pissed and wants to watch porn. Anal at that. Michelle tried to lean forward to reach my computer, in the process she rubbed against my eskort gaziantep stiffening cock. “Come on, where do you keep it. All blokes keep porn on their computers somewhere” she asked. “This is a monitored corporate machine. I would lose my job if they found porn on it” I replied. I went over to my brief case and took out an external drive. Next I unplugged the network so it wouldn’t be monitored. I can’t believe I’m doing this, I thought as I plugged the drive in. “There’s a good boy” said Michelle as she patted my crotch.
She tuned around and brought up the directory. My wife and I had built up quite a collection of porn over years, of all types. We used to watch bits and pieces occasionally to help get into the mood. I left Michelle to herself as I headed down stairs, trying to clear my head and my hardon.
I was on the 5th floor when I heard an odd sound. Karl was in the kitchen brewing some hot water on a portable camp stove. “It’s OK “ he said when I walked in. “I rang Teddy to come in early in case he was needed.” “good thinking” I replied, “I’ll sign off on the overtime.” “No need for that but thanks. No one questions security. We know where the skeletons are kept” Karl replied with a wink. “any of that water to spare?” I asked. “sure. Grab a thermos out of the cupboard and help yourself” he replied. SO I did. As I was walking out Karl called over “Don’t be spooked later on. Teddy and I will be wondering the building once the power to the security goes off.” “Thanks” I said as I left and headed back up to see how the drunken Michelle was doing.
Walking back through I could hear moaning coming from my office. When I got there Michelle had her feet up on my desk, legs open with hand vigorously playing with her pussy while the other was rubbing and pinch her now exposed tits. She had her head thrown back and was oblivious to my presence. I backed out and went into Laura’s office. There I made us each a strong copy. I heard Michelle gasp as she climaxed. I waited a couple of minutes before I took the coffees in.
“There you go” I said as put the coffee in front of her. As she picked up the cup I noticed her left hand was covered in pussy juice. “Thanks” she said sheepishly. On the screen of my computer a bloke with a large dick was arse fucking a young Asian girl, who was moaning intently. We both watched the screen for a bit, before I noticed that Michelle was glancing across at my crotch. It was then I realised that my hardon had returned. Michelle reached over and put her hand on my arm. “Like what you see?” she asked seductively. I was lost for words. Where was this going? Oh well, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb I thought. “On screen or off?” I replied.
Rather than be shocked Michelle reached over and started to rub my cock through my pants. She looked me in the eyes and said “You were gone so long I had to start without you”, all the while rubbing my cock that was now straining to get out. Michelle got up and came to stand in front of me. Was this really happening? She slowly pulled the zip down and put her hand in to stroke my cock.
“Wow. You’re much bigger than that wimpy dicked husband of mine” she said. That was it, I was putty in her hands. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. Gently at first but before long we were swapping tongues. She never stopped stroking my cock the whole time. I put my hands on her waist and slip them up inside her blouse to my first feel of her tits. God they were firm, with the largest nipples sticking out I had ever seen in real life. AS we kissed and I played with her tits she started to stroke me faster. I broke the kiss. “If you keep that up I’m going to cum on your dress” I said trying to retain control. “We can’t have that now, can we?” she replied with that she dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck my cock. She was an expert at it let me tell you.
“God, I going to cum” I said through clenched teeth. She took me all the way to the back of her throat. I unloaded what felt like the biggest load I’ve ever blown. She swallowed every drop. When I’d finished spurting she slowly pulled me out of her mouth and licked me clean. I staggered back against the wall, totally spent. When I got my breathing back under control I said “That was absolutely amazing”. “Now it’s time to return the favour” Michelle said as she sat in my chair. I stepped forward and rotated the chair so she was facing me. I got down on my knees in front of her, put my hands under her legs and dragged her forward in the chair so her arse was on the edge. Not wasting a moment I dove between her legs and started to lick her sopping pussy. Michelle used one hand to play with her left tit while the other was keeping my head on her pussy. I licked her clit and tongued her pussy until she was screaming through her second climax of the night. I didn’t let up as the juices started to flow. “My husband has never made me cum like that. It was wonderful” she purred. I kept my mouth on her pussy but eased the pressure to let her recover a bit. I leant back and gaziantep esmer escort replaced my mouth with 2 fingers. As I slowly finger fucked her I could tell she was building for another climax. I slowed a bit to prolong the experience for both of us. “That useless husband of mine never ever gave me 2 climaxes in a row” she panted as she headed for her next one.
Feeling empowered I increased speed and pressure to bring her over the edge. She started to buck on my fingers and I felt her pussy spasm as she came hard. Some of her juices escaped and ran down her arse. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and started to play with her arse hole. After a few minutes Michelle leant forward and we kissed. “Like that I asked as I continued to play with her chocolate hole. “Sure do” she purred. “Then you’re going to love this then” I replied as I shoved a well lubricated finger deep into Michelle’s tight hot arse. Michelle bit down on her lower lip to prevent from screaming out. Once she got used to it I started to slowly finger fuck her arse. It wasn’t long before she was moaning again so I slid 2 fingers into pussy to keep her moaning. After a couple of minutes of this I started to work a second finger into her arse. It was all she could take and climaxed again. While she was recovering I stood up. My cock was rock hard again and sticking out in front of me.
That’s when I noticed lights flashing around the office. Karl and Eddie were doing there rounds. I barely had time to turn the chair around so they didn’t see Michelle. “Hi guys” I yelled out, hoping to stop them coming to far into the office but it had the opposite effect. Karl came to the office door. “Just checking to see you’re OK. Thought we heard strange noises” he said. Right then Michelle decide to take my cock back into her mouth. “Yeah” I muttered, “just watching a couple of game reruns to kill time”. Michelle was now sucking my cock with all of her might. It was all I could do to keep a level voice. I thought Karl was going to come in further and catch us but Eddie called him to hurry up. “Have fun” he said over his shoulder as he and Eddie went off on their rounds.
“The thought of nearly being caught has got me so hot” said Michelle, “I want you to fuck my arse, properly this time”. I was rock hard and ready to go. “I want to fuck your hot tight pussy first. Then we’ll get to your tight hot arse” I replied. I undid my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers. I dropped back to my knees and hooked my arms under Michelle’s legs. As I pulled her forward on the chair I rammed my cock into her pussy in one thrust. We both let out a gasp. I slowly started sliding in and out of her tight pussy. The pace slowly increased until I was pumping her in a blur. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she stiffened and climaxed. I pushed as far into her as I could and stayed there while came down. Still buried deep in her pussy I leant forward and started to lick her tits. I could feel her pussy muscles trying to milk my cock. But I had other ideas.
“Still want it up the arse?” I asked. “Oh god yes” she replied. “Then ask me” I taunted. “Please stick your hard cock up my virgin arse and fuck me. Fuck my arse until I cum” she said. I pulled out of her incredible pussy and put 2 fingers back in. I pulled them out and used her juices to help lube her arse. This was unreal. Here I was about to fuck the arse of someone who until a while ago had been nothing more than a co worker.
I lifted her legs up and she grabbed them and pulled her knees back to her head, giving me complete access to her arse. I took my cock and guided the head to her back door. I pushed slowly until the head of my cock disappeared. I stopped to let her get used to it but she grabbed me a pulled me in further. It took a few strokes until I was all the way in. the feeling was incredible. ‘Now fuck me hard, fuck me until I cum, until I can’t cum anymore” she ordered.
So I did. I pulled almost all the way out then slammed back into her arse. We both gasped at the pressure. I continued to gain speed, in and out of her arse. I leant down on sucked first one nipple then the other as I pumped her tight arse. After a while Michelle’s moaning and bucking gave away that she was about to cum. When she did it was too much for me and with a final thrust I exploded deep in her arse. We stayed there like that for a few minutes while we recovered. A leant in and we kissed passionately, my now softening cock still buried in her arse.
“So this is what you get up to when I’m not around?” came a voice from the doorway. It was Laura. I was caught with my pants down, cock still in Michelle’s arse. Before I could gather my thoughts Michelle says “Oh Laura, he’s a wonderful fuck buddy. You’ll love what he can do with his tongue”
“You know I don’t usually do men, but if he’s as good as you say I’ll let him eat my pussy”. With that Laura reached behind her and undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped over her skirt and walked towards us. Michelle still had her gaziantep eve gelen escort legs wrapped around me, keeping my cock in her arse. Laura grabbed my head and directed me to her pussy. I had no option but to lick and suck her pussy. As I did I started to get hard again. Michelle reached out and started to play with Laura’s arse. Laura started to moan and hump her pussy against my face. Michelle says “Laura, he’s getting hard again. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to have the real think up your arse. You really should try it”.
My head was spinning. Here I was buried up to my nuts in tight arse while eating pussy. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Laura was rapidly approaching climax as was Michelle, again. Laura was pulling so hard on head I was learning to breathe through my ears. Laura humped my face hard the exploded. That’s when I found she was a squirtter. That pushed Michelle over the edge and she came, tightening her grip on my cock with her arse. I lasted 2 more thrusts before exploding in her arse for the second time tonight.
Laura stepped back and looked at Michelle. “Was it really that good?” as she started to rub her tits through her top. “No” replied Michelle, “it was better.” Laura moved in and literally shoved me out of the way. She then got downs on her knees and started to eat Michelle’s sopping pussy. As Michelle approached release again Laura looked at me and said “you must be good. I’ve never known her pussy to be this wet or juicy” then went back to licking Michelle’s pussy. A few slurps later Michelle came again. She was totally spent. Laura got up and looked down at Michelle. “My turn now. Move your arse” she said. “Give me a couple of minutes to recover first” panted Michelle. Laura looked at me and my semi rigid cock. “Then you’ll have eat my while she recovers” said Laura as she lay back on my desk. “Well come on, get on with it” ordered Laura. Before I knew it I was bent over eating Laura’s pussy again for all I was worth. I alternated between finger fucking her pussy and licking it. I was using her juices to lube her butt, but there wasn’t much need as she was relatively loose back there.
Michelle had gotten up off the chair and was whispering in my ear “The bitch doesn’t do men usually. Stick your hard cock into her pussy without warning and hang on” she said. The thought intrigued me so I started to plan it. I reached back and made sure my cock was hard and lubricated with her juices. Then without warning I stood up, rolled her onto her stomach and shoved my cock as far into her wet hole with one thrust as I could get. Laura was so shocked all she could do was gasp. I could feel her pussy muscle working on my cock but I wasn’t about to let her go. Michelle slapped Laura’s arse and looked at me. “Now fuck her as hard as you can. Try not to cum in that tight pussy as she’s not on the pill.” “Yes ma’am” I replied as I started to roughly fuck Laura. I was lost in the moment. I wouldn’t normally treat a woman this way, but something told me she both needed and wanted it.
Laura got into the swing of things and started pushing back to meet my thrusts. Michelle was standing next to us playing with her pussy. She had a glazed look on her face when she suddenly stuck 2 fingers up Laura’s arse. The effect was immediate. Laura started to cum. Michelle kept wriggling her fingers around in Laura’s butt as she climaxed. I was getting close to blowing again, and Michelle must have read my mind. “Stick it up her arse. She likes that” purred Michelle. So without warning I pulled my cock out of her pussy and Michelle pulled her fingers out of Laura’s arse, grabbed my cock and guided it to Laura’s arse. I went in all the way to my nuts. Laura’s arse was slippery and hot but still tight. I started pumping her arse for all I had as I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I grabbed Laura’s hips so I could really pound her.
Soon Laura was moaning and shaking about to climax. Michelle got down between Laura’s legs and planted her mouth on her convulsing pussy. The combined efforts of having her pussy sucked and her arse fucked were too much and Laura had one of the largest climaxes I’ve ever seen it went on for 4 full minutes. As she started to come down Michelle reached around and started to play with my arse. That was all I needed and I emptied my load as deep in Laura’s arse as I could push it. My legs buckled and I collapsed on the floor, panting. Michelle crawled over and kissed me passionately. I could smell and taste Laura’s cum on Michelle.
Michelle tenderly helped Laura up off my desk. “So, how was it?” asked Michelle. “It truly was sensational. But I didn’t get to taste you” replied Laura. “The night is still young” replied Michelle. My cock was slack and I didn’t think I would be up for any more tonight, but as Laura and Michelle started to kiss passionately I started to get hard again. They were each playing with the others pussy and it wasn’t long before both girls were moaning and grinding on the others hand.
Then out of nowhere Laura produced a huge double dildo. She guided Michelle down to the couch where she started to work one end of the dildo into her pussy. Then she climbed up on the couch and lowered herself onto the other end. Soon their pussies met and they started to fuck each other. It wasn’t long and I was starting to get hard again.
Stay tuned for the next instalment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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